Glosa Inter-Reti Diktionaria, "Centra"

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a (before consonants without h, else prefer ad)  at (location); till; 
                   to; towards; up to 
a fini           at last; eventually; finally 
a latu           aside 
a-kron           punctual; till (until); until 
a-nu             hitherto; yet 
ab               away; absent; from; missing (not there); off 
abili            able; ability 
acide            happen; event; circumstance; incident; occur; 
                   pass (happen) 
ad (before vowels and h, else prefer a)  at (location); till; to; 
                   towards; up to 
ad-in            into; inward 
adamanta         diamond; very hard 
adi              add 
adora            adore; worship 
aero             air; atmosphere 
aeroplana        aeroplane; airplane 
agenti           agent 
agri             field; countryside; meadowland 
agri-lo          farm 
agri-pe          farmer; agricultural labourer 
plu agri-zoa     cattle 
agrikultura      agriculture 
agrio            wild; savage 
akidi            acid; sour; acute 
akorda           according to; agree; accord; acknowledge; consent; 
                   harmonize; league; match (v); treaty; unanimous; 
                   undertake; uphold 
akro             top (highest point); climax; end; peak; point (sharp); 
                   summit; tip (top) 
akti             act; do; behave; accomplish; action; active; commit; 
                   deed; does (form of to do); 
                   doing (participle of to do); perform; performance; 
                   take action; transact 
akti ma boni de  excel 
akti mali        insult; offence; offend; offense 
aktivi           active; busy; brisk 
aku              nail; needle; pin; prick (v); splinter; tack 
akuto            sharp; sharpen; shrill; acid ("sharp" taste); 
                   sour ("sharp" taste) 
alegro           cheerful; jolly; merry 
alelo            each other; mutual 
alexi            defence; defend; defense; guard; look after; protect; 
                   protective; safeguard; watch over 
algo             pain; ache; -algia; grief; hurt; painful; sore; 
ali              any (whatever); whatever (any) 
ali kron         ever (at any time); any time 
ali-kron         whenever 
ali-lo           anywhere; wherever (adverb) 
ali-mode         anyhow (anyway); anyway (anyhow); 
                   however (adverb, =in whatever way) 
ali-pe           anyone (whoever); whoever (anyone) 
ali-ra           anything (of every item you care to choose); whatever; 
alkoholi         alcohol; spirit (alcohol) 
alo              or; alternative; either 
alo ... alo      either ... or 
alterna          alternate; although; else 
alti             altitude; high; aloft; height; lofty; tall 
ambasadora       ambassador 
ambula           amble; stroll; walk; walking 
ami              friend; amiable; comrade; friendly; kind (friendly); 
                   lovable; warm (friendly) 
amo              love; like (love); affection; approve; approval; 
                   kindness; mercy; warm (friendly) 
amorfo           clod; lump; shapeless 
amusa            amuse; amusement; entertain; funny 
amusa-ra         entertainment 
an               he; him; his; male; masculine 
an-              (prefix:) male; male (prefix) 
an-fili          son 
an-galina        cockerel; rooster 
an-regi          king 
an-sibi          brother 
an-sponsa        husband 
ana              upwards; rise (go up); up 
anas             duck (animal) 
andro            man; gentleman; husband 
angeli           angel; messenger 
ankora           still (yet); yet 
ante             ahead; before (place); fore; front; in front 
anti             against; although; despite; hinder; hostile; 
                   in spite of; oppose; though; versus 
anti-co          although; but; however (=although it was so); 
                   nevertheless; though 
anti-ergo        lazy 
anti-krati       rebel; revolt; treason 
anti-lega        illegal; crime; criminal (adj) 
anti-pe          enemy; foe; opponent 
anua             year; annual; yearly 
anxio            anxiety; anxious; fret; fuss; haggard; uneasiness; 
aperi            open (adj); open (v) 
apis             bee 
apo              apart; away; remove; delete (computer); erase; 
                   pull out; skim; snatch away; subtract; take away; 
                   tear out; un-; whisk 
aqa              water (n); irrigate; liquid; soak; water (v); wet 
arca             arch (archway); archway 
area             area; domain; pitch; plot (ground); region 
arena            sand; arena 
argenti          silver 
arki             chief; official (adj); authority; govern; 
                   rule (authority) 
arma             arm (v); weapon; armor; armour; arms 
arme             army 
aroga            arrogant; arrogance; haughty; haughtiness; vain 
arti             art; ability; capable; skill 
artikla          article 
artri            joint; juncture 
asilu            asylum; harbor; harbour; haven; port (harbour); refuge; 
                   safe place; shelter 
asocia           associate; ally (v); ally (state); ally (person); 
                   association; partner 
astro            star 
atende           wait; await; delay; expect; hope; waiting 
atri             court; hall; courtyard; classroom; entrance (hall); 
                   hallway; lecture room; yard 
audaci           dare; daring; venture 
audi             hear; listen; hark 
auto             own (self); self; herself; himself; itself; myself; 
                   ourselves; themselves; yourself 
auto-kritici     conscience 
auto-lauda       haughty; pride; proud; vanity 
automati         automatic; self-acting 
auxi             help; advantage; aid; assist; grow (something); 
avanti           forward; advance; ahead; forth; move forward ; 
                   forwards; onwards; pro 
avi              bird 


babi             baby 
baci             bar; baton; rod; staff (rod); stick (baton) 
baia             bay; creek 
bali             throw; accelerate; cast (throw); dash (throw); fling; 
                   hurl; launch; post (send); send; toss 
bali ab          dismiss; dispose 
bali ex          banish; expel 
bali ex landa    exile 
baluna           balloon 
banana           banana 
banda            band; band (strip); bandage; ribbon; strip (band); 
banka            bank (money) 
bapti            baptize; dip 
barage (French)  barrage; dam (barrier) 
barba            beard; whisker 
basi             grounds; reason (n); base; basis; found (v); proof 
bate             bat; batter; beat; beating; hit; knock; smite; 
                   strike (hit); thrash (beat) 
bato             deep (distance); depth (distance); batho- 
beka             beak; peck; spout 
ben ge-ski       familiar 
benca            bench; bank (long seat); long seat 
bene-veni        welcome 
benzina          benzine; gasoline; petrol 
betona           concrete 
bi               two; both; double 
bi (after noun)  second (ordinal) 
u bi             pair 
bi kron          twice 
bi-ci bibli      these two books; both books 
bi-ciklo         bicycle 
bi-la bibli      those two books 
bibe             drink (v) 
bibli            book 
bibli-do         library 
bileta           ticket 
bio              life; living; vital 
bira             ale; beer 
bitumino         tar 
blada            blade; knife; dagger 
blasto-tem       spring (season); springtime 
bloka            block; obstruct; writing pad 
blonda           blond; fair 
bola             ball; sphere; throw (n); stroke (n) 
bomba            bomb; shell (bomb) 
bombasti         boast 
boni             good; bonny; fine (good); respectable; well (good) 
boni fortuna     luck 
boni-fortuna     fortunate; fortunately; lucky 
boteka           boutique; shop 
botilia          bottle; flask 
bovi             beef; cow; bovine; ox 
braki            arm 
brevi            short; abbreviate; abbreviation; brief 
brevi digi       thumb 
brevi tem        temporary 
brika            brick 
bronto           thunder; explode 
brosa            brush; broom; scrub; sweep 
bruno            brown; scorch; tan 
buka             cheek; cheeks; mouth 
bulbo            bulb 
buleta           bullet 
buli             boil; bubble 
buli-va          cooking-pot; kettle; saucepan 
buno             hill; mound; mountain 
buro             bureau; office; desk 
buro-pe          clerk; office worker 
bursa            purse; exchange (stock); wallet (for money) 
bus              bus; omnibus 
buta             aim; purpose; butt; goal; intention; object (purpose); 
                   score; target; task 
butiri           butter 
butona           button; knob (button); pimple 


campiona         champion 
carma            charm; charming 
carta            chart; map; diagram; graph 
casa             chase (hunt); hunt; hunting; pursue 
cede             cede; yield (give way); yield (cease opposition); 
                   abandon (give up); cease opposition; give up; 
                   give way; go (cede); retire; surrender; withdraw; 
                   do without 
cefa             chief; employer; main; major; master; patron; 
cefa vora        dinner 
ceka             cheque 
celebra          celebrate; acclaim; party (celebrate) 
celu             cell (living); cell (prison) 
cementa          cement 
centi            cent; hundredth; 
                   hundred (prefer hekto, take centi for hundredth!) 
centra           center; central; centre; centric; centrical; hub 
Cepa             onion 
cepti            receive; accept; adopt; pick up; take in; take up 
cerka            search; grope; quest; look for; seek 
certa            certain; a certain ; sure 
ceru             wax; beeswax 
ci               here 
ciano            blue; cyanic (blue); sky blue; celestial; heavenly 
cide             kill; murder; slay 
cigareta         cigarette 
ciklo            cycle; wheel; circle; circular 
cinera           ash; ashes; cinder; gray; grey 
cirka            circa; about; about (location); around 
cirkulati        traffic 
ciru             curl; ringlet 
cisori           scissors; shear 
civi             citizen 
civili           civil; polite; courteous; courtesy; meek; mercy 
civiliza         civilization; civilize 
civita           city; town 
-co (Italian. Only in compounds!)  the just said 
cokolata         chocolate 


daga             dagger; stab 
dama             subdue; tame 
datu             date (day) 
de               about; belong; concerning; from; in relation to; of; 
                   of (concerning); with regard to ; relating to; 
                   's (genitive marker); than 
debi             ought to; should; debt; duty; obligation; ought; owe 
debili           feeble; weak 
decide           decide; decision; determine; determination; judge (v); 
                   resolve; settle 
decimali         decimal 
defekti          defect; fault; deficiency; flaw; lack; be lacking ; 
                   be missing 
defi             challenge; defy 
deino            terrible; frightful; shock; terror 
deka             ten 
deklara          declare; announce; declaration; deem 
deko             decent; seemly; adequate; appropriate; apt; 
                   fitting (adj); proper 
delekta          delight 
delikate         delicate; dainty 
demanda          demand; ask for; charge; order (demand) 
demo             people; folk; population 
dendro           tree 
densi            condense; dense; thick (dense) 
densi-lo         bush (thicket); thicket 
denti            tooth; grin 
derma            skin; hide (skin); leather; peel 
designa          design 
desira           desire; wish 
deskribe         describe; description 
destru           destroy; destruction 
detekti          detect; find; discover; discovery; expose; scout 
dextro           right (hand); right hand; right-hand 
di               day; daily 
di kli           couch 
dia              through; thru; across; via 
diaboli          devil; diabolical 
dice             say; speak; tell; assert; declare; narrate; remark; 
                   speach; speech; talk; utter (speak) 
dice de          describe; discuss; mention 
dice mali        insult 
dice penite      apologize 
dice-ra          speech; statement 
difere           differ; difference; different 
difusi           broadcast; diffuse; scatter; spread 
digi             finger; toe; digital 
digni            dignity; worthy 
dina             force; compel; might (power); oblige; power; 
                   power (engine or computer); powerful; strength; 
                   vigor; vigour 
diplo            double 
dipso            thirst 
diptera          fly (insect) 
direkti          direct; direction; guide 
disci            learn; study 
disci-pe         pupil (learner) 
disipa           waste (use without good purpose); squander 
disko            disc; dish (plate); disk; plate; record (disc) 
diskusi          conference; discussion; discuss; talk 
disputa          dispute; quarrel; argue; conflict; quarrelsome; 
                   row (dispute); squabble; strife 
distribu         distribute; deal (cards); distribution 
divi             bet; wager 
divide           divide; division; fissure; schism; separate (v); 
                   share (v); split 
divina           guess; prophesy 
doci             teach; instruct; profess (teach); train (v) 
doci-pe          teacher; tutor 
domi             house; building; domestic; home 
dona             give; award; deliver (give); extra; furnish; grant; 
                   render (give); spare; supply 
dona sito a      feed 
doro             gift; present; present (gift) 
dorsa            back (n); dorsal; ass (buttocks); bottom; buttock; 
                   buttocks; hind (back); rump; rear (n) 
doxo             opinion; be of the opinion 
drama-an         actor (male) 
drama-fe         actress 
drama-pe         actor 
dromo            run; race (competition); gallop; scamper 
du               continue (-ing); -ing (continuous tense) 
dubi             doubt; hesitate 
duce             lead; priority; conduct; drive; guidance; guide 
duce-pe          leader; director; manager; pilot 
dulo             slave; servant 
dura             continue; still (continue); abiding; constant; 
                   continuous; durable; endure; hard (lasting); 
                   last (v); lasting; lasting (hard); permanent; 
                   persist; tough 
dura feru        steel 
dura vive        survive 
dusca (French)   shower (bath) 


e                and 
editora          editor 
eduka            educate; education; educational; learning 
efekti           effect (n); effect (v) 
egotisti         selfish 
eko              dwell; live (dwell); address; dwelling; household; 
                   inhabit; reside 
eko-lo           home; address; lodging; lodgings; tenement 
eko-preci        rent (n) 
ekonomi          economy; economic; thrift 
elasti           coil (spring); elastic; spring (coil) 
elefa            elephant 
elekti           elect; choose; appoint; ballot; choice; election; 
                   pick (chose); select; selection 
elektro          electric; electricity 
elementa         element; elementary; primary; simple 
emotio           emotion; expression 
energi           energy 
enigma           enigma; puzzle; riddle; problem 
epi              on; onto; upon 
eqa              equal; equality; be (equal); is (equals) 
Equs             horse 
ergo             work (n); work (v); business; job; labor; labour; 
                   occupation; on watch (ship) 
ergo-ma          fuel 
ergo-mensa       desk 
plu ergo-pe      staff (workers) 
ero              error; mistake; blunder; err; mis-; wrongdoing 
es               be; am; are; is; there is/are; 's (short for is); 
                   're (short for are); 'm (short for am); 
                   being (participle of to be); 
                   find oneself (in a place) 
es la            attend; be present; presence; exist 
espio            spy 
est              east 
establi          establish 
este             feel; conscious; consciousness; esthetic; perceive; 
este fobo        afraid 
etio             blame; accusation; cause; guilt; guilty 
eva              age; lifetime; period 
evita            avoid; dodge; shirk; shun 
evolve           evolve; develop; development 
ex               out from; by (marker of doer by passive voice); from; 
                   out; since 
exakti           accurate; exact; exactly; precise 
examina          examine; consider; examination; inspect; interview; 
                   investigate; probe; survey; test 
excele           excel; excellent 
excesi           excess; excessive; too (in a too high degree); 
                   very ((almost) too much) 
excite           excite; exciting; thrill 
excite viagia    adventure 
exempla          example; instance; pattern; sample; specimen 
exercise         exercise; drill (training); practice; 
                   train (practice) 
existe           available; exist; existence; extant 
exklude          exclude; exclusive; except 
expande          expand; expansion 
expande-lo       expanse 
expekta          expect 
experi           experience (n); experience (v) 
experimenta      experiment 
explika          explain; explanation; explicate 
explode          explode; burst; explosion 
exporta          export 
expresi          express; expression; utter (speak) 
extende          extend; spread 
extra            external; beside; out of; outdoor; outdoors; outer; 
                   outside; outward; outwardly; outwards 
extra landa      abroad 
extra-ve         coat 


(-)fa            set (n); bundle; group; bunch; cluster; sheaf 
faba             bean 
face             make; build; commit; construct; execute; forge (v); 
                   making; manufacture; produce (make) 
face-do          factory 
facia            face; features; surface 
facili           easy 
faktu            fact; factual 
fali             fail; failure 
fals akti        fraud 
falsi            false; wrong; cheat; deceit; deceive; dummy; fraud; 
                   lie (untruth); mistake; sham; treacherous; untruth 
fami             hunger; hungry 
famili           family; familiar 
famina           famine; hunger; starve 
famo             fame; famous; noted; prominent (famous); renown; 
                   reputation; well-known 
farina           dust; flour; powder 
fata             fate; destiny; lot (destiny) 
fatiga           bore (tire); fatigue; haggard; tire (v); tired; weary 
fatuo            absurd; dull (stupid); foolish; silly 
favo             favor; favour; favorable; favourable; on behalf of ; 
                   for (in favour of); partial (favoring); privilege 
fe               she; her; hers; female; woman 
fe-bovi          cow 
fe-fili          daughter 
fe-galina        hen 
fe-regi          queen 
fe-sibi          sister 
fe-sponsa        wife 
febri            fever 
feli             cat; feline 
femina           female; woman 
fenestra         window; window (computer) 
feno             seem; apparent; appear; appearance; look like (seem) 
feri             fairy 
feria            fair (bazaar); holiday; vacation 
fero             carry; bear (carry); convey; transfer; transport 
fero ci          bring 
fero-pe          carrier; porter 
fertili          fertile; dung (v); fertilize; manure (v); productive 
feru             ferrous; iron 
feru-via         railway 
festa            feast; festival; festive; festivity; fete; holiday; 
(-)fi            thread; wire; filament; fiber; fibre; strand; string; 
                   strip (of something); yarn 
fibri            fibre 
fide             confide; confidence; confident; entrust; faith; 
                   fidelity; loyal; loyalty; trust (confide) 
figura           figure 
fikti            fiction; fictional; form (v); pretend; shape (v) 
fili             offspring; daughter (or son); son (or daughter); 
                   child (son or daughter) 
filtra           filter 
fini             finish; end; abort; aim; complete; conclude; deadline; 
                   final; finally; goal; terminate 
fisika           nature; physics 
fiska            fiscal; tax 
fisu             crack (split); fissure; schism; split 
fixa             fix; firm; clasp; record (v); solidify; splint; tight 
fla              blow (air); draught; inflate; puff 
flaci            flaccid; floppy; weak; droop; lax; limp; slack 
flagela          whip; lash 
flama            flame; flare 
flasc            flash; lightning 
flavoro          flavor; flavour 
flexi            bend; bend (v); curve (v); flex 
flori            flower; bloom; flourish 
flu              flow; current; flood; fluent; fluid; flux; running; 
                   stream (v) 
fluvi            river 
fo(-) (short form of forti)  intense; strong; tight (strong); very; 
fo tekno         brilliant (intelligent) 
fo-amo           adoration; enjoy; fond 
fo-klina         steep 
fo-mega          huge; immense; monster; vast 
fo-soni          bang (sound); blare; loud 
fo-tenta         effort; exert 
fo-valu          precious 
fo-voci          scream 
fo-volu          desire; ambition; appetite; long (v) for; yearn 
fobo             fear; phobia; alarm; dismay; dread; fright; horror 
fobo-pe          coward 
folia            foliage; leaf 
fonda            background 
fono             -phone; sound (acoustic); aloud; voice 
fonta            fountain; source; spring (source); well (water) 
fora             hole; bore (hole); drill (v, make holes); leak; 
                   perforate; pierce; puncture 
fora-ru          borer; drill (tool) 
forma            form; shape; forge; mold; mould; sculpture 
formali          formal 
formika          ant 
formula          formula; prescription; recipe 
forti (or short form fo)  intense; strong; tight (strong); very; vivid 
fortuna          chance; casual; destiny; fate; fortune; likelihood; 
                   luck; probability; random 
fosi             dig; cavity; ditch; hole; moat; pit 
foto             light (n); light (v); bright; illuminate; 
                   photo- (light) 
fotografi        photograph 
fragma           barrier; hedge; enclosure (fences); fence; partition 
frakti           break; fracture; interrupt 
frase            sentence; phrase; speak 
freqe            frequent; often; frequency 
fresko           fresh; freshen; ventilation 
fria             crumble; smash 
frigi            cold; chill 
frigi-tem        winter 
frika            friction; rub (friction); wipe; graze; scrape 
fronta           brow (forehead); forehead; front 
frukti           fruit 
frustra          frustrate; disappoint; disappointment; disillusion; 
fu               will (future tense); adjourn; future; postpone; 
                   shall (future tense); 'll (future tense); 
                   be going to (future tense) 
fu-di            tomorrow 
fugi             flee; escape; run away 
fumi             fume; smoke 
fumi-tubi        chimney; smokestack 
funda            bottom; found (v); base; depth; foot (lowest part); 
                   foundation; ground 
funktio          function; useful; operate; operation; 
                   work (have the desired function) 
furka            fork; branch off; pitchfork 
furna            oven; bake; furnace; heater; stove 
fusi             pour; fuse; melt; shed (liquid); smelt (melt); spill 
fusili           gun; shoot; discharge (fire); fire (shoot); rifle 


galina           chicken; fowl 
game             marry; marriage; wed 
game-ritu        wedding 
gasi             gas; air 
gastro           stomach 
ge-face          artificial; made (participle of to make) 
u ge-face        produce (n) 
ge-face ex       consist 
ge-favo          favorite; favourite 
ge-fixa tem      term 
ge-flexi         bent; curved 
ge-frakti        broken 
ge-grafo akorda  contract 
ge-klavi         closed (locked); shut (closed); locked 
ge-mixa          mixed 
ge-nati          born 
ge-place         content 
ge-publika-ra    publication 
gele             jelly 
geli             freeze; ice (v) 
gema             bud; gem; jewel 
gene             become; get (obtain); receive; get (become); 
                   get (passive); gets (tense); getting; access (get); 
                   accomplish; acquire; come to be; gain; obtain; 
                   procure; turn into 
gene ma-boni     reform 
generali         general; generalize; universal 
geneti           genetic; inherit; hereditary 
gentili          gentle; kind; kindly; mild 
genu             knee; knee-joint 
geo              earth 
gina             woman; female; gyna-; lady; wife 
gipso            chalk; plaster 
gira             gyrate; rotate; whirl; revolve; spin; turn; twirl 
glabro           glabrous; smooth 
glacia           glacial; ice; icy 
gladia           sword 
glisa            glide; slip; slide; lapse; skate (on ice); skid; skim 
globula          bead 
glori            glory 
glosa            tongue; lick; language 
glu              glue; lime; stick (glue); size (glue) 
gluko            sweet; nice; comfortable; gentle; gentleness; lovely; 
                   pleasant; soft; softness; sweetness; tender; 
gluto            gulp; swallow; greedy 
gono             angle; corner; vertex 
gra              grass; fodder; lawn; turf 
gradu            degree; step; at the same time as; grade; pace; 
grafo            write; draw (sketch); design; script; sketch (draw); 
grafo-ru         pen; pencil 
grama            letter (mail); missive 
grama-ve         envelope 
gramatika        grammar 
grana            grain; corn; seed 
grandi           grand; magnificent; noble; stately 
grati            grateful 
gratia           grace; thank; thanks 
gratula          congratulate 
gravi            grave (serious); heavy; serious; especially; important; 
                   considerable; impressive; massive; solid 
gravi pro        concern 
grega            group; herd; party (team); party (political); crew; 
                   flock; gang; swarm; team 
gresi            walk 
gru              fit; adapt; agree; convenient; fitting; fitting (adj); 
                   install; mount; proper; property; relevant; set up; 
                   suit (v); suitable 
guarda           guard 
gumi             rubber; caoutchouc; gum; resin 
gusta            taste; taste (test) 


habe             have (own); have the quality of; 
                   has (form of to have, own); has the quality of; 
                   've (short for have, own); own (possess); possess; 
                   property (possessions) 
habe epi se      wear 
habe sati tem    afford 
habe sati valuta  afford 
habe-pe          proprietor; owner 
habitu           habit; custom 
harmoni          harmony; agreement; have an agreement ; harmonize 
hedo             fun (feeling); pleasure; gay (happy); glad; glee; 
                   good-humoured; happiness; happy; joy; like to; merry; 
                   pleasant; pleased; rejoice 
heli             sun; solar 
helika           helix; coil; propeller; spiral 
helikopter       helicopter 
heliku           helix; screw 
hema             blood 
herba            herb; grass; plant (n) 
hero             hero 
hesi             adhesive; stick (join); sticky; adhere; cling; 
                   glue (v) 
hetero           different; other; another; differ; difference; else; 
histori          history; story; historical; narrative; report 
holo             whole; complete; absolute; completely; entire; quite; 
                   total; utter (whole); wholly 
holo tem         ever (at all times); forever 
homi             human; human race; man; mortal; mankind; person 
homo             same; like (similar); alike; equal (nearly); likeness; 
                   rather like; resemble; similar; similarity; 
                   very like 
honesti          honest; honesty; sincere; upright (honest) 
honora           honor; honour; honesty; respect 
honora-abili     honorable; honourable 
horibili         horrible 
horizo           horizon; horizontal; across; boundary; lie (down); 
                   limit (n); lying down 
horo             hour; o'clock; time ((clock) time) 
horo-me          clock; watch 
horo-tabla       timetable 
horti            garden; park (n) 
hospi            guest 
hospita          entertain; hospitable; hospitality; lodge (v) 
hoteli           hotel 
humidi           humid; humidity; damp; dampness; moist; moisture; 
                   wet (v) 
humoro           humor; humour; disposition 


id               it; its 
idea             idea; thought; mental image; notion 
idio             unique; private; especial; identity; individual; 
                   own (adj); of his/her/its own (particular); 
                   particular; peculiar; separate (adj); special 
idio-stori       version 
ikno             track; footprint; Ichno-; track (v); trail 
imagi            image; picture (v) 
imagina          imagine; fancy; grasp (can imagine); imaginary; 
                   imagination; picture; image 
imedia           immediate; as soon as; at once (immediately); 
                   immediately; instantly; straight away; right away 
impakti          impact; blow (n); push; shock; stroke 
imperi           command; imperial; rule (authority); empire 
importa          important; considerable; great; importance; 
                   be important 
impude           cheeky; disgusting 
imuni            immune; safe; protected; protect; safety 
in               in; in (local); indoors; inside of; into 
in-ra            contents 
in-valuta        income 
indika           indicate; point to; hint; clue; designate; 
                   point (indicate); signal; trace 
industri         industry; industrial 
infanti          child; infant; kid (child) 
infanti-tem      childhood 
influ            influence; affect 
info             inform; information; announce; data; message; reveal 
info-bileta      label 
infra            below; beneath; inferior; under 
infra toga       skirt 
inklude          include; enclose; lock up; shut in 
insekti          insect 
insigni          flag; badge; emblem; ensign; banner 
instrumenta (long form of ru)  instrument; implement; tool; utensil; 
                   apparatus; tackle (n) 
insura           insurance; insure 
intelige         intelligent; cunning; shrewd 
inter            between; among 
inter-reti       internet 
interese         interest; interesting 
internatio       international 
intestina        intestine; bowels; gut 
intra            inside; below; in (indoors); indoor; indoors; inland; 
                   interior; internal; intimate; inward; inwards; under; 
intra-duce       introduce; introduction 
intra-ve         shirt; underwear; vest 
inventi          invent 
investi          invest 
invidio          envious; envy; jealous; jealousy 
involve          involve; wrap; wrap in; wrap up 
iso              identical; exactly like; as (equal); equal 
iso ... de       as ... as 
iso-tem          contemporary (event); simultaneous 
itera            again; insist; iterate; new (again); re; repeat; 
                   repetition; return 
iti              go 


ja               yes; agreed!; yeah 
janu             door; doorway; entrance 
joko             jest; joke; play a joke ; play (joke) 
ju- (short prefix form of juve)  young 
ju-an            boy; lad; youngster (male) 
ju-fe            girl; lass; miss (young woman); youngster (female) 
judika           judge (v); criticize; decide; umpire; verdict 
judika-pe        judge (person); magistrate; referee 
judika-ra        justice 
jungla           jungle 
jura             oath; swear oath; swear (oath); take an oath; curse 
jurnali          journal; magazine; newspaper 
justi            equitable; fair (equitable); fair (just); impartial; 
                   just; just (equitable); just (fair); justice; 
                   right (just) 
juve             young; youth; youthful 


ka               because; as (because); for (because) 
-ka (short affix form of kamera)  room; -room 
ka-co            hence (therefore); so (therefore); therefore 
kade             fall; cascade; drop (fall); lie down; topple; 
                   trip (fall); tumble 
kafa             coffee 
kafe             café 
kako             bad; evil; nasty; undesirable; very bad ; vicious; 
                   vile; wicked 
kako-fono        cacophony; clatter; din; noise; tumult 
kako-zelo        jealous; jealousy; envy; zeal 
kali             beautiful; decorate; handsome; pretty 
kalki            heel 
kalma            calm; soothe 
kambio           exchange 
Kamelus          camel 
kamera           room; accomodate; apartment; camera (apparatus); 
                   camera (room); chamber; hall 
kamera-fa        apartment; flat (apartment) 
kampu            camp; field 
kanali           canal; channel; ditch; drain; groove; gutter; furrow 
kanava           canvas (cloth) 
kancela          cancel; grating (n); gril; grille; lattice 
kancera          cancer; crab; lattice 
kandela          candle; candle (sparking plug); 
                   sparking plug (candle) 
kandi            glow 
kani             canine; dog 
kanona           cannon 
kanta            cantata; sing; song 
kapila           hair 
kapitala         capital (city) 
kapitali         capital (money) 
kapitana         captain; skipper 
kapitula         chapter; capitulate 
kapo             cape (land) 
kapri            goat 
kapsu            capsule; parcel; box 
kapti            catch; capture; grasp; seize; seizure; snare 
kapti piski      angle (v) 
karakteri        character; temperament; trait 
karbo            coal 
karcera          prison; cage; imprison; incarcerate; jail 
kardia           heart; core; hearty; warm (emotional) 
kardina          hinge 
karesa           caress; massage; stroke (caress); rub (caress); 
                   pet (caress) 
kareta           cart 
kargo            load; burden; cargo; charge; charge (load); duty; job; 
                   load (charge); pack (charge); task 
kargo-vagona     lorry; truck 
karni            flesh; meat 
karo             dear 
karpe            harvest; crop; pluck (harvest); reap 
u karpe          crop 
karpu            wrist; carpus 
karta            card 
kartona          cardboard; carton 
kasea            cheese 
kaso             case (example, at court, condition, event); 
                   in the case of 
kastela          castle; fort 
kata             down (adverb); downwards; sink; swoop 
katena           chain 
kauda            queue; tail (n) 
kauli            stalk; stem 
kausa            because; because of; as (because); cause; owing (v); 
                   since (because) 
kaverno          cave; cavern 
kavita           cavity; abyss; empty; hollow; hollowness; pit; vacant 
kefa             head 
kefa-ve          cap (hat); hat; hat (cap); hood 
kerami           ceramic; clay; earthenware; pottery 
kerati           horn 
ki               go; move; goes (form of to go); 
                   going (participle of to go) 
ki ab            leave; abandon (go away); depart; desert (v); go away; 
                   quit; retire; retreat 
ki ex            emerge; go out; issue; leave 
ki in            enter; get in; invade; penetrate 
ki kata          descend; sink 
kilo             kilo; thousand 
kine             move; motion; move oneself; movement; whisk 
kinema           cinema; motion picture theater; movie theater 
kla              call (telephone) 
klari            clear (distinct); clear (easy to see through); 
                   clear (evident); clear (bright); clear up; distinct; 
                   evident; explain; light (pale); obvious; pale 
klasc            clash 
klasi            class; classify; arrange; order (arrangement); rank 
klaudi           cripple; lame; limp 
klavi            key (lock); lock (v); close (with key); key (keyboard); 
                   plug (electric) 
klavi-me         lock (n) 
klepto           steal; plunder; rob; thieve 
klepto-pe        bandit; burglar; thief 
kli              bed; lie down; pass the night ; sleep 
kli-te           blanket 
klina            incline; bend over; bow (bend over); inclined; 
                   lean (rest against); list (of ship); pending; slant; 
                   slope; tilt 
kloro            green; chloro-; verdant; verdure 
klu              even; even (including); even (still); including; 
                   inclusive; still (even) 
kluba            club (society) 
klude            close (v); fasten (v); shut (v) 
ko (before consonants without h, else prefer kon)  with; together with; 
                   with (=together with); meet (by appointment) 
kognato          cognate; related 
koku             berry 
kola             neck; gorge; gullet; isthmus; throat 
kola-ve          collar 
kolekti          collect; gather; pick (collect) 
koleri           anger; angry; annoyance; choleric; furious; indignant; 
                   irritable; rage; temper 
kolumni          column; pole; post (pole) 
koma             clause; comma; piece (literary) 
komanda          command; order (command) 
kombina          combination; combine 
komerci          commercial; commerce; trade 
komika           comic; comical; funny; humorous; humourous 
komiti           committee; council 
kompani          company 
kompara          compare; comparison 
kompeti          compete; competition; contest; race (competition) 
komplexi         complex; complicated; elaborate 
komposi          compose; arrange 
kompositi        composite; composition; compound 
kompromise       compromise 
komuni           common; in common ; together; sharing 
komunika         communicate; communication 
kon (before vowels and h, else prefer ko)  with; together with; 
                   with (=together with); meet (by appointment) 
koncerto         concert 
konfesi          confess; admit; profess (declare belief) 
konfusi          confuse; mix; muddle 
konsili          advice; advise; counsel; recommend 
konski           conscious 
konsola          console (comfort); comfort (console) 
kontento         content; constituent 
kontinenta       continent 
konto            account; bank account 
kontra           contrary; opposite; against; backside backwards 
konversa         conversation; converse; talk 
kope             oar; row (a boat) 
kopi             copy; imitate 
kopula           couple; connect; join; link (connect(ion)); 
                   mate (v, animals) 
koragi           brave; courage; courageous 
korbi            basket 
korda            cord; rope; string; twine 
kore             dance 
korekti          correct; proper; right (correct) 
korina           club (stick); bat (n); cudgel; mace; truncheon 
koriza           coryza; cold (illness) 
korona           crown; corona; garland; wreath; wreathe 
korta            court; courtyard; yard 
kosta            coast (shore); rib; shore; side (shore) 
kotona           cotton 
krak             crack; crack (noise) 
krasc            crash 
kratera          basin; bowl; wash bowl ; vessel 
krati            be in force ; govern; government; manage; regime; 
                   rule (authority); steer 
krati-fi         rein 
krati-grega      government 
krati-pe         minister 
plu krati-pe     cabinet (ministers) 
krea             create; make; produce (make) 
kredi            belief; believe; confide; creed; entrust; rely; 
                   suspect; trust 
kredito          credit; lend 
krema            cream 
kremno           cliff 
kresce           crescent; grow; growth; increase; rise (grow) 
kriket           cricket (sport) 
krimi            crime 
kripti           hide; conceal; cryptic; hidden; mask (v); mystery; 
                   secret; stealthy 
krisi            crisis; critical (crisis) 
kriso            gold; golden 
kritici          criticize; critical (criticizing); rebuke; review; 
kroma            color; colour; dye; hue (colour); paint; tinge 
kron             time (instant); chron-; instant; moment; occasion; 
kruci            cross (n); cross (v); breed; crossing; crossroads; 
                   interbreed; intersect; traverse 
krudi            raw; blunt (rude); rough; rude; tasteless; uncouth; 
                   uncultured; vulgar 
kubi             cube; cubic 
kubita           elbow; nudge 
kuko             cook; bake; stew 
kuko-ka          kitchen 
kuko-me          stove 
kulti            cultivate; care for; raise (agriculture); 
                   tend (care for); till (cultivate) 
kumbe            lie down; lie (down) 
kumu             heap; accumulate; amass; crowd (n); hoard; lump; mass; 
kune             wedge 
kuni             cuniculus; rabbit 
kupa             barrel; tub 
kupra-zinka      brass 
kura             care; concern; accurate; administer; attend; 
                   attendance; attention; care for; careful; caution; 
                   mind (take care); regard (care); take care; 
                   tend (care for); tender; therapy; thorough; 
                   treat (therapy); ward (care); wary 
kura puta de     consider 
kura-pe          nurse (male or female); warden; warder; watchman 
kurva            curve (n); curve (v); bend (n); bend (v) 


la               there; over there 
labia            lip 
laboratori       laboratory 
laevo            left (hand); left-hand 
lakrima          tear (eye); cry (weep); weep (cry) 
lakti            milk 
laku             lake; loch; pool 
lakuna           lacuna; gap; abyss 
lamina           slice; plate; film; layer; laminate; pane; sheet 
lampa            lamp; glow; light (n); shine 
lana             wool 
landa            land; country (land) 
larva-fi         silk 
lase             let; allow; permit 
lati             wide; ample; breadth; broad; extensive; spacious; 
latu             side; lateral; flank; swerve 
lauda            praise; esteem; applaud; approval; approve; 
                   compliment (admiration); pay tribute to 
lava             wash; bath; take a bath ; bathe 
laxa             lax; loose; release; slack; unfasten 
lega             law; legal 
plu lega         constitution 
lega cide        execute 
lekto            read; reading 
lenti            lens 
plu lenti        glasses; spectacles 
lento            slow; delay; slowly; tardy 
lepido           scale (body cover); scale (lose or remove scales) 
leuko            white; bleach; whiten 
leva             lift; raise; hoist; shrug 
leva-ru          lever 
levia            light (not heavy); fickle; light weight 
liabili          responsible 
libe             free; set free ; freedom; absolve; independent; 
                   liberal; liberate; liberty; release; rid 
libe se          escape 
libe-tem         holiday; leisure; spare time; vacation 
libela           even (level); level 
liberali         liberal; generous; broadminded; kind (friendly); 
libra            balance; scales (weighing) 
lice             be allowed ; admissible; lawful; legal; legitimate; 
                   licence; license 
liga             ligature; tie; bind; attach; connect; join; 
                   knot together; tether; union; unite 
ligni            wood (substance); timber 
ligni-bloka      beam (wooden); log 
limita           limit (n); limit (v); bound; rather (somewhat); 
                   boundary; confine; frontier; modify; qualify; 
limo             mud; slime 
lingua           language; tongue 
linqi            leave behind; abandon (go away); abjure; forsake 
linqi ergo       resign 
lipo             fat (fatty); fat (substance); fatty; fried; fry; 
                   grease; greasy 
liqi             liquid; fuse; juice; liquefy; liquify; melt; thaw 
lisi             loosen; separate (v); analysis; isolate 
lista            list; catalogue; register (n); register (v); schedule 
literatura       literature 
lito             stone 
litora           littoral; shore; beach; coast 
litra            liter; litre 
livra            deliver 
logi             understand; understanding; grasp (understand); know; 
                   see (understand) 
logika           logic; logical; reason (n); reason (v); reasonable 
loka             place (extended); location (extended); area; deposit; 
                   local; position; region; site; situation; territory; 
                   put; install; lay; place (v) 
lokali           local 
longi            long (adj); along; length 
longi kavita     trench 
loqi             speak; speech; talk 
lose             lose; squander; waste (use without good purpose) 
lose este        faint (v) 
lose hemo        bleed 
luci             clear (easy to see through); translucent; transparent 
ludi             play (game); gamble; game; fun (play); sport 
lukta            fight; struggle; make an effort ; exert oneself; 
                   strive; wrestle 
lumi             light (n); illuminate; light (v); light up; luminous; 
luna             moon; lunar 
lustra           lustre; polish (n); polish (v) 


ma               more; -er (comparative marker) 
-ma (short affix form of materia)  material; stuff; matter; substance 
ma-amo           prefer 
ma-boni          adjust; better (n, something better); better (v); 
                   improve; improvement; revise 
ma-mali          aggravate; make worse ; worsen 
ma-mega          enlarge; extend; grow; increase 
ma ... de        more ... than 
magika           magic; charm; enchant; magic spell 
magika-pe        magician; wizard 
magneti          magnet; magnetic; magnetism 
major            bigger; greater; main; more 
makina           machine; engine; machinery; motor 
makula           mark; spot (mark, stain); stain; blot; blotch; smear 
mal-acide        accident; mishap; disaster; fail 
mal-fusi         spill 
malea            mallet; hammer (n) 
mali             bad; amiss; coarse; horrid; ill; illness; infirm; 
                   infirmity; malady; nasty; naughty; offend; shabby; 
                   sick; vicious 
mali fortuna     bad luck ; misfortune; unfortunate; unfortunately 
mali gresi       limp (v); reel (v) 
mali-dice        curse; slander; swear (curse) 
mali-kredi       superstition 
mama             breast (female); nipple (breast) 
mandibula        jaw; mandible 
manu             hand; hand over; handle (v); manage; pass (hand over); 
manu-pe          administrator; manager 
manu-va          bucket; pail 
manu-ve          glove 
margari          pearl 
margina          margin; border; brim; curb; edge; fringe (border); 
                   hem (border); kerb; rim; verge (border) 
mari             sea; marine 
marka            brand; mark; scratch; trace 
marketa          market 
marsu            pocket 
materia          material; stuff; matter; substance 
matina           morning 
matri            mother; dam (mother); mum (mother) 
matura           mature; ripe; ripen 
matura-pe        adult 
maxi             -est (superlative); most (superlative); maxi-; 
                   maximum; supreme; utmost 
maxi boni        best 
maxi dista       extreme 
maxi tele        extreme 
-me (short affix form of mekani)  mechanism; appliance; device; 
                   apparatus; machine 
medika           medical; medicate; treat (therapy) 
medika-ma        medicine; drug; lotion 
medika-pe        doctor (medical) 
mega             big; abundant; great; hearty; huge; large; lot (n); 
                   lot (many); a lot of ; lump; magnify; many; 
                   mass (many); mega-; much; pile; plenty 
mega valu        valuable 
mega vora        feast 
mega-preci       expensive; costly; precious; valuable 
mei              less; lessen; decrease; diminish; dwindle; minor; 
                   reduce; wane 
mekani           mechanism; appliance; device; apparatus; machine; 
                   hardware (computer); mechanic; mechanical 
melano           black; dark 
melodi           melody; melodious; sing; song; tune 
membra           member 
memo             remember; memory; recollect; retrospect 
menace           menace; threat; threaten 
meno             month; monthly 
mensa            counter (table); table (furniture) 
menta            mind (n); mental 
merge            dive; immerse; plunge; sink (plunge); submerge 
merito           deserve; earn; merit; worthy 
merka            buy; bribe; buy (v); purchase; ransom (v) 
merka-pe         buyer; customer 
plu merka-ra     goods 
mero             part; bit; piece; abstract; department; district; 
                   quarter (district); ward (division); division (part); 
                   fragment; instalment; morsel; part (rôle); rôle; 
                   partial (partly); partly; portion; section; share; 
                   slice (n) 
meso             middle; amid; average; between; centre; centric; 
                   centrical; mean (middle); medial; medium (middle); 
                   mid; moderate; normal 
meso frigi       cool 
meso termo       warm (temperature) 
meso-soma        waist 
metali           metal; metallic 
meteo            weather; climate 
metra            meter (metre); metre; metric 
metri            measure; dimension; gauge; mete (v); meter (v); 
                   size (measurements) 
mi               I; me; my 
mi auto          myself 
mikro            little; tiny; minute (tiny); small; petty; trickle 
mikroskope       microscope 
miliona          million 
milita           war; fight; battle; military; riot; strife 
milita-pe        soldier; warrior 
mini             least; minimum; smallest 
mini-ra          detail 
minus            without; lack; -less; minus; missing (not there); 
minuta           minute (n) 
mira             wonder; admiration; admire; amaze; amazement; astonish; 
                   astound; marvel; surprise 
mira-ra          miracle 
miso             hate; hostile; aversion; detest; distaste; loathe; 
                   spite; venomous 
misteri          mystery; mystic; mysterious; problem; unexplained; 
mite             send; envoy (v); ship (v); transmit 
mixa             mix; blend; mess; mingle; muddle; whisk 
mo               one; single 
mo (after noun)  first 
mo kron          once 
mo-bi            dozen; twelve 
mo-mo            eleven 
mobili           furnish; furniture; piece of furniture 
mode             mode; way (manner); way (method); fashion; approach; 
                   attitude; manner; method; style 
modela           model; pattern 
moli             soft; bland; mushy 
moneta           coin; coined money 
monito           advice; advise; admonish; warn; prevent (by advising) 
monstra          show (v); display; exhibit; expose; produce (show); 
                   reveal; show (n) 
monti            mountain 
monti-line       range 
morali           moral; chaste; ethical; ethics; morale 
morda            bite; nibble; snap (bite) 
more             custom; customs (ethical); habit; usual 
morta            dead; death; die 
morta-lo         cemetery; churchyard; grave (tomb); tomb 
moti             move; put; go; lay; move something; place (v); shift; 
motori           motor; engine 
mu               they; their; theirs; them; they (female); they (male) 
multi            many; abundant; much; multiply; numerous; plenty 
munda            world 
mura             wall 
Mus              mouse (animal); mouse (computer) 
musika           music 
muskula          muscle 
muta             change; affect; alter; inflect; transform; vary 


na               we; our; ours; us 
nara             narrate; tell; narrative; report 
narko            narcotized; drunk; drunken 
nasa             nose; flair; nasal; smell (v); sniff 
nasa-te          handkerchief; hankie; hanky 
nati             birth 
nati-di          birthday 
natio            nation; national; nationality 
natura           nature; natural 
navi             ship (n); boat; barge; vessel (ship) 
navi frakti      wreck 
u navi-fa        navy 
ne               not; omit 
ne akti          refrain 
ne foto          dull (not clear/bright) 
ne importa       never mind 
ne-ski           ignorant 
nebu             fog; haze; mist (fog) 
nece             necessary; have to; must; duty; essential; necessity; 
                   need; urgent 
nece-fa          equipment 
nefo             cloud; nepho- 
nega             deny; abstain; answer negatively; behave negatively; 
                   decline; negative (v); refuse; turn down 
negoti           business; negotiate; deal (business); do business ; 
                   negotiation; negotiations 
neka             drown 
nekto            swim (active); swimming 
neo              new; fresh; novel (new) 
nervo            nerve 
nervoso          nervous; anxious; eager; jittery; timid 
nesia            island 
neutra           neutral; neuter 
nexu             connect; attach; connection; connexion; 
                   interconnection; join (connection); junction; 
                   linkage; mating; merge; network; nexus; tie; union; 
ni               neither; nor 
ni ... ni        neither ... nor; neither ...nor 
nidi             nest 
niloni           nylon 
nivi             snow; snowy 
no               no 
no-cede          resolute 
no-dina          feeble; frail 
no-face          demolish; destroy; havoc; undo 
no-facili        difficult; obstacle; rude 
no-feno          disappear 
no-forti         faint 
no-funktio       out of order; useless; vain 
no-gravi         light (not heavy); petty; trifling; trivial; 
                   unimportant; whatever (no matter what) 
no-kali          ugly; unsightly 
no-kargo         discharge 
no-kine          motionless; not moving; stationary; 
                   still (not moving) 
no-kompara       contrast 
no-memo          forget 
no-poli          few 
no-profito       disadvantage; vain 
no-profunda      shallow 
no-puri          dirt; dirty; filthy; foul; shabby 
no-resista       weak 
no-sati          scanty 
no-semani        nonsense; senseless 
no-soni          quiet; noiseless; silence; silent; soundless 
no-stimula       dull (boring); boring (adj) 
no-sura          uncertain; waver 
no-tekno         awkward; clumsy 
no-vide          blind 
nodi             knot; node 
noktu            night; nocturnal 
noku             damage; harm; harmful; hurt; inflict; injure; mischief; 
                   noxious; spoil (damage); torment; wear out 
nomi             law; -nomy (suffix law) ; right (n); rule (standard); 
nomina           name; nominate 
non-akuto        blunt (not sharp); dull (not sharp) 
non-ami          enemy; foe; hostile; ill-feeling 
non-amo          disgust; mean (not nice) 
non-audi         deaf 
non-hedo         unhappy; grief; sad; sorrow 
nona             nine 
nord             north 
norma            normal; standard; conventional 
nota             note; notice; bill; observe; record; remark 
nova             news; news-item; piece of news 
nova-papira      newspaper 
nu               now; present (now); present (time); present time; 
nu-di            today; modern; nowadays 
nu-fu            just going to; just (time); presently (soon); soon 
nu-noktu         tonight 
nudi             nude; bare; naked 
nuki             nut; kernel; nuclear; nucleus 
nuli             null; nullify; nothing; abolish; abort; cancel; 
                   eliminate; naught; nil; no; repeal; zero 
nuli-kron        never 
nuli-lo          nowhere 
numera           number; count; digit 
numera panto-pe  altogether 
numera panto-ra  altogether 


obe              obey; execute; obedience; obedient 
obstina          obstinate; stubborn 
oceani           ocean 
ocide            west; western; occidental 
odio             odious; hate; detest; disgust; distaste; hatred; 
odoro            odor; odour; smell; aroma; scent 
ofere            offer 
ofere se         be a candidate ; run (for office) 
ofice            office; official (adj); clearance (customs) 
ofice-pe         officer; official (n) 
okasio           occasion; chance; opportunity 
okto             eight 
oku              eye; notice (with eyes); optical; peep; 
                   perceive (with eyes); see (look) 
oku-tegu         eyelid 
olea             oil; lubricant; lubrication; anoint 
oligo            few; several 
opresi           oppress 
orange (French)  orange (fruit) 
ordina           order (arrangement); order (series); ordain (priest); 
                   grade (v); rank 
organi           organ 
organismo        organism; being (n); organisation 
origi            origin; source 
Oriza            rice 
orkestra         orchestra 
orna             ornament; decorate; decoration; adorn; fancy 
orna-zo          bangle 
orto             upright; erect; straight; upright (direction); 
oscila           oscillate; swing; see-saw; shake; sway; vibrate; 
                   wag (oscillate) 
oskula           kiss 
osteo            bone 
oti              ear; bug (v); spy 
ova              egg 
oxidi            oxidize; corrode; rust 
oxigena          oxygen 


pa               -ed (past tense marker); did (past tense marker); 
                   had (tense marker); have (past tense marker); 
                   've (past tense marker); has (tense marker); 
                   last (previous); past 
pa(-)            past 
pa pote          could 
pa-di            yesterday 
paci             peace; pacify; peaceful 
paga             pay; payment; wage 
pagina           page 
paketa           package; packet; parcel 
paki             thick (stout); fat (thick); coarse; stout (adj) 
palati           palace 
paleo            old; aged; ancient; palaeo 
pali             palisade; pillar; pole; post (pole); stake (n) 
palidi           pale (in colour); pallid; wan 
palpa            examine (by touch); touch 
pani             bread; loaf 
panto (or short form pan)  all; every; both (if two) 
panto-lo         everyplace; everywhere; widespread 
panto-pe         everybody; everyone 
panto-ra         everything 
panto-tem        eternal; always 
papira           paper; roll of paper; strip (paper); strap (paper) 
para             beside; at side; by (beside); close to; next to 
u para           neighborhood; neighbourhood; vicinity 
parada           parade 
paraleli         parallel 
pardo            pardon; forgive; excuse; absolve (from sin or guilt); 
parenta          parent; mother (or father); father (or mother) 
parenta-fratri   uncle 
parenta-sorori   aunt 
parka            park (n); park (v) 
parlamenta       parliament 
participa        participate 
partikula        particle 
pasaporta        passport 
pasta            dough; paste; pastry 
patela           knee-cap; pan 
pato             sick; ill; suffer; disease; illness; infirmity; 
                   invalid; malady; plague; septic; sickness; 
                   sufferance; suffering 
pato-do          hospital 
u pato-pe        patient (n) 
patri            father 
pausa            pause; rest; stop 
pe (short form of persona)  one (person); one's; person 
-pe (short affix form of persona)  person 
pe-klepti        kidnap 
pedi             foot (end of leg); kick; paw; tread 
pedi-artri       ankle 
pedi-bola        football 
pedi-digi        toe 
pedi-lo          floor; ground; storey 
pedi-te          sock 
pedi-ve          shoe; footwear 
pedi-via         footpath; pavement 
pektina          comb 
peli             fur; fell (skin); skin 
pencila          pencil 
pende            hang; hang up; dangle; sag; suspend 
pende ex         depend 
pende-te         curtain; sling 
penite           sorry; condolences; regret; repent 
penta            five 
penta (after noun)  fifth 
pepsi            digest (digestion); digestion 
per              by means of; per; with (=by means of) 
perfekti         perfect; outstanding 
peri             around; ambient; siege; surround 
peri-lo          environment; neighbourhood; surroundings 
permito          permit; admission; admit; admittance; allow; let; 
persona          person; personal; somebody 
pesti            pest 
peti             fly (v); haste; hurry; rush; fall 
petitio          petition; appeal; ask; beg; implore; invitation; 
                   invite; request; requisition; try to get 
petro            rock; stone 
piano            piano 
pikro            bitter 
pikto            picture; illustrate; image; paint; painting 
pina             pen; feather; plume 
pipa             chirp; pipe; tube 
piperi           pepper 
pirata           pirate 
piro             fire; ablaze; alight; burn (v); combust; ignite; 
                   kindle; pyre 
piski            fish (n); fish (v) 
pla              ledge; shelf 
place            please; pleasure; give pleasure 
plaka            cake; block; flat-iron; pad (n); slab; tablet (slab) 
planeta          planet 
plankto          float; swim (float) 
planta           plant (n); plant (v); vegetable 
plastika         plastic 
plataforma       platform 
plati            flat (plane); wide; ample; broad; even (level); 
                   extensive; plane (flat) 
ple              fill; full; fully; hearty 
pleio            more (number) 
pleisto          most (number) 
plika            fold; dart (pleat); pleat; tuck (fold) 
plu              -s (plural sign); more than one; plural; some 
plu kron         sometimes 
plu-ci           these 
plu-la           those 
plu-tu           yours (single) 
plu-vi           yours (plural) 
plumpa           plump 
plus             plus; additional; also; and; another; as well as; 
                   extra; spare; too (also); with 
plus-co          also; besides; furthermore; moreover 
pluto            rich; resources; wealth 
pluvi            rain; shower (rain) 
pluvi skuta      umbrella 
po               after; since 
po meso-di       after noon; afternoon; P.M.; pm; post meridiem 
po-co            afterwards; then 
po-kron          late; delay; lateness; retard; retardation; tardy 
poda             leg; limb (leg); paw 
poda-te          stocking 
poda-ve          trousers 
poesi            poem; poetry; verse 
poeta            poet 
poli             many; abundant; lot (many); lump; mass (many); 
                   numerous; pile; poly- 
poli-pe          crowd (n); multitude; troop (crowd); throng 
polica           police 
polica-an        policeman; constable (male) 
polio            grey; gray 
polisi           policy 
politika         political; politics 
pomi             apple 
ponde            ponder; weigh; weight; consider 
ponti            bridge 
popula           people; popular; popularity; population 
porta            door; gate; port (opening in ship) 
posi             perhaps; may; maybe; might (possibility); 
                   might (possibly); possible; possibly; probable; 
posi-ra          possibility 
posta            mail; post (mail); post (send) 
poste            behind; astern; back (n); posterior; rear 
postula          postulate; assume; suppose; if 
potato           potato 
pote             able; can (be able); ability; capable; may; power 
pove             poor; miserable; pauper 
pragma           affair; deal 
praxi            practice; practise; able; act; acting; actuate; busy; 
                   do; doing; effect (v); effective; 
                   experience (v, resulting from practice); make; 
                   shrewd (resulting from practice); 
                   sensible (resulting from practice) 
pre              before (time); ago; a little while ago ; earlier; 
                   former; formerly; previous; prior 
pre meso-di      a. m.; AM; am (time); ante meridiem; before noon 
pre-kron         early 
pre-nu           already; former; formerly; once 
preci            price; cost; fare; ransom 
prefere          prefer; rather (more willingly) 
preka            pray; plea; prayer 
preka-pe         priest 
premi            premium; prize; profit; reward 
prende           take; gather; occupy; pick (take); pick up; 
                   pluck (pick); seize 
prepara          prepare; alert; preparation; prepared; provide; ready 
presa            press (v); crowd (v); crush; lean on; 
                   press (periodicals); pressure; print; squeeze; 
presidenti       president 
pretende         pretend; claim; make claim ; lay claim to 
primitive        primitive 
privilegi        privilege; right (n) 
pro              for; behalf; on behalf of ; for the sake of; 
                   in favor of; in favour of ; forward; 
                   forward towards 
proba            test; demonstrate; prove; rehearse; trial (try) 
probabili        likely; probable; probably 
problema         problem 
profesio         profession; profess (work) 
profito          profit; advantage; benefit; dividend; fruitful; 
                   prosper; succeed; success 
profunda         profound; deep (profound); depth (profound) 
prognosi         forecast; weather forecast 
programa         program; program (computer); programme; 
                   application (computer); software (computer) 
progresi         progress 
projekti         project (n); project (v); jut; stand out 
promise          promise; commit oneself; guarantee; pledge; undertake 
proposi          propose; proposal; nominate; suggest 
proprie          property (possessions); possess; 
                   one's own (possession); own (possess) 
protesta         protest; complain; complaint; grumble 
proto            begin; beginning; commence; first; at first ; found; 
                   go (begin); initial; institute (v); premier; primary; 
proxi            near; about; adjoin; almost; alongside; approach; 
                   approximate; approximately; beside; by (near); 
                   close (near); close to; nearly 
proxi kade       stumble 
proxi ne         hardly 
psiko            psyche; mind (n); psychic; psychical; psycho; soul 
ptero            wing 
publika          publish; advertise; advertisement; announce; public; 
                   publication; publicize 
pude             shame; loss of honour ; disgrace; disgust; 
pugna            fist; punch; fight 
pulmona          lung 
pulsa            pulse; push; jab; poke; pulsate; shove; throb; thrust 
pulve            powder; crush; dust; dusty; flour; grind; powder (v); 
                   powdery; shatter 
pulvina          pillow; cushion 
pumpa            pump 
punge            sting; itch; prick (v); puncture 
puni             punish; castigate; chasten; chastise; hurt; penalize; 
                   penalty; punishment; revenge; vengeance 
punkta           dot; full stop; period (dot); point (dot); punctual 
puri             pure; clean (adj); clean (v); purify; refine; sheer; 
pusi             small; little; insignificant; petty; slight; tiny; 
                   trickle; trifling 
pusi dendro      bush; laurel 
pusi preci       cheap 
pusi-do          hut (small house); cabin (small house); shed (n) 
pusi-fluvi       brook; creek (small river); rivulet; stream (n) 
pusi-valu        scorn 
puta             compute; think; calculate; idea; reckon; thought; 
                   trim (v) 
puta-me          computer 


qadra            frame; square; square (frame) 
qalita           quality; property (quality) 
qantita          quantity; amount; dose 
qanto?           how many?; how much? 
qarto            quarter 
qe ...?          ...? (question start) 
qestio           question; ask; curious; enquire; inquire; inquiry; 
                   inquisitive; query 
qi               which (relative pronoun); who (relative pronoun) 
qo-lo?           where?; whereabouts? 
qo-mode?         how ...? 
qo-pe?           what person?; which?; who?; whom? 
qo-tem?          when? 
qo?              what?; which? 


(-)ra            thing; affair; object (thing) 
rabi             rabid; crazy; mad; crazed; foolish; furious; raging 
rabi multi-pe    mob 
radar            radar 
radi             root; source 
radia            radiate; beam; bright; brilliant (light); radiating; 
                   radiation; radius; shine; splendid 
radio            radio; radio station; ray (spoke); spoke (ray) 
raila            rail (horizontal or sloping bar); rail (for trains) 
raketa           rocket 
rami             branch; bough; perch; ramify; stick (branch) 
rapi             seize; arrest; catch; grab; grapple; grasp; grip; 
rapidi           rapid; fast; hurry; in a hurry ; quick; rapidity; 
                   speed; speedy; snappy; suddenness; swift (quick) 
rari             rare; exotic; scarce; seldom; uncommon 
razia            raid 
razo             shave; scrape; graze; rasp (v); scratch 
re               again; afresh; re; recurrence; recursion; repetition; 
                   return to beginning; back to beginning 
re-uti           recycle 
reakti           react; answer; feed-back; heed; reaction; reply; 
                   respond; retort 
reali            real; accomplish; actual; carry out; execute; fulfil; 
                   fulfill; reality; realize (convert into a fact); 
recerka          research; investigate; investigation 
reduce           reduce; reduction 
refusa           refusal; refuse; turn down 
regi             regent; ruler; regal; royal; sovereign 
regula           control; organise; principle; regulate; 
                   rule (standard); ruler 
rekogni          acknowledge; recognition; recognize 
rekorda          record; record (sport) 
rektangula       rectangle; rectangular 
rekti            directly; straight 
relati           relate; relation; relationship; connection (relation) 
relativi         relative 
religio          religion; religious 
religio dice     sermon 
religio-do       temple; church; abbey 
repara           repair; cure; make good ; heal; mend; remedy; 
representa       represent; representative 
repti            crawl; creep; scramble 
republika        republic 
resista          resist; oppose; resistance; strength; strong; tough 
respekto         respect; heed; regard (respect) 
resta            rest (stay); remain; stay; stay behind; 
                   be left over ; linger; stay behind; surplus 
reti             net; connection (net); mesh; network; web (network) 
retro            backwards; ago; back again; backward; behind; go back; 
                   repel; set back 
ridi             laugh; laughter; mirth; ridicule 
rigi             rigid; stiff (rigid); obstinate 
rino             nose; muzzle; rhino-; snout 
risko            risk; danger; dangerous; dare; hazard; peril; random; 
ritmo            rhythm 
ritu             rite; ritual; ceremony 
rivali           rival 
rola             roll; rotate 
rondo            round; circular 
rosa             rose; pink 
rota             rotate; wheel; gyrate; helm; revolve; go round ; 
rota-zo          tire (tyre); tyre 
(-)ru (short form of instrumenta)  instrument; tool; utensil; implement; 
                   apparatus; tackle (n) 
rubi             red; blush; ruby; ruddy 
rubi-xanto       orange (colour) 
ruina            ruin; undermine 
rumora           gossip; rumor; rumour 
rupti            interrupt; interruption; break 
rura             country (rural); rural 


sadi (French)    sadistic; cruel 
saka             sack; bag; pouch; purse 
sakrifice        sacrifice 
sali             salt 
salta            jump; bounce; hop; leap; prance; skip 
saluta           greet; salute; compliment (greetings); greeting; 
                   regard (greeting); yours truly 
salva            save; rescue; reserve; reservation; 
                   save (computer file) 
sani             health; healthy; well (healthy) 
sankti           holy; sacred; saint (adj); saint (v) 
sapo             soap 
sapro            rot; decay; decline; foul; putrid 
sati             enough; adequate; ample; fulfil; fulfill; satisfaction; 
                   satisfactory; satisfy; suffice; sufficient 
scinti           sparkle; twinkle 
se               self; itself; itself (reflexive); oneself (reflexive); 
                   self (reflexive) 
sed              but; however (=although it was so) 
sedi             sit; seat (v) 
sedi-mo          chair; seat (n); stool 
seiso            shake; quake 
seka             cut; carve; chop; cleave (cut); excise; mow (v); 
                   slice (v); slit 
seka-ru          knife; razor (knife) 
sekretari        secretary 
sekuri           secure; security; safe; immune; sure 
sema             sign; beckon; gesture; mark; signal 
semani           mean (signify); meaning; signify 
semi             half 
senato           senate 
sensi            sense; feel; attitude; conscious; perceive; sensible 
sensitivi        sensitive; responsive; susceptible; tender; touchy 
separa           separate (v); distinguish; part (v); separate (adj); 
seqe             follow; consequence; effect (n); following; next; 
                   outcome; result; sequence; sequential; subsequent 
seri             series; course; list; order (series); row (n) 
serpenti         serpent; snake; twist (wind); twisting; wind along; 
                   wind (twist); wriggle 
servi            serve; service; be useful 
servi-pe         steward; waiter 
seti             seven 
setimana         week; weekly 
setimana-fini    week-end 
severi           severe; rigorous; stern; strict; stringent 
sexu             sex; sexual; sexy 
si               if; whether 
si ne ...        unless 
sibi             brother (or sister); sister (or brother) 
sibila           whistle; soothsay 
signatura        signature 
signi            sign; mark; signal; token 
signifi          signify; mean (signify); significance; significant 
sika             dry; arid; dried 
silento          silence; silent; hush; noiseless; soundless 
silva            forest; (growing) wild ; wood (woodland); woodland 
simia            ape; monkey 
simpati          sympathy; compassion; mercy; pity; suffer with; 
                   sympathetic; sympathise 
simpli           simple; simply; plain (simple) 
simpto           symptom; clue; hint; indication 
simul            at the same time; together 
singu            each 
sio              would (conditional tense); 'd (short for would) 
sistema          system; tidy; arrange; organize; systematic 
sito             food; feed; nourish; meal; repast 
sixa             six 
skala            stairs; ladder; staircase; stairway 
skapa            shoulder 
skeleto          skeleton; framework; rack; scaffolding 
skema            scheme; plan; design; draft; layout 
skende           climb 
skeni            scene; stage 
ski              know; knowledge 
ski de           aware 
skience          science; scientific; knowledge 
skizo            cut; division; fissure; schism; split; 
                   tear (separate) 
sklero           hard (not soft) 
sko              instruct; education; instruction; lecture; lesson; 
                   schooling; teaching; training; tuition 
sko-do           school; schoolhouse 
skope            look; aspect; look at; observe; observation; 
                   regard (look); search; view (v); watch 
skoto            dark; darkness; gloom; shade 
skuta            screen (general); screen (TV, video); 
                   folding screen ; shield (n); shield (v) 
snaza            sneeze 
so               so; like this; thus; in this way ; in that way 
socia            companion; fellow; partner 
sociali          social 
societa          society; association; company; organization; 
sofi             wise; -sophy; prudent; sage; wisdom; wise 
solemni          solemn; earnest 
solidi           solid; firm 
solo             only; alone; lone; lonely; on one's own (alone); 
                   solely; solo; solitary; solitude 
solo mo          single; singular 
solu             ground; soil 
solve            solve; dissolution; dissolve; solution 
soma             body; somatic 
soma kosina      mattress 
somni            sleep; asleep; slumber 
soni             sound (acoustic); aloud; chime; play (music); 
                   pronounce; pronunciation; ring (sound) 
sonia            dream 
spaci            space 
spasmo           spasm; jerk; jolt; jounce 
spata            spade; shovel; scoop 
spatula          spoon 
spe              hope; expectancy; wish (hope) 
speci            species; brand; class; genus; for example; 
                   kind (sort, species); sort (n) 
spekula          mirror; speculate 
spende           spend; exhaust; expend 
sperma           seed; pip 
sperma-tem       autumn; autumnal; fall (autumn) 
spina            spine; pin; thorn 
spira            breath; breathe; respire 
spiritu          spirit; soul 
splendi          splendid; glitter; gloss (shine); luster; lustre; 
                   shine; splendor; splendour 
spongi           sponge 
sponsa           spouse; bind; engage; promise 
sporta           sport; game (especially sport); 
                   play (especially sport); play (game) 
sporta-ra        play-thing; toy 
sta              stand 
stabili          stable; firm; stability; steady 
stagna           pond; pool 
stampa           stamp (v) 
stani            tin (Sn) 
statio           station; park (v); stationed; stop (station) 
stato            state (condition); condition; circumstance; situation; 
statua           statue 
statura          stature; height (body) 
status           status; rank 
stego            roof; ceiling 
steno            narrow; strait 
steno-via        alley; corridor; gangway; lane; passage 
sti              switch on; cause; put into gear ; set going ; 
                   induce; initiate; make (cause); set in motion ; 
                   prod; prompt; provoke; quick; reason (n); 
                   start (process); stimulate; turn on 
sti flo          launch 
sti hedo         cheer 
sti kredi        convince; persuade 
sti memo         remind 
sti more         accustom 
sti pato         infect; infection 
sti pote         enable 
sti ski          announce 
sti vigi         arouse; rouse; wake up 
stilo            pen; ball-point pen ; style 
stimula          stimulate; excite; goad; inspire; interesting; tempt; 
                   urge on 
sto              stop; abandon (give up); abolish; abort; abstain; 
                   cease; end; put an end to ; extinguish; finish; 
                   halt; interfere; obstruct; prevent; quell; 
                   strike (extinguish); suppress; switch off; terminate; 
                   turn off; upset (stop) 
sto ergo         strike (labor) 
sto-me           brake (n) 
stoma            mouth; oral 
stora            store; car-boot; supply 
stora-do         storehouse; barn; warehouse 
strategi         strategy; trick; cleverness; cunning; foxiness; shrewd; 
                   shrewdness; trap (trick) 
strepto          twist; coil (v); plait; sprain; twisting; 
                   wind (twist) 
stria            furrow; groove; line; stripe 
stru             build; construct; pile up 
struktura        structure; conformation 
stude            study; explore 
stude-pe         student; pupil (academic) 
stupidi          stupid; absurd; dull (stupid); ridiculous; ruffian; 
sub (don't mix with su)  below; under; beneath; lower; 
                   rather (somewhat); somewhat 
sub-ridi         smile 
subito           sudden; suddenly; abrupt; surprise 
submarina        submarine 
sucede           success; accomplish; pass an examination; profit; 
                   succeed; successful 
sud              south; southern 
sue              sew; sewing; stitch 
sufici           sufficient; enough; plenty; suffice 
sugesti          suggest; suggestion; nominate; propose 
sugo             suck; suck up 
sui              swine; pig; hog; pork 
sukro            sweet 
sukro-ma         sugar; treacle 
suku             succulent; juice; juicy; sap 
suma             sum; add; calculate; score; summing; total 
supa             soup 
supra            above; over; over (local); overhead; senior; superior; 
                   top; upper; upstairs 
supra-visi       supervise 
sura             sure; assure; certain; confidence; confident; confirm; 
                   of course; positive; undoubtedly 
surge            rise (go up); appear; arise; get up; loom (rise); 
                   show up 
susura           whisper; rustle 


taba             board; plank; slab 
tafo             -taph; tomb 
tako             fast; quick; brisk; haste; hasty; hurry; nimble; 
                   prompt; rapid; rapidity; rate; speed; speedy; sprint; 
                   swift (quick); velocity 
tali             such; such a 
tape             carpet; mat; rug 
tardi            late; delay; slow 
tasa             cup 
taxi             taxi; cab 
taxo             arrange; arrangement; classify; put in order ; 
                   order (arrangement); ordain (arrangement) 
te-do            tent 
tea              tea 
teatra           theater; theatre; theatrical 
tegu             cover; casing; ceiling; deck; eclipse; lid (cover); 
                   shelter; shutter 
tegula           tile 
teka             box; bin; case (container); chest (box); sheath; teak 
tekno            clever; craft; expert (adj); expertness; know-how; 
                   skilful; skill; skilled; skillful; smart (clever); 
                   technical; techno- 
tekno-mali       cunning; sly; wily 
tekno-pe         engineer; expert (n) 
tele             far; afar; distance; distant; farther; further; 
telefono         telephone 
teleskope        telescope 
televisio        television; TV 
tem              time (period); as (while); at (time); during; 
                   for (during); in (during); period; season; 
                   while (temporal) 
tem-dona         lease; lend; loan 
tem-gene         borrow; hire 
tem-uti          hire; lease; rent (v) 
tema             theme; subject; thesis; topic 
temperatura      temperature 
tempestu         tempest; storm 
tena             hold; keep; carry (support); clutch; conservation; 
                   contain; grip; have (hold); hold together; maintain; 
                   preserve; restrain; retain; stock (store); support; 
                   sustain; uphold 
tena-mo          cabinet (cupboard); cupboard 
tende            intention; aim; deliberate; goal; for (purpose); 
                   in order to; in order that; intend; intended for; 
                   intentional; object (purpose); purpose; so that; 
                   tend (intention); tendency; that (final conjunction); 
                   to (in order to) 
tensio           tension; stretch; span; strain; stretching (n); stress; 
tensio a         reach 
tenta            try; attempt; endeavor; endeavour; trial (try); 
                   tries (form of to try) 
tenu             fine (thin); lean (thin); taper; thin 
teo              god; theo- 
teori            theory; theoretical; rule (standard) 
tera             earth (the); soil; terrain 
terapi           therapy; cure; treat (therapy); treatment 
teritori         territorial; territory 
termo            hot; heat; fervor; fervour; warm (temperature); 
termo-tem        summer 
testi            witness (v) 
testi-pe         witness (n) 
tetra            four; tetra- 
tetra (after noun)  fourth 
texi             dissolution; weave (textile) 
textili          textile; cloth; duster; fabric; rag 
tigri            tiger 
timpani          drum 
tinta            ink; hue (colour); shade (hue); tint 
tintina          ring (sound); tinkle 
tipika           typical 
tipo             type (example); type (class); type (letter); 
                   type (write); blow (hit); clash; hit; knock; mark; 
                   print; rap; smack; strike; stroke (hit) 
tira (French)    drag; pull; tug (pull) 
tira-teka        drawer 
tisu             tissue; cloth; fabric 
titula           title 
tolera           tolerate; patient (adj); abide (endure); bear (endure); 
                   endure; patience; be patient ; tolerance; 
topika           theme; topic 
topo (or short form to)  place (punctiform); at (punctiform location); 
                   in (in a punctiform place); local; locale; 
                   location (punctiform); position; spot; 
                   where (relative, =at which punctiform place) 
toraci           breast; chest (anat) 
tortu            torment; torture; twist (especially if causing pain); 
tosto            early; soon 
toxi             poison; poisonous; toxin; venom 
traba            beam (n); girder; rafter 
traditio         tradition 
trakto           attract; pull; drag (v); drag (with computer mouse); 
                   draw (pull); tow; tug (pull) 
trakto in        absorb 
trans            across; traverse; horizontal 
translati        translate 
trapa            snare; trap 
trauma           shock; wound 
tremulo          flicker; flutter; quiver; shake; shiver; shudder; 
trena            train (railway) 
tresora          treasure 
tri              three 
tri (after noun)  third 
tribu            tribe 
tribuna          court of law; tribunal; platform 
tristi           sad; alas; dismal; grief; lament; melancholy; mourn; 
                   sadness; sorrow 
Tritikum         wheat 
tro (French)     too (in a too high degree); excessive; undue 
trompa           trunk (animal) 
tropi            turn; revolve; rotate; go round ; spin 
tropika          tropical; tropics; excessive 
tu               you (singular); your (singular); yours (single); thou 
tubi             tube; pipe; conduit; hose; pipeline; 
                   the tube (underground) 
tumo             swell (v); bulge; lump (on body); swelling; swollen; 
                   tumor; tumour 
tunika           dress; tunic 
turba            disturb; bother; disorder; distress; disturbance; 
                   embarass; irritate; trouble; upset (trouble); vex; 
turi             tower; turret 
tusi             cough 


u (before all consonants but h, else =un)  a; an; the; one; 
                   any (=a(n)) 
u-ci ('the here')  this 
u-la ('the there')  that (pronoun); yonder 
u-la kron        then 
u-mi             mine 
u-tu             yours (single) 
u-vi             yours (plural) 
ultima           last (ultimate); ultimate; farthest; final; 
                   latest (last); utmost 
ultra            beyond; ultra 
umbra            shade; shadow 
un (before vowels and h, else =u)  a; an; the; one; any (=a(n)) 
unda             wave; undulate; billow 
ungu             nail (finger); hoof; claw; fingernail; talon; ungula 
uniforma         regular; uniform (regular); homogeneous 
unio             meet (by appointment); assemblage; assembly; 
                   meeting (by appointment); rendezvous; union; unite 
unita            unit; unity 
universa         universe; universal 
universita       university 
unki             hook 
uno(-)           any (any/some); any- (any/some); some; some- 
uno-lo           somewhere 
uno-mode         somehow; someway 
uno-pe           somebody; anybody (somebody); anyone (someone); 
uno-ra           something; 
                   anything (=something, a thing, act or quality undefined or unspecified) 
ur(-)            original 
urani            heaven; sky 
urba-cefa        mayor 
urge             urge; emergency; press for; press (urge) 
ursu             bear (animal) 
uti              use; have at one's disposal ; employ; treatment; 
                   useful; using; utilize 


vaga             wander; ramble; roam; rove 
vagona           car; auto; automobile; carriage; vehicle; wagon 
vagona-do        garage 
vaku             empty; blank; vacancy; vacant; vacuous; vacuum 
vale             farewell; good-bye; goodbye; healthy; be healthy ; 
                   well (adj); be well 
vali             valley; vale 
valu             value; deserve; esteem; estimate; merit; 
                   reckon (estimate); worth; be worth 
valuta           money; cash; fee; fund 
valva            valve; tap (valve); faucet; leaf (of door) 
vani             vain; arrogant; empty (vain); 
                   futile (action without result); pointless; useless; 
                   in vain ; vanity; worthless 
vapo             steam; vapor; vapour; evaporate 
vari             vary; change; variance; variation; variety; various; 
(-)vasa (in compounds also -va)  container; jar; pot (vase); receptacle; 
                   tank; vase; vessel (container) 
-ve (short affix form of vesti)  clothe; clothing; dress; garment 
vegeta           vegetable 
veli             sail; vane (of windmill) 
vend a non-ami   betray 
vendo            sell; sale 
veni             come; arrival; arrive 
veni a           arrive at; come to; catch up with; overtake; reach 
venti            wind (air); ventilate 
verba            word 
verba-bibli      dictionary 
verba-lista      vocabulary; dictionary 
veri             true; truth; correct; genuine; indeed; sincere; truly 
verifi           check; check (verify); proof; verify; verify (check) 
vermi            worm; vermin 
versi            return; go back; back to begin; back to start; 
                   back (reverse); draw back; replace; restore; 
                   reversal; reverse; revert; turn; turn around; 
vespera          evening 
vespera-vora     supper 
vesti            clothe; clothing; dress; garment 
vesti-fa         suit (clothes); costume; kit (clothes) 
veto             forbid; prohibit; prohibition; veto 
vexa             worry; annoy; bother; disturb; molest; nettle (annoy); 
                   rile; vex 
vexa-ra          nuisance 
vi               you (plural); your (plural); yours (plural) 
via              way (road); path; road; street; track 
viagia           voyage; journey; travel; tour; trip (journey) 
viagia-pe        passenger; tourist 
vibra            vibrate; shake; swing; vibration 
vice             vice (in place of); instead; instead of; behalf; 
                   replace; substitute; your turn 
vide             see (look); look; view; vision 
vigi             awake; wake; alert; wake up; waken 
viki             village; -wick (village) 
viktimi          victim 
vikto            victory; win (victory); conquer; defeat; prevail; 
vini             wine 
viole            violate; violent; violence; assault; attack; rape 
violina          violin 
visita           visit 
vista            vista; view; visible; outlook; perspective; prospect; 
                   scene; scenery; seeing; seen (the); sight; spectacle; 
                   view (n) 
vitri            glass 
vive             live; alive; conscious; lively 
vive-ra          being (n); creature 
voci             shout; bark (dog); bawl; bellow; call; call (shout); 
                   exclaim; proclaim; roar; scream; screech; yell 
voka             voice; vocal 
vokali           vowel 
vola             fly (v); flight; make haste ; hurry; be quick ; 
volu             will; want; desire; be going to ; impulse; intend; 
                   need; require; voluntary; willing; willingness; 
volu akti        mean (intend to do) 
volu dice        mean (intend to say) 
volumi           volume (space); capacity; room; space; 
                   volume (amount) 
vora             eat; devour; meal 
vora mo          breakfast 
vora-do          restaurant 
voti             vote 
vulga            common; ordinary; vulgar 
vulne            wound; injure; injury; lesion 




xanto            yellow; blond; yolk 
xeno             foreign; strange; alien; bizarre; novel (strange); 
                   odd (unusual); queer; unusual 
xeno-pe          foreigner 




Zea              cob; maize 
zelo             zeal; zealous; enthusiastic; ardor; eager; enthusiasm; 
zero             zero; naught; nil; no; none; nothing; nought; null 
zigo             join (connection); connect; yoke 
zoa              animal; beast 
zoa-eko          den 
zona             zone; belt; ring (circular band); circumference; 
                   girdle; hoop 

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