Glosatra - A Little Computer Program for Glosa

Glosatra is a little computer program, that helps to translate from and into Glosa by simply looking up the words of a text in a dictionary.


You will find the following files in the zip-archive >><<:

     glosatra.exe      (MS-DOS/Windows executable, 181 kB. Runs under Win95. I was told: it runs under Windows NT, too, and limited under Win98, there you cannot use options. I cannot fix it, because I haven't got Win98. Sorry.)
glosatrb.exe (Another (inferior) MS-Win-version, 144 kB. Invoke with glosatrb or rename it.)
glosatre.exe (Yet another MS-Win-version, 181 kB. This one behaves exactly the other way round: glosatre for English-Glosa and glosatre -e for Glosa-English. By means of this you can use the direction English to Glosa also under Win98.)
glosatra (Linux executable, 30 kB) (source code, 29 kB)

You also need the files >>engl.txt<< (dictionary English-Glosa) and >>glen.txt<< (dictionary Glosa-English).


Installation and Usage

Sample output:


  echo "Nu tu pote uti tu puta-me te cerka plu verba. " | glosatra 

you get:

GLOSATRA, u pusi programa te auxi translati Glosa.  Optio -i pro info.

"Nu tu pote uti tu puta-me te cerka plu verba. "
nu 1++           now; present; present {now}; present {tense}; up-to-date
tu 1++           you {singular}; your {singular}; thou
pote 1++         able; can; capable; may
uti 1++          use; employ; treatment; useful
tu 1++           you {singular}; your {singular}; thou
puta 1++         calculate; compute; idea; reckon; think; thought; trim {v}
me[-] {short affix form of mekani} 1++  device; mechanism
puta-me 1++      computer
puta-me sporta 1  computer game
te {short form of tende} 1+  aim; deliberate; in order to; intend; intention; intentional; object {purpose}; purpose; tend; tendency
te[-] {short affix form of textili} 1+  cloth; fabric; textile
cerka 1++        grope; quest; look for; search; seek
plu 1++          s[-] {plural sign}; more than one; plural; some
verba 1++        word

Similar Programs

Model for Glosatra has been a program by Charles Ganson (October 1999). Unfortunately it does not seem to be online any more.

Another program is Glosaread, written by Eike Preuß, November 2005. It supports mouse and GUI-windows. It works under MS-Windows and Linux.

“Ernobe” wrote programs using the Icon language, November 2006.

Reporting Bugs

When you have a text file, that crashes down the program, please send it to me under [E-mail address as PNG-image] It would be great, if you tell me, when you use Glosatra with other languages or on other systems. Please do not complain about my programming style or missing features. Thank you for visiting this website.

Marcel Springer,, 2002-08-07 ... 2013-02-27