Similar Synonyms in Glosa Vocabulary

Similar Synonyms

This is a list of similar Glosa words with same or similar meanings. Mostly they differ in the ending vowel. This state was not acceptable and cried for a solution.

So the list below was assembled and sent to Glosa author Wendy Ashby. Her answers and suggestions are printed in red.

The changes I made on the dictionary then follow in green. I tried hard to satisfy Wendy's ideas respectfully and to keep the spirit of Glosa. I tried to put all her suggestions into the Internet Dictionary: I marked the prefered words. Only they have been taken into the Core Dictionary, what is the prefereable vocabulary. And I marked the words to be avoided with an "X" and/or with short comments "... {=...}" or "... {prefer ...}" to guide the Dictionary user to the better words. Some of my changes below seem not to belong directly to the "Similar Synonym", but have been necessary, that all fits together.

After this work done, about 400 errors or inconsistencies are removed from the Glosa vocabulary and we have made a big step forward, I believe.

The list below is certainly not complete. Please tell me, when you find other errors, inconsistencies, strange things in the dictionary and write to [Cel's E-mail address as GIF-image]. Thanks in advance.

"Central-list" means the word list of the book "Central Glosa", p. 25-56.

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Marcel Springer


abandona and abandoni (abandon/ verlassen):
"abandona 1 abandon; desert {v}; leave alone"
"abandoni {=abandona} X abandon; desert {v}"

absorba and sorbe (suck in/ einsaugen):
"absorba suck in" added "{=sorbe} X" (Latin sorbEre and absorbEre,
  English absorbEnt, so it should not be absorbA, so prefer sorbE.).
"sorbe absorb; suck in".

acepta and cepti (accept):
cepti (1000), acepti not really necessary. Ron put extra words in for literary people for use in Mega Glosa (MG) - eg. a gives another letter to the word if poet wants to keep a certain rhythm. He also considered final vowel un-important - can be left off, eg. melan e leuko to shorten phrase or alter final vowel for required rhythm up to personal style. Thus gra (short 1000 Central) but also gramini Latin. grasti is a Greek alternative.
"acepta accept" added comment "{prefer cepti} X".
"acepti {prefer cepti} accept" item added.

adamanta 1G (diamond/ Diamant) and adamanti (very hard/ sehr hart):
"adamanta 1++G diamond; hard [very ]"
"adamanti {=adamanta} X diamond; hard [very ]"

adresa and adresi (address/ Adresse):  
"adresa 1+  address"
"adresi {=adresa} 1X  address"  

adusti and kausti and kombusti and ure and usti and usto 
  (to burn/brennen) and urens (burning/brennend), also: kauma (burning 
  heat/ brennende Hitze):  
  Adusti - I don't know this word.  Should it be busti?  As in 
  Final letter -i as in combustion and -tive endings.  
  piro Greek = fire/burn or busti = burn.  
"adusti  burn {v}; scorch" added "{=busti, prefer piro} X". 
"busti 1  ablaze; alight; burn" added "{prefer piro}". 
"kausti G  burn {v}" added comment "{=busti, prefer piro}" and "X". 
"kombusti  burn {v}" added comment "{=busti, prefer piro}" and "X". 
"ure  burn {v}" added comment "{=busti, prefer piro} X". 
"usti  burn {v}; combust" added comment "{=busti, prefer piro} X". 
"usto  burn {v}; combust" added comment "{=busti, prefer piro} X". 
"urens   burning; stinging" added comment "{prefer piro}". 
"kauma G  burning heat" added "{better: piro-termo}".  

administra and manea (manage/ managen):  
  administra (MG): 1000 can be manu, or duce (lead), kura (take care 
  of), ago (drive, lead).  Depends on concept, when asking for 
  translation of a word I usually ask (as Ron did) 'give me the 
  sentence, then I'll know which choice of word is best.  manu is 
  probably the most general, if no concept available. 
  manea is a handle, so is manu-ra.  You can also have manu-pe.  
"administra  administrate; manage" added "{prefer manu, duce, kura or ago}". 
"administra-pe  administrator" added "{prefer manu-pe}". 
"manu-pe 1++  administrator; manager" item added. 
"manu 1  hand; hand over; pass {hand over}; smack" added meanings 
  "handle {manage}; manage" (because manu should be similar to manea).
"manea  handle {manage}; manage" added "{prefer manu}". 

adveni and eveni (happen/ sich ereignen), also acide:  
  adveni and eveni are MG, acide = 1000.  
"adveni  happen" added "{prefer acide}". 
"eveni  event; happen" added "{prefer acide}". 

aegi and egi (goat/ Ziege), also kapri and hirkus:  
  Prefer kapri.  egi and aegi = MG, Greek synonyms for literature.  
"aegi G  goat" added "{=egi, prefer kapri} X". 
"egi G  goat" added "{prefer kapri}". 
"hirkus G  goat" added "{prefer kapri}". 
"kapra 1++  goat" becomes "kapra {=kapri} 1X  goat". 
"kapri  goat" gets "1++".  

aegroto and egroto (ill/ krank), also malada, pato:  
  aegroto is MG.  Sadly a lot of our reference etymology books are 
  packed away.  I have only tiny bedroom, so have no space.  One book 
  'Wie sagt's der Arzt' lists Latin and Greek international (German) 
  words.  Also Mackinson 'Fremdwörterlexikon' is useful.  Posi tu ski: 
  aegrotat - may be similar in Deutsch??
  (What do you think of ae oe diphtongs? egroto? or aegroto?  All 
  letters pronounced in Glosa.)
  pato = 1000 + general  
"aegroto  ill; sick" added "{=egroto, prefer pato} X". 
"egroto  ill; sick" added "{prefer pato}".  
aepio and epio (tall/ groß):  
(I take epio to avoid diphtong.) 
"aepio G  tall" added "{=epio, prefer alti} X" (a "Similar synonym", 
  prefered epio to avoid diphtong). 

aeroplana and aeroplano (aeroplane/ Flugzeug):  
"aeroplano  aeroplane; airplane" added "{=aeroplana} X".  

aestu and estu (heat/ Hitze), also termo, kalori, talpo,  
  termo = 1000, aestu = heat, fervour, passion  agitated for MG only, 
  kalori = second best synonym, aestu and talpo more learned MG, Greek.  
"aestu G  fervor; fervour; heat" added meaning "passion" and comment 
  "{=estu, prefer termo} X". 
"estu  fervor; fervour; heat" added "{prefer termo} G" and meaning 
"talpo G  heat; warmth" added "{prefer termo}". 
"kalori 1+  heat; hot" added "{prefer termo}". 

aetrio and etrio (bright/glänzend):  
  aetrio - cannot remember this one, will research.  
"aetrio G  bright" added "{=etrio} X".  

afaire and afera:  
"afaire {=afera, French} X  business" 
"afera {French} 1  business"  

age and ago (drive, lead/ fahren, führen):  
  ago = drive, ago-pe = driver is shorter than duce-pe. 
  duce = 1000 CG. ago = Latin.  
"age ++G  drive; lead" changed to "age {=ago, prefer duce} X  drive; lead" 
"ago {=age} 1X  drive; lead" changed to "ago {prefer duce} 1+ ...". 
"duce 1++  conduct; guidance; guide; lead" added meaning "drive".   

afekta, afekti, afektio, afektuoso (pretend/ vorstellen):  
"afekta {=afekti} X  affect; pretend"
"afekti 1+  affect; affection; fond of [be ]; loving; pretend" 
"afektio {=afekti} X  fond of [be ]" 
"afektuoso {=afekti} X  loving"  

agrosti and gra and gramini and grasti (grass/ Gras):  
  gra = 1000, gramini and grasti MG.  
"agrosti G  grass" added "{=grasti, prefer gra} X". 
"gra {=gramini} 1++  grass" changed to "gra 1++  grass".  Same as 
  "grasti", so added meaning "fodder". 
"gramini {=gra} 1+  grass" changed to "gramini {prefer gra}  grass". 
"grasti G  fodder; grass" added "{prefer gra}".  

akrobata and akrobati (acrobat/ Akrobat):  
"akrobata  acrobat" added "{=akrobati} X", while "akrobati 1+G  acrobat" 

akusti and audi (hear/ hören):  
  audi = 1000, akusti MG.  Ron liked auskulta and 
  askolta for the Italian sound, but these are not international 
  for me.  
"audi 1++  hark; hear; listen" changed to "hear; listen; hark". 
"akusti 1+G  hark; hear; listen" changed to "akusti {prefer audi} G 
  hear; listen; hark". 
"auskulta  listen" added "{Italian, take audi} X". 
"askolta  listen" added "{Italian, take audi} X". 

akuto 1 (sharp, sharpen, shrill) and arguto (shrill):  
  akuto is from Latin acutus or the verb acuo, arguto is from Latin 
  argutus or the verb arguo. 
"arguto  shrill" added "{prefer akuto}". 
alba and albi (white/ weiß):  
  alba = dawn MG (the sky brightens - becomes white). albi = white MG, 
  leuko = 1000.  
"alba 1++  dawn; white" made to two items:
  "alba  dawn" and 
  "alba {=albi, prefer leuko} 1X  white". 
"albi  white" added "{prefer leuko}". 
"leuko 1G  bleach; white" changed to "leuko 1++G  white; bleach".  

alelo and aleli (each other/ einander):  
(Already corrected: 
"aleli {=alelo} XG  each other" and 
"alelo 1++G       each other") 

alfa-beta and alfabeti (Alphabet):  
(Already corrected, but let hyphem: 
"alfa-beta ++G    alphabet" 
"alfabeti {=alfa-beta} 1XG  alphabet")  

alopecia and vulpes (fox/ Fuchs):  
  vulpes - fox is first choice, alopecia MG.  
"alopecia G  fox" added "{prefer vulpes}".  

alti (high/hoch, altitude/Höhe) and altitudi (altitude)  
"alti 1++  altitude; high; aloft; height; lofty; tall", 
"altitudi {take alti} X  altitude".  

amasa (amass/ an-, aufhäufen) and amaso (crowd; mass) and 
  masi 1 (heavy; mass; massive) misa (mass/ Messe):  
  misa = MG mass (religious), masi - lump, heap MG.  mega, poli or 
  kumu = mass, lump, pile 1000. 
  Correction (later letter): masi - lump, heap, mass, massive heavy.  
"misa  mass" changed to "misa  mass {religious}". 
"amasa  amass" changed to "amasa {=kumu, masi} X  amass"
"amaso  crowd; mass" changed to "amaso {=kumu, masi} X  crowd; mass" 
"masi 1++  heavy; mass; massive" added meanings "lump; heap", changed
  "++" to "+". 
"mega 1++G        abundant; big; great; hearty; large; lot {n}; 
  lot {many}; magnify; many; mass {many}; mega-; much; plenty" added
  meanings "lump; pile". 
"poli 1++G  abundant; lot {many}; many; mass {many}; numerous; poly-" 
  added meanings "lump; pile". 
"kumu 1++  accumulate; heap; hoard; pile" added meanings "crowd; mass; lump". 
[German translations: 
  amass - an-, aufhäufen 
  lump - Klumpen, Schwellung, Geschwulst, Knoten 
  heap - Haufen, häufen 
  mass - Masse, Mehrzahl, sich (an)sammeln, (an)häufen 
  pile - Stapel, Stoß, Haufen, häufen, stapeln, aufschichten 
  crowd - (Menschen)Menge, sich drängen, bevölkern]

ambi and amfi (both/ beide):  
  ambi = 1000, amfi MG (amphibious), could also use bi in 1000.  
"ambi {=pan, if two} 1+  both" changed to "ambi {alternative: pan or bi}
 1+  both". 
"amfi G  both" added comment "{prefer ambi, or pan, bi}" 
"bi 1++  two" added meaning "both".  

ami (friend, friendly/ Freund, freundlich) and amika (friendly/ 
  freundlich), also filemon:  
  ami = 1000, amika MG  
"amika  friendly" added comment "{prefer ami} X". 

amikto and mesto (frilled/ kraus). 

animala and animali (beast/ wildes Tier):  
  animala MG, zoa 1000  
"animala  animal; beast" added comment "{prefer zoa} X". 
"animali 1++  animal; beast" changed to ""animali {=animala, prefer 
  zoa} X  animal; beast"
"zoa 1++G  animal" added meaning "beast". 

ankira and ankora (anchor/ Anker):  
(ankora also "still; yet".  Items are: 
  "ankora {=ankira} 1XG  anchor"
  "ankira G  anchor")

ansera and Anseri 1 (goose):  
"ansera  goose" added comment "{=Anseri} X". 

antho and anto (flower/ Blume), also flori:  
  anto MG. antho- should have been in lower case in English column, 
  typing error. flori = 1000, flower.  
"antho  flower" item deleted. It is "anto". 
"anto 1+G  bloom; flower" changed to "anto {prefer flori} G  bloom; 

anunci and anuncia and nunci (announce/ bekanntmachen) 
(Note: there are also Glosa words denunci-denounce and
"anunci {=nunci} 1X  announce; publish", 
"anuncia {=nunci} 1X  announce",  
"nunci 1+  announce; publish".  

aparata and aparatu (Apparat):  
  aparata = MG, ru/instrumenta = 1000.  
"aparata  apparatus" added comment "{prefer ru/instrumenta} and meaning 
  "tackle {n}". 
"aparatu 1++  tackle {n}; apparatus" changed to 
  "aparatu {=aparatu, prefer ru/instrumenta} X  apparatus; tackle {n}". 
"instrumenta {=ru} 1++  implement; instrument; tool; utensil" 
  added meanings "apparatus; tackle {n}". 
"ru[{-}] {=instRUmenta} 1++  implement; instrument; tool; utensil" 
  added meanings "apparatus; tackle {n}". 

api and apis (bee/ Biene):  
(apis is in Central-list, so it should be prefered.  "apis 1++  
bee" remains.) 
"api 1  bee" added "{=apis} X". 
"Api soni 1  hum" added "{=apis soni} X". 
"apis soni 1*  hum" item added. 
"api-do 1  hive" added "{=apis-do} X". 
"apis-do 1  hive" item added.  

aplaude and plaude (applaud):  
  aplaude/plaude = MG applaud.  lauda = 1000  
"lauda 1++  approval; approve; pay tribute to; praise" added meaning 
"aplaude  applaud" added comment "{prefer lauda}". 
"plaude  applaud" added "{=aplaude, prefer lauda} X". 

arakna G and arakni 1G (spider/ Spinne)  
"arakna {=arakni} GX  spider", 
"arakni 1+G  spider".  

arca and arka (Bogen):  
  arca = arch/archway. arka = arc of circle, maths.  
"arka 1+  arc; ark; bow {n}" made to two items: "arka 1  ark" and 
  "arka 1+  arc {of circle, maths}; bow {n}" 
"arca 1++  arch" changed meaning to "arch {archway}; archway"
[German translations:
  arc     - Bogen 
  arch    - Bogen, Gewölbe, Triumphbogen, (sich) wölben, 
  archway - Triumphbogen 
  ark     - Arche 
  bow {n} - Verbeugung; Bug; Bogen, Bügel, Schleife, Knoten] 

aroga and aroganta (arrogant):  
  aroga = 1000  aroganta = MG  
"aroganta  arrogant" added "{=aroga} X" 

arde and ardi (burn/ brennen):  
"arde 1  burn {v}; burning" 
"ardi {=arde} 1X  burn {v}"  

argila and argili (clay/ Keramik):  
"argila 1  clay; mud"
"argili {=argila} 1X  clay; mud"  

arki and arko (official/ offiziell):  
"arki 1++G  authority; official {adj}; rule {authority}" 
"arko {=arki} 1GX  official {adj}"  

artikula and artri (joint/ Verbindungsstelle) and artikla (article):  
  artri = 1000  artikula = MG  
"artikula 1++  joint" changed to "artikula {=artri} 1X  joint". 
"artikula  speak clearly" added "+" and meaning "articulate". 
"artri 1+G  joint" changed "+" to "++". 

asila and asilu (safe place/ sicherer Ort):  
  asilu = 1000, also sekuri-lo, sekuri-do  safe place  
"asila {=asilu} 1XG  asylum; harbor; haven; refuge; safe place; shelter"
  added meaning "harbour". 
"asilu 1++G  asylum; harbor; haven; refuge; safe place; shelter" 
  added meaning "harbour". 
"sekuri-lo 1+  asylum; refuge; safe place; shelter" item added. 
"sekuri-do 1+  shelter" item added. 

asini and asinu and asinus (ass/ Esel):  
  asinus = ass. MG.  Delete asini 1000  
"asini {=asinus} 1X  ass {animal}; donkey". 
"asinu {=asinus} 1X  ass; donkey" removed "1". 
"asinus 1++  ass; donkey" removed "1". 

aska and aski and asko (bag/ Tasche):  
"aska 1G  bag; purse; sack" 
"aski {=aska} X  bag"
"asko {=aska} 1GX  bag; purse; sack".  

aspekti and aspekto (aspect/ Aspekt):  
  aspekto MG  
"aspekti 1+  aspect" changed to "aspekti {=aspekto} X  aspect". 
"aspekto  aspect" added "+". 

astringe and konstrikti (draw together/ zusammenziehen), also sistelo 
and striktu (drawn toghether):  
  astringe, konstrikti MG  
(Nothing done.) 

atenda 1 and atende 1 (await/ erwarten):  
(Nothing done. Items remain: 
"atenda {=atende} 1X  await; delay; wait; waiting"
"atende 1++       await; delay; wait; waiting") 

atitude 1 and atitudi 1 (mood/ Stimmung):  
"atitude 1+  attitude; character {nature}; disposition; mood; nature
  {characteristics}; temper; temperament". 
"atitudi {=atitude} 1X  attitude; character {nature}; disposition;
  mood; nature {characteristics}; temper; temperament".  

atria and atrio and atriu (court, hall/ Hof, Halle):  
  Wendy Ashby, letter 00-09-22: atriu prefered!, then later she wrote: 
  atri (perhaps u best left out).  
"atri 1++  court; hall" item added. 
"atrio {=atriu} 1X  court; hall" changed to "atrio {=atrio} 1X  court; hall". 
"atriu 1++  court; hall" changed to "atriu {=atri} 1X  court; hall". 

audaci and audacio (dare/ wagen): 
"aucaci 1++  dare; daring; venture" and 
"audacio {=audaci} X  daring". 

Augusta 1 and augusto (August):  
"Augusta 1  August" added "{prefer meno okto}". 
"augusto {=Augusta} X  August" changed comment to "{=Augusta, prefer
  meno okto}". 

auskulta and askolta (listen/ hören), also audi, 
  akusti (hear/ hören), 
  note: auri, oti (ear/ Ohr):  
  audi = 1000   akusti MG.  Ron liked auskulta + askolta for the 
  Italian sound, but they are not internatial for me. 
"audi 1++  hark; hear; listen" changed to "hear; listen; hark". 
"akusti 1+G  hark; hear; listen" changed to "akusti {prefer audi} G 
  hear; listen; hark". 
"auskulta  listen" added "{Italian, take audi} X". 
"askolta  listen" added "{Italian, take audi} X". 

austeri and stride (harsh/ rau, streng, grell, schroff):  
  austeri + stride MG.  asperi + severi = 1000.  
(Nothing done. Items remain:
asperi 1+   harsh; rough 
austeri +   austere; harsh 
severi 1++  severe; stern; strict 
stride      harsh; shrill; cry {shrill}) 

austra and austro (south/ Süden):  
"austra 1G  south; southern", 
"austro {=austra} 1GX  south".  

auxi and auximo (help, grow):  
"auxi  grow" item deleted. 
"auxi 1++  aid; assist; help; helpful" added meaning "grow {something}" 
  [cf. Latin augeo].
"auximo  help; grow" added "{=auxi} X", changed "grow" to "grow 
"auxi-demo 1G  ally" changed meaning to "ally {state}". 
"auxi-pe 1  ally" changed meaning to "ally {person}". 
"asocia 1++  associate; ally; association; partner" changed meaning 
  "ally" to "ally {state}; ally {person}; ally {v}". 


balne and balno (bath/ baden):  
(balne is not in GID, so nothing done.)

banka and benca (Bank):  
  banka = bank (money), benca = bank, bench, long seat MG 
"banka 1++  bank; bank {money}" changed to "banka 1++  bank {money}". 
"benca 1  bench" changed to "benca 1++  bench; bank {long seat}; seat [long ]" 

bapti (baptize, dip/ taufen, eintauchen)/ baptiza (baptize/ taufen):  
"baptiza G  baptize" added "{=bapti} X", because bapti is in book 
  Central Glosa, p. 27.  

bari and bario (heavy/ schwer):  
"bario G  heavy" added "{=bari} X".  

basta (enough! stop!/ genug!, stop! (=basta?)) and 
  bastante (enough/ genug), also sati:  
  sati (1000) enough. Also basta + bastante MG.  
"basta  enough!; stop!" changed to "basta {prefer sati}  enough; 
  stop! {enough!}".
"bastante  enough" changed to "bastante {=basta, prefer sati} X  enough; 
  stop! {enough!}". 

bata and bate (schlagen):  
  bata MG a bat (bat + ball)  
"bata 1  bat" changed to "bata  bat {n, bat and ball}". 
"bate 1++  batter; beat; beating; hit; knock; smite; strike {hit}; 
  thrash {beat}" added meaning "bat".  

bati and bato (deep/ tief):  
  bato 1000 deep, batho-; bati = MG walk  
"bati 1+G  walking" changed to "bati +G  walk; walking".  

bek 1 (beak/ Schnabel) and beka 1 (peck/ picken) and 
  beko 1 (spout/ Schnabel):  
  beka = beak, peck  
"bek 1++  beak; peck; spout" changed "1++" to "{=beka} X"
"beka {=bek} 1  beak; peck; spout" changed "{=bek} 1" to "1++". 
"beko {=bek} 1  beak; peck; spout" changed "{=bek} 1" to "{=beka} X". 

ben veni and ben-venite (willkommen):  
  bene-veni = 1000 welcome, ben/bene-venite MG welcome  
"ben-veni 1++  welcome" changed to "bene-veni". 
"ben-venite  welcome" added "{=bene-veni} X". 

betona and betoni (concrete/ konkret):  
  betona concrete  
"betona  concrete" added "1++". 
"betoni 1++  concrete" changed "1++" to "{=betona} X". 

bicikla and biciklo (bicycle/ Fahrrad):  
  (see ciklo)  
"bicikla  bicycle" added "{=biciklo} X".
"biciklo ++  bicycle" remains. 

blada and blado (Blatt, Klinge):  
  blada blade  
(blado not in GID, so nothing done.) 

blanci and blanka (white/ weiß):  
"blanci {=blanka, prefer leuko} 1X  bleach; whiten", 
"blanka 1  white".  

bola (Ball, Kugel) and bolu and boleta (Kugel, Geschoss) and
  boli in besboli (Baseball) and buleta (Kugel, Geschoss):  
  bola = ball   pedi-bola   boli 
besbola already with -a. 
"boleta  bullet" added "{=buleta} X". 
"pedi bola 1++  football" changed to "pedi-bola". 
"bolu {=bola} 1GX  ball". 

bota and botina (boot/ Stiefel):  
  bota + botina MG boot, bootie  
botina (boot) can be mixed up with butina (booty, cf. French butin), 
and bota is shorter, so I decided for bota. 
"bota  boot" added "++" and meaning "bootee"
"botina 1++  boot" changed "1++" to "{=bota} X" and added meaning

bronki and bronko (wind-pipe):  
  bronko - wind-pipe, broncho-  
"bronki G  wind-pipe" added "{=bronko} X". 

bruta 1 (brute) and bruti 1 (bully; gruff):  
"bruti {=bruta} 1  brute; bully; gruff; rough; stupid" changed "1" to

buletin and buletina (bulletin/ Tagesbericht, Bekanntmachungsblatt):  
(IMO a bad ending vowel: French and English "bulletin", German
"Bulletin", all without -a !!!) 
"buletin +  bulletin" changed "+" to "{=buletina} X". 
"buletina {=buletin} 1  bulletin" changed "{=buletin} 1" to "1+". 

buna and buno (hill/ Berg, Hügel):  
"buna {=buno} 1XG  hill; mound" removed "1". 
"buno ++G  hill; mound" added "1". 

burgesa and burgeso (bourgeois/ Bourgeois):  
"burgesa {=burgeso} X  bourgeois" and 
"burgeso 1+  bourgeois; citizen".  

bus and busa (bus/ Bus):  
"bus 1++   bus; omnibus" and 
"busa {=bus} 1X   bus".  

butiri and butiro (butter/ Butter):  
"butiro {=butiri} G  butter" added "X". 


carta (map/ Landkarte) and karta 1 and karda (card),  
  carta (map, chart).  karta a card, posta-karta 
"karda  card" added "{=karta} X". 
"posta-karta 1+  post card; card [post ]; postal card" item added. 

cecilo and ceko (blind/ blind),  
"cecilo {=ceko, prefer no-vide} X  blind", 
"ceko 1  blind; choked up".  

cef and cefa (chief/ Chef),  
(There are two more items with -a: cefa servi-pe - butler, 
cefa vora - dinner, so cefa should be prefered.) 
"cef {=cefa} 1++  chief; main; major; master; principal" changed "++" 
  to "X". 
"cefa {=cef} 1  chief; main; major; master; principal" removed 
  "{=cef}", added "++".  

cek and ceka (Scheck),  
  ceka = cheque (bank)  
(IMO a bad ending vowel: French, English and German without -a !!!)
"cek ++  cheque" changed "++" to "{=ceka} X". 
"ceka {=cek} 1  cheque" changed "{=cek} 1" to "1++". 

cerami and kerami (ceramic, clay, earthenware/ Keramik),  
"cerami  ceramic; clay; earthenware" added "{=kerami} X". 

cere and cereali (cereal/ Getreide),  
"cere {=cereali} 1X  cereal" and  
"cereali 1+  cereal; cereals; corn {cereal}". 

cerne and discerni (discern/ unterscheiden, erkennen),  
  discerni MG discern. 
"cerne +  discern; sift" changed to "cerne {=discerni} X  discern; sift
"discerni  discern" added "+" and meaning "sift {discern}". 

cera and cero and ceru (wax/ Wachs),  
"cera {=ceru} X  beeswax", 
"cero {=ceru} 1X  wax; beeswax", 
"ceru 1++  wax; beeswax".  

certifi and certifika (certificate/ Zertifikat),  
"certifi 1+  certificate; certify", 
"certifika {=certifi} 1X  certificate; certify".  

cerule and cerulea (sky blue/ himmelblau),  
"cerule 1  sky blue; blue [sky ]; blue; celestial; heavenly", 
"cerulea {=cerule} 1X  blue; heavenly; celestial".  

ciano and kiano (blue/blau),  
  ciano -blue 
"ciano 1++G  blue; cyan" changed "cyan" to "cyanic {blue}". 
"kiano G  blue" added "{=ciano} X". 

cigareti and cigareta (cigarette/ Zigarette),  
"cigareti  cigarette" added "{=cigareta} X". 

cigni 1G and kigno (swan/ Schwan),  
  cigni - swan.  Also kigno = Greek MG. 
"cigni {=kigno} 1XG  cygnet; swan" changed "{=kigno} 1XG" to "1+". 
"kigno +G  cygnet; swan" added "{prefer cigni}". 

cikatri and cikatrika (scar/ Narbe),  
  cikatri = scar MG.  
"cikatri 1+  scar" removed "1". 
"cikatrika  scar" added "{=cikatri} X".

cikla and ciklo (wheel/ Rad),  
  ciklo = circle 1000.  Also MG. cirkula 
"cirkula {=ciklo} 1+  circle; circular" changed "{=ciklo} 1+" to
  "{prefer ciklo}". 

cikoni and Cikonia (stork/ Storch),  
  Cikonia = stork (bird)  
"cikoni  stork" added "{=Cikonia} X". 

cilindri and (cylinder/ Zylinder),   
"cilindri {=kilindra} 1X  cylinder", 
"kilindra 1+G  cylinder" 

cinema and kinema (Kino),  
  kinema = cinema  
"cinema  cinema; motion picture theater; movie theater" added 
  "{=kinema} X". 

cinqe and qinqa (five/ fünf), also pen, penta,  
  penta = 5  1000.  Also qinqa, cinqe MG.  
"cinqe  five" added "{=penta} X".
"qinqa  five" added "{=penta} X". 

ciri and ciru (curl/ kräuseln),  
  ciru = curl.  
"ciri  curl" added "{=ciru} X". 

cirka and cirku (about/ etwa),  
"cirka 1++  about; about {location}; around", 
"cirku {=cirka} 1X  around".  

cirkula and cirkulatio (Verkehr),  
  cirkulati = traffic  
"cirkulatio 1++  traffic" changed "1++" to "{=cirkulati} X".
"cirkulati 1++  traffic" item added. 
"movimento 1  traffic" changed "1" to "{prefer cirkulati}". 

cirku-sta and cirkumsta (circumstance/ Umstand),  
"cirku-sta {=cirkumsta} 1X  circumstance" and 
"cirkumsta 1+  circumstance" (because cirku is not Glosa 1000).  

citro and citru (citrus/ Zitrusfrucht),  
"citru  citrus" added "{=citro} X" and meaning "lemon" (citro is 
  prefereable because it is in "English 5000 to Glosa 1000"-list). 

cokolat and cokolata (Schokolade),  
"cokolat  chocolate" added "{=cokolata} X". 

conversa and konversa (conversate/ sich unterhalten),  
"conversa {=konversa} 1X  converse; talk" and 
"konversa 1++  conversation; converse". 


dakti and didakti (teach/ lehren),  
"dakti {=didakti} 1GX  teach" (Central list), 
"didakti 1G  teach; education; instruction; teaching".  

damna and damni (hurt/ schaden),  
"damna {prefer noku}  damage; harm; hurt; injure", 
"damni {=damna, prefer noku} 1X  hurt; injure".  

data (Daten, Tatsache, Nachricht) and datu (Datum),  
  data = data;  datu = the date (15 Juni)
  daktila = date (fruit)  
"data  data" added "+". 
"datu 1++  date" changed to ".. date {day}". 
"tem-di  date" changed to ".. date {day}". 
"daktila  date {fruit}" item added.  

debate and debati (debate/ debattieren),  
"debate 1+  debate; discuss", 
"debati {=debate} 1X  debate; discus".  

decenti and deko (decent/ anständig),  
  decenti = decent MG 
  deko (1000) = appropriate, seemly, fitting 
    (e.g.) deko-teknologi  
"deko 1++  appropriate; apt; decent; proper; seemly" removed meaning 
  "decent", added meaning "fitting {adj}". 
"gru 1++  adapt; convenient; fit; fitting; proper; property; relevant; 
  suit {v}; suitable" added meaning "fitting {adj}". 
[German translations: 
  decent -      anständig 
  appropriate - passend, geeignet 
  seemly -      geziemend, schicklich 
  fitting -     passend, geeignet, angemessen, schicklich 
  apt -         geeignet, passend, treffend, begabt, geschickt 
  proper -      richtig, anständig, ordentlich, gehörig]
defekti (defect; fault; flaw/ Fehler) and defici (lack/ Fehlen, Mangel, 
  defekti, defici = defect, deficinacy  
"defekti 1++  defect; fault; deficiency; flaw; lack; lacking [be ]; 
  missing [be ]", 
"defici {= defekti} X  lack; deficiency".  

deiko and deikto (show/ zeigen),  
"deiko 1G  indicate; show {v}; signal {v}", 
"deikto {=deiko} 1GX  indicate; show {v}".  

delega and delegati (delegate/ delegieren),  
"delega {=delegati} X  delegate", 
"delegati 1+  delegate".  

delici [PGN 37, p. 3] and delicio (delicious/ vorzüglich),  
(delici not in GID, so nothing done.) 

delika and delikate and delikati and delikato (delikat),  
"delika {=delikate} 1X  delicate". 
"delikate {=delikato} 1  dainty; delicate" changed "{=delikato} 1" to
"delikati {=delikato} 1  dainty; delicate" changed "{=delikato} 1" to
  "{=delikate} X".
"delikato ++  dainty; delicate" changed "++" to "{=delikate} X". 

deluvi 1 (deluge) and diluvi 1 (flood) and diluvia (flood),  
  diluvi = flood, deluge.  
"deluvi {=diluvi} 1X  deluge; flood" removed "1". 

demanda and demande (demand/ fordern),  
"demanda 1++  ask for; charge; demand; order {demand}". 
"demande {=demanda} 1X  demand".  

demi and hemi and semi (half/ halb (French, Greek, Latin)),  
  semi 1st choice also hemi, demi MG  
"demi  half" added "{=semi} X". 
"hemi {=semi} 1G  half" added "X". 
"hemi- 1G  semi-" item deleted. 

describe and deskribe (describe/ beschreiben),  
"describe {=deskribe} 1X  describe", 
"deskribe 1++  describe; description".  

diabola and diaboli and diabolo (Teufel),  
  diaboli = devil  
"diabolo G  devil" added "{=diaboli}" and "X". 
"diabola {=diaboli} 1X  devil". 

diala and diali (dial/ Zifferblatt),  
"diala {=diali} 1X  dial", 
"diali 1+  dial; face {of watch}; indicator; pointer".  

dialekta G and dialekti 1+G (dialect/ Dialekt),  
  dialekta = dialect  
"dialekta G  dialect" added "1+". 
"dialekti 1+G  dialect" changed "1+G" to "{=dialekta} GX". 

difere (differ; difference/ unterscheiden, Unterschied, 
  verschieden) and diferentia (Unterschied),  
  hetero = 1000, difere MG  
"difere 1++  differ; difference" added meaning "different". 
"diferentia  difference" added "{take difere} X". 

digi (Finger) and digita (Finger, Zeh) (shortform)  
  digi = 1000   digita MG.  
"digi {=digita} 1++  finger; toe" removed "{=digita}". 
"digita {=digi} 1++  finger; toe" removed "1++". 

diminu and minu (diminish/ vermindern)  
"diminu {prefer minu}  diminish; decrease; lessen", 
"minu 1  diminish; minor; decrease; junior; less; lessen; reduce" (from 

dina (power../zwingen, stark, Gewalt, Kraft) and 
  dinami (powerful/mächtig) and dinamo (power../Macht)(shortform),  
  dina = 1000   dinamo MG.  
"dinami ++G  powerful" changed "++G" to "{=dina} GX". 
"dina 1++G  compel; force; might {power}; oblige; power" added meaning
"dinamo {=dina} 1XG  compel; force; might {power}; oblige; power"
  changed "{=dina} 1XG" to "{prefer dina} G" and added meaning
"dina  dine" added "{take meso-di vora} X". 
"meso-di vora 1*  dine" item added. 

diplo and dupli (double/ doppelt),  
  bi = 1000   diplo + dupli MG  
"bi 1++  two; both" added meaning "double". 
"dupli  double" added "{=diplo, or take bi} X". 

direkti and dirigi (direct/ direkt),
"direkti 1++ direct; direction; guide".
"dirigi {=direkti} X direct; guide".

disci and diski (learn/ lernen),
"disci 1 learn; study",
"diski {=disci, prefer gene sko} 1 learn; study".

disipa and sipa (waste/ verschwenden),
"disipa 1++ waste {use without good purpose}; squander",
"sipa {=disipa} 1X waste {use without good purpose}".

diskursi (Diskussion) and diskurso (Rede, reden),  
  diskursi  a talk, discussion  
(diskurso not in GID, so nothing done.) 

diskusi and diskusio (discussion/ Diskussion),  
"diskusi 1++   conference; discussion; discuss; talk". 
"diskusio {=diskusi} 1X  discussion".   

disloka and luxa (dislocate/ verrücken),  
  1st choice disloka dislocate, also luxa (Latin luxatura dislocation)  
"luxa  dislocate" added "{=disloka} X". 

disperge and dispersa (scatter/ zerstreuen),  
  spora, difusi = spread, scatter 1000. 
  Also disperge + dispersa MG.  
"spora 1+  scatter; seed; spore" added meaning "spread". 
"disperge  scatter" added "{=dispersa, prefer difusi} X".
"dispersa 1+  scatter" changed "1+" to "{prefer difusi or spora}". 

disposi and dispositi (dispose/ disponnieren),  
"disposi 1  dispose; arrange; adjust", 
"dispositi {=disposi} X  dispose".   

distribu and tribu (distribute/ verteilen, austeilen, verbreiten),  
  distribu = distribute; tribu = a tribe  
"triba  distribute; tribe" added "{=tribu} X", removed meaning
"tribu 1++  distribute; tribe" removed meaning "distribute". 

disturba and turba (disturb/ stören), also tarako,  
  turba = 1000 trouble, disturb;   disturba MG  
"disturba  disturb" added "{=turba} X". 

doci (lehren) and doktrina (Lehre),  
  doci = 1000 to teach, doktrina MG.  
"doktrina ++  teaching" added meaning "doctrine", changed "++" to
  "{prefer doci}". 

dolo (Schmerz) and dolora (Kummer, Gram),  
  algo = pain 1000,  dolo dolora MG  
"dolo 1++G  ache; pain" changed "1++G" to "{prefer algo}". 
"dolora  grief" added "{prefer algo}". 
"algo 1++G  algia[-]; pain; painful; sore" added meanings "ache; grief".
[German translations: 
  ache -  schmerzen, wehtun; (anhaltender) Schmerz 
  grief - Kummer 
  pain -  Schmerz, Schmerzen 
  sore -  entzündet, wund]

doma and domi (house/ Haus),
"doma {=domi} 1X home; house" (only in "Français - Glosa 1000".

dora and doro (gift/ Geschenk),
"dora {=doro} GX gift",
"doro 1++G gift; present; present {gift}".

drakini and drako (dragon/ Drachen),  
  drako = MG dragon  
"drakini G  dragon" added "{=drako}" and "X". 

droso and rosi (dew/ Tau),  
  droso = MG. dew, also rosi 2nd choice  
"droso 1+G  dew" removed "1". 
"rosi  dew" added "{prefer droso}". 

dubita and dubito (doubt/ zweifeln),  
  dubi = 1000 doubt.  dubito MG.  
"dubi 1++  doubt" item added. 
"dubita 1++  doubt" changed "1++" to "{=dubito, prefer dubi} X". 
"dubito {=dubita} 1X  doubt" changed "{=dubita} 1X" to "{prefer dubi}".

duca and dusca 1 (shower/ Dusche, duschen),  
"duca {French, =dusca} X  shower {bath}" item added (from "18 Steps to Fluency", 
  picture p. 29) 
"dusca {French} 1++  shower {bath}" item added (from "Deutsch-Glosa 1000"). 
"imbri +  shower of rain" changed meaning to "shower {rain}", removed
"pluvi 1++  rain; shower" changed "shower" to "shower {rain}". 

durante and duranto (during, while/ während),  
  tem = 1000 during, while   duranto MG  
"durante ++  during; for {during}; in {during}; while" changed "++" to 
  "{=duranto, prefer tem} X". 
"duranto {=durante} 1  during; for {during}; in {during}; while" changed
  "{=durante} 1" to "{prefer tem}". 
"horo 1++G  hour; o'clock; time" changed "time" to "time {(clock)
  time}", removed "G" because of Latin hora. 
"hora  o'clock" added "{=horo} X" and meanings "hour; time {(clock)
"kron 1++G  chron-; instant; moment; occasion; time; when" changed
  "time" to "time {instant}".
"tem 1++  as {while}; during; for {during}; in {during}; period; 
  season; time; while" changed "time" to "time {period}". 


ebria and ebrio (drunk/ betrunken),  
"ebria 1  drunk; drunkard", 
"ebrio {=ebria} 1X  drunk; drunkard".  

edafi and edafo (soil/ Boden),  
  edafo MG edaphology  
"edafi G  soil" added "{=edafo} X". 

edi and edo (eat/ essen),  
"edi {=edo} X  eat", 
"edo 1  eat; dine; devour".  

ego and mi (I/ ich),  
  mi = me, my 1000   ego I, Ego MG.  
"ego  I" added "{prefer mi}". 

eleganta 1 (trim {adj}) and eleganti 1 (elegant),  
"eleganta {=eleganti} 1X  elegant; trim {adj}" removed "1". 

elekti and selekti (choice/ Auswahl, auswählen),  
  elekti = 1000 chose, select, vote.  selekti MG.  
"selekti  choice; choose; pick; select; selection" added "{prefer
  elekti}", changed "pick" to "pick {chose}". 

endo and eso (inside/ innen), also intra,  
  intra = 1000 inside.  endo + eso MG.  
"endo G  inside" added "{prefer intra}". 
"eso G  inside" added "{prefer intra}". 

enea G and nona 1 (nine/ neun),  
"enea G  nine" added "{prefer nona}". 

enigma and inigma (enigma/ Rätsel),  
"enigma 1++G  enigma; puzzle; riddle; problem", 
"inigma {=enigma} 1GX  problem".  

enkefa and enkefali (brain/ Gehirn),  
  enkefa = brain  
"enkefali G  brain" added "{=enkefa, prefer cerebra}" and "X". 
"enkefa 1+G  brain" added "{prefer cerebra}". 

enkontra and inkontra (meet), also unio,  
  ko, unio = 1000 to meet.  Inkontra MG.  
"enkontra 1++  meet; meeting" changed meanings to "meet {by chance};
  meeting {by chance}" (see book "18 Steps to Fluency", p. 34). 
  Changed "1++" to "{=inkontra} X", although it is in the 1000-list of
  the book "18 Steps to Fluency". 
"inkontra  meet" changed meaning to "meet {by chance}". Added meaning
  "meeting {by chance}". Added "++", although "enkontra" is in the 
  1000-list of the book "18 Steps to Fluency". 
"ko {=kon} 1++  together with; with" added meaning "meet {by
"kon {=ko} 1++  together with; with" added meaning "meet {by
"unio 1++  assemblage; assembly; meet; rendezvous; union; unite" changed
  "meet" to "meet {by appointment}" (see book "18 Steps to Fluency", 
  p. 34). Added meaning "meeting {by appointment}". 

episkopa 1G (bishop) and episkopi G (overseer),  
"episkopa 1G  bishop; overseer" added "+", because it has a "1". 
"episkopi +G  bishop; overseer" changed "+G" into "{=episkopa} GX", 
  because "episkopa" has an "1". 

eqilibra and eqilibri and eqilibrio and libra (balance/ Balance),  
  libra = 1000   equilibri MG.  
(Error of Wendy, must be eqilibri.)
"eqilibra {=libra} 1  balance" changed "{=libra} 1" to "{=eqilibri,
  prefer libra} X".
"eqilibri {=libra} 1  balance" changed "{=libra} 1" to "{prefer libra}".
"eqilibrio  balance" added "{=eqilibri, prefer libra} X". 
"libra 1++  balance {n}" removed "{n}". 

Erinaca and Erinaceus (hedgehog/ Igel),  
"Erinaca 1        hedgehog", 
"Erinaceus {=Erinaca} X  hedgehog" (book "18 Steps", p. 13).  

evanesce and vanesce and vaneske (vanish/ verschwinden),  
(vanesce prefered, because it is in the English-5000-to-Glosa-1000-
list.  "vanesce 1+  vanish" and "vaneske {=vanesce} X  vanish" remain.) 
"evanesce  vanish" added "{=vanesce} X".  

excita and excite (excite/aufregen),  
  excite - excite 
"excita ++  excite; exciting; thrill" changed "++" to "{=excite} X". 
"excita viagia 1*++  adventure" item removed. 
"excite {=excita} 1X  excite; exciting; thrill" changed "{=excita} 1X"
  to "1++". 
"excite viagia {=excita viagia} 1X  adventure" changed "{=excita viagia}
  1X" to "1++". 

exclude and exklude (exclude/ ausschließen),  
  exklude  (exclude possibly remains from when Glosa was not phonetik.) 
(exclude not in the GID already, so nothing done.)  

expo and expositi (display/ausstellen, Ausstellung),  
  expositi display, ausstellen, can be cut down to Expo as in English 
  and other language Fair names.  
"expositi  display" added "{or short form expo}" and meanings "exhibit;
  exposition; fair {exposition}". 
"expo {=expositi}  display; exhibit; exposition; fair {exposition}" 
  item added. 
"justi 1++  equitable; fair; fair {equitable}; fair {just}; just; just 
  {equitable}; just {fair}; right {just}" removed meaning "fair". 


face (make/ machen) and -faci (making/ machend) and fik,  
"face 1++  make; build; commit; construct; execute; forge {v};
  making; manufacture; produce {make}", 
"faci[-] {=face} X  making", 
"fik {=face} 1X  make".  

falko and falkona (hawk/ Falke),  
  falko = falcon, hawk MG  
"falko  falcon; hawk" added "+". 
"falkona 1+  falcon; hawk" changed "1+" to "{=falko} X". 

falsa and falsi (false /(deceive)),  
  falsi = MG  
(Certainly error of Wendy, falsi is in many 1000-lists.) 
"falsa  false" added "{=falsi} X". 

fam and fami (hungry/ hungrig),  
"fam {=fami} 1X  hunger". 
"fami 1++  hunger; hungry".  

famili and familia (Familie),  
  famili = 1000 family  
(familia is not in the GID, so nothing done.
But what to do with familiari ???)

fa and fasci and fascia and faski and faskia (set, group/ Satz, Gruppe),  
  fa = 1000 set, group, bundle.  fascia MG  
(faski is in most 1000-lists, so it should be kept. 
fasci is only in "English 5000 to Glosa 1000", probably an error. 
If we have fa and faski, the others do not give something new and 
valuable enough, that they should be kept.)
"fa [u ] {=faski, -fa} 1++  bunch; bundle; cluster; group; set; sheaf" 
  changed "[u ]" to "[{-}]", "set" to "set {n}". 
"fa[-] 1  bunch; bundle; cluster; group; set; sheaf" item removed. 
"fasci {=faski} 1X  band {group}; bunch; bundle; cluster; group; set;
  sheaf" removed "1", changed "set" to "set {n}". 
"fascia {=faski} X  band {group}; bunch; bundle; cluster; group; set;
  sheaf" changed "set" to "set {n}". 
"faski {=fa, -fa} 1++  band {group}; bunch; bundle; cluster; group; set;
  sheaf" changed "set" to "set {n}". 
"faskia {=faski} X  band {group}; bunch; bundle; cluster; group; set;
  sheaf" changed "set" to "set {n}". 

fascina and faskina (fascinate/ faszinieren),  
  fascina = fascinate.  faskina (MG) hard "C" sound has been used in 
  poetry to offer alternative sound.  
"faskina 1  fascinate; tempt" changed "1" to "{prefer fascina}". 

favo and favori (favor/favorable, günstig),  
  favo = 1000.  favori MG  
"favo 1++  favor; favour; partial; privilege" added meanings 
  "favorable; favourable", changed "partial" to "partial {favoring}". 
"favori +  favorable; favourable; favor; favour" changed "+" to "{prefer
"mero 1++G  bit; department; district; fragment; instalment; morsel; 
  part; part {n}; partial; partly; piece; portion; section; share" 
  changed "partial" to "partial {partly}". 
"ne holo 1  partial" changed "partial" to "partial {partly}; partly". 
"parta  part; partial" changed "partial" to "partial {partly}; partly". 

"feci" and "feki" (faeces/ Kot),  
"feci 1  faeces; feces; excrement", 
"feki {=feci} 1X  faeces; feces; excrement" 
(feci prefered, because it is in the Central list).  

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

feli and felis (cat/ Katze),  
  feli cat  
"felis  cat; feline" added "{=feli} X". 

fero and foro G (carry/ tragen),  
  fero = 1000 to carry 
  foro  sema-phore  carry 6000 
"foro G  carry" added "{=fero} X". 

festa and festi (festival/ Festival),  
"festa 1++  feast; festival; festive; festivity; fete; holiday;
"festi {=festa} 1X  festival".  

fide and fidera (entrust/ vertrauen),   
"fide 1++  confide; confidence; confident; entrust; faith; fidelity; 
  loyal; loyalty; trust {confide}", 
"fidera {take fide} X  entrust".  

fibri and fibro (fiber/Faser),  
(fibro not in GID, so nothing done.)

fili and filia (filia in compound fe-filia),  
"fe-fili 1++  daughter", 
"fe-filia {=fe-fili} 1X  daughter".  

filosofi 1G and filosofo G (philosophy/ Philosophie),  
  filosofi  MegaGlosa  
"filosofi 1+G  philosophy" removed "1". 
"filosofo G  philosophy" added "{=filosofi} X". 

fimbri and fimbria (fringe/ Franse),  
"fimbri 1  fringe; border", 
"fimbria {=fimbri} X  fringe".  

fisa and fisalo (bubble/ Blase),  
(Greek φυσαλ'ις - bubble, φυσ~αν - to blow.) 
"fisa {=fisalo} G  bubble" removed "{=fisalo}". 
"fisalo {=fisa} G  bubble" changed "{=fisa}" to "{=fisa, prefer buli}", 
  added "X".  

fisio and fizio (physical/ körperlich),  
"fisio 1+G  condition {especially physical}; physical; physio; nature;
  state {condition}". 
"fizio {=fisio} 1GX  nature; physical" (obviously typing error in book
  "Español-Glosa 1000").  

fixa and pexi (fix/ befestigen),  
  fixa 1000, pexi = 6000  
"fixa 1++  clasp; fix; record {v}; splint" added meaning "solidify". 
"pexi +G  fix; solidify" changed "+G" into "{prefer fixa} G". 

fla and sufla (blow/blasen),  
  fla 1000.  sufla = 6000  
"sufla  blow" added "{=fla} X". 

flama and flami (in flami-fero - match) (flame/ Flamme)  
(Latin flama, ae f.  flami-fero already changed.)

fluvi and fluvia (river/ Fluss),  
"fluvia 1  river" changed "1" into "{=fluvi} X". 

flu and fluktu and flux (flow/ fließen), 
deflu (flow down/ herabfließen), 
konflu (flow together/ zusammenfließen),  
  flu 1000   fluktu + Flux = 6000 
  ab flu = 1000   deflu = 6000 
  konflu = 6000   ko flu = 1000  
(In my opinion it must be "ab-flu" or "flu ab" instead of "ab flu", 
same with "konflu".)
"flu 1++  current; flow; fluent; fluid" added meaning "flood".
"fluktu  flood; flow" added "{prefer flu}". 
"flux  current; flow" added "{prefer flu}". 
"ab-flu {or "flu ab"} 1+  flow down" item added. 
"deflu +  flow down" changed "+" into "{prefer ab-flu}". 
"ko-flu {or "flu ko(n)"} 1+  flow together" item added. 
"konflu +  flow together" changed "+" into "{prefer ko-flu}". 

Fokaena 1 and fokena (porpoise/ Meerschwein (Wal)),  
  fokena = MG porpoise (Phocaena)  
"Fokaena 1+G  phocaena; porpoise" changed "1+G" into "{=fokena} GX". 

foleo and goleo (hole/ Loch), also fora, trima,  
  fora = 1000 hole general.
  foleo = MG  den, cave  Gr. Pholeos  
    (pholeter = one who lurks in a hole).
  1000 also kaverno + kavita 
  goleo = MG Greek 
  Trima  mis-print
  Trema = Greek MG hole as in trematode  
"foleo G  den; hole" added "{prefer fora, kaverno or kavita}", changed 
  "hole" into "hole {den}", added meaning "cave". 
"goleo G  hole" added "{prefer fora}". 
"trima G  hole" added "{take fora} X", because Wendy said, it is a
"trema G  hole" added "{take fora} X" (to avoid homonym hole/nursling). 
"antro G  cave; cavity" added "{prefer kaverno or kavita}". 
"kavo  cave; hollow" added "{take kaverno or kavita} X". 
"speleo G  cave" added "{prefer kaverno}". 
"troglo G  cave; hole" added "{prefer fora, kaverno or kavita}". 
"kaverna 1++  cave; cavern" changed "1++" into "{=kaverno} 1X". 
"kaverno {=kaverna} 1X  cave; cavern" changed "{...} 1X" into "1++". 
"kavito 1  cavity; hollow; pit" added "{=kavita} X". 
"koelo 1G  hollow" removed "1", added "{take kavita} X". 
[German translations: 
  cave   - Höhle 
  cavern - große Höhle 
  cavity - Loch (Zahn) 
  hollow - Mulde, Vertiefung; hohl 
  pit    - Grube]
(... see also below kaverno/ kavita/ kavo ...)

folia and foliage (leaf, foliage/ Blatt, Laub),  
(folia is prefered, because it is 1000.)
"foliage {French}  foliage; leaf" added to comment "prefer folia".  

fosa and fosi (pit/ Loch),  
"fosa {=fosi} 1X  cavity; hole; pit", 
"fosi 1++  dig; cavity; ditch; hole; moat; pit".  

fosi and fusi (dig, pour/ graben, gießen),  
(Thanks to Gary Miller and Kevin Smith for this hint.  See book 
"Central Glosa", p. 32: it should be fosi - dig, fusi - pour.  The 
error is in the book "18 Steps to Fluency", p. 92: fosi - pour.
"fusi  spindle" (Latin fusus) remains, though a Glosa homonym 
(pour/spindle) is not beautiful.) 
"fosi 1++  dig; pour" made to two items: 
  "fosi 1++  dig" and 
  "fosi {=fusi} 1X  pour". 
"fusi {=fosi} 1  dig; pour" removed "{=fosi}" and "dig", added "++".  

fragma and fragmo (fence/ Zaun),  
"fragma 1++G  barrier; hedge; enclosure {fences}; fence; partition", 
"fragmo {=fragma} 1X  hedge".  

frase and frasi (sentence/Satz),  
(frase is in "18 Steps to Fluency", English-Glosa 1000 list, p. 80 and 
in "Central Glosa", English5000 to G1000, p. 114.  frasi only in book 
"Glosa 6000".  Another argument: English and French phrase, German 
Phrase.  So frase is kept.) 
"frase 1++  phrase; sentence" added meaning "speak" and "G". 
"frasi G  sentence; speak" added meaning "phrase" and comment 
  "{=frase} X". 

fraudi and fraudu (fraud/ Betrug),  
"fraudi 1  fraud", 
"fraudu {=fraudi} 1X  fraud".  

freni and freno (mind/ Verstand),  
"freni {=freno} 1GX  mind {n}" (Central list), 
"freno G  mind {n}" (Glosa 6000).  

fulge and fulgu (flash/ Blitz),  
"fulge 1  flash; lightning", 
"fulgu {=fulge} 1X  flash; lightning".  

fungi and fungu and fungus (Schwamm, Pilz),  
  fungu = 1000   fungus.  
"fungi {=fungu} 1  fungus; mushroom", 
"fungu 1+  fungus; mushroom", 
"fungus {prefer fungu}  fungus". 

fusta 1 and fusti (shaft/ Schaft),  
  fusti = MG shaft, cudgel, club.  
"fusta 1+  cudgel; shaft" added meaning "club {stick}", changed "1+" to 
  "{=fusti} X". 
"fusti  cudgel; shaft" added meaning "club {stick}". 
"korina 1++G  club {mace}; mace" changed "club {mace}" to "club 


gala and galakti and lakti (milk/ Milch),  
"gala {take lakti} GX  milk",  
"galakti {take lakti} 1GX  milk", 
"lakti 1++  milk".  

game and gami [in bi-gami] (marry/ heiraten),  
  game = 1000 to marry  
"bi-gami  bigamy; two-marriages" added "{=bi-game} X". 

gastri and gastro (stomach/ Magen),  
  gastro = 1000  stomach  
"gastri  stomach" added "{=gastro} X". 

geli and gelo (freeze/ frieren),  
"geli 1++  freeze; ice {v}", 
"gelo {=geli} 1X  freeze".  

genuine and gnesi (genuine/ echt),  
  genuine Greek, MG. also gnesi  
"genuine G  genuine" added "{prefer veri}".
"gnesi G  genuine; true" added "{prefer veri}". 

genu and gonato (knee/ Knie),  
  genu = knee 1000, gonato = 6000 Greek  
"genu 1++  knee" added meaning "knee-joint". 
"gonato G  knee; knee-joint; node" added "{prefer genu}". 

gero and gesta (carry/ tragen),  
(cf. Latin gero ... gestum)
"gero {=gesta, prefer fero} X  carry",  
"gesta  bear {v}; carry".  

gladia 1 and gladio (sword/ Schwert),  
  gladia = sword  
"gladio  sword" added "{=gladia} X". 

glandi 1 and glandu (acorn, gland/ Eichel, Drüse),  
  glandi = gland, acorn.  
"glandu  acorn; gland" added "{=glandi} X". 

glia and glutino and gloea (glue/ Leim, leimen),  
  glu = 1000 glue 
  MG = glia, gloeo, glutino (as in gliadin, gloeocapsa, glutinous)  
"glia G  glue" added "{prefer glu}". 
"gloea  glue" added "{prefer glu}". 
"glutino  glue" added "{prefer glu}". 

globa 1 and globo (globe, ball/ Globus, Ball),  
(globa is in the "English5000 to Glosa 1000" list of the book "Central 
Glosa", so it should be prefered.  globo is from "Glosa 6000".) 
"globo  ball; globe" added "{=globa} X". 

gloci and klogma (cluck (hen)/ glucken (Henne)), 

gluti and gluto (gulp, swallow/ Schluck, schlucken),  
(gluto in "English 5000 to Glosa 1000", therefore prefered.) 
"gluti  gulp; swallow" added "{=gluto} X". 

gnata 1G and gnato G (jaw),  
  mandibula = jaw 1000.  gnato = MG jaw.  
"gnata 1+G  jaw" changed "1+G" into "{=gnato, prefer mandibula} GX". 
"gnato G  jaw" added "{prefer mandibula}". 

gno and noske (know/ wissen), also ski, sapie, 
  kognoske (know by sight)  
  ski = 1000 to know 
  gno + noske  MG to know (gnome, ag-nostic, cognosco) 
  sapie  know, wise MG (homo sapiens)  
"gno G  know" added "{prefer ski}". 
"noske  know" added "{prefer ski}". 
"sapie  know; wise" added "{prefer ski for know or sofi for wise}". 

golfo and gulfa (gulf/ Golf),  
"golfo 1  gulf; estuary", 
"gulfa {=golfo} 1X  gulf; estuary".  

goma and guma and gumi (rubber/ Gummi), Lat. gummi (Egyptian word, not inflected),  
  liqi glu = 1000 gum.  gumi (Latin) = rubber, gum, resin.  
"goma {=gumi} 1X  gum". 
"gumi 1+  palate; rubber" removed meaning "palate", added meanings 
  "gum; resin". Changed "1+" to "1++". 
"guma {=gumi} 1X  palate; rubber" made to two items: 
  "guma {=gumi} X  rubber" and 
  "guma {prefer palato}  palate".   
"latex 1++G  juice; liquid extract; rubber" added meaning "latex", 
  changed "liquid extract" to "extract [liquid ]", changed "1++G" to 
  "+G", see below ("latex"/"latici"). 
"latici 1G  juice; liquid extract; rubber" added meaning "latex", 
  changed "liquid extract" to "extract [liquid ]", changed "1G" to 
  "{=latex} GX", though it is in the "Central Glosa"-list.  See below 

gona (in tetragona) and gono (corner/ Ecke):  
"gono 1++G  angle; corner; vertex", 
"tetra-gono 1+*G  quadrangle; quadrate; square", 
"tetragona {=tetra-gono} 1X  square" (from Español-bibli),  
"tetragono {=tetra-gono} 1X  quadrate; square" (from

gosipa and gosipi (cotton/ Baumwolle),  
"gosipa {prefer kotona} 1G  cotton", 
"gosipi {=gosipa, prefer kotona} GX  cotton".   

gra and gramini (grass/ Gras),  
  gra = 1000  grass.  gramini = MG.  
(Items remain: 
gra 1++          grass; fodder 
gramini {prefer gra}  grass) 

grafi 1 (draw) and grafo 1G (draw {sketch}; script; write; writing),  
  grafo = 1000  draw, write.  MG. grafi + skribe  draw, write.  
"grafi 1++G  draw {sketch}; sketch {draw}" changed "1++" to "{=grafo} X", 
  added meaning "write". 
"grafo 1++G  script; write; writing" added meanings "draw {sketch}; 
  sketch {draw}". 
"skribe 1+  write" changed "1+" to "{prefer grafo} +". 

grasi and krasi (fat/ fett, Fett), 
grosi and grosu, also lipo, obesi, pingui,  
  fat, fry 1000 lipo (lipid, lipoid) 
  fat, obese, overweight 1000 = obesi 
  grease, fatty MG = grasi 
  thick, fat MG = krasi 
  fat, blubber MG = pingui  
"grosi {=grosu} X  bulky bulky; fat; greasy". 
"grosu 1  bulky; fat; greasy". 
"grasi  fat; grease" changed "fat" to "fat {grease}", added meaning 
"krasi  fat; thick" changed meanings to "fat {thick}; thick {stout}". 
"lipo 1++G  fat; fry; grease" changed "fat" to "fat {substance}". 
"obesi 1  fat; obese" changed "fat" to "fat {thick}". 
"paki 1++G  coarse; fat {thick}; stout; thick; thick {fat}" removed 
  meaning "thick", changed "thick {fat}" to "thick {stout}", 
  changed "stout" to "stout {adj}". 
"pingui  fat" changed "fat" to "fat {blubber}", added meaning 
"densi 1+  condense; dense" added meaning "thick {dense}" and 
  changed "1+" to "1++". 
(German translations: 
  fat - Fett, fett, dick        = lipo, obesi, krasi, paki, pingui 
  fry - braten                  = lipo 
  obese - fettleibig            = obesi 
  overweight - Übergewicht = obesi 
  grease - Fett, Schmierfett    = grasi 
  fatty - fettig, speckig       = grasi 
  thick - dick, dicht           = krasi, paki  
  blubber - Walfischspeck       = pingui
  coarse - grob, rauh, roh      = paki 
  stout - beleibt               = paki)

gratula and kongratula (congratulate/ gratulieren),  
  gratula = 1000 congratulate.  kongratula = MG congratulate.  
"kongratula  congratulate" added "{prefer gratula}". 

grega and grego (party/ Partei),  
"grega 1++  crew; flock; gang; group; herd; party {team}; party 
  {political}; swarm; team". 
"grego {=grega} 1X  party {political}".  

gurgustio and tugurio (hut/ Hütte),  
  pusi-do = 1000 for hut, cabin 
  gurgustio (Latin) MG. hut, hovel, shanty 
  tugurio (Latin) MG. hut, cottage, peasant's hut  
"pusi-do 1++  hut; shed" added meaning "cabin {small house}", changed 
  meanings to "hut {small house}; shed {n}". 
"pusi do 1+  cabin" changed to "pusi do {=pusi-do} 1  hut; cabin {small 
  house}; shed {n}", removed "+". 
"pusi ka 1+  cabin" changed "cabin" to "cabin {small room}". 
"kabina  cabin" changed to "cabin {small room}". 
"gurgustio  hovel; hut" added meaning "shanty", changed "hut" to "hut 
  {poor's house}". 
"tugurio  hut; cottage" changed  "hut" to "hut {rural house}. 


habitu 1 and habitudo (custom/ Brauch),  
"habitu 1++  habit; custom" and 
"habitudo {=habitu} X  custom".  

hagio and hosio (holy/ heilig), also sankti, santa, semno,  
  Sacred, holy. MG. sankti Latin 
  hagio + hosio Greek MG.  
"hagio G  holy; sacred" added "{prefer sankti}". 
"hosio G  holy" added "{prefer sankti}". 
"sankti 1++  holy; saint" added meaning "sacred". 
"semno  holy; solemn" added "{prefer sankti or solemni}". 
"santa {=sankti} 1X  saint". 

hamato and hami (hooked/ eingehakt), also uncinato, gripo, 
  dazu  unci and unka (hook/ Haken), also ankistro,  
  unki = hook 1000. 
  MG = ankistro (Greek fish hook) hami (Latin) 
  uncinato (Latin)  
"hamato  hooked" added "{=hami} X". 
"unci  hook" added "{=unki} X". 
"unka  hook" added "{=unki} X". 
"ankistro G  hook" added meanings "fish-hook; fishing-hook".
(Items unchanged: 
  "hami  hooked" 
  "uncinato +  barbed; hooked" 
  "gripo G  curved; hooked"
  "unki 1++  hook") 

harengu and haringa (herring/ Hering),  
("harengu 1+  herring" is in "English 5000 to Glosa 1000"-list of 
the book "Central Glosa", so it should be prefered.)
"haringa  herring" added "{=harengu} X". 

harpon and harpona 1 (harpoon/ Harpune),  
  harpona = MG harpoon.  
"harpon  harpoon" added "{=harpona} X". 
"harpona 1+  harpoon" removed "1". 

heli 1 and helio (sun/ Sonne),  
"helio {=heli} GX  sun" and 
"heli 1++G  sun; solar".  

helminti and helminto (worm/ Wurm),  
"helminti {=helminto, prefer vermi} 1GX  worm", 
"helminto {prefer vermi} G  worm".   

hema and hemato and hemo (blood/ Blut),  
  hema = 1000 blood. 
  sangui + hemato MG.  
("hema 1++G  blood" remains.) 
"hemo {=hema} 1GX  blood". 
"hemato G  blood; blood red; red" made to two items: 
  "hemato {=hema} GX  blood" and 
  "hemato G  red [blood ]; red".
"sangui  blood" added "{prefer hema}". 
"sanguina {=sangui, prefer hema} 1X  blood" (from
"sangui-suga +  blood-sucker" changed "+" to "{=hema-sugo} X".  See 
  below, suga/suge/sugo.  Made a new item "hema-sugo *  blood-sucker". 

hemi and semi (half/ halb, Lat. and Greek root),  
  semi = 1000  1/2.  hemi = MG.  
("semi{-} 1++  half; semi-" remains.)
"hemi {=semi} 1GX  half" removed "1". 

hepa and hepati (liver/ Leber),  
  hepa = 1000 liver.  hepati = MG.  
("hepa 1+G  liver" remains.)
"hepati G  liver" added "{=hepa} X". 

hesi and hesita (sticky/ stockend),  
  hesi = 1000 to stick.  hesita = MG hesitate. hesita  stick  
(September 2000 I thought, the words have identical meanings, so I 
made the changes: 
"hesi  cling; sticky" same as "hesita  hesitate; stick; sticky".  
  So added meaning "cling" to "hesita" and "hesitate; stick" to "hesi". 
Now I have to reverse this and remove "stick" from "hesita":)
"hesi 1++  cling; hesitate; stick; sticky" 
  removed meanings "hesitate"
"hesita 1+  cling; hesitate; stick; sticky" 
  removed meanings "cling; sticky". 
"baktro +  cane {n}; stick {n}" changed meanings to "cane {stick}; 
  stick {cane}". 
"bakula +  staff {n}; stick {n}" changed meanings to "staff {rod}; stick
"bastona  staff; stick {cane}" changed "staff" to "staff {rod}". 
"skeptro G  staff" (German "Zepter", English "sceptre", "scepter") 
  changed "staff" to "staff {rod}; sceptre; scepter". 

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

hespero and vespera (evening/ Abend),  
  vespera Latin = 1000 evening 
  herpero = MG evening, west 
  (Greek heperos = evening star, Hesperonis)  
(Items remain: 
"hespero G  evening; west"
"vespera 1++  evening") 

hiera and hieri (priest/ Priester),  
"hiera 1G  priest", 
"hieri {=hiera} 1GX  priest".  

hilo and xilo (wood/ Holz),  
"hilo G  matter; wood {substance}" added "{prefer xilo for wood and 
  materia for matter}". 
"xilo 1++G  wood" changed meaning to "wood {substance}; timber". 

himna 1 and himno (hymn/ Hymne),  
  himno = hymn, sonf of praise MG.  
"himna 1+G  hymn; song of praise" changed "1+G" to "{=himno} GX". 
"himno G  hymn; song of praise" added "+". 

histera and histeri (womb/ Gebärmutter),  
"histera 1G  womb", 
"histeri {=histera} 1GX  womb".  

homi and homini (Mensch),  
  homi = 1000 man/mankind,  homini = MG man/mankind.  
("homini" not in GID any more, "homi" remains.) 
homo and homeo (like/ (gleich) wie),  
  homo = 1000, same, like, similar 
  homeo = MG,  same, like, similar  
"homeo G  like {similar}; rather like" added "{=homo} X". 

honora and honori (honor/ Ehre),  
  honora MG. honour. 
"honora  honor" added "++" and meanings "honour; respect". 
"honora-abili ++  honorable" added meaning "honourable".
"honori 1++  honor; respect" changed "1++" into "{=honora} X", 
  added meaning "honour".
"timo +G  honor; honour" removed "+". 

hopli and hoplo (weapon/ Waffe),  
"hopli {=hoplo} 1GX  armor; weapon",  
"hoplo 1G  armor; weapon".  

hora (o'clock) and horo 1 (hour; o'clock; time), [also 
  horario (timetable)],  
(horo remains prefered, because it is in several Glosa-1000-lists, 
although it is Latin hora and ugly to have horario.) 

horizo 1, horizon and horizona 1 (horizon/ Horizont),  
  horizo, MG boundry, limit, horizon. 
"horizon G  boundary; horizon; limit; lying down" added "{=horizo} X". 
"horizo 1++G  boundary; horizon; limit; lying down". 
"horizona {=horizo} 1GX  horizon".  

horizonta and horizontali (horizontal/ horizontal, waagerecht)  
  trans = 1000  horizontal, across, 
  horizontali = MG  horizontal, across  
(horizonta not in GID.) 
"horizontali ++G  horizontal" removed "++", added meaning "across". 
"trans 1++  across; traverse" added meaning "horizontal". 

humori and humoro (humor/ Humor),  
"humori {=humoro} 1GX  humor", 
"humoro 1++G  disposition; humor; humour".  


ideo and idio (particular/ eigen),  
  ideo delete, misprint  
"ideo  identity; particular" item deleted. 

idoli 1G (idol/ Idol) and idolo (image/ Image, Bild),  
"idoli 1G  idol; image" added "+". 
"idolo G  idol; image" added "{=idoli} X". 

ilumina and lumi (illuminate/ beleuchten),  
"ilumina  illuminate", 
"lumi 1++  light {n}; illuminate; light {v}; light up; luminous; 

imagi 1, imagina 1 and imagine (imagine/ Bild und Vorstellung),  
  imagi = MG. image, to picture 
  imagina = 1000  imagine, picture, image  
"imagi 1++  image" added meaning "picture {v}". 
"imagina 1++  fancy; imaginary; imagination; imagine" removed "1", 
  added meanings "picture; image". 
"imagine {=imagina} 1X  imagine". 

impiri and imperi (empire/ Imperium, Reich), also imperio, cognate: 
  impera (emperor/ Kaiser).  
  imperi = MG. comand, rule, empire.  
"imperio 1  command; imperial; rule" removed "1", added "{=imperi} X" 
  and meaning "empire". 
"impiri ++  empire" changed "++" to "{=imperi} X", added meanings 
  "command; imperial; rule". 
"imperi ++  command; imperial; rule; empire" item added. 

index (pointer/ Zeiger) and indexi 1 (index/ Index),  
"index {=indexi} X  index; pointer; sign", 
"indexi 1+  index; pointer; sign".  

individu 1 and individua (individual/ individuell),  
"individu 1+  individual {n}; individual {adj}" and 
"individua {=individu} X  individual {adj}".  

industri and industria (industry - industrial/ Industrie - industriell),  
  industri  MG. industry, industrial.  
"industria  industrial; industry" added "{=industri} X". 

inerti and inertia (inertia, quiescence/ Trägheit, Ruhe),  
"inerti 1  inertia; inactive; off; quiescence" (Central list). 
"inertia {=inerti} X  quiescence".  

inferi and infra 1 (below, beneath, under/ unten, unter),  
(infra is Glosa 1000, so:)
"inferi  below; beneath; inferior; under" added "{=infra} X". 

info 1 and informa 1 (inform/ informieren),  
"info 1++  inform; information; announce; message; reveal" and 
"informa {=info} 1X  announce".  

injuri and insuri (injure/ verletzen),  
(Very similar words, but not necessarily an error.  Could be different 
origin words: insurgo and iniuria). 
"injuri  injure; wrong {v}", 
"insuri  injure; wrong {v}".  

inkoragi 1 and inkoragio (encourage/ ermutigen),  
  inkoragio MG. 
"inkoragi 1++  encourage; encouragement" changed "1++" to 
  "{=inkoragio} X". 
"inkoragio  encourage; encouragement" added "++". 

insigni and insignia (flag/ Flagge),  
"insigni {=insignia} 1  badge; ensign; banner; flag" changed 
  "{=insignia}" to "++". 
"insignia 1++  badge; ensigh; banner; flag" changed "1++" to 
  "{=insigni} X". 

interese and interesti (interest, interesting/ Interesse, interessant),  
  interese.  interesti delete  
"interesti  interest" added "{=interese} X". 

intra-duce and introduce (introduce/ einführen),  
  intra-duce = 1000 (2 words).  introduce = MG. (1 word).  
"intra-duce  introduction" added "1++" and meaning "introduce". 
"introduce 1++  introduce; introduction" changed "1++" to 
  "{=intra-duce} X". 

invidi and invidio (jealous/ neidisch),  
(see below, zelo/zeloso)  

iride 1 and irido and iris (rainbow/ Regenbogen),  
  iridi = 1000, iris = MG. iris, rainbow  
"iride 1+G  iris; rainbow" changed "1+G" to "{=iridi} GX". 
"irido  iris; rainbow" added "{=iridi} GX". 
"iridi 1+G  iris; rainbow" item added. 
"iris G  iris; rainbow" added "{prefer iridi}". 

iriga and riga (irrigate/ bewässern), dazu aqa, hidro (water/ Wasser),  
  riga = MG.  irrigate, to water. 
  aqa  = 1000 irrigate, to water.  
"iriga  irrigate" added "{=riga, prefer aqa} X". 
"riga 1+  irrigate; moisten; water {v}" remains. 
"aqa 1++  irrigate; soak; water; wet" added meaning "water {v}". 
"aqarela +  water color" changed meaning to "water-color; water-colour" 
"limfa +  clear water" removed "+", added meaning to "water [clear ]". 

iski and iskio (hip/ Hüfte),  
"iski 1G  hip; thigh", 
"iskio {=iski} 1GX  hip; thigh".  

iti and itinera (travel/ reisen),  
  itinera = travel.  1000.  
(The English 5000 to Glosa 1000-list gives iti - itinerary, journey, 
but the Central Glosa list, p. 30, in the same book makes the 
distinction itinera - travel and iti - go.) 
"itinera {=iti} 1  itinerary; journey; travel" removed "{=iti}", added 
"iti 1++  itinerary; journey; travel" changed "1++" to "{prefer long 
  form itinera} 1". 
"iti 1++  go" item added. 
"iti per ... 1++  ride" changed "1++" to "1+". 
"iti-pe 1  pilgrim" remains.  


janu and janua (door/ Tür),  
  janu = MG. door. (Janus, January, Janitor)  
"janua ++  door; doorway; entrance" changed "++" to "{=janu} X". 
"janu ++  door; doorway; entrance" item added.  

jovi and joviali (jolly, jovial/lustig),  
"jovia 1  jolly; jovial" in Central list. 
"joviali {=jovia} X  jovial".  

jura and juri (oath/ Eid),  
"jura 1++  oath; swear oath; swear {oath}; take an oath; curse", 
"juri {=jura} 1X  oath; swear {oath}; curse".  

jurnala and jurnali (Zeitung),  
(jurnala not in GID, jurnali remains: 
"jurnali 1++  journal; magazine; newspaper".)  

juve and juveni (young, youth/ jung, Jugend),  
"juve 1++  young; youth; youthful", 
"juveni {=juve} 1X  young; youth".  


kaeta and kaeto and seta (bristle/Borste),  
  kaeta + seta = MG  bristle. 
"kaeta {=kaeto} XG  bristle" removed "{=kaeto} X". 
"kaeto 1G  bristle" changed "1G" to "{=kaeta} GX". 
"seta 1+  bristle" remains. 

kafa and kafe (coffee/ Kaffee),  
"kafe 1++  cafe; care; coffee" made to two items: 
  "kafe {=kafa} 1X  coffee", Simsyn!!!  
  "kafe 1  café" 
  ("care" certainly typing error). 
"kafa  coffee" added "1++".  

kalipti and kalipto (cover/ verbergen),  
"kalipti 1G  cover; hide" (in Central list), 
"kalipto {=kalipti} GX  cover; hide".  

kalka and kalko (copper/ Kupfer),  
"kalka {=kalko, prefer kupra} 1GX  copper", 
"kalko 1G  copper".  

kalki and kalku (heel/ Ferse),  
"kalki 1++  heel", 
"kalku {=kalki} 1X  heel".  

kalu 1 and kalus (corn {hard skin}; hard skin/ Hühnerauge, Hornhaut),  
  kalu MG  hard skin, callus  
"kalu 1+  corn {hard skin}; hard skin" added meaning "callus". 
"kalus  corn {hard skin}; hard skin" added "{=kalu} X" and meaning 

kamae and kame (auf dem Boden [on (the) ground]),  
  kame = MG on the ground (= Greek as in chamelon, chamomile.)  
"kame {=kamae} +  on ground; ground {earth}" removed "{=kamae}", added 
"kamae 1  on ground; ground {earth}" changed "1" to "{=kame} GX".  

kamerada 1 and kameradi 1 (comrade/ Kamerad),  
  kamerada MG comrade.  
"kamerada 1  comrade; fellow; mate" added "+". 
"kameradi 1+  comrade; fellow; mate" changed "1+" to "{=kamerada} X".  

kampi and kampo and kampu (camp/ Zeltlager, campen),   
  kampu = field, camp. 
  kampa = Greek MG. catterpillar  
"kampa G  caterpillar" remains. 
"kampa {=kampu} 1X  camp".  
"kampi" not in GID. 
"kampo 1++  camp; field" changed "1++" to "{=kampu} 1X". 
"kampu {=kampo}  camp; field" changed "{=kampo}" to "1++".  

kampilo and kampto (curve/ Kurve),  
  kampto + kampilo  MG.  curve, band. 
  (Greek Campylotropal, Campeloma)  
"kampilo  bend {n}; curve {n}" added "{prefer kurva} G". 
"kampto +  bend {n}; curve {n}" changed "+" into "{prefer kurva} G". 
"kurva 1++  curve; curve {n}" added meaning "bend {n}".  

kancela and kanceli (cancel/ Schranke),  
"kancela {=kanceli} 1X  cancel; lattice" changed "{=kanceli} 1X" to
"kanceli 1++  cancel; lattice" changed "1++" to "{=kancela} X". 

kancera and kanceri 1 and kancero 1 (Krabbe, Krebs),  
  kancera  1000  crab.  
"kancera  cancer; crab; lattice" added "1++". 
"kanceri 1++  cancer; crab; lattice" changed "1++" to "{=kancera} X". 
"kancero 1  cancer; crab; lattice" changed "1" to "{=kancera} X". 

kanesce and kanuto (hoary/ altersgrau, grau),  
  kaneske MG = becoming gray 
  kanuto  MG = gray, hoary  
(This must be cleared up: some words end with -sce and some with -ske. 
That should be uniform!  Here I will let it kanesce.) 
"kanesce  gray; grey; hoary" added meaning "gray [becoming ]". 
"kanuto +  ashy; hoary" added meanings "gray; grey". 

kani and kanis (dog/ Hund),  
  kani = 1000 dog.  
"kanis  canine; dog" added "{=kani} X". 

kanta and kanti (sing/ singen),  
  kanta = 1000  sing, song.  
(kanti not in GID.  kanta has "1++" and remains.) 

kapila and pili (hair/ Haar), also kome, triko, vilo, 
  to that: hirsuto, dasi (hairy/ haarig),  
  kapila = 1000 hair. 
  Also MG = pili, kome, triko,
  + vilo = tuft of hair 
  (trichology, comet, piliferous, villous.  triko + pili most common 
  of these 4.) 
  Also hirsuto + dasi. 
  (hirsute Latin.  dasytes Greek.).  
"kapila 1++  hair" remains. 
"pili  hair" added "{=kapila} X", because only one synonym with the 
  same root should remain and that is Glosa1000-kapila. 
"kome G  hair" added "{=kapila} X", because there are too many words 
  starting with kom-. 
"triko G  hair" added "{prefer kapila}". 
"vilo +  fur; hair {shaggy}" added meaning "tuft {hair}". 
"hirsuto +  hairy" remains, though it is not satisfying. 
"dasi G  hairy; dasy" remains, though it is not satisfying. 

kapitala (capital[city]) / kapitali (capital[money]),  
  kapitala = city.  kapitali = capital/money.  
(Items remain, though it is not beautiful:
"kapitala 1++  capital {city}" and 
"kapitali 1++  capital {money}"). 

kapitana and kapitano (captain/ Kapitän),  
"kapitana {=kapitano} 1  captain; skipper" changed "{=kapitano} 1" to 
"kapitano 1++  captain; skipper" changed "1++" to "{=kapitana} 1X". 

kapsa and kapsu (parcel, box/ Paket, Kapsel) and kapsula (small box),  
  kapsu  box, capsule  
"kapsa 1  box; capsule; parcel" changed "1" to "{=kapsu} X". 
"kapsula +  box {small}" remains, though not satisfying. 

kara and karo (dear/ lieb),  
  karo  ... dear ...  
"kara  dear" added "{=karo} X". 

karce 1 and karcera 1 (cage; jail/ Käfig, Gefängnis),  
  karcera  cage (incarcerate)  
"karce {=karcera} 1  cage; imprison; incarcerate; jail; prison" added 
  "X".  "karcera 1++  cage; imprison; incarcerate; jail; prison" 

kardia and kordi (heart/ Herz),  
  kardia = 1000 heart (cardiac, Greek) 
  kordi  = MG   heart (cordial, concord, Latin). 
"kordi 1++  core; heart" changed "1++" to "{prefer kardia}". 
"kordiali  hearty; warm {emotional}" added "{prefer kardia}". 
"kardia 1+G  cardiac; heart" removed meaning "cardiac" (seems to be 
  only an etymological hint), added meanings "core; hearty; warm 
  {emotional}", changed "1+G" to "1++G".  

kardus and Karduus 1 (thistle/ Distel),  
  kardus = thistle  
"kardus  thistle" added "+". 
"Karduus 1+  thistle" changed "1+" to "{=kardus} X". 

karpu 1 and karpus (wrist/ Handgelenk) [but: karpo G (fruit)]  
  karpu = wrist, carpus  
"karpu 1++  wrist" added meaning "carpus". 
"karpus  wrist" added "{=karpu} X". 

kartilago and kartilagino (gristle/ Knorpel),  
"kartilago 1  cartilage; gristle", 
"kartilagino {=kartilago} X  gristle".   

kasma and kasmo 1G (chasm/ Spalte),  
  kasmo = chasm  
"kasma G  chasm" added "{=kasmo} X". 
"kasmo 1+G  chasm" remains. 

kastela and kastelum (castle - fort/ Schloss - Festung),  
  kastela = castle.  kastelum ?? delete. if in our books.  
"kastela 1++  castle" added meaning "fort". 
"kastelum  fort" added "{=kastela} X" and meaning "castle". 
"forta 1++  fort" changed "1++" to "1+". 

kastor and kastora 1 (beaver/ Biber),  
  kastora = beaver  
"kastor  beaver" added "{=kastora} X".  "kastora 1+  beaver" remains. 

katalisi and katalizi (advantage/ Vorteil),  
"katalisi 1+G  catalysis; advantage; aid; help", 
"katalizi {=katalisi} 1X  advantage".   

kataloga 1 and katalogo (catalogue/ Katalog),  
  kataloga = catalogue  
"katalogo G  catalogue" added "{=kataloga} X".  "kataloga 1+G 
  catalogue" remains. 

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

katedra and katedrali 1G (cathedral/ Kathedrale),  
  katedrali - cathedral.  
"katedra G  cathedral" added "{=katedrali} X", "katedrali 1+G 
  cathedral" remains. 

kavaleri 1 and kavalo (cavalry/ Kavallerie),  
  kavaleri = cavalry.  
"kavalo  cavalry; horse" made to two items: 
  "kavalo {=kavaleri} X  cavalry" and 
  "kavalo {prefer Equs}  horse". 
("kavaleri 1+  cavalry" remains. Unfortunately similar word "kavalero".)
"kavalero 1  knight" added meaning "cavalier {n}". 

kaverno, kavita, kavo (hollow - cavity/ hohl - Höhle), 
  also gialo, glafiro, kimba, koelo,  
  kavita = 1000 hollow, cavity 
  also MG kaverna (most common), kavo (2nd choice), koelo (3rd). 
  rarer = glafiro, gilo, kimba  
(see above, foleo/ goleo.  Note: there Wendy prefered kaverno !!!
kaverna is in a lot of 1000-lists, so it is not MG !!!
Book "G6000" says gialo, not gilo.  I think, an error of Wendy.) 
"glafiro G  hollow" added "{take kavita} X". 
"gialo G  hollow" added "{take kavita} X". 
"kimba G  hollow" added "{take kavita} X". 

kefa and korifa (head/ Kopf),  
(Greek κορυφα~ιος - being at top, κεφαλ'η - head.
Items remain, though not beautiful.) 

keilo and kilo (lip/ Lippe),  
"keilo {prefer labia} 1G  lip", 
"kilo {=keilo, prefer labia for lip or margina for rim} GX  lip;

keiro and kiro (hand/ Hand),  
"keiro 1  hand", 
"kiro {=keiro, prefer manu} GX  hand".  

kemi and kemiko (chemistry - chemical/ Chemie - chemisch),  
  kemi = chemical.  
"kemi ++G  chemistry" added meaning "chemical". 
"kemiko ++  chemical" changed "++" to "{take kemi} X". 

kerati and kero (horn/ Horn),  
"kerati 1++G  horn",
"kero {=kerati} 1GX  horn".  

kerosena 1 (paraffin) and kerosina 1G (kerosene),  
  kerosena = paraffin.  
"kerosina 1G  kerosene; paraffin" added "{=kerosena} X", "kerosena 1G 
  kerosene; paraffin" remains. 

kilindra and kilindri (cylinder/ Zylinder),  
  kilindra = cylinder  
(kilindri not in GID.)

kilogram and kilograma (kilogram/ Kilogramm),  
(Although Wendy preferes kilograma, Marcel preferes kilogram.  A
single gram with -a could be mixed up with grama=letter.  See also
English kilogram, French kilogramme, German Kilogramm, all withoug
"gram  gram", 
"kilogram  kilogram", 
"kilograma {=kilogram} X  kilogram". 

kilometra and kilometri (kilometer/ Kilometer),  
(Here I do not follow Wendy's suggestion.  Earlier discussions in 
glosalist (1999) resulted in metri for "measure" and metra for the unit 
meter.  I will keep this agreement.) 
"kilometri {=kilometra} X  kilometer; kilometre" item added. 

ki (move, go) and kineti and kinesi (moving, motion), 

klasti 1G and klasto (smash/ zerschlagen),  
"klasti 1G  crush; smash" and 
"klasto {=klasti} 1GX  smash".  

kleida and kleidi (zuschließen), 
  klausuro and kleisto (enclose/ einschließen), 
  klaustro (closed/ geschlossen), 
  exklude (exclude, exclusive/ ausschließen, ausschließlich), 
  klavi and kleido (key/ Schlüssel), 
  don't mix up: klausto (mournful/ traurig),  
  klude = 1000  to close.  MG. klaustro
  kleido = MG. key.  1000 = klavi. 
  kleisto MG., enclose, including. 
  exklude.  exclude, except.  
(kleida and kleidi not in GID. Remaining items: 
  "klavi 1++  close {with key}; key; lock {v}; plug {elec}", 
  "inklude 1++  enclose; include" and 
  "inklude-ra 1*++  enclosure")
"exklude 1++  exclude; exclusive" added meaning "except". 
"excepti 1++  except" changed "1++" to "1+". 
"klaustro  closed; shut {closed}" added "{prefer ge-klude}". 
"klausuro  enclose" added "{prefer inklude}". 
"kleda G  enclosure" added "{prefer inklude-ra}". 
"kleido G  key" added "{prefer klavi}". 
"kleisto G  enclose; wrap" added "{prefer inklude}", removed meaning 
  "wrap", because it cannot be found in any list. 

klise and klisi (wash/ waschen),  
"klise {=klisi} GX  wash", 
"klisi 1G  bath [take a ]; wash".  

kodoni and kodono (bell/ Glocke),  
"kodoni {=kodono} 1GX  bell", 
"kodono 1G  bell".  

kognate and kognati and kognato (related/ verwandt),  
  kognato  MG. cognate  
(kognate not in GID.)
"kognati 1++  related" changed "1++" to "{=kognato} X". 
"kognato  related" added "++". 

koito and koitu and koitus (connect/ verbinden),  
"koito {=koitus} 1X  connect; join; mate {v, animals}", 
"koitu {=koitus} 1X  connect; join", 
"koitus 1+  coition; coitus; connect; copulation; join; mate {v, 

koku 1 and kokus (berry/ Beere),  
  koku 1000  berry.  kokus MG. berry, coccus.  
"kokus  berry" added "{=koku} X".  "koku 1++G  berry" remains. 

kolapse and kolapsi 1 (collapse/ Kollaps),  
"kolapse  collapse" added "+". 
"kolapsi 1+  collapse" changed "1+" to "{=kolapse} X". 

kolea and koleo (sheath/ Scheide (Schwert-)),  
  kolea  MG. sheath.  
"koleo G  sheath" added "{=kolea} X". 
"kolea 1+  sheath" changed "1+" to "+G". 

kolegi 1 and kolegia (college),  
(kolegia is not in a Glosa 1000 list, so kolegi should be prefered.) 
"kolegia  college" added "{=kolegi} X".  "kolegi 1++  college" remains. 

kolora 1 and kolori 1 and koloro (color/ Farbe),  
"kolora 1  color; colour; tinge" added "+". 
"kolori 1+  color; colour; tinge" changed "1+" to "{=kolora} X". 
"koloro  color; colour; tinge" added "{=kolora} X". 
"bi-koloro +  two-colored" changed "+" to "{=bi-kolora} X". 
"bi-kolora +*  two-colored" item added. 
"bikoloro {=bi-koloro}  two-colored" changed "{=bi-koloro}" to 
  "{=bi-kolora} X". 

Kolumba 1 and kolumbi (dove, pigeon/ Taube),  
  kolumba MG.  pidgeon, dove  
"Kolumba 1+  dove; pigeon" removed "1". 
"kolumbi  dove; pigeon" added "{=Kolumba} X". 

kolumna and kolumni 1 (column/ Säule, Spalte),  
  kolumni, column.  
"kolumna  column" added "{=kolumni} X".  "kolumni 1++  column" remains. 

komanda and manda (command/ Befehl, befehlen), 
  also komando (commando/ Kommando) 
  komanda 1000.  manda MG.  
"manda  command" added "{prefer komanda}".  "komanda 1++  command" 

komerci 1 and komercia 1 (trade/ Handel, handeln),  
  komerci  commerce  
"komercia {=komerci} 1  commerce; trade" changed "1" to "X". 
  "komerci 1++  commerce; trade" remains. 

komo and qo-modo and qo-mode (how/ wie) 
  dazu mode (method, way/ Methode, Weg), mono-mode (singular/ einzeln),  
(The Latin origin is "quomodo", but as Glosa compound qo-mode is better, 
because qo and mode are Glosa-words.) 
"qo-modo?  how?" added "{=qo-mode} X", because of "mode". 
  "qo-mode? 1++  how" remains. 
"komo? 1++  how; how?" changed "++" to "+". 

kompara and kompari (compare/ vergleichen),  
"kompara 1++  compare; comparison" and 
"kompari {=kompara} 1X  compare".  

kompele and kompulsi (compel),  
"kompele  compel" added "{also kompulsi, prefer dina}". 
"kompulsi  compel" added "{also kompele, prefer dina}". 

komposi 1 (compose) and kompositi 1 (composite; composition; compound) 
  and kompositio (composition) and komposito (composite; compound).  
  komposi, compose. 1000.  
(Not beautiful to have different words for compose (komposi) and 
composition (kompositi), without regular derivation! So 
"komposi 1++  compose" and "kompositi 1++  composite; composition; 
compound" remain.) 
"kompositio  composition" added "{=kompositi} X". 
"komposito  composite; compound" added "{=kompositi} X". 

kompromisi and kompromise (compromise/ Kompromiss),  
"kompromisi {=kompromise} 1X  compromise", 
"kompromise 1++  compromise".  

koncesi and koncesio (lease/ leasen),  
"koncesi 1  lease; rent", 
"koncesio {=koncesi} 1X  lease; rent".  

koncili and koncilia (advice, advise/ beraten, Beratung, Rat) 
  and konsili and konsilia (counsel/ Rat, raten),  
  koncili.  konsili.  
(Unfortunately Wendy's note does not clear the difference between 
koncili and konsili. 
German translations: 
 council - Kollegium. 
 advice - Beratung, Ratschlag, Hinweisgabe, Rat. 
 advise - anraten, raten, mitteilen, benachrichtigen. 
 conciliate - beschwichtigen, vermitteln. 
 counsel - Beratung, Ratschlag. 
 recommend - befürworten, empfehlen. 
Latin words: 
 consilium - Ratsversammlung, Rat, Absicht, Einsicht. 
 conciliare - sich geneigt machen, für sich gewinnen, 
 concilium - Zusammenkunft, Versammlung.
... I think, koncili and koncilia are two different words, though
it is not beautiful.)
"koncili 1++  council" added meaning "assembly" (Latin concilium). 
"koncilia 1+  advice; advise; conciliate" removed meaning "advice", 
  added meaning "recommend" (Latin conciliare). 
"konsilia  counsel" added "{=konsili} X". "konsili 1++  advice; advise; 
  counsel; recommend" remains (Latin consilium). 

konifera and konifero (conifer/ Nadelbaum, Konifere),  
(konifera not in GID.) 

konjuga and konjunkti (join/ verbinden),  
"konjuga +  join together; join {connection}; put together", 
"konjunkti {=konjuga} X  join {connection}".  

konka and konko (shell/ Muschel),  
"konka 1G  shell {animal}; snail", 
"konko {=konka} 1GX  shell".  

konkavi and konkavo (concave/ konkav),  
"konkavi {=konkavo} 1X  concave; dent", 
"konkavo 1+  concave; dent".  

konstanta and konstanto (constant/ konstant),  
"konstanta 1  constant", 
"konstanto {=konstanta} X  constant".  

kontenta and kontento (content/ zufrieden),  
"kontenta {=kontento} X  content; constituent", 
"kontento 1++  content; constituent".  

kontinu (continue/ forfahren) and 
  kontinuo (continuous/ ununterbrochen, fortlaufend)  
"kontinu 1+  continue" added meaning "continuous". 
"kontinuo  continuous" added "{=kontinu} X". 

konvoluti and konvolve (convolution/ Windung),  
"konvoluti 1  convolution; wind around", 
"konvolve {=konvoluti} X  wind around".   

kopa and kope (row/ rudern),  
"kopa {=kope} 1GX  oar; row {a boat}", 
"kope 1++G  oar; row {a boat}".   

koragi and koragio (courage/ Mut),  
"koragio 1  brave; courage; courageous" changed "1" to "{=koragi} X". 
  "koragi 1++  brave; courage; courageous" remains. 

korako and Korax and kornix (crow/ Krähe, krähen), and 
  korvo 1 (crow) and korvus (raven),  
  korvo general word for crow.  Others = korako, korax, kornix.  
"korvo 1  crow; raven" added "+". 
"korvus  crow; raven" added "{=korvo} X". 
"korako  crow; raven" added "{=Korax, prefer korvo} X". 
"Korax 1+  crow; raven" removed "+", added "{prefer korvo}". 
"kornix  crow" added "{prefer korvo}". 

korba and korbe 1 and korbi (basket/ Korb),  
  korbi  basket.  
"korba  basket" added "{=korbi} X". 
"korbe 1++  basket" changed "1++" to "{=korbi} X". 

korema and koretra (broom/ Besen),  
  longi brosa = 1000 broom.  MG. korema.  
"brosa 1++  broom; brush; scrub; sweep; sweep {brush}" removed meanings 
  "broom; sweep {brush}". 
"brosa [(longi) ] 1++  broom" item added. 
"korema G  broom" added "{prefer (longi) brosa}". 
"koretra G  broom" added "{=korema, prefer (longi) brosa} X". 

korode and korodi (corrode/ korrodieren, zerfressen),  
  korode  corrode.  
(korodi not in GID.) 

kosina and kusina (cousin/ Cousin),  
"kosina {=kusina} 1X  cousin" (see below, Glosa Homonym) and 
"kusina 1+  cousin".  

kosmeti and kosmetika 1G (cosmetic/ Kosmetik), 
  kosmetiko G (beautifying),  
  kosmeti  cosmetic  
"kosmetika 1+G  beautifying; cosmetic" changed "1+G" to "{=kosmeti} GX". 
"kosmetiko G  beautifying; cosmetic" added "{=kosmeti} X". 
"kosmeti +G  cosmetic; beautifying" item added. 

kotona and kotoni (Baumwolle),  
  kotona, gosipi  cotton  
(kotoni not in GID.)
"gosipi G  cotton" added "{prefer kotona}". 

krania and kraniu (skull/ Schädel), 
  [Greek kranion, English "cranium"]  
  krania  skull, cranium  
"kraniu {=krania} 1X  cranium; skull" removed "1", while "krania 1++ 
  cranium; skull" remains. 

kredita and kredito  (credit/ Kredit, Guthaben, Ansehen),  
  kredito  credit  
"kredita  credit" added "{=kredito} X", while "kredito 1++  credit" 

krepuscula 1 and krepuskula (twilight/ Zwielicht),  
  krepuskula okay, krepuscula misprint, delete.  
"krepuscula 1+    twilight" item deleted. 
"krepuskula  twilight" added "+". 

kresce and krescenta and olesce (grow/ wachsen), 
  (see also exkresce and adoleske) 
  kresce = 1000  grow, become 
  MG. = Latin  oleske  as in adolescent  become adult.  
(Perhaps unnecessary: "adoleske  grow up" !?)
"krescenta 1  crescent" changed "1" to "{=kresce} X", while "kresce 1++ 
  crescent; grow; growth; increase" remains. 
"olesce  grow" item deleted. 
"oleske {prefer kresce}  grow" item added. 
"krescita +  freshen" certainly typing error, changed to "frescita", 
  added "{=fresko} X".
"fresko 1++  fresh; ventilation" added meaning "freshen". 

kresta and krusta, see also lofi and lophi (crest/ Haube),  
  kresta = 1000  crest 
  MG = lofi (as in lopni) 
  krusta = crust.  
"krusta 1  crest; crust; scab" added "+", removed meaning "crest". 
  "kresta 1+  crest; ridge" remains. 
"lofi G  crest" added "{prefer kresta}". 
"lofo 1G  crest" removed "1", added "{=lofi, prefer kresta} X". 
(lophi not in GID. 
German translations: 
  crest - Bergrücken, Kamm, Büschel, Haube, Gipfelpunkt, 
    Scheitelpunkt, Mähne 
  ridge - Grat 
  crust - Kruste, Frechheit 
  scab - Krätze, Schorf) 

kri and krita (cry/ schreien),  
"kri {=krita} 1X  cry {scream}" 
"krita 1+  cry out; cry {scream}; scream; shriek"  

kribri and kribro (sieve/ Sieb, sieben),  
  kribri = sieve  
"kribro  sieve; sift" added "{=kribri} X". 
  "kribri 1+  sieve; sift" remains. 
kripti and kripto (geheim),  
  kripti  hide, cryptic  
"kripti 1++G  hide; conceal; cryptic; hidden; mask {v}; mystery; 
  stealthy" item added. 
"kripto 1++G  hide; conceal; cryptic; hidden; mystery; stealthy" 
  changed "1++G" to "{=kripti} 1GX", added meaning "mask {v}".  
"kripto-ra 1+  mask" changed "1+" to "{=kripti-ra} 1X", changed meaning 
  to "mask {n}". 
"kripti-ra 1+  mask {n}" item added. 

krisi and krisis (crisis/ Krise),  
"krisi 1++G  crisis; critical {crisis}", 
"krisis {=krisi} 1GX  crisis; critical {crisis}".   

kristi and kristo (Christian/ christlich),  
(in Deutsch-Glosa1000: kristo-nati, 18Steps: Kristo-nati,
G6000: Kristo-nati, CentralGlosa: kristo-pe, kristo-nati, Kristi Bibli,
no-Kristi.  Only two times Kristi, so it is kristo!). 
"Kristi Bibli 1  Bible [the ]" changed "1" to "{=Kristo-Bibli} 1X". 
"Kristo-Bibli 1*  Bible [the ]" item added. 
"no-Kristi 1  heathen" changed "1" to "{=no-Kristo} 1X". 
"no-Kristo 1*  heathen" item added. 

kritici and kritika and kritiki (critisize/ kritisieren),  
  kritici okay, criticize.  (kritika, -iki delete)  
(Remaining items: 
  "kriti-pe {=kritici-pe} 1X  critic" and
  "kritici tristo 1  reproach".)
"kriti-pe 1  critic" item deleted. 
"kritici-pe 1+*  critic" item added. 
"kritici 1++G  criticize; rebuke; review; scold" remains. 
"kritika 1  criticize" added "{=kritici} X". 
"kritiki  criticize" added "{=kritici} X". 
"kritiki-ra  criticism" added "{=kritici-ra} X". 
"kritici-ra +*  criticism" item added. 

krokodilo and krokodilus 1G (crocodile/ Krokodil),  
"krokodilo G  crocodile" added "{=krokodilus} X", while "krokodilus 
  1+G   crocodile" remains. 

krude and krudi (raw/ roh),  
"krude {=krudi} 1X  tasteless; uncultured; uncouth; vulgar", 
"krudi 1++  raw; blunt {rude}; rough; rude; tasteless; uncouth; 
  uncultured; vulgar".  

ktena and pektina (comb/ Kamm, kämmen),  
  pektina = 1000  comb.  
  ktena = MG comb. (Greek ctenophore)  
"ktena G  comb" added "{prefer pektina}", while "pektina 1++  comb" 

kubita and kubito  (elbow/ Ellenbogen),  
  kubita  elbow.  
"kubito  elbow" added "{=kubita} X", while "kubita 1++  elbow; nudge" 

kuku 1 and kukulus (cuckoo/ Kuckuck),  
  kukulus = cuckoo.  
"kuku 1+  cuckoo" changed "1+" to "{=kukulus} X". 
"kukulus  cuckoo" added "+". 

kukurbi 1 and kukurbita (gourd/ Kürbis),  
  kukurbita = gourd.  
"kukurbi 1+  gourd" changed "1+" to "{=kukurbita} 1X". 
"kukurbita  gourd" added "+". 

kulti and kultiva  (cultivate/ kultivieren),  
  kulti = cultivate  1000 
  kultiva = MG.  cultivate  
"kulti 1++  cultivate; raise {agriculture}; till {cultivate}". 
"kultiva {prefer kulti}  cultivate; till {cultivate}". 
"a kron {=a-kron} 1  punctual; till; until" changed "till" to 
  "till {until}". 
"a-kron 1++  punctual; till; until" changed "till" to "till {until}". 
"kasa  cash box; till {n}" changed meanings to "cash-box; till {cash}", 
  added meaning "cash-register". 

kune and kunea (wedge/ Keil),  
  kune  wedge  
"kunea  wedge" added "{=kune} X", while "kune 1++  wedge" remains. 

kursi and kursu  (run/ Kurs, Kursus, Lauf, laufen),  
  kursi  run MG.  
(kursu not in GID.) 

kurta and kurte (shorten/ kürzen),  
"kurta {=kurte} X  shorten", 
"kurte 1  short; shorten; brief".  


labora and labori and laboro (work/ Arbeit, Labor),  
  ergo = work 1000, labori  work MG.  
(labori is in Central Glosa p. 40, but labora fits
better to elabora, ko-labora, laboratori, also to Latin verb
"labora 1+  labor; labour; work {n}; work {v}", 
"labori {=labora, prefer ergo} 1X  labor; labour; work {n}; work {v}", 
"laboro {=labora, prefer ergo} 1X  labor; labour; work". 

laevo 1 and levo 1 (left-hand),  
  laevo = 1000  left(-hand)  delete levo  
"laevo 1  left {hand}; left-hand" added "++". 
"levo 1++  left {hand}; left-hand" changed "1++" to "{=laevo} X". 

lakri and lakrima (tear/ Träne),  
(lakrima is in Central Glosa, p. 40, so it should be prefered.) 
"lakri {=lakrima} 1++  tear {eye}; cry {weep}; weep {cry}" changed 
  "{=lakrima} 1++" to "{short form of lakrima} 1". 
"lakrima {=lakri} 1+  tear {eye}; cry {weep}; weep {cry}" changed 
  "{=lakri} 1+" to "{or short form lakri} 1++".  

lali and lalia (chatter/ plappern),  
"lali 1G  chatter" (Central-list), 
"lalia {=lali} GX  chatter".  

lami and lamina (slice/ Scheibe),  
"lami 1  slice; plate; film; layer; laminate; pane; sheet", 
"lamina 1++  slice; plate; film; layer; laminate; pane; sheet",

lance and lonka (lance/ Lanze), 
  (also lancina (tear to peaces))  
  lance = lance 1st choice, lonka 2 (Greek)  
"lance 1++  lance; spear" changed "++" to "+". 
"lonka  lance; spear" added "{prefer lance} G". 

lapse and lapso (slide/ gleiten),  
(also a cognate: "lapsu  error"!)
"lapse 1  slide; slip {slide}", Central-list. 
"lapso {=lapse} 1X  slide; slip {slide}".  

latex 1 and latici 1 (rubber/ Gummi),  
  latex (1) + latici (2) = rubber, MG.  
(see above, guma/gumi ...) 

laxa 1 and laxi 1 (loose/ verlieren),  
  laxa  loose.  
(Items remain: 
  "laxa 1++  lax; loose; slack", 
  "laxi {=laxa} 1X  lax; loose; slack".) 

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

legier and levia (light/ leicht),  
  levia = light (not heavy) 1000, leiger delete.  
"legier {=levia} X  light {not heavy}; weight [light ]; nimble" item 

leguma and legumi (vegetable/ Gemüse)  
"leguma {=legumi} 1X  greens; pot-herb; vegetable" and  
"legumi 1+  vegetable; bean; greens; legume; pea; pot-herb".  

Leo and leoni (lion/ Löwe)  
"Leo 1+  lion" (original Latin word and scientifical zoological
"leoni {=Leo} 1X  lion", Central-list.  

lepi and lepido (scale/ Schuppe),  
(lepido is in "Central Glosa", p. 40, so it should be prefered.) 
"lepi {=lepido} 1G  scale {body cover}" added "X". 
"lepido {=lepi} 1++G  scale {body cover}" removed "{=lepi}".  

lepu and Lepus 1 (hare/ Hase),  
  lepus  hare  
"lepu  hare" added "{=Lepus} X". 

lexiko and lexikon (dictionary, lexicon/ Wörterbuch),  
  lexi = word MG. = 1000 verba. 
  lexiko = dictionary MG. (1000 verba-bibli, verba-lista.)  
"lexi 1G  word" changed "1G" to "{prefer verba} G". 
"lexikon  dictionary; lexicon" added "{=lexiko} X". 
"lexiko 1++G  dictionary; lexicon" changed "1++G" to "1+G". 
"verba lista 1+   vocabulary" changed to "verba-lista", changed "1+" to 
  "1++", added meaning "dictionary". 
"verbi  word" added "{=verba} X". 
"verbi-bibli ++  dictionary" changed "++" to "{=verba-bibli} X". 
"verba-bibli 1++  dictionary" item added. 
"adverba  adverb" added "+". 
"adverbi 1+  adverb" changed "1+" to "{=adverba} X". 
"akti-verbi ++  verb" changed "++" to "{=akti-verba} X". 
"akti-verba ++  verb" item added. 
"deskribe-verbi ++  adjective; adverb" changed "++" to 
  "{=deskribe-verba} X", removed meaning "adverb". 
"deskribe-verba ++  adjective; adverb" item added. 
"klavi verba 1  verb" changed to "klavi-verba". 
"sakri-verbi  oath" added "{=sakri-verba} X". 
"sakri-verba  oath" item added. 
"vice-verba 1  pronoun" added "+". 

limaci and Limax 1 (slug/ Schnecke),  
(Limax is in a Glosa1000-list, so it should be prefered.) 
"limaci  slug; snail" added "{=Limax} X". 

limbi and loma (hem/ Saum, säumen), also giso,  
"borda  border" added "{prefer margina}". 
"giso G  border; hem" added "{prefer margina}". 
"kosimba G  border; edge" added "{prefer margina}". 
"kraspedo G  border" added "{prefer margina}" and meaning "hem". 
"limbi  border; hem" added "{prefer margina}". 
"loma G  fringe; hem" added "{prefer margina}", changed "fringe" to 
  "fringe {border}". 
"margina 1++  border; brim; edge; hem {border}; kerb; margin; rim; 
  verge" added meaning "fringe {border}". 
"teretro +G  border {n}" removed "+", changed "border {n}" to "borer" !!! 
  because of Greek "teretron". Added "{prefer fora-ru}", added meaning 
  "drill {tool}". 
"fora 1++  hole; bore {hole}; leak; perforate; pierce; puncture" added 
  meaning "drill {v, make holes}" 
"exercise 1++  drill {military}; exercise; practice" changed 
  "drill {military}" to "drill {training}". 
  kraspedon - Rand, Saum: Abhang; Flügel eines Heeres; Zipfel, 
                           Troddel, Quaste. 
  teretron - Bohrer (English borer) !!! 
German translations: 
  border - Grenze, Rand, Saum, Rahmen, Einfassung. 
  hem - (Kleider-)Saum, säumen. 
  fringe - Franse; Ponyfrisur; Rand, Einfassung, Umrandung; Randbezirk, 
    Randgebiet, Randzone.)  

ligna and ligni (wood/ Holz),  
"ligna {=ligni} 1X  wood {substance}". 
"ligni 1   timber; wood {substance}".  

limi and limo (mud/ Schlamm),  
  limo = 1000 mud  
"limo 1  mud" changed "1" to "1++", added meaning "slime". 
"limi 1++  mud; slime" changed "1++" to "{=limo} X". 

limni and limno (lake/ See),  
(limni not in GID.  Nothing done.)  

linu and Linum (flax/ Flachs),  
"linu {=Linum} 1X  linen; flax", 
"Linum 1+  linen; flax", Central-list.   

liqi and liqui (juice/ Saft),  
"liqi 1++  liquid; fuse; juice; liquefy; liquify; melt; thaw". 
"liqui {=liqui} 1X  juice".  

lisi and liso (smooth/ glatt),  
(Greek λ'ις - glatt (smooth), 
but: λ'υσις - Lösung, Auflösung, Trennung (separate).
and: λ'υσσα - Wut, Raserei (crazy, mad). 
So, here are three different Greek words!) 
"lisi 1++G  analysis; isolate; separate; smooth" removed meaning 
"lisi {=liso, prefer glabro} GX  smooth" item added. 
"lisimakia +G  loosestrife" (German: Pfennigkraut) removed "+". 
"liso G  crazy; mad; smooth" removed meaning "smooth". 
"liso {prefer glabro} G  smooth" item added. 
"liso-line 1+  streamline" removed "1+", added "{prefer glabro-line}". 
"glabro-line 1+*  streamline" item added. 
"liso-ru 1  file {tool}" (Feile), could be mixed up with  
  "lisi-ru 1  spanner" (Schraubenschlüssel). In book "18 Steps", 
  p. 41, there is "rase-ru" for "file", but "rase" is not in any list. 
  With "raspa" (scrape) it would be "raspa-ru", but "raspa" is no 
  Glosa1000-word.  "razo" is Glosa1000, but is also "shave", so 
  "razo-ru" could be mixed up with "razo-me" (razor). 
  "frika  scrape" seems best to me, so ... 
  "liso-ru 1  file {tool}" changed "1" to "{=frika-ru} X", while 
  "lisi-ru 1  spanner" remains, though not beautiful. 
"frika-ru 1*  file {tool}" item added. 

livra, livre and livri  (deliver/ liefern),  
  livra = deliver MG.  
"livra 1++  deliver". 
"livre {=livra} 1X  deliver". 

lofi and lofo (crest/ Haube),  
(see above, kresta) 

loka and loki (put/ setzen),  
"loka 1++  ...". 
"loki {=loka} 1X  put". 

long and longi (length, long - along/ lang, Länge - entlang), 
  also doliko, makro, oblongi (oblong)  
(longi - extent of time, too, or only space ??? )
"doliko G  long" added "{prefer longi}", changed "long" to "long 
  {adj}" (Greek δολιχ'ος). 
"long  length; long" added "{=longi} X", changed meaning "long" to 
  "long {adj}".  
"longi 1++  along; length; long; long {adj}" removed meaning "long". 
"makro G  long" added "{prefer longi}", changed "long" to "long {adj}". 
"oblongi 1+  oblong" remains, though not beautiful. 
"fo-volu 1++  ambition; appetite; desire; long for; yearn" changed 
  "long for" to "long {v} for". 

lucifera and lucifero (matchstick/ Streichholz),  
"lucifera {=lucifero} X  matchstick"
"lucifero 1  matchstick; match {stick}".  

ludi and ludo (play - game/ spielen - Spiel),  
  ludi = MG.  
"ludi  play" added "++" and changed meanings to "play {game}; 
  fun {play}; game". 
"ludo 1++  fun; game" changed "1++" to "{=ludi} X" and meanings to 
  "play {game}; fun {play}; game".  
"hedo 1++G  fun; gay {happy}; glad; glee; good-humoured; happiness; 
  happy; joy; like to; merry; pleasant; pleased; pleasure; rejoice" 
  changed meaning "fun" to "fun {feeling}". 
"sporta 1++  game; play {game}; sport" changed meanings to "sport; 
  game {especially sport}; play {especially sport}". 
"joko 1++  jest; joke; joke [play a ]; play" changed meaning to 
  "play {joke}".  

lukta and lukti (fight/ kämpfen),  
"lukta 1++  fight; strive; struggle; wrestle". 
"lukto {=lukta} 1X  fight".  

lutea and luteo (yellow/ gelb),  
"lutea 1  yellow; brownish", 
"luteo {=lutea} X  yellow; brownish".  


makina and mekani and mekina (machine/ Maschine),  
  makina = machine, motor. 
  mekani = mechanism, device 
  mekana delete  
(mekana not in GID.)
"makina 1++G  engine; machine; machinery" added meaning "motor". 
"me[-] {=mekani} 1++  device" added meaning "mechanism". 
"mekani 1++G  device; mechanic; mechanical" added meaning "mechanism". 

mapa (map/ Landkarta) and mapamunda (map of the world/ Welkarte),  
"mapamunda  map of the world" added "{=munda-carta} X". 
"munda-carta 1+*  map of the world" item added.  

margari 1G (pearl) and margarita G (pearl, also 1 daisy),  
"margarina 1  margarine" added "+". 
(Other items remain: 
"margari 1++G  pearl", 
"margari-zo 1+  string of pearls", 
"margarita 1  daisy; marguerite", 
"margarita {=margari} GX  pearl".) 

marmelada and marmelade 1 (jam/ Marmelade),  
"marmelada  jam; marmalade" added "{=marmelade} X", while "marmelade 1+
  jam; marmalade" remains. 

marona 1 and maroni (maroon - chestnut/ Esskastanie - Kastanie),  
"maroni  chestnut; maroon" added "{=marona} X", while "marona 1+ 
  chestnut; maroon" remains.  

martira 1G and martiro (martyr/ Märtyrer),  
"martiro G  martyr" added "{=martira} X".  

matema and mati (learn/ lernen),  
"matema 1G  learn; learning; lesson", Central-list, but "gene sko"
  should be prefered. 
"mati {=matema, prefer gene sko} GX  learn".  

matematika and mati (maths/ Mathematik),  
"matematika 1+G   math; mathematics; maths", 
"mati {=matematika} GX  maths".  

materi and materia (matter/ Stoff),  
"materi 1  matter; stuff" added "{=materia} X".  

matri 1 and meter and metri and metro (mother/ Mutter) 
  [metro also measure!]  
("matri 1++  mother" remains.) 
"meter G  mother; womb" added "{take matri for mother, uteri for womb} X". 
"metro {=matri} GX  mother; womb" changed "{=matri}" to "{take matri 
  for mother, uteri for womb}". 
"metro-polis +G  mother city" changed meaning to "metropolis; 
  city [mother ]".   

medi and medio (middle/ mitten)  
"medi {=medio} 1X  middle" though in Central-list, 
"medio 1+  middle; average; amid; centre; medial; medium {middle};
  mid; moderate; mean {middle}; normal".  

mei and meio (less/ weniger),  
  mei  1000 less, lessen.  
"mei 1++  decrease; less; minor; wane" added meaning "lessen". 
"meio ++G  less; lessen" changed "++G" to "{=mei} GX".  

mela G and melano 1G (black/ schwarz),  
("melano 1++G  black" remains.) 
"mela {=melano} G  black" added "X".  

melo and melosi (dwindle/ abnehmen),  
  melosi  MG.  
"mei 1++  less; lessen; decrease; minor; wane" added meaning "dwindle". 
"melo 1G  dwindle" added "{=melosi, take mei} X", removed "1". 
"melosi 1G  dwindle" added "{prefer mei}", removed "1".  

meno and mense and mensi (month/ Monat), 
"meno 1++G  month; monthly", 
"mense  menses; menstruation; month", 
"mensi {take meno} 1X  month; monthly" (from Español-bibli).   

mensura and metri (measure/ messen),  
  metri = 1000   mensura = MG Latin  
"mensura  measure" added "{prefer metri}".  

menta 1 (chin, also mental, mind and mint) and mentu (chin/ Kinn),  
  mentu = chin 
  menta = mind. 1000 
  menta = MG. mint (menthol)  
"menta 1++  chin; mental; mind" removed meaning "chin". 
"mentu  chin" added "++". 
"Menta 1  mint" removed "1".  

merca and merka and merko (purchase/ kaufen, Kauf),  
  merka = 1000 to buy 
  merca = was when Glosa not phonetic.  Sometimes "C", "PH" + "CH" 
    have not been changed by mistake, and sometimes explains why 
    "Y", "K", "F" not always in correct alphabetical order.  
"merca  purchase" added "{=merka} X". 
"merko-vendo-pe 1  merchant" added "{=merka-vendo-pe} X". 
"merka-vendo-pe 1*  merchant" item added.  

merita and merito 1 (deserve/ verdienen),  
"merita  deserve; earn; merit" added "{=merito} X".  

meso and medio (middle), 
  note also: medieva (middle ages/ Mittelalter),  
  meso Greek = 1000  middle, centre. 
  medio = MG.  middle, centre  Latin (mediocre)  
"meso 1++G  amid; middle" added meanings "centre; average; moderate; mean 
"medio 1++  average; middle; moderate; means {middle}" added meaning 
  "centre", changed "means" to "mean", changed "++" to "+". 
"semani 1++G  mean {v}; meaning" changed "mean {v}" to "mean {signify}". 
"signifi 1  mean; signify" changed "mean" to "mean {signify}". 
"abjekti  mean" changed "mean" to "mean {paltry}, mean {not nice}" 
  (cf. Latin abiectus). 
"volu akti 1++  mean {v}" changed "mean {v}" to "mean {intend to do}". 
"volu dice 1++  mean {v}" changed "mean {v}" to "mean {intedn to say}". 
"per 1++  by means of; per" added meaning "means of [by ]".  

metra and metri (meter),  
  metri = 1000  measure, meter.  
(See above, kilometri.  I keep the agreement: metri - measure and 
metra the unit meter. 
So centimetra, kilometra, metra, milimetra remain with -a.)  
"simetri G*  symmetry; symmetrical" item added (cf. asimetri). 
"metri 1++G  measure; meter; size" changed meanings to "measure; 
  dimension; mete {v}; meter {v}; size {measurements}". 
"metri [plu ] 1++  size" changed "++" to "+", changed "size" to 
  "size {measurements}". 
"glu 1++  glue; stick {glue}" added meaning "size {glue}". 
"metri-ru ++  meter" changed meaning to "meter {measuring device}". 
"mikrometra +  millionth/metre; millionth of a metre [one ]" item 
"mikron +G  millionth/metre; millionth of a metre [one ]" changed "+" 
  to "{prefer mikrometra} G". 
"perimetro +G  perimeter" changed "+" to "{=perimetri} X". 
"perimetri G*  perimeter" item added.  

mime and mimi (imitate/ nachahmen),  
"mime {=mimi} 1GX  imitate". 
"mimi 1+G  copy; imitate; mimic".  

ministra-pe and ministry-pe (minister/ Minister),  
"ministry  ministry" item deleted. 
"ministra  ministry" item added. 
"ministry-pe  minister" item deleted. 
"ministra-pe  minister" item added.  

mio 1G and mios 1G and Mus 1 (mouse/ Maus) [mio also muscle] = muri ???,  
  mio = mouse (myoscitis) 
  mus = MG.  also muri as in Latin murine, muriform, muridae, muriarium  
(I do not follow Wendy's preference, to avoid homonym mouse/muscle.) 
"mio 1G  mouse; muscle" made to two items: "mio 1G  mouse {animal}" and 
  "mio G  muscle". 
"Mios 1+G  mouse" changed to "Mios {=mio, prefer Mus} GX  mouse 
"muri {prefer Mus} X  mouse {animal}" item added. 
"glis  dormouse {mouse}; mouse {dormouse}" changed meanings to 
  "dormouse; mouse {especially dormouse}". 
"Mus 1++  mouse" changed meaning to "mouse {animal}; mouse {computer}", 
  cf. PGN 86. 
"sminto G  mouse" changed "mouse" to "mouse {especially field-mouse}; 
  field-mouse", cf. Greek sminthos. 
"sorex  mouse" changed "mouse" to "mouse {especially shrew}; 
  shrew-mouse; shrew". 
"hirax +G  shrew" cannot find Greek origin, Glosa and Greek "hierax" is 
  "hawk".  To avoid confusion with "hierax", removed "+". 
  Greek "shrew" would be μυγαλ~η. 

misteri G (mystery) and misteria (mysterious) and mistika (mystic),  
"misteri 1++G  mystery; weird" added meanings "mystic; mysterious" and 
  "unexplained" (from Kevin Smith's list). 
"misteria ++  mysterious" removed "++". 
"mistika 1+G  mystic" remains.  

mobila and mobili and mobilia and short form -mo (furniture/ Möbel),  
"mobila  furnish; furniture; piece of furniture" added "{=mobili} X".  

momenta and momento (moment/ Moment), 
"momenta 1  moment", 
"momento {=momenta} 1X  moment" (from Español-bibli).  

momio and mumi (mummy/ Mumie),  
  (from a letter from Wendy, 2002-01-25:)
  momio = egipti morta-soma. 
  mumi = infanti dice pro matri (onomatopoeia)  
"momio  mummy" added to "mummy" "{wrapped body}". 
"mumi +  mummy" changed meaning to "mummy {mother}; mommy". 
"momi +  mommy" changed "+" to "{=mumi} X".  

monaka G and monako 1G (monk/ Mönch),  
(Items are: 
"monaka {=monako} GX  monk; monastic", 
"monako 1+G  monk; monastic" and 
"monako-do 1  monastery".)  

moral and morali (moral/ Moral) 
"moral {=morali} 1X  chaste" (from Espa&ntile;ol-bibli), 
"morali 1++  moral; chaste; ethical; ethics; morale".  

moro and moroni (moron/ schwachsinnig),  
"moro {=moroni} GX  moron; stupid", 
"moroni 1G  moron; stupid" (aus Español-bibli).  

morto-lo and morta-lo (cemetery/ Friedhof),  
"morta-lo 1++  cemetery; churchyard; grave {tomb}; tomb". 
"morto-lo {=morta-lo} 1X  cemetery".  

move and moti (move/ bewegen),  
"moti 1++  lay; move; move something; place {v}; put; shift;
"move 1  move; go" (from Español-bibli).  

movimento (traffic) and movimenta (movement, PGN 37),  
"movimenta  movement" added "{=movimento, prefer cirkulati or kine} X" and 
  meaning "traffic". 
"movimento {prefer cirkulati or kine}  traffic" added meaning 

muce (be mouldy/ modrig sein) and mucido (mouldy/ modrig), 
  muci (slimy/ schleimig) and mucilagino (slimy) and muku (mucus/ 
(cf. Latin mucidus (schimmelig; schleimig, rotzig) 
  and mucus (Nasenschleim, Rotz), so it is more "slime" than "mouldy"!) 
"muce {=muci} X  mouldy [be ]",
"muci 1+  mucus; mouldy; mouldy [be ]; silt; slime; slimy", 
"mucido {=muci} X  mouldy; mouldy [be ]", 
"mucilagino {=muci} X  slimy", 
"muku {=muci} 1X  mucus; silt; slime".  

mula and mulo 1 (mule/ Maulesel),  
  muli = MG mule  as in muline, mulita, mulish, mulionicus etc.  
"mula  mule" added "{=muli} X". 
"mulo 1+  mule" changed "1+" to "{=muli} X". 
"muli +  mule" item added.  

murmura and murmuro 1 (murmur),  
  mumuro  murmur MG.  
(Certainly error, must be murmuro.) 
"murmura  murmur" added "{=murmuro} X".  

musea 1G and museu G (museum/ Museum),  
  museu = museum.  
"musea 1+G  museum" changed "1+G" to "{=museu} GX". 
"museu G  museum" added "+".  

muski and musko and musku (moss/ Moos),  
  muski = moss MG. 
  muska = a fly  MG.  diptera  
"musko {=muski} 1  moss" changed "1" to "X". 
"musku  moss" added "{=muski} X".  

muskula 1 and muskulo (muscle/ Muskel) [also mio],  
(Items remain: 
"muskula 1++  muscle" and 
"muskulo {=muskula} X  muscle".) 


natio and nation (Nation),  
(nation not in GID, so nothing done.)  

nebula and nebu (fog/ Nebel),  
  nebu = 1000   nebula = MG.  
"nebu 1  fog; haze; mist" changed "1" to "1++", changed "mist" to "mist 
"nebula 1++  fog; mist" changed "1++" to "{prefer nebu}", changed 
  "mist" to "mist {fog}". 
"homikla G  fog; mist", added "{prefer nebu}",  changed "mist" to "mist 

negoti and negotia (business/ Geschäft),  
"negoti 1++  business; negotiate; deal {business}; business [do ];
  negotiation; negotiations" (from Español-bibli),  
"negotia {=negoti} 1X  business; negotiate; deal {business}; business
  [do ]; negotiation; negotiations".  

nema G and nemato G (thread),  
(Greek ν~ημα, so nema should be prefered.)
"nema {=nemato} G  thread" changed "{=nemato}" to "{prefer fi}". 
"nemato {=neam} G  thread" changed "{=neam}" to "{=nema, prefer fi} X".  

nervosi and nervoso (nervous/ nervös),  
"nervosi {=nervoso} 1X  nervous; anxious" (from Español-bibli), 
"nervoso 1++  nervous; anxious; eager; jittery; timid".  

neutra, neutro, nutra (neutral/ neutral),  
"neutra 1++  neutral; neuter" (in "Central Glosa" p. 44 and "18 Steps"
  p. 76). 
"neutro {=neutra} 1X  neutral; neuter", 
"nutra {=neutra} 1X  neutral" (obviously typing error in "Central
  Glosa", p. 103).  

nexi 1 and nexu 1 (connection),  
(nexu is in the list Central Glosa, so it should be prefered.
There is also an item navi-nexu - port.) 
"nexi 1++  attach; connect; connection; connexion; interconnection; 
  join {connection}; junction; network" changed "1++" to 
  "{=nexu} 1X". 
"nexu 1  attach; connect; connection; connexion; interconnection; 
  join {connection}; junction; network" added "++". 
"konekti {=nexi} 1  connect" changed "{=nexi}" to "{prefer nexu}".  

nidi and nido (nest/ Nest, nisten),  
  nidi = 1000  nest  
"nidi 1++  nest", 
"nido {=nidi} 1X  nest".  

nifa and niva and nivi (Schnee),  
  nivi = 1000 snow.  Also MG. = nifa (Greek nipha).  
(niva not in GID.  "nivi 1++  snow" remains. )
"nifa  snow" added "{prefer nivi}".  

nigra and nigri and nigro (black/ schwarz),  
"nigra 1  black", Central-list. 
"nigri {=nigra, prefer melano} X  black". 
"nigro 1  Negro". 
"nigro {=nigra, prefer melano} 1X  black".  

nikti (wink/ zwinkern, also night) and nive (wink),  
(Latin "nicto" and "coniveo".  nikti is in a 1000-list, so it should be
prefered, so "nikti 1+  blink; wink" remains.) 
"nive  wink" added "{prefer nikti}".  

nilon and niloni (nylon/ Nylon),  
"nilon  nylon" added "{=niloni} X", while "niloni 1++  nylon" remains.  

nima 1G and nomina 1 and onomato G (name),  
(nomina is in the important Central-Glosa list, so it should be 
"nima 1G  appoint; name" added "+". 
"nima-bibli 1++  directory" changed "1++" to "1+". 
"nima-verba 1++  noun" removed "++". 
"nomina-verba  noun" added "++". 
"onomato G  name" added "{prefer nomina}". 

noce and noku (damage, harm/ Schaden, schaden), also damna  
  noku = 1000  harm, hurt, damage 
  noce = MG    harm, hurt, damage (innocent)   
(Remaining items: 
  "noku 1++  damage; harm; harmful; hurt; inflict; injure; mischief; 
    noxious; spoil {damage}; torment; wear out", 
  "noku-zoa 1  vermin", 
  "ge-noku infanti 1  spoilt child", 
  "inocenti ++  innocence; innocent" (???), 
  "inokuo +  innocuous" (???).)
"noce  damage; harm" added "{prefer noku}" and meaning "hurt". 
"damna  damage; harm" added "{prefer noku}". 
"ne-noce 1++  innocent" changed "1++" to "{prefer inocenti}", though 
  "inocenti" is not Glosa 1000.  

nokti and noktu (night/ Nacht), also nikti G and nikto  
  noktu = 1000  night (nocturnal)  
(Remaining items: 
  "fu-di noktu 1  tomorrow night", 
  "fu-noktu 1  tomorrow night", 
  "noktu 1++  night; nocturnal", 
  "nu-noktu 1++  tonight", 
  "pa-noktu 1  last night",  
  "pre-noktu 1  evening".)  
"noktu papilio 1  moth" changed to "noktu-papilio", added "+". 
"tinea +  moth larva" removed "+", could be noktu-papilio larva.
"nauplius +G  crustacean larva" removed "+". 
"nokti 1  night" changed "1" to "{=noktu} X". 
"nikti G  night" added "{=noktu} X". 
"nikto {=noktu} 1X  night" (from Español-bibli).  

nord and nordi (north/ Nord)  
"nord 1++  north". 
"nordi {=nord} 1X  north".  

nota and noti and notice (notice/ bemerken),  
"nota 1++  note; notice; bill; observe; record; remark". 
"noti {=nota} 1X  notice". 
"notice {=nota} 1X  notice; note; remark; observe" (from

novela and noveli (novel/ Novelle),  
"novela 1  novel" (from Español-bibli), 
"noveli {=novela} X  novel".  

Novembra and novembro (November),  
"Novembra 1  November" added comment "{prefer meno mo-mo}". 
"novembro  November" added "{=Novembra, prefer meno mo-mo} X".  

nuci (nut, also trifling!) and nuki 1 (nut/ Nuss) and 
  nukle (nucleus) and nuklea (nucleus; kernel),  
  nuki = 1000  nut, nucleus 
  nukie = MG  nucleus  
(Certainly error of Wendy, must be nukle.)
"nuki 1++  nut; kernel; nuclear; nucleus". 
"nuki energi 1+   nuclear energy", Central-list. 
"nukle  nucleus". 
"nuklea {prefer nuki} 1  kernel; nucleus", Central-list.  

nume 1 and numera (count/ zählen),  
(numera is in Central Glosa list, so it should be prefered.
See also below, prima/proto.) 
"nume 1++  count; number" changed "1++" to "{=numera} 1X". 
"numera 1  count; number" added "++". 

nupti 1 and nuptia (wedding/ Hochzeit),  
(Latin word is "nuptiae", English cognate "nuptials".)
"nupti 1  marriage ceremony; wedding", Central-list. 
"nuptia {=nupti} X  wedding".  


obe and obedi (gehorchen),  
  obe = 1000  obey.   
(obedi not in GID.  So nothing done)  

obskura and obskuri (dunkel),  
  obskuri = MG  obskure  
(There is only an item "klar-obskuro +  clar-oskuro" in GID. 
It is in "Glosa 6000", p. 97)  

obtunde and obtusi (blunt/ stumpf),  
  obtusi = dull, blunt  
"obtunde  blunt" added "{=obtusi, prefer non-akuto} X", changed "blunt" 
  to "blunt {not sharp}". 
"obtusi  blunt" added "{prefer non-akuto}" and meaning "dull {not 
  sharp}", changed "blunt" to "blunt {not sharp}". 
"amblio G  blunt; dull" changed meanings to "blunt {not sharp}; dull 
  {not sharp}; dull {not strong}" (cf. Greek αμβλ'υς)
"bruska  blunt; rude" added "{French, prefer krudi}", changed "blunt" 
  to "blunt {rude}" (cf. French brusque). 
"non-akuto 1++  blunt" changed meanings to "blunt {not sharp}; dull 
  {not sharp}". 
"no-stimula 1++  dull {boring}" added meaning "boring {adj}". 
"stolidi  stupid; dull" changed "dull" to "dull {stupid}". 
"krudi 1++  raw; rough; rude" added meaning "blunt {rude}". 

ocide and ocidenta (west/ Westen),  
  ocide = 1000  west, ocidenta = MG  west.  
(The important Central-Glosa list seems to prefer boreo, orienta, 
ocide and austra for North, East, South, West.  I do not follow this 
preference, and let it nord, est, sud, uest, which sound more 
international.  When abbreviated, O-rienta and O-cide must not get the 
same letter.  It is not beautiful, that one has -enta-ending, the other 
"ocide 1  west" added "{prefer uest}". 
"ocidenta  west" added "{prefer uest}". 

odi 1 and odio 1 (hate/ hassen),  
"odi {=odio} 1X  hate" (although in Central-list), 
"odio 1++  odious; hate; detest; disgust; distaste; hatred; loathe".  

odori 1 and odoro and ozo (odor/ Geruch),  
  odoro = 1000  smell (odorous) 
  ozo MG.  Greek (ozone, ozo-cerite)  
(odori has X already.) 
"ozo G  smell" added "{prefer odoro}".  

ofere and ofero (offer/ Angebot, anbieten, bieten),  
("non-ofere 1+  withold" remains.) 
"non-ofero  withold" added "{=non-ofere} X". 
"ofere 1  offer" added "++". 
"ofero 1++  offer" changed "1++" to "{=ofere} X". 
"ofero se 1++  candidate" changed "++" to "{=ofere se} X", changed 
  meaning to "candidate [be a ]", added "run {for office}". 
"ofere se 1++  candidate [be a ]; run {for office}" item added.  

ofice and oficia (office/ Büro),  
"ofice 1  office" added "++" and "official {adj}". 
"ofice-pe 1  officer" added "++" and "official {n}". 
"oficia ++  office; official {adj}" changed "++" to "{=ofice} X". 
"oficia-pe ++  officer; official {person}" changed "++" to 
  "{=ofice-pe} X", "official {person}" to "official {n}". 
"oficiali 1G  official" changed "1G" to "{=ofice} X", "official" to 
  "official {adj}". 
"buro 1  bureau; office; desk" added "++". 
"buro-pe 1++  clerk" added "office worker". 

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

oko G and oku 1 and okuli and opti and optalmo (eye/ Auge), 
  oceli (little eye/ kleines Auge),  
  oku = 1000  eye. (Greek oculist) 
  MG = okuli, optalmo (ophthalmic) 
  + opti (optician, optic nerve) 
  + oceli (ocellatus = having little eyes)  
("adokula  fix eyes on" remains, though not beautiful because of 
  "oku 1++  eye; optical; peep" and 
  "opti  eye; vision" (???) remain.)
"binokula +  binoculars" removed "+". 
"oko G  eye" added "{=oku} X". 
"oku tegu 1++  eyelid" changed to "oku-tegu". 
"okuli  eye" added "{prefer oku}". 
"optalmo G  eye" added "{prefer oku}". 
"oceli +  eye {little}" removed "+".  

Oktobra and oktobro (October/ Oktober),  
"Oktobra 1  October" added "{prefer meno deka}". 
"oktobro  October" added "{=Oktobra, prefer meno deka} X".  

olea and ole and olei (oil/ öl),  
  olea  oil  
"olei G  oil" added "{=olea} X", while "olea 1++G  anoint; oil" 
"ole {=olea} 1X  lubrication; lubricant" (from Español-bibli).  

oliva and Olivi 1 (olive/ Olive),  
"oliva  olive" added "{=Olivi} X", because "Olivi" is in a 

omite 1 and omiti (omit),  
"omiti  omit" added "{=omite} X", while "omite 1+  omit" remains. 

opera and operation (operation/ Operation),  
"opera {=operatio} 1X  operate; operation" 
  (because homonym with "opera"). 
"operatio 1  operate; operation".  

opini and opinio 1 (opinion/ Meinung),  
  opini = opinion  
"opini 1+  opinion; opinion [be of the ] ". 
"opinio {=opini} 1X  opinion". 

orbi (circle, world/ Kreis, Welt), orbis (cycle/ Zyklus), orbita
(orbit/ Orbit)  
"orbi {=orbita} X  circle; world", 
"orbi-ra {take satelita} X  satellite", 
"orbis {=orbita} X  cycle", 
"orbita 1+  orbit; circle; cycle; world".  

orfana 1G and orfano G (orphan/ Waise),  
  orfana  orphan (orphanage)  
"orfano G  orphan" added "{=orfana} X", while "orfana 1+G  orphan" 

origi 1 and origina (origin/ Quelle, Ursprung),  
  origi = 1000, origin.   MG also origina  
"origina {=origi} X  origin; source" changed "{=origi} X" to "{prefer 

osci 1 and oscila and oscili and oski 1 (sway - swing),  
  oscila = 1000  swing, sway, oscillate.  
"osci 1++  oscillate; see-saw; sway; swing; wag {oscillate}" 
  changed "1++" to "{=oscila} X". 
"oscila  oscillate; see-saw; sway; swing; wag {oscillate}" added 
"oscili  oscillate; see-saw; sway; swing; wag {oscillate}" added 
  "{=oscila} X". 
"oski 1  oscillate; see-saw; sway; swing; wag {oscillate}" changed 
  "1" to "{=oscila} X".  

osku 1 and oskula 1 (kiss/ küssen),  
  oskula = 1000 kiss  
(The Central Glosa-list gives "osku(la)", oskula as long form ofosku.) 
"osku 1++  kiss" changed "++" to "{prefer oskula}". 
"oskula 1  kiss" added "++".  

ostraka 1G and ostrako G (shell/ Muschel),  
  ostraka = 1000  shell.  
"ostrako G  shell" added "{=ostraka} X" while "ostraka 1++G  shell" 

Ostre 1G and ostre ostraka 1G and ostrea G (oyster/ Auster),  
  ostraea = MG oyster  
(ostraea is in no list.  ostre seems best.) 
"ostrea G  oyster" added "{=Ostre} X".  

Ovis and ovi (sheep/ Schaf),  
"ovi {=Ovis} 1X  sheep", 
"Ovis 1+  sheep; mutton".  

oxigen and oxigena (oxygen/ Sauerstoff),  
"oxigen  oxygen" added "{=oxigena} X", while "oxigena 1++  oxygen" 


paedi and peda and pedio (child/ Kind),  
"paedi 1G  child; infant" (from Espa&ntile;ol-bibli), 
"pedio {=paedi, take infanti} 1GX   child; infant", 
"peda {=paedi, take infanti} GX  child".  

palida 1 and palidi 1 (wan/ blass),  
(Both words are from the "English 5000 to Glosa 1000" list.) 
"palida 1  pale {in colour}; wan" added "{=palidi} X" without 
  reason, just do not want to keep both, added meaning "pallid". 
"palidi 1++  pale {in colour}; wan" added meaning "pallid".  

paluda and paludi (bog; marsh),  
"paludi  bog; marsh" added "{=paluda} X".  

pan and panto (every/ jeder),  
"pan {=panto} 1++G  all; both {if two}; every" changed "{=panto} 1++G" 
  to "{short form of panto} 1+G". 
"panto {=pan} 1++G  all; both {if two}; every" changed "{=pan}" to 
  "{or short form pan}". 
"pan tem 1  eternal" added "{prefer panto-tem}". 
"pan-tem 1++  always" changed "1++" to "{prefer panto-tem} 1". 
"panto-tem 1++*  eternal; always" item added. 
"pan-lo ++  everyplace; everywhere; widespread" changed "++" to 
  "{prefer panto-lo}". 
"panto-lo 1++*  everyplace; everywhere; widespread" item added.  

paradisi 1G and paradiso 1G (paradise/ Paradis),  
"paradisi 1+G     heaven {paradise}; paradise" changed "+" to 
  "{=paradiso} X". 
"paradiso 1G  heaven {paradise}; paradise" added "+".  

parasiti and parasito 1G (parasite/ Parasit),  
"parasiti G  parasite" added "{=parasito} X".  

parci and pauci (few/ wenige), also oligo,  
  oligo = 1000  a few 
  parci + pauci MG.  a few 
  as in paucity, pauciloquy, parcifolia (having few leaves) 
  parsimonia, parsimony 
  few, scanty, thrifty, penurious, frugal.  
(German translations: 
  sparing - aufbringend, schonend. 
  few - wenig, wenige 
  scanty - dürftig, knapp, spärlich 
  thrifty - geizig 
  penurious - knauserig, karg 
  frugal - bedürfnislos, genügsam, einfach mäßig
  parcus - sparsam, parco - sparen, pauci - wenige, so I think, Wendy's 
"few, scanty, thrifty, penurious, frugal" belong to parci.
"oligo 1++G  few; several" remains.)
"parci +  few; sparing" added meanings "few, scanty, thrifty, 
  penurious, frugal". 
"pauci  few" added "{prefer oligo}".  

parla and parle (speak/ sprechen),  
"parla 1  speak". 
"parle {=parla} 1X  speak".   

parta and parti (part, partial/ Teil, teilweise),  
  parta MG.  part, divide 
  1000 = peci, mero  a part. 
  parti = a party MG.  celebra = 1000.  
(There is an item in GID: "bi-parti +  two-party".  It is from 
"Glosa 6000", p. 79.  What does it mean??? Two partys on one evening?) 
"parta  part; partial {partly}; partly" added meanings "divide; share". 
"parti 1  divide; party; share" removed meanings "divide; share", 
  changed "party" to "party {celebrate}". 
"grega 1++  crew; flock; gang; group; herd; party; swarm; team" 
  changed "party" to "party {team}; party {political}". 
"peci 1  bit; part; patch; piece" added "+". 
"celebra 1++  celebrate" added meaning "party {celebrate}". 
"bi-parti +  two-party" changed to "bi-parti {=bi-parta} X  two-party 
  {having two parts}". 
"bi-parta  two party {having two parts}" item added.  

pausa 1G and pausi (pause/ Pause),  
  pausa = pause  
"pausi  pause; rest" added "{=pausa} X".  

pedi and pedo (soil/ Boden),  
"pedi {=pedo, prefer baso} 1GX  soil" (from Espa&ntiled;ol-bibli), 
"pedo 1G  ground; sod; soil".  

pedio and pelma (foot-sole/ Fußsohle),  
  pedi = 1000 foot 
  pelma = MG  sole of foot (Greek as in pelmatogram, pelmatozoa)  
"pedio 1+G  child; foot-sole; infant" removed meaning "foot-sole".  

pelagi and pelago (sea/ Meer),  
"pelagi {=pelago, prefer mari} GX  sea", 
"pelago 1G  sea".  

peleka 1 and peleki 1G (axe/ Axt),  
  peleki = 1000  axe  
"peleka 1  ax; axe; hatchet" added "{=peleki} X".  

pen and penta (5),  
"penta {=pen} 1++  five" changed "{=pen}" to "{or short form pen}". 
"pen {=penta} 1++  five" changed "{=penta} 1++" to "{short form of 
  penta} 1".  

pena and pina (feather/ Feder),  
"pena {=pina} X  pen; feather", 
"pina 1++  pen; feather; plume".  

petali 1G and petalo G (petal/ Blumenblatt),  
  petali = petal  
"petalo G  petal" added "{=petali} X".  

petrole and petroleum (petroleum/ Petroleum),  
"petrole {=petroleum} 1X  petroleum". 
"petroleum 1+G  petroleum".  

piga 1 and pigi G (buttocks/ Gesäß),  
  pigi = MG  buttocks, rump 
  (Greek as in callipygous, callipygian, pygidion)  
"piga 1G  buttock; buttocks; pygal" added "{=pigi} X". 
"pigi G  buttock; buttocks; pygal" added meaning "rump".  

pigmo and pugna (fist/ Faust),  
  pugna = 1000  fight, fist (pugnatious) 
  pigmo = MG.  fist (Greek pygmophorus)  
"pigmo G  fist" added "{prefer pugna}".  

pilu 1 and pilula (pill/ Pille) and pilo 1G (ball/ Ball, also 
  pilula = pill, tablet.  
"pilu 1+  pill" changed "1+" to "{=pilula} X". 
"pilula  pill" added "+" and meaning "tablet {medicament}".  
pina and ptilo (feather/ Feder),  
  pina = 1000 feather. 
  ptilo = MG.  feather, down (Deutsch Daunen). 
  (Greek as in ptilosis, ptilolite, ptilocephalus)  
"ptilo G  feather; wing" added meaning "down {feather}".  

pisci and piski (fish/ Fisch), also ikti  
  piski = 1000  fish 
  piskina = MG.  fish pond, pool. 
  ("C" = 6000 is remaineder of non-phonetic spelling).  
"pisci  fish" added "{=piski} X". 
"piscina +  fish pond; swimming pool" changed "+" to "{=piskina} X". 
"piskina +  fish pond; pond [fish ]; swimming pool; pool [swimming ]; 
  pool {pond}" item added.  

pipto and pto (fall/ fallen), also kade,  
  kade = 1000  to fall. 
  pipto = MG fall 
    (Greek, occurs in several plant names, piptanthus, piptadenia) 
  pto = MG fall (also Greek  ptomaine, symptom, ptosis)  
"pipto G  fall" added "{prefer kade}". 
"pto G  fall" added "{=pipto, prefer kade} X". (π'ιπτο is the original 
  Greek word, normal present tense, which has a 
  present-tense-p-reduplication, pto is without reduplication.)
pirami 1G and piramidi G (pyramid/ Pyramide),  
  pirami = 1000  pyramid  
"piramidi G  pyramid" added "{=pirami} X".  

pirexi 1G and pirexia G (fever/ Fieber),  
  pirexia = fever  
"pirexi 1G  fever" changed "1" to "{=pirexia} X".  

piru G and Pirus 1G (pear/ Birne),  
"piru G  pear; pear tree" added "{=Pirus} X".  

pisu and Pisum 1 (pea/ Erbse),  
  pisum = pea  
"pisu  pea" added "{=Pisum} X".  

plaka and plako (slab, cake/ Kuchen),  
  plaka = 1000, cake, tablet  
"plako G  cake {slab}; slab; tablet {slab}" added "{=plaka} X", changed 
  meanings to "cake; slab; tablet {slab}". 
"plaka 1++  cake; cake {slab}; slab; tablet {slab}" added "G", 
  changed meanings to "cake; slab; tablet {slab}". 
"plax G  plate; tablet" changed "tablet" to "tablet {slab}". 
"tableta 1+  tablet" changed meaning to "tablet {slab}; tablet 
  {medicament}" (I think, it can be both).  

planet and planeta (planet/ Planet),  
"planet {=planeta} 1GX  planet" (from Español-bibli), 
"planeta 1++G  planet".  

plankto and plamkto (float/ treiben (schwimmen)), also ploto 
  plankto = 1000  float, plancton. 
  plamkto in 6000 (page 112) is mis-print, delete X 
  rarer = ploto = MG  swim (Greek plotornis - a swimming bird, 
    plotocnide - a jellyfish)  
"plamkto G  float" added "{=plankto} X". 
"plankto 1+G  float" added meaning "swim {float}", changed "1+G" to 
"ploto  float" added "{prefer plankto}" and meaning "swim {float}". 
"nekto 1++G  swim" changed meaning to "swim {active}". 
"flo 1++  float" removed "++".  

plana 1 (plane/ eben) and plano 1 (flat, also wander) and plati (flat),  
  plati = 1000  flat, plane. 1st choice 
  plano = flat, plane (perhaps should not also be in 1000).  
("plana-do['] 1  hangar", 
"plati-taba 1  ironing board" [German "Bügeleisen"] and 
""pusi plati-lo 1  terrace" [German "Terasse"] remain.)
"plana 1+  glide; glider; hover; plane" changed "plane" to 
  "plane {glide}". 
"plani  flat {plane}; plane {flat}" added "{=plano, prefer plati} X". 
"plano 1++  flat {plane}; plane {flat}; plan" made to two items: 
  "plano 1+  flat {plane}; plane {flat}" and 
  "plano {take skema} X  plan". 
"plano G  wander" added "{take vaga} X". 
"plati 1G  flat; wide" added "++". changed meanings to "flat {plane}; 
  plane {flat}; wide".  

plastici G and platika 1G (plastic),  
(platika certainly an error, should be plastika, see Nick Hempshall's 
mail to glosalist, 2002-02-16) 
"plastici G  plastic" added "{=plastika} X". 
"plasti-ma 1G  plastic" item added (from list "Glosa 1000 to English"). 
"plastika 1++*G  plastic" item added. 
"platika 1++G  plastic" changed "1++G" to "{=plastika} 1GX".  

plei and pleio (more (number)/ mehr),  
  pleio = more in number  
"plei 1+G  more {number}" changed "1+G" to "{=pleio} X". 
"pleio G  more {number}" added "+". 

pleto and pletora (crowd/ Menge),
"pleto {=pletora} 1GX crowd {n}; abundance" (from Español-bibli),
"pletora G crowd {n}; abundance"

plexi 1 (intertwine) and plexu 1 (interweaving),  
(letter from Wendy about Central list:)
"plexi 1  intertwine; intertwist; interweaving; net", 
"plexu {=plexi} 1X  intertwine; interweaving; net".  

plus and pluso (additional/ zusätzlich)  
(plus is in the Central-Glosa-list, so it should be prefered.) 
"pluso {=plus} 1++  additional; also; and; another; as well as; extra; 
  plus; spare; too {also}" changed "1++" to "1X". 
"pluso mo [u ] 1  another one" added "{=u plus mo} X". 
"plus mo [u ] 1*  another one" item added. 
"a pluso info 1+  until further notice" changed "1+" to "{=a plus info} 
"a plus info 1+*  until further notice" item added.  

pneumati and pneumi and pneumoni (lung/ Lunge),  
"pneumati 1G  lung; lungs", Central-list. 
"pneumi {=pneumati} 1GX  lung" (from Español-bibli), 
"pneumoni {=pneumati} GX  lung".  

poeia 1G and poeio (create/ erschaffen),  
  poeia  create  
"poeio G  create" added "{=poeia} X".  

poeta 1 and poeti (poet/ Dichter),  
  poeta = (poet, Dichter)  
"poeti  poet" added "{=poeta} X".  

poga 1G and pogo G (beard/ Bart),  
  poga = beard. 
  (There are many -o endings in 6000 Dictionary.  "O" is frequently 
  a joining letter, but not always the most common root vowel.  Many 
  were changed in later 1000 Dicts.) 
"pogo G  beard" added "{=poga} X".  

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

polina 1 and polini (pollen/ Pollen),  
  polina = pollin.  (pollinate)  
"polini  pollen" added "{=polina} X".  

polis and polita (city/ Stadt),
"polis {=polita, prefer civita} GX city",
"polita 1G city".

polisa and polisi (policy/ Anstand, Taktik),
"polisa {=polisi} GX policy",
"polisi 1++G policy".

pome 1 and pomi 1 and pomo (Apfel),  
  pomi = apple.  
"pomo  apple" added "{=pomi} X". 
"pome {=pomi} 1X  apple", though Central-list.  

popula and populari (popular/ populär),  
"popula 1++  people; popular; popularity; population", 
"populari {prefer popula} 1  popular".  

porka and porki and porku 1 (pork/ Schwein),  
  porku. MG pork.   sui-karni = 1000.  
"porka {=porku, prefer sui(-karni)} 1X  pig; hog; pork" (from
"porki  pork; pig" added "{=porku, prefer sui(-karni)} X". 
"porku 1+  pork; pig" changed "+" to "{prefer sui(-karni)}". 
"sui karni 1+  bacon" changed to "sui-karni", added meaning "pork". 
"sui-cide 1+  suicide" changed "1+" to "{=suicide} 1X", because it has 
  nothing to do with a pig, but with Latin sui (self).  With hyphem 
  it should be perhaps "auto-cide". 
"suicide  suicide" added "+".  

porta and portu (harbor/ Hafen; but porta  Tor!!! also portu),  
  porta = door, port, entrance 
  Latin portus = harbour, haven, entrance. 
  Latin porta  = door, gate, entrance, portal ... 
  asilu = 1000  harbour.
  porta = door.  
(I try to sort the words with "port" in: 
Latin portare - carry: --> Glosa: porta
  "aporta  bring"           [carry to me] 
  "exporta 1++  export"     [carry out] 
                            [im-port - "bring in" importance]
  "importa 1++  considerable; great; import; importance; important; 
     important [be ]" 
  "importa mero {=gravi mero} 1X  features" 
  "importa pro {=gravi pro} 1X  concern" 
  "maxi importa 1+  main; major" 
  "ne importa 1++  never mind"
  "pasaporta 1++  passport" [a paper that carries you through a 
                             control point]
  "porta-voka +  megaphone" [a voice to carry with you] 
  "portabili +  portable" 
  "reporta 1+  report"      [carry back] 
  "suporta  support"        [bring help] 
  "suporta-pe  supporter" 
  "ge-suporta-pe  dependent" 
Latin porta - door: --> Glosa: porta 
  "extra porta 1  outer door" 
  "fragma-porta 1  stile" [German Zauntritt], 
  "porta tina 1  door bell" 
  "portika 1+  porch" [German Vorhalle, Portal], 
  "portikula  porch" 
Latin portus - harbour: --> Glosa: portu 
  "aeroporto ++  airport" 
  "importuna  worry" 
  "oportuni  suitable" 
  "oportuni-tem  opportunity"
- Note: the Latin words portare, porta and portus are cognate. -
Latin por = English for + t... 
  "portende +  portend" [no port-, but por-tende] [German vorbedeuten] 
  "portento +  omen; sign" 
Latin portio, cognate to pars - part: 
  "portio  part; portion" 
  "proportio  proportion" 
Greek π'ερθω: 
  "porte G  destroy".)

"importa 1++  considerable; great; import; importance; important; 
  important [be ]" made to two items: 
  "importa 1++  important; ..." and 
  "importa 1+  import" (perhaps better "in-porta" ???). 
"suporta  support" added meaning "help". 
"porta 1++  carry; door; gate; harbor; harbour; haven; port" made to 
  3 items: 
  "porta 1++  door; gate; port {opening in ship}", 
  "porta {prefer fero} 1  carry" to avoid confusion with "door", 
  "porta {=portu, prefer asilu} 1X  harbor; harbour; haven; 
    port {harbour}". 
"portu 1+  harbor; harbour; haven; port {harbour}" item added, 
  see book "Central Glosa", p. 47
"asilu 1++G  asylum; harbor; harbour; haven; refuge; safe place; 
  shelter" added meaning "port {harbour}". 
"aeroporto ++  airport" changed "++" to "{=aeroportu} X". 
"aeroportu ++*  airport" item added. 
"portende +  portend" [German vorbedeuten] changed "+" to "{take 
  portento} X". 
"portento +  omen; sign" add meaning "portent" [German "Vorbedeutung"] 
  and "portend" [German "vorbedeuten"]. 
"portio  part; portion" added "{prefer mero}". 
"porte G  destroy" added "{prefer destru}". 
"portikula  porch" added "{=portika} X". 

portika 1 and portikula (porch/ Vorhalle, Portal),  
  portika = MG  porch.  
(see above, porta) 

potami and potamo (river/ Fluss),  
"potami 1G  river" Español-bibli and Central-list, 
"potamo {=potami, prefer fluvi} GX  river", also in Central-list.  

prae and pre 1 (before {time}/ vorher),  
(Items are: 
"prae {=pre} X  ago; before {time}; former; formerly; previous; prior", 
"pre 1++  ago; before {time}; former; formerly; previous; prior".) 

praeter and preter (beyond/ darüber hinaus),  
(See also prae/pre. "preter  past; beyond" remains.)
"praeter  beyond" added "{=preter, prefer ultra} X".  

prandi 1 and prandia (dinner/ Abendessen),  
"prandi 1  dinner; supper", Central-list. 
"prandia {=prandi} X  dinner; supper".  

precise 1 and precisi (exact/ exakt),  
(precise is in "English 5000 to Glosa 1000"-list, so it should be 
"precisi  exact; precise" added "{=precise} X".  

prefa 1 and preface (preface),  
  preface = preface (ending -ce left off by mistake, Central G page 108) 
"prefa 1+  preface" changed "+" to "{=preface} X". 
"preface  preface" added "+".  

prefekta 1 and prefekto (prefect/ Präfekt),  
  perfekti = perfect 
"prefekta 1+  prefect" changed "+" to "{=prefekto} X".  

prefere 1 and prefero (prefer/ vorziehen),  
  prefere = MG. prefer, preferance  
(Other words from Latin fero - carry: 
  fero, ofere/ofero, sufero/sufere !)
"prefere 1+  prefer" removed "1". 
"prefero  prefer" added "{=prefere} X".  

prega and preka (prayer - pray/ Gebet - beten),  
  preka = 1000  pray 
  prega delete, 
  don't know where this word listed ??? perhaps misprint ???  
"prega  prayer" item deleted.  

prehendi and prende (seize/ ergreifen),  
"prehendi {=prende} X  seize", 
"prende 1++  take; gather; occupy; pick {take}; pick up; pluck {pick};

premi 1 and premiu (prize/ preisen),  
  premi = 1000  prize, premium  
"premiu  premium; prize; profit; reward" added "{=premi} X", removed 
  meaning "premium".  

presa 1, presi and presu 1 (press/ drücken), also: depresi (depress/ bedrücken), 
  expresi (express/ ausdrücken), impresi (impress/ beeindrucken), 
  kompresi (compress/ zusammendrücken), opresi (oppress/ unterdrücken),  
  presa = the press, crowd, press, pressure 1000. 
  (presu misprint Central G. page 48)  
(It seems to be simple presa with -a, compounds with -i. 
Not so beautiful.)
"presa 1++  crowd; crush; press; pressure; print; squeeze; throng" 
  changed meaning "press" to "press {v}; press {periodicals}". 
"presa-me 1*  press {machine}". 
"baro 1+G  press; pressure; weigh" changed "press" to "press {v}". 
"piezo G  press" changed "press" to "press {v}". 
"presu {=presa} 1X  crowd; crush; press; pressure; print; squeeze; 
  throng" changed "press" to "press {v}", removed meanings "crowd; crush; 
  pressure; print"
"urge 1++  emergency; press for; urge" added meaning "press {urge}". 
"presi {=presa} 1X  press {v}".  

presidenta and presidenti (president/ Präsident, Vorsitzender),  
"presidenta {=presidenti} 1X  president".  
"presidenti 1++  president".  

preter (past; beyond) and preterite (past),  
"preterite  past" added "{prefer pa}".  

pretexta and pretextu (pretext/ Vorwand),  
"pretexta {=pretextu} X  pretext". 
"pretextu 1+  pretext; pretence; pretense".  

previo and priori (former/ früher),  
  pre = 1000  previous, before, former 
  previo + priori = MG. previous, before, former.  
"previo  ago; former; formerly; previous" added "{prefer pre}" and meaning 
  "before {time}". 
"priori  former" added "{prefer pre}" and meanings "previous; before 

prima and proto (first/ erster), also mo (in after-position) 
  numera mo + proto = 1000  1st. (Greek prototype) 
  prima = MG  Latin primadonna, primary   
"proto 1++G  begin; beginning; commence; first; found; initial; 
  institute; start" added meaning "premier". 
"prima 1+  first; initial; premier" changed "1+" to "{prefer proto}". 
"prima kopi 1  draft copy" added "{prefer proto kopi}". 
"prima nima 1  Christian name" added "{prefer proto nima}". 
"prima-vera  spring {season}" added "{=blasto-tem} X". 
"proto kopi 1*  draft copy" item added. 
"proto nima 1*  Christian name; name [Christian ]" item added. 
"numera mo 1  first" item added.  

prince and princa (prince/ Prinz),  
"an-princa {=an-prince} 1X  prince" 
"an-prince 1+  prince".  

private and privati (private/ privat),  
(privati not in GID, so nothing done.)  

profesi and profesio 1 (profession/ Beruf),  
"konfesi 1++  admit; confess" added meaning "profess {declare belief}". 
"profesi  profess; profession" made to two items: 
  "profesi {=profesio} X  profession; profess {work}", 
  "profesi  profess {declare belief}; profess {teach}". 
"profesio 1++  profess; profession" changed "profess" to 
  "profess {work}". 
"doci 1++  teach" added meaning "profess {teach}".  

profunda 1 and profundi (deep/ tief),  
  profunda - deep, profound. (foundation) 
"profundi  deep; depth; profound" added "{=profunda} X", changed 
  meanings to "deep {profound}; depth {profound}". 
"profunda 1++  deep; depth; profound" changed meanings to "profound; 
  deep {profound}; depth {profound}". 
"bato 1++G  batho-; deep; depth; ray {fish}; ray-fish; skate" made to 
  two items: 
  "bato 1++G  deep {distance}; depth {distance}; batho-" 
  "bato G  ray {fish}; ray-fish; skate {fish}". 
"bati {=bato} 1GX  deep" changed meaning to "deep {distance}". 
"glisa 1++  glide; lapse; skate; skid; skim; slide; slip" changed 
  "skate" to "skate {v}".  

prolonga and prolongi 1 (prolong),  
  prolongi (longitudinal, longitude)  
"prolonga  prolong" added "{=prolongi} X".  

promena and promenade (promenade/ Promenade),  
"promena {=promenade} X  walk {v}". 
"promenade 1+  promenade; walk {v}".  

pronunci and pronuncia (pronounce/ aussprechen),  
"pronunci 1  pronounce". 
"pronuncia {=pronunci} X  pronounce".  

proprie and proprio (own/ besitzen),  
  proprie own (proprie-tor)  
"proprio  ones own; own {v}" added "{=proprie} X", while "proprie 1++ 
  ones own; own {v}" remains. 
"proprio-pe ++  owner" changed "++" to "{=proprie-pe} X". 
"proprio-ra ++  possession" changed "++" to "{proprie-ra} X". 
"proprio-signi  signature" added "{=proprie-signi} X". 
"proprie-pe +*  proprietor; owner" item added. 
"proprie-ra +*  possession" item added. 
"proprie-signi *  signature" item added. 
"habe-pe 1  proprietor" added "++" and meaning "owner". 
"expropria +  expropriate" is not beautiful with ending vowel -a, perhaps 
  better "ex-proprie", so removed "+".  

provinci and provincia (province/ Provinz),  
"provinci 1  province". 
"provincia {=provinci} X  province".  

psama and psamo (sand/ Sand),  
"psama 1G  sand; arena" (from Español-bibli), 
"psamo {=psama, prefer arena} GX  sand".  

Psitako 1G and psitakus (parrot/ Papagei),  
  psitakus = parrot.  
"Psitako 1+G  parrot" changed "1+G" to "{=psitakus} 1GX". 
"psitakus G  parrot" added "+".  

pteridi and pterido 1G (fern/ Farn),  
  pteridi = fern.  
"pteridi G  fern" added "+". 
"pterido 1+G  fern" changed "1+G" to "{=pteridi} 1GX".  

publika and publiko (public/ öffentlich),  
  publika  public, publish, publication  
"publika 1++  advertise; advertisement; public; publish" added meaning 
  "publication" and "publicize" (from Kevin Smith). 
"publiko  public" added "{=publika} X".  

pulex and psila (flea/ Floh),  
  psila = flea (Greek psylla) 
  pulex  flea (Latin pulex irritans - Human flea) (pulex 1st choice)  
"psila G  flea" added "{=pulex} X", bad consonant pair at the beginning. 

pulmo 1 and pulmona 1 (lung/ Lunge),  
"pulmo {=pulmona} 1X  lung", though in Central-list. 
"pulmona 1++  lung".  

punkta 1 and punktu 1 (point/ Punkt),  
  punktu 1000 point, dot, punctual.  
(punktu already with "X".) 
"punkta 1++  dot; full stop; point; point {dot}" removed meaning 
  "point", added meaning "punctual" and "period {dot}" from Kevin Smith. 

purpura and purpuro (purple/ Purpur),  
  pupura = purple MG.  
(Certainly mistake of Wendy, should be purpura. 
purpuro not in GID, so nothing done.)  

pusi and pusila (little/ klein), also baeo, parvi, paulu, 
  mikro (tiny),  
  pusi + mikro = 1000  small, tiny 
  MG. pusila (small, petty, insignificant) as in pusillanimous. 
  parvi (Latin parvifolious, Parvoline) 
  paulu (the name Paul = little) 
  baeo = Greek small, tiny in many animal/insect names - 
    Baeas callifornicus = tiny black widow spider 
    Baeognatha (wasp).  
"mikro 1+G  little; minute {tiny}; tiny; trickle" changed "+" to "++". 
"pusi 1++  little; petty; slight; small; tiny; trickle; trifling" added 
  meaning "insignificant". 
"pusila  little; petty" added "{=pusi} X" and meanings "small; 
"baeo G  little; scanty" added "{prefer pusi}" and meanings "small; 
"parvi  little" added "{prefer pusi}". 
"paulu  little" added "{prefer pusi}".  

putresce and putri (rot/ verrotten),  
"putresce {=putri} X  rot", 
"putri 1+  putrefy; decay; decline; rot".  


qieta, qieti, qieto and qietu (quiet/ ruhig),  
"qieta {=qieti} X  quiet", 
"qieti 1  quiet; soothe; stillness; tranquillity; tranquilness" (from
"qieti koleri 1*  sullen", 
"qieto koleri {=qieti koleri} 1X  sullen", 
"qietu {=qieti} 1X  soothe". 
An ugly cognate: "qieske  quiet [become ]".  

qo-mode 1 and qo-modo (how/ wie),  
(see above, mode) 


rabdi and rabdo (stick/ Stock),  
"rabdi {=rabdo, prefer baci} 1X  bar; pole", 
"rabdo G  bar; baton; cane; pole; rod; stick {baton}; stick {rod};
  stick {cane} ".  

radi 1 and radika (root/ Wurzel),  
"radika X  root; source" added "{=radi}".  

rafanu 1 and rafanus (radish/ Rettich),  
  rafanus = Radish (raphanus)  
"rafanu 1+  radish" changed "1+" to "{=rafanus} 1GX".  

rage and ragi 1 (burst forth),  
"rage {=ragi} GX  burst forth". 
"ragi G  burst forth", Central-list.  

rail and raila 1 (rail/ Schiene, Eisenbahn, schimpfen (???)),  
  raila = MG rail 
(and in a letter of 2002-02-13:) 
  raila = horizontali baci de metali alo ligni. 
          ja: manu-raila (alo manu-baci) epi skala 
	  ja: trama alo trena kine epi plu raila 
	  no-semane: mali-dice  
"rail  rail" added "{=raila} X", changed meaning to "rail {horizontal 
  or sloping bar}; rail {for trains}" 
"raila 1++  rail" changed meaning to "rail {horizontal or sloping bar}; 
  rail {for trains}". 
"trama 1+  tram; warp and weft" made to two items: 
  "trama 1+  tram" and "trama  warp {weave}; weft {weave}". 

rape 1 and rapi 1 (seize/ ergreifen),  
  rapi = seize, grab 1000.  
(Items are: 
"rape {=rapi} 1X  arrest; grab; grasp; seize; snatch" and 
"rapi 1++  arrest; grab; grasp; seize; snatch".)

ratu and ratus (rat/ Ratte),  
  ratus = rat  
"ratu 1++  rat" changed "1++" to "{=ratus} 1X". 
"ratus  rat" added "+". 

rauco (raucous/ heiser, rauh) and rauku 1 (hoarse/ heiser, rauh),  
"rauco  hoarse; raucous" added "{=rauku} X".  

re-akti and reakti 1 (react), 
repei (mis-print ???) and repli (reply/ Antwort),  
  reakti = 1000  answer, reply, react, feed-back 
  repli + responde MG  answer ... 
  repei ?? don't know, must be mis-print, delete  
(repei not in GID.)
"re-akti  answer; react; reaction; reply; respond; retort" added 
  "{=reakti} X". 
"reakti 1++  answer; react; reaction; reply; respond; retort" added 
  meaning "feed-back". 
"responde 1+  answer; respond" changed "1+" to "{prefer reakti}", added 
  meanings "reply; react; feed-back". 
"repli  reply" added "{prefer reakti}" and meanings "answer; feed-back; 

refreska and refresko 1 (refresh),  
"refreska  refresh" added "{=refresko} X". 

regalo 1 (treat) and regala (feast {v}; treat),  
"regala X  feast {v}; treat" added "{=regalo}". 

regula and regulari (regular/ regulär),  
"regula 1++  control; organise; principle; regulate; rule {standard};
"regulari {prefer uniforma} 1  regular; homogeneous" (from
  Español-bibli.  A Similar synonym with regula, but I
  will not put them together (see also "no-regula = irregular"),
  instead I prefer "uniforma".  

rejekta and rejekti (throw back/ zurückwerfen),  
"rejekta {=rejekti} X  throw back", 
"rejekti 1  reject; repel; throw back".  

relati and relatio (relation/ Beziehung, Verhältnis),  
"relati 1+  relate" changed "1+" to "1++", added meaning "relation" 
  (see book "Central Glosa", p. 49) 
"relatio 1++  relation" changed "1++" to "{=relati} X". 

relative and relativi (relative/ relativ),  
"relative {=relativi} 1X  relative" (from Español-bibli), 
"relativi 1++  relative".  

residu 1 and residua (remain/ bleiben),  
  residu = remain  
"residua  remain; residual" added "{=residu} X". 

respekta and respekti (respect/ Respekt),  
"respekta  heed; regard; respect" added "{=respekto} X". 
"respekti 1++  heed; regard; respect" changed "1++" to "{=respekto} 1X". 
"respekto 1++  respect; heed; regard" item added. 

respira and spira (breathe/atmen),  
  spira = 1000  breath, respire 
  respira = MG  breath, respire  
"respira {prefer spira} 1  respire; breath; breathe", Central-list. 
"spira 1++  breath; breathe" added meaning "respire".  

rigi and rigidi (stiff/ steif),  
  rigi = 1000, rigid, stiff 
  rigidi = MG, rigid, stiff  
(Items are: 
"rigi 1++  rigid; stiff {rigid}" and 
"rigidi {=rigi} 1X  rigid; stiff {rigid}" already with "X". )

ritmi G and ritmo 1G (rhythm/ Rhythmus),  
(Items are: 
"ritmi {=ritmo} XG  rhythm" and "ritmo 1++G  rhythm".)

riva and rivula 1 (brook),  
  rivula = stream MG. 
  rivu delete 1000 (pusi-fluvi = 1000. steno-fluvi steam)  
(Attention: "Central-Glosa"-list gives rivu.  See below, sakra/sakri.) 
"riva  brook; stream" added "{=rivula} X". 
"rivu 1  creek" changed "1" to "{=rivula} X", changed "creek" to 
  "creek {small river}", added meanings "brook; stream" and "rivulet". 
"rivula 1++  brook; stream" added meanings "rivulet; creek {small river}", 
  changed "1++" to "+". 
"pusi-fluvi 1++  brook; creek {small river}; rivulet; stream" item added. 
"steno-fluvi 1+  brook; creek {small river}; rivulet; stream" item added. 

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

robot and roboti 1 (robot/ Roboter),  
  roboti = robot  
"robot  robot" added "{=roboti} X". 

robusta 1 (sturdy) and robuste X (robust),  
("robusta 1+  robust; sturdy" and 
"robuste {=robusta} X  robust; sturdy" with "X".)  

rola 1 and rolo 1 (roll/ rollen),  
(rola is in the "Central Glosa"-list, so it should be prefered.) 
"rolo 1  roll" added "{=rola} X".  

romanti 1 and romantici (romantic/ romantisch),  
"romanti 1  romantic", Central-list. 
"romantici {=romanti} X  romantic".  

ronda and rondo (rund),  
  rondo = round MG.  
(ronda not in GID, so nothing done.) 

rostra 1 and rostri 1 (beak/ Schnabel),  
  rostra = beak. 1000. 
  rosti = MG.  roast  
(Attention: "Central Glosa"-list gives rostru.  
See below, sakra/sakri.)
"rostri {=rostra} 1  beak; spout" added "X". 
"rostru {=rostra} 1X  beak; spout" item added. 
"rostra 1  beak; spout" added "+".  

rude and rudi (rubbish/ Müll),  
"rude 1+  rubbish; garbage; junk; litter; rubble", 
"rudi {=rude} 1X  rubbish; garbage; junk; litter; rubble"
(There is also a homonym rude = rough).  

ruina and ruino (ruin/ ruinieren),  
  ruina = ruin  
"ruino  ruin" added "{=ruina} X". 


sadi and sadisti (sadistic/ sadistisch)  
"sadi {French} 1++  sadistic; cruel", Central-list. 
"sadisti 1+  hunter", Central-list. 
"sadisti {prefer sadi} 1  sadistic".  

sakra and sakri (heilig),  
  sakri = sacred. 
  (Central Glosa page 50 should be sakri, 
  Central Glosa page 50 should be rostra
  rivu delete page 50)  
"sakri 1  sacred", 
"sakro {=sakri, prefer sankti} 1X  saint; holy". 

salici and salix 1 (willow/ Weide (Baum)),  
  salax = willow MG. 
  salaci = salicin (comes from salicylic (acid) - willow)  
(Certainly error, should be salix and salici.
Cf. Latin: salix - willow, salax - horny.)
"salici  willow" added {=salix} X". 

salta and salti (jump/ springen),  
"salta 1++  bounce; hop; jump; leap; prance; skip". 
"salti {=salta} 1X  jump".  

sangui and sanguina (blood/ Blut),  
(see above "hema").  

sapi and sapie (wise/ weise),  
"sapi 1  wise", Central-list. 
"sapie {=sapi, prefer ski for to know or sofi for wise} 1X  know;

sauce and sosa 1 (sauce),  
  sosa = sauce (cookery)  
"sauce {French}  sauce" changed "{French}" to "{French, =sosa} X". 
"sosa 1+  sauce" added "{French}".  

sauro G and sauru 1 and saurus 1G (lizard/ Echse),  
  saurus = lizzard  
"sauro {=saurus} GX  lizard". 
"sauru {=saurus} 1GX  lizard", though in Central-list. 
"saurus 1+G  lizard".  

scena and skena and skeno (stage, scene/ Bühne),  
  skeni = 1000  stage, scene 
    (as in Greek skenikos, Latin scenic, proscenium)  
"scena {=skena} 1X  scene; stage" changed "{=skena}" to "{=skeni}". 
"skena 1++G  scene; stage" changed "1++G" to "{=skeni} 1GX". 
"skeno {=skena} XG  scene; stage" changed "{=skena}" to "{=skeni}". 
"skeni 1++G  scene; stage" item added.  

sedi and side (sitzen),  
  sedi = 1000 sit  
(side only in "preside 1  preside", so nothing done.) 

seka 1 and sekti, and skiso and skizo and skinde (cut/ schneiden), 
  to that: cisora and cisori and skisora (scissors/ Schere), 
  to that also: insekti (insect/ Insekt), disekti (dissect/ zerlegen), 
  make also clear: temno and toma (cut), entomo (Insekt), 
  note: sekta (sect/ Sekt oder Sekte?), sika (dry/ trocken),  
  seka = 1000  cut 
  tomi (Greek ana-tomy) 
  sekti = MG  cut (section, vivesection, bi-sect.)
  also skinde (Latin, rescind, discidum) 
  skizo (Greek) = split, tear, schism 
  cisori = scissors  
(Remaining items: 
"disekti +  dissect",  
"insekti 1++  insect" and  
"skizo 1++G  cut; fissure; schism; split; tear {schism}".)
"seka 1++  carve; chop; cut; mow {v}; slit" added meanings "slice {v}; 
  cleave {cut}". 
"sekti  carve; chop; cut; mow {v}; slit" added "{prefer seka}". 
"toma G  cut" added "{=tomi, prefer seka} X". 
"tomi 1+G  cut; volume {tome}" made to two items: 
  "tomi {prefer seka} 1G  cut" and 
  "tomi +G  volume {tome}; tome". 
"tomi[-] +G  cutting out" removed "+". 
"entomo G  insect" added "{take insekti} X". 
"temno G  cut; slice" added "{prefer seka}", changed "slice" to 
  "slice {v}". 
"temako G  morsel; slice" changed "slice" to "slice {n}", added 
  "{take mero} X", because it is bad to take different roots of the 
  same Greek word into Glosa (tomi, temno).  See also below, 
"mero 1++G  part; bit; department; district; fragment; instalment; 
  morsel; part {n}; partial {partly}; partly; piece; portion; section; 
  share" added meaning "slice {n}". 
"skinde  cut; cleave {cut}" added "{prefer seka}". 

selene and seleni (moon/ Mond),  
"selene 1G  moon; lunar" (from Español-bibli), 
"seleni {=selene, prefer luna} GX  moon".  

seli and selido (page/ Seite),  
  pagina = 1000  page 
  selido = MG  page of book, leaf of papyrus 
    (Greek as in  selidon, silidosemia - a butterfly)  
"seli {=selido} G  page" added "X" and "prefer pagina". 
"selido {=seli} G  page" changed "{=seli}" to "{prefer pagina}", added 
  meaning "papyrus [leaf of ]". 

semper and sempre (always/ immer),  
"semper 1  always" (from Español-bibli), 
"sempre {=semper, prefer panto-tem} X  always" 
  (semper is the Latin word, sempre is only pseudo-Spanish).  

seni and senili (old) [shortform],  
"seni  old" added "{=senili, prefer paleo} X", changed meaning to "old 
  {human}" (cf. Latin senilis). 
"senili  old" added "{prefer paleo}", changed meaning "old {human}", 
  added meaning "senile". 

sensua 1 and sensuali (sensual/ sinnlich) [shortform], 
  sensi 1 and senti 1 (feel/ fühlen), also este  
  este + sensi = 1000  feel, sense 
  sensuali + sensitivi, senti MG. 
  sensua delete  
("sensitivi 1++  sensitive; tender" remains.) 
"este 1++G  conscious; consciousness; esthetic; feel; perceive" added 
  meaning "sense". 
"sensua 1++  sensual" changed "1++" to "{=sensuali} 1X". 
"sensuali  sensual" added "+". 
"senti 1+  attitude; feel; perceive; sense" changed "1+" to 
  "{=sensi} X". 

seri 1 and seria 1 (series/ Serie),  
  seri = series, list.  
"seria 1  course; order {series}; row {n}; series" added "{=seri} X". 

serici and seriko (silk/ Seide),  
  serici = MG. silk (Latin sericulture, sericeous, seric)  
"serici  silk". 
"seriko {=serici} 1X  silk". 

serio and serioso (serious/ ernst),  
"serio {=serioso, prefer gravi} 1X  serious; earnest" (from
"serioso  serious".  

serpenta and serpenti 1 (snake/ Schlange) also serpula (little snake),  
  serpenti = snake, serpent.  
"serpenta  serpent; snake; twist {wind}; wind along; wind {twist}; 
  wriggle" added "{=serpenti} X". 
"serpula  snake {little}" added "{prefer pusi serpenti}". 

seti and septi (7),  
  seti 1st + septi 2nd = 7  
"septi  seven" added "{prefer seti}". 

sex and sexu 1 (sex/ Sex),  
"sex  sex" added "{=sexu} X". 

sfena and sfeno (wedge/ Keil),  
"sfena {=sfeno, prefer kune} 1GX  wedge" 
"sfeno 1G  wedge".  

Sfeniskida and sfenisko (penguin/ Pinguin),  
  sfenisko = penguin 
"Sfeniskida 1+G  penguin" changed "1+G" to "{=sfenisko} GX". 

sib and sibi (brother, sister/ Geschwister) [shortform],  
  sibi. brother, sister. 
  (page 119 "Glosa 6000" ending missed, mis-print)  
"sib  brother {or sister}; sister {or brother}" added "{=sibi} X". 

sifo and sifoni (suck/ saugen),  
"sifo 1  suck; suck up; siphon" (from Español-bibli), 
"sifoni {=sifo, prefer sugo} X  siphon; suck up".  

sigila 1 and sigilo (seal/ Siegel),  
  sigala = seal, mark 
  (Latin as in sigallate + sigillaria (in several plant + animal names))  
(Should certainly be sigila.)
"sigila 1+  seal" added meaning "mark". 
"sigilo  seal" added "{=sigila} X". 

silva and silvi (forest/ Wald),  
  silva = 1000  woodland, forest.  
"silva 1++  forest; wood" changed meaning "wood" to "wood {woodland}; 
"silvi {=silva} X  forest; wood" changed meaning "wood" to "wood 
"silvestri +  woodland" changed "+" to "{=silva} X". 
"ligni 1  timber; wood" changed "wood" to "wood {substance}". 
"bosko  wood" changed meaning to "bush; wood {bushes}". 
"dendro 1++G  tree; wood" made to two items: "dendro 1++G  tree" and 
  "dendro {take xilo} GX  wood".  

sim and sin (with/ mit),  
  ko, kon = 1000 with (should be listed on page 37 Central Glosa). 
  Also plus (= with). 
  sin = with, MG (Greek sym, + syn.) 
  However "ko" used in 1000 because now Glosa is phonetic. 
  sin (with) may be confused with sine (without).  
  Similar reason why choices in 1000. 
  i. e. hipo = horse, infra = under (not hipo, hypo Greek)
  filo = leaf (philo filo love) 
  tiro tyro etc.  
"sim {=sin, but sine=without so prefer ko(n)} +G  with; sym- {with}; 
  and" changed "prefer ko(n)" to "take ko(n)", "+G" to "GX". 
"sin {=sim, but sine=without so prefer ko(n)} 1G  with; sym- {with}; 
  and" changed "prefer ko(n)" to "take ko(n)", "1G" to "GX". 
"ko {=kon} 1++  together with; with; meet {by appointment}" changed 
  "{=kon}" to "{before consonants without h, else prefer kon}". 
"kon {=ko} 1++  together with; with; meet {by appointment}" changed 
  "{=ko}" to "{before vowels and h, else prefer ko}". 
"hipo 1G  below; beneath; under" changed "1G" to "{=infra} 1GX". 
"Hipo 1G  horse" added "{=Equs} X". 
"foliage {French, prefer folia}  foliage; leaf" changed "prefer" to 
  "take", added "X". 
"fila 1G  leaf" added "{take folia} X". 
"filo G  leaf" added "{take folia} X". 
"tiro G  cheese" (from Greek τυρ'ος), added "{take kasea} X". 

simbola 1G and simboli (symbol/ Symbol),  
"simbola 1+G  symbol" changed "1+G" to "{=simboli} GX". 
"simboli G  symbol" added "+". 

simi and simila (similar/ ähnlich),  
"simi 1  similar; alike; equal; resemblance; similarity", 
"simila {=simi, prefer homo} X  similar; alike; similarity".  

siringa and Siringo 1 (lilac/ Flieder),  
"Siringo 1+G  lilac" changed "1+G" to "{=siringa} X". 

skabi and skobina (rasp/ raspeln),  
"skabi 1  rasp; scrape; scratch" (from Español-bibli), 
"skobina {=skabi, prefer razo} X  rasp {v}".  

skana and skano (scan/ absuchen),  
"skano  scan" added "{=skana} X". 

skato and skibalo (dung/ Dung), also: merda, kopro, sterko,  
  kopro 1st choice  excrement, dung. (Greek coprophagous, coprophilist) 
  2nd merda (Latin merdaceus) 
  rarer sterko (Latin stercoral, stercorol, sterkovorous) 
    skibalo (Greek skybalon, dirty, mean) 
    skato 3rd. (Greek skatol, skatology, skatophagous)  
"kopro G  dung" added "+" and meanings "excrement; shit" 
"merda +  dung; excrement" removed "+", added meaning "shit". 
"skato +G  dung; filth" removed "+". 
"skibalo G  dung" added "{prefer kopro}". 
"sterko G  dung" added "{prefer kopro}". 

skele and skelo (member, leg/ Glied),  
"skele {=skelo} GX  leg", 
"skelo 1G  limb; member; leg" (from Español-bibli).  

skepti 1 (doubt/ zweifeln) and skeptika (sceptical/ skeptisch).  
"skepti 1G  doubt", Central-list. 
"skeptika G  sceptical".  

skiro and sklero (hard/ hart),  
  sklero = hard  1000 
  skiro Greek = hard  MG. scirrhus, scirrhoid.  
"dura 1++  constant; continue; continuous; hard; hard {lasting}; 
  last {v}; lasting; lasting {hard}; permanent; persist; 
  still {continue}; tough" removed meaning "hard". 
"sklero 1G  hard" added "++", changed "hard" to "hard {not soft}". 
"skiro G  hard" added "{prefer sklero}", changed "hard" to "hard {not 

skiso and skizo 1 (cut/ schneiden),  
(Items are: 
"skiso {=skizo} X  cut; fissure; schism; split; tear {schism}" and 
"skizo 1++G  cut; fissure; schism; split; tear {schism}".)  

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

skolex and skoleki (worm/ Wurm),  
  vermi = worm 1000 
  MG = helminto (Greek helminthology, platyhelminth) 
  MG. rarer = skoleki (scolecodont, scolecoid, scoleciform)  
"skoleki G  worm" added "{prefer vermi}". 
"skolex G  worm" added "{=skoleki, prefer vermi} X". 
"helminto G  worm" added "{prefer vermi}".  

skulpe and skulptu (sculpture/ Skulptur),  
"skulpe {=skulptu} 1X  sculpture" (from Español-bibli), 
"skulptu 1  sculp; sculpture".  

skuma and spuma (foam/ Schaum, schäumen), also afro,  
  afro = 1000  foam (aphro-) 
  spuma = MG  foam, froth, spume 
  skuma delete  
"skuma  foam; scum" added "{take afro} X". 
"afro 1+G  foam; froth" added meaning "scum".  

solo and solitu (alone/allein),  
  solo = 1000 alone, only.  solita = MG.  
"solo 1++  alone; only; solo" added meanings "lone; solitary; 
"solita 1++  alone; lone; solitary; solitude" changed "1++" to 
  "{prefer solo}". 
"solitu  alone; lone; solitary; solitude" added "{=solita, prefer solo} 
  X", removed meaning "lone", because it was added once.  

soma and somato (body/Körper),  
  soma = body, somatic  1000. 
  somato = body, somatic  MG.  
"soma 1++G  body" added meaning "somatic". 
"somato G  body" added "{=soma} X" and meaning "somatic".  

sona [in telesona (radio/ Radio)] and sonda [also probe/Sonde] and 
  soni (sound/ Klang) and sono (pronounciation/ Aussprache)  
  soni = 1000  sound. sona, sono delete.  sonda = MG probe.  
"eko {reflected sound, prefer "resoni"} 1GX  echo" changed to "... 
  {take resoni} ...". 
"ekoiki +G  echoic" changed "+G" to "{take resoni} GX". 
"resoni +  echo; resound" added meaning "echoic". 
"konsona  harmonize" added "{take harmoni} X". 
"harmoni 1++G  agreement; harmony" added meaning "harmonize". 
"konsono ++  consonant" changed "++" to "{=konsoni} X". 
"konsoni +*  consonant" item added. 
"telesona  radio" added "{take radio} X". ("radio" is not beautiful, 
  too, because it means also "ray".  On the other hand it is an 
  international word.) 
"sono  aloud; chime; pronounce; pronunciation; sound" added "{=soni} X", 
  removed meanings "aloud; chime; sound", because they were once added. 
"sonda 1+  probe; sound" changed meaning "sound" to "sound {test}". 
"fono 1++G  phone[-]; aloud; sound; voice" changed "sound" to "sound 
"geri G  sound; voice" changed "sound" to "sound {acoustic}". 
"soni 1++  sound; aloud; chime; pronounce; pronunciation" changed 
  "sound" to "sound {acoustic}". 
"toni 1+  pitch; sound; tone" changed "sound" to "sound {acoustic}".  

sorora 1 and sorori (sister/ Schwester),  
"sorora {=sorori} 1X  sister", though in Central-list. 
"sorori 1+  sister".  

space and spaci 1 and spacia (space/ Raum) [Lat. spatium, -i],  
  spaci = 1000  space. (C. G. page 52 space spaci okay)  
(Already with "X": "space {=spaci} 1X  space") 
"pusi space 1+  recess" changed "1+" to "{=pusi spaci} 1X", changed 
  meaning to "recess {niche}". 
"pusi spaci 1+*  recess {niche}; niche" item added. 
"spacia  space" added "{=spaci} X".  

spada and spata and spatu (spade/ Spaten),  
  spata = spade, spada delete  
"spada  spade" added "{=spata} X". 
"spatu 1  shovel; spade; scoop" added "{=spata} X".  

spasm and spasmo 1 (spasm/ Zuckung),  
  spasmo  spasm, jeerk.  
(Items are: "spasm {=spasmo} X  jerk; jolt; spasm" and 
"spasmo 1++G  jerk; jolt; spasm".)  

spektra and spektru (spectrum/ Spektrum),  
"spektra 1  spectrum; rainbow" (from Español-bibli), 
"spektru {=spektra} X  spectrum; rainbow".  

speka 1 (glance/ Blick) and speku 1 (look/ gucken),  
"speka {=speku} 1X  glance". 
"speku 1+  glance; look", Central-list.  

spiritis and spiritu (spirit/ Geist),  
  spiritu, spritis ???  
"spiritis  spirit" added "{=spiritu} X".  

sponsa and sponso (promise/ versprechen):  
"sponsa 1++  spouse; bind; engage; promise", 
"sponso {=sponsa} 1X  promise; bind; engage" (from

spu 1 and sputa (spit/ Spieß, spießen) [shortform],  
(sputa is in G6k, spu is also in E5kG1k, so I prefer spu.) 
"sputa {=spu}  spit" added "X". 
"spu {=sputa} 1+  spit" removed "{=sputa}".  

stalagma G and stalakti G (dripping/ Tröpfeln, träufeln),  
  guta = 1000  drip, drop 
  stalakti = MG  drip, drop (stalactite) 
  stalagma = MG  drip, drop (stalagmite)  
(stalagma/ στ'αλαγμα Greek - the drop, the verb to it is σταλ'α(σσ)ω, 
stalakti is its perfect participle.  I prefer stalagma, because it is a 
basic form.) 
"guta 1+  drip; drop {n}; drop {drip}" added meaning "dripping". 
"stalagma G  dripping" added "{prefer guta}". 
"stalakti +G  dripping" changed "+G" to "{=stalagma, prefer guta} X".  

stara 1 (peer) and stare (stare) and staro (stare),  
(stare is in G6k, stara and staro in E5kG1k.  Do not know, which to 
prefer, so I take the English ending vowel -e.) 
"stara 1  peer {look}; stare" changed "1" to "{=stare} X". 
"stare  peer {look}; stare" added "+". 
"staro 1+  peer {look}; stare" changed "1+" to "{=stare} X".  

statika and statiko (stand/ stehen):  
"statika {=statiko} 1GX  find oneself {in a place}; stand" (from
"statiko 1G  static; statically; stand; find oneself {in a place};
  stationary; stationed; moving [not ]".  

statisti and statistika (statistics/ Statistik):  
"statisti {=statistika} X  statistics", 
"statistika 1  statistics; statistic" (from

stato and statu (condition/ Bedingung):  
"statu {=stato} 1X  condition". 
"stato 1++  condition; circumstance; situation; state {condition}". 
(statu is also statue.  And: "stato 1+  nation; state {political 
community or its territory}").  

statu and statua (statue/ Statue) 
  [Lat. statua, ae; Germ. Statue; Engl. statue]  
  statua = statue  
(Items are: "statu {=statua} 1X  statue" and "statua 1++  statue".)  

stela and stelo (star/ Stern) and 
  stela and stele (column/ Säule):  
"stela {=stele} 1GX  column; pillar", 
"stela {prefer astro} 1X  star", 
"stele 1+G  column; pillar; stake {n}; stanchion" (from
"stelo {=stela, take astro} X  star".  

sterigma G (prop; support/ Stütze, Hilfe) and steringo G (support),  
"steiligma ++  prop; support" changed "++" to "+G". 
"steringo G  support" added "{=sterigma} X".  

sto 1 and stop (stop),  
"sto 1++  abolish; cease; extinguish; halt; interfere; obstruct; 
  prevent; quell; stop; suppress; switch off; turn off; upset {stop}" 
  added meaning "strike {extinguish}". 
"stop  stop; strike" added "{=sto} X" changed "strike" to "strike 
stra 1 and strama (straw/ Stroh),  
  stra + stramini = MG straw  
"stramini {=stra} X  straw" item added. 
"strama G  litter; straw" added "{=stra} X", changed "litter" to "litter 
"stra 1+  straw" added meaning "litter {straw}". 
"no-puri-ma 1+  litter" changed meaning to "litter {dirt}; dirt".  

strango and strangula (crooked - strangle), 
  also strangali (knot/ Knoten)  
  strango delete 
  strangula  choke, strangle  
"strango  crooked; twisted" added "{take no-rekti, ge-flexi or 
  ge-strepto} X". 
"strangali +G  knot {n}" changed "+G" to "{take nodi} GX", "knot {n}" 
  to only "knot". 
"strangula +G  strangle" added meaning "choke". 
"stranx +  squeezed out [something ]" removed "+". 
  (German translations: 
  choke - Drossel
  crooked - krumm 
  squeeze - auspressen, verdichten, ausquetschen, pressen 
  strangle - erwürgen 
  twisted - gedreht, verbogen)  

strido 1 and stringizo (screech/ Schrei),  
  Lat. stride  creaking, grating, squeek. 
  stringo Greek = MG.  screech 
  (cognate Greek stringos  screech owl = Deutsch Schleiereule, 
  also stringocephalus  a fossil)  
"stride  harsh; shrill; cry {shrill}" added meanings "creaking; grating 
  {sound}; screech; squeek", changed "harsh" to "harsh {sound}", added 
"strido 1+  screech" changed "1+" to "{=stride} 1X". 
"stringizo G  screech" added "{prefer stride}". 
"stringos G  screech owl; owl [screech ]" item added. 
"strix +G  screech owl" changed "+G" to "{=stringos} GX", changed 
  meaning to "screech owl; owl [screech ]". 
"tito G  kind of owl" changed "kind of owl" to "barn-owl; owl[barn-]" 
  (biological Tytonida - German Schleiereule). 
(German translations: 
  creaking - knarrend 
  cry - Ruf, Schrei 
  grating - Rasterung, knirschend
  harsh - herb, rau, unglimpflich 
  screech - kreischen, schreien 
  shrill - schrill 
  squeek, should be certainly squeak - quieken, quietschen)  

strema +G (sprained; twisted) and stremato + (stress; twist {n}), 
  strepto 1+G (plait; twist {v})  
"strema +G  sprained; twisted" changed "+G" to "{take ge-strepto} GX". 
"stremato +  stress; twist {n}" changed "+" to "{take strepto (twist), 
  or presa (stress)} GX" (stremato in book "Glosa 6000".  Why there 
  is the meaning stress, is not clear.) 
"strepto 1+G  plait; twist {v}" changed "twist {n}" to only "twist", 
  added meaning "sprain", changed "1+G" to "1++G".  

strobo and and strofi and strofo (whirl - turning {n}),  
  strobo (Latin + Greek)  twisted, cone, a top etc. 
    strombiform, stromboid (MG.) 
  strofo = Greek  a turning, twisted 
    (as in catastrophe, strophulus, apostrophe)  
"strobo G  whirl" added meanings "cone; top {spinning toy}". 
"akro 1++G  end; peak; summit; tip; tip {top}; top" changed "top" to 
  "top {highest point}". 
"apika  apex; top" added "{prefer akro}", changed "top" to "top 
  {highest point}"
"kolofono G  summit; top" changed "top" to "top {highest point}". 
"korifa G  head; top" changed "top" to "top {highest point}". 
"strombi +G  spiral shell; top {n}" changed "top {n}" to "top {spinning 
  toy}", removed "+". 
"strofi 1G  turn; turning {n}; twisted", Central-list. 
"strofo {=strofi} GX  turning {n}; twisted".  

studenta and studenti (see book Deutsch Glosa 1000, p. 34) (student/ Student),
"studenta {=studenti, prefer stude-pe} 1X scholar",
"studenti 1 student; pupil {academic}; scholar ".

stulta and stulti (fool, foolish/ Narr, närrisch):  
  stulti = (Latin) fool, foolish (as in stultify)  
"stulta  fool; foolish" added "{=stulti} X".  

su-facia, su facia, sufacia, surfaci, surfacia (surface/ Oberfläche):  
"sufacia {=su-facia} 1X  surface" (from Español-bibli), 
"surfacia {=su-facia} X  surface; top",  
"surfaci {=su-facia} 1X  surface", 
"su-facia 1+  surface" (from book Central Glosa), 
"su facia {=su-facia} 1X  surface; top". 
Also: "facia 1++  face; features; surface".  

sub and subo (under/ unter),  
"subo ++  approximately; rather; somewhat" changed "++" to "{=sub, 
  or take proxi} X". 
"proxi 1++  about; adjoin; approach; approximate; by {near}; close 
  {near}; close to; near; nearly" added meaning "approximately".  

sublime 1 (sublime) and sublimi (exalted; uplifted),  
(Items are: 
"sublime 1+  sublime; exalted; uplifted" and 
"sublimi {=sublime} X  sublime; exalted; uplifted".)  

sufere (suffer) and suferi 1 (undergo) and sufero (endure; suffer),  
(Latin suffero is compound of sub and fero - carry, in Glosa fero, so 
it should be -o.)
"sufere {=suferi, sufero} X  endure; suffer; undergo" changed 
  "{=suferi, sufero}" to "{=sufero}". 
"suferi 1  endure; suffer; undergo" added "{=sufero} X". 
"sufero 1  endure; suffer; undergo" added "+".  

suge and sugo (suck/ saugen), also suga in sangui-suga (blood-sucker),  
  sugo = 1000 to suck  
"suge 1++  suck" changed "1++" to "{=sugo} 1X". 
"sugo 1  suck" added "++". 
(See above, hema:
"sangui-suga {=hema-sugo} X  blood-sucker"
"hema-sugo *  blood-sucker")  

sulka and sulko (furrow/ Graben):  
"sulka {=sulko, prefer kanali} X  furrow", 
"sulko 1  furrow" (from Español-bibli). 
There is also another word (homonym): 
  "sulko {try to express somehow with vigi} 1  wake [ship's  ]".  

sumari 1 and sumariza (summarize/ zusammenfassen),  
  sumari  sumary, summarize.  
"sumari 1+  summarize" added meaning "summary". 
"sumariza  summarize" added "{=sumari} X".  

sumu and superlativi (highest/ höchst) 
  (Superlativ mit maxi bilden!),  
  sumu MG (highest place, summit  Latin) 
  superlativi  in the highest of or upmost degree (super = over)  
"sumu  highest" changed meaning to "highest {on top}; highest place; 
"superlativi +  highest" changed meaning to "highest {in the upmost 
  degree}; superlative".  

superba 1 and superbo (superb),  
  superba = MG  superb, splendid, very good, excellent  
"superba 1+  superb" removed "1", added meanings "splendid; good 
  [very ]; excellent". 
"superbo  superb" added "{=superba} X".  

supercilia and supracilia (eyebrow/ Augenbraue),  
  supercilia = MG  eyebrow (super + supra = over) 
  supra = 1000 
  supra cilia = 1000  
"supra-cilia +  eyebrow" item added. 
"supra cilia {=supra-cilia} X  eyebrow" item added. 
"supracilia {=supra-cilia} X  eyebrow" item added (see book "Central 
  Glosa", p. 28) 
"supercilia +  eyebrow" changed "+" to "{=supra-cilia} X". 
"super {prefer supra}  over" item added.  

suspekta 1 and suspici 1 (suspect/ verdächtig),  
  kredi = 1000  suspect, believe 
  suspici + suspekta = MG.  suspicious, suspect, believe  
"suspekta  suspect" added "{prefer suspici or kredi}". 
"suspici 1+  suspect" added meanings "suspicious; believe".  


tabla and tabula (table/ Tabelle),  
"tabla 1+  table {furniture}; table {figures}", 
"tabula {=tabla} 1X  table {figures}".  
tace and taci 1 (be silent/ schweigen),  
  taci = be quiet, (deutsch schweig) as in tacit, taciturn, tacitus  
"tace  silent; silent [be ]" added "{=taci} X". 
"taci 1+  silent; silent [be ]" added meaning "quiet [be ]".  

tali and talo (such/ solch),  
  Latin tali  such a (as in talion, retaliate)  
"tali [u ] {=talo} X  such; such a" changed to 
  "tali 1++  such; such a". 
"talo 1++  such" changed "1++" to "{=tali} X". 
"talo G  young shoot" added "{take klema or others} GX", changed 
  meaning to "shoot {plant}", (avoid homonym talo-such/shoot, "klema +G 
  shoot {plant}; twig"). 
"skion  branch; shoot {shoot}" changed meaning to "shoot {plant}". 

tali and talu (heel/ Hacke), 
  tarsu and tarsus (ankle/ Fußknöchel)  
"tali  heel; ankle" added "{take kalku for heel, pedi-artri for ankle} X". 
"talu  heel" added "{take kalku} X". 
"pedi artri 1  ankle" changed to "pedi-artri", changed "1" to "1++". 
"tarsu 1++  ankle" changed "++" to "+". 
"tarsus  ankle" added "{=tarsu, prefer pedi-artri} X". 
"taxilus  ankle" added "{prefer pedi-artri}". 
("artri 1++G  joint" and "kalku 1++  heel" remain.) 

tambura and tipani and timpa and timpani (drum/ Trommel):  
  timpani = 1000  drum. (Central Glosa page 88 timpani) 
  tambura = MG. drum (tambour) 
  (cognate) tamburina MG. tambourine  
"tipani {=timpani} 1GX  drum" (from Español-bibli), 
"timpa 1++G  drum" changed "1++G" to "{=timpani} 1GX". 
"timpani 1G  drum" added "++". 
"tambura  drum" added "{prefer timpani}". 
"tamburina  tambourine" item added. 

tanasi and tanato (die/ sterben):  
"tanasi {=tanato, prefer morta} 1GX  die" (from Español-bibli), 
"tanato G  death; die".  

tape, tapeta and tapi (carpet/ Teppich):  
  tape = 1000  carpet, mat 
  tapeta = MG  carpet, mat  
"tapeta  carpet; mat; rug" added "{=tape} X", while "tape 1++ 
  carpet; mat; rug" remains.  "tapeta" would be a 'false friend' 
  for Germans, German "Tapete" is wall paper, not "Teppich" (carpet). 
"tapi {=tape} 1X  carpet". 

tarsu 1 and tarsus (ankle/ Fußknöchel), (also: taxilus and tali)  
  tarsu = 1000  ankle, tarsus.  
(see above, tali/talu) 

tatira and tetaro (pheasant/ Fasan),  
  fasanus Latin = general word for pheasant. 
  tatira (Greek tatyras) MG. pheasant. 
  tetaro (also Greek)  
"tatira G  pheasant" added "{prefer Fasanus}". 
"tetaro G  pheasant" added "{prefer Fasanus}".  

taurus and toro 1 (bull; semen),  
  bull 1000 = an-bovi  an-elefanta etc. 
  taurus = bull, taurus MG. 
  toro delete  
"an-bovi  bull {ox}; ox" item added. 
"an-elefa  bull {elephant}" item added. 
"elefanta {=elefa} GX  elephant" item added. 
"bovi 1++  beef; bovine; ox" added meaning "cow". 
"taurus  bull" added "{prefer an-bovi}", changed "bull" to "bull 
"toro 1+  bull; semen" made to two items: 
  "toro {=taurus, prefer an-bovi} 1X  bull {ox}" and 
  "toro {take zoa-sperma or bovi-sperma} X  semen". 
"zoa-sperma 1*  semen" item added. 
"bovi-sperma 1*  semen {ox}" item added.  

taxlis (yew tree/ Eibe) and Taxus 1 (yew),  
"taxlis {=Taxus} X  yew" remains. 
"Taxus 1+  yew" removed "+".  

tekni and tekno (skilful/ geschickt),  
"tekni {=tekno} 1GX  skilful". 
"tekno 1++G  clever; craft; skilful; skill; skilled; skillful; smart 
  {clever}; technical; techno-".  

tekti (roof/ Dach) and tekto 1G (build, construct),  
"tekti  roof" added "{prefer stego}". 
"arki tekti 1G  architect" added "{=arkitekto} X". 
"arkitekto 1*G  architect" item added (to avoid similar synonym 
  tekt-i/-o, must be written together, because arki is the main word.
  tekto-arki would be regular, but not international.)  

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

telefona G and telefono 1G and telefoni (telephone/ Telefon),  
  telefono = telephone  
("telefono 1++G  telephone" remains.  telefoni not in GID.) 
"telefona G  telephone" added "{=telefono"} X".  

tele visi and televisio and televida (Fernsehen), (should be: televide)  
  televide 2 + televisio 1 = television 
  vide  to see 
  visio = vision  
(tele visi not in GID.  "televisio 1++  television" remains.) 
"televida  television" added "{=televisio} X". 
"televide {prefer televisio}  television" item added. 
"visio 1++  vision" changed "++" to "+" (visio is not in the Central 
  Glosa list.)  

temako and temno (slice/ Scheibe),  
  lami = 1000  slice 
  temno = MG. slice, cut, divide 
  temako delete, from same Greek root.  
(temako see above seka/sekti.) 
"lami {=lamina} 1++  film; layer; laminate; pane; plate; sheet; slice 
  {thin}" removed comment "{=lamina}", changed "slice {thin}" to 
"lamina {=lami} 1+  film; layer; laminate; pane; plate; sheet; slice 
  {thin}" changed "{=lami} 1+" to "{prefer lami} 1", changed "slice 
  {thin}" to "slice". 
"temno {prefer seka} G  cut; slice {v}" added meaning "divide".  

tensi and tensio (stretch/ dehnen),  
"tensi {=tensio} 1X  span; stretch". 
"tensi a {=tensio a} 1X  reach". 
"tensio 1++  stretch; span; strain; stress; tense; tension". 
"tensio a 1++  reach".  

terizo and trigeto (harvest/ Ernte), also rekolta, karpe  
  karpe = 1000  harvest, reap. 
  Also terizo = MG. harvest, mow, reap 
  (Greek therizo "therisis" in several animal/bird/fossil/insect names) 
  trigeto = MG.  harvest, vintage, crop. 
  (also Greek trygetos in insect names) 
  Latin rekolta.  
"terizo G  harvest" added "{prefer karpe}", added meanings "mow {v}; 
"trigeto  harvest" added "{prefer (vini-)karpe} GX" and meanings 
  "crop; vintage". 
"rekolta  harvest" added "{prefer karpe}". 
"karpe 1++  harvest; pluck; reap" added meaning "crop". 
"vini-karpe 1*  vintage" item added. 
  (German translations: 
  pluck - pflücken 
  reap - ernten 
  mow - mähen 
  vintage - Weinlese, Traubenlese, Weinernte 
  crop - Ernte, Getreide, Schnitt, Haarschnitt)  

tet and tetra and tesara (four/ vier), also qatro,  
  tetra 1st choice = 4  1000 can be cut to tet for quick counting 
  tesara 3rd MG. as in Tessarakostos 
  qatro 2nd = MG Latin (quadra, quartet, quart, quarantine)  
"tet 1  four" added "{short form of tetra for quick counting}" and "+". 
"tesara  four" added "{prefer tetra}". 
"qatro  four" added "{prefer tetra}".  
timi and timidi (fearful/ furchtsam),  
  timi = delete  fear, timid 
  timidi = MG. fearful, timid  
"timi +  fearful; fear; timid" changed "+" to "{take timidi (fearful) 
  or fobo (fear)} X". 
"timidi  fearful; timid" added "+".  

timpa and timpani ... (drum/ Trommel): 
see above tambura. 

tinge and tinktu (dye/ färben), 
  dazu tinktu and tinta (hue/ Farbe),  
  tinge + tinktu  both Latin MG.  dye, paint, hue, tinge 
  (as in tincture, tinctorial, tinge, tingens) 
  kroma = 1000  dye, colour  
"kroma 1++G  color; colour; dye; paint; tinge" added meaning "hue 
"tinktu 1+  color; colour; dye; hue; tint" changed "1+" to "{prefer 
  kroma}", "hue" to "hue {colour}", added meaning "tinge".  
"tinta 1++  hue; ink; shade {hue}; tint" changed "hue" to "hue 
"tinge  color; dye" added "{=tinktu, prefer kroma} X" and meanings 
  "paint; hue {colour}; tinge".  

tipani ... (drum/ Trommel):  
see above tambura.  

tipika and tipikali (typical/ typisch),  
  tipika = typical  
"tipikali G  typical" added "{=tipika} X".  

tlemo G and tlesi G (patient/ geduldig),  
"tlemo {=tlesi} G  patient {adj}" changed "{=tlesi}" to "{take tolera} 
  X" (because of the bad vowel cluster "tl"). 
"tlesi {=tlemo} G  patient {adj}" changed "{=tlesi}" to "{take tolera} 
  X" (because of the bad vowel cluster "tl").  

toast and toasta 1 (toast),  
  toasta = toast  
"toast  toast" added "{=toasta} X".  

tomi and tomu (tome/ Buchband),  
  tomi = (Greek), cut  
(tomu not in GID, so nothing done.  See also above seka/sekti.)  

toniko and tono (stretching/ Dehnen):  
"toniko {=tono, take tensio} GX  stretching {n}", 
"tono 1G  tension; stretching {n}" (from

torna 1 and torno 1 (turn/ drehen)  
"torna 1+  turn; turn {on lathe}; turn [your ]" (tornAdo), 
"torno {=torna} 1X  turn".  

torti-tira 1 (wrench), tortu 1++ (torment; torture; twist; wring), 
  tortuoso + (twisting; winding), tortura (torment; torture)  
(There seem to be two words: torti - twist (common) and tortu - twist 
(painful), torture.  Remaining items: 
  "gene torti 1  buckle {v}", 
  "kontorti  contortion; twist", 
  "sti torti 1  buckle {v}".) 
"torti {take strepto} X  twist" item added. 
"torti-tira 1  wrench" changed "wrench" to "wrench {v}". 
"tortu 1++  torment; torture; twist; wring" changed "twist" to "twist 
  {especially if causing pain}". 
"tortuoso +  twisting; winding" added "{take serpenti or strepto} X". 
"tortura  torment; torture" added "{=tortu} X". 
"strepto 1++G  twist; plait; sprain" added meaning "wind {twist}". 
"anemo G  wind" changed meaning to "wind {air}". 
"venti 1++  ventilate; wind" changed "wind" to "wind {air}". 
  (German translations: 
  contortion - Verdrehung, Verzerrung 
  wrench - Abschiedsschmerz, Schraubenschlüssel 
  torment - Qual 
  torture - Qual, Folter 
  twist - Drehung, Windung 
  wring - abbringen, abnötigen, auswringen, wringen 
  winding - schlängelnd, biegend, windend)  

toxi 1G and toxiko G and toxo 1G (poison/ Gift),  
toxi is in the Central-Glosa-list, so it is the right word. 
Items are: 
"toxi 1++G  poison; poisonous; toxin; venom",
"toxiko {=toxi} GX  poison; poisonous; toxin; venom",
"toxo {=toxi} 1GX  poison; poisonous; venom".   

traba 1 and trabi and trava (beam/ Balken):  
  traba = beam (as in trabal architrave)  
"trabi  beam {n}; girder; rafter" added "{=traba} X". 
"trava  beam {n}; girder; rafter" added "{=traba} X".  

trace and traci and tracia (trace/ Spur): 
"trace 1  trace; footprint; aftertaste ", 
"traci {=trace} X  trace",  
"tracia {=trace} 1X  trace; footprint; aftertaste" (from

trefo and trofi (feed/ Futter), also alimenta:  
  trefo (also Greek trepho, hapalotrephes, trapheros)  
"trofi  feed; nourish" added "{=trefo, prefer dona sito a} X".  

treme and tremula (tremble) and freme and tremulo 1 and trepida and 
  tromo G,  
"treme  tremble" added "{=tremulo} X". 
"tremula  tremble" added "{=tremulo} X". 
"freme  tremble" added "{=tremulo} X". 
"tremulo 1++  flicker; flutter; quiver; shiver; shudder; tremble" added 
  meaning "shake". 
"trepida  shake; tremble" added "{=tremulo} X". 
"tromo G  quiver; tremble" added "{=tremulo} X".  

triba and tribu (tribe/ Stamm),  
  tribu  tribe  
(Already corrected: "tribu 1++  tribe" and "triba {=tribu} X  tribe".)  

trika G and triko G (hair/ Haar),  
  triko = hair  (trichologist)  
"trika G  hair" added "{=triko, prefer kapila} X".  

tristi (sad) and tristo (melancholy),  
(Certainly meant as the same word.  tristi is in Central Glosa-list, 
p. 54, should be prefered.) 
"tristi 1++  alas; dismal; lament; mourn; sad; sadness; sorrow" added 
  meanings "grief; melancholy". 
"tristo 1++  grief; melancholy" changed "1++" to "{=tristi} X". 

tritiku 1 and tritikum 1 (wheat/ Weizen),  
  tritikum = wheat  
"tritiku 1++  wheat" changed "1++" to "{=Tritikum} X". 
"Tritikum 1  wheat" added "++". 

trivia 1 and triviali (trivial/ trivial),  
  trivia = trivial, no-gravi.  
"triviali  trivial" added "{=trivia or no-gravi} X". 
"no-gravi 1  light {not heavy}; petty; trifling; trivial; unimportant" 
 added "++".  

troki and troko (wheel/ Rad):  
"troki {=troko, prefer ciklo or rota} G  wheel; round [anything ]", 
"troko 1G  wheel; round [anything ]".   

trova and trovi (find/ finden):  
"trova 1+  find; locate" (from Español-bibli), 
"trovi {=trova, prefer detekti} X  find; locate".  

trua and trula (skimmer/ Schaumlöffel),  
  trua = Latin MG, skimmer, stirring spoon. 
  trula = Latin MG, skimmer, smaller version 
    MG as in trulla, trullula (fungus), trullifolia in other plant + 
    zoological names  
"trua {=trula}    dipper; ladle; skimmer" added "X". 
"trula {=trua} +  dipper; ladle; skimmer" removed comment "{=trua}", 
  added meaning "spoon [stirring ]".  

trunka and trunku (Stamm),  
  trunka = trunk (truncate)  
"trunka +  truncate; maim" added meaning "trunk {tree}", changed "+" to 
"trunko 1++  trunk {tree}" changed "1++" to "{=trunka} 1X".  

tunela and tuneli (burrow/ Höhle),  
(tuneli is in Central Glosa-list, p. 54, so it should be prefered.) 
"tunela 1+  burrow; tunnel" changed "1+" to "{=tuneli} 1X". 
"tuneli {=tunela} 1  burrow" removed "{=tunela}", added "+", added 
  meaning "tunnel".  

tura and turi (Turm/ tower, tura also "tour" ???)  
  turi = tower, turret. 
  tour ?? Don't know posi misprint ???  
(tura - tower not in GID.) 
"tura 1++  tour" changed "1++" to "{take viagia} X". 
"viagia 1++  journey; travel; trip {journey}; voyage" added meaning 
"viagia-pe 1++  passenger" added meaning "tourist". 
"tura-pe ++  tourist" changed "++" to "{take viagia-pe} X".  


uest and uesta and ueste (west/ West):  
"uest 1++  west; occidental; western", 
"uesta {=uest} 1X  western; occidental" (from Español-bibli), 
"ueste {=uest} 1X  west" (from Español-bibli).  
unci and unka and unki (hook/ Haken),  
  unki = hook (Latin uncinate, uncatus, unciferous, aduncity)  
(Already corrected.  Items are: "unci {=unki} X  hook", "unka {=unki} X 
  hook" and "unki 1++  hook".)  

ungu and ungua and ungui and ungula (hoof/ Huf),  
  also: ungu (anointed/ eingesalbt), and unktu (anointed), 
  unktu-ma (anointed),  
  ungu = 1000  nail, hoof. 
  ungula = MG  nail, hoof (ungulate)  
("unktu +  anointed" and "unktu-ma 1+  ointment" remain.) 
"ungu 1++  nail {finger}; anoint; claw; fingernail; hoof; ungula" 
  removed meaning "anoint" (Latin unguis - nail and ungula - hoof, 
  but ungo - anoint, unctus - anointed is a different Latin word). 
  Made a new item "ungu {=face unktu or take olea} X  anoint". 
"ungua {=ungu} 1  nail {finger}; anoint; claw; fingernail; hoof; ungula" 
  removed meanings "anoint; claw; ungula", because they were once added, 
  added "X". 
"ungui  nail {finger}; anoint; claw; fingernail; hoof; ungula" removed 
  meanings "nail {finger}; anoint; claw; hoof; ungula", because they 
  were once added, added "{=ungu} X". 
"ungula  nail {finger}; anoint; claw; fingernail; hoof; ungula" removed 
  meanings "anoint; claw; ungula", because they were once added, 
  added "{=ungu} X".  

unda and undu (wave/ Welle):  
  undu = 1000  wave  Latin. (undulate, undine, redundant.)  
(I prefer unda, because it is the original Latin word, the A is also in 
redundAnt, Spanish ondA, although Wendy and book Central Glosa, p. 54, 
prefer undu.) 
"unda 1++  wave; billow; undulate". 
"unda [mega ] 1  billow". 
"unda [pusi ] 1  ripple".  
"unda longi 1  wavelength". 
"undu {=unda} 1X  wave; billow; undulate". 
"undula {prefer pusi unda}  ripple".  
"undulata {take unda (longi)} X  wave along; undulate". 
"klidono G  wave " (Greek κλ'υων). 
"kimo G  wave" (Greek κ~υμα). 
"inunda 1  deluge; flood". 
"diluvi 1  deluge; flood" added "+".  

uni and unio (unite/ vereinigen),  
  unio = meeting, union  
"uni 1  one; unite" made to two items: 
  "uni {=unio} 1X  unite" and 
  "uni {prefer mo}  one; whole [the ]". 
"unus  one; whole [the ]" added "{=uni, prefer mo} X" (uni prefereable, 
  because it is also in uniformi, unika).  

uniformi (uniform/ einförmig) and uniforma (in uniforma-ve 
  (uniform/ Uniform)),  
(uniformi is in the Central-Glosa-list, p. 54.  On the other hand, it is 
forma, e. g. in the Central-Glosa-list p. 32.  So uniforma would be more 
consistent. "uniforma-ve 1  uniform {clothes}" remains.) 
"uniformi 1++  regular; uniform {regular}" changed "1++" to "{=uniforma}
"uniforma 1++  regular; uniform {regular}" item added.  

uteri and utero and uteru and uterus (uterus, womb/ Gebärmutter):  
  uteri = 1000  womb (uterine)  
"uteri  uterus; womb" added "1+". 
"utero {=uteri} 1X  womb" (from Español-bibli). 
"uteru 1+  uterus; womb" changed "1+" to "{=uteri} X". 
"uterus  uterus; womb" added "{=uteri} X".  

uti and utili (use/ benutzen):  
"uti 1++  use; employ; treatment" added meaning "useful". 
"utili  useful; use" added "{=uti} X".  


vada 1 (wade) and vade (ford; wade; rush) and vadu 1 (ford; shallow 
  vadu = MG  shallow place, ford. (Latin vadum) 
  vade = MG  move, wade, rush (Latin vado --> vasus, go, rush, move)
    invade, vadose.  
"vada 1  wade" added "{=vade} X". 
"vade  ford; wade; shallow place; rush" made to two items: 
  "vade  move; wade; rush" and 
  "vade {=vadu} X  ford" (meaning shallow place was once added). 
"vadu 1+  ford; wade; shallow place" removed meaning "wade" (it was 
  once supplemented), added meaning "shoal {shallow place}"
"piski grega 1  shoal" changed meaning to "shoal {fishes}". 
"vadoso +  full of shoals" changed "+" to "{prefer a description like 
  ple de plu vadu}", changed meaning to "shoals {shallow places} [full 
  of ]".  

vaku and vakuo (empty/ leer), also vani and vastu,  
  vaku = 1000  empty  
"vaku 1++  empty; blank; vacancy; vacant; vacuous; vacuum" remains. 
"vakuo {=vaku} 1X  empty; blank; vacancy; vacant; vacuous; vacuum" 
  removed meanings "blank; vacancy; vacant", which have been once 
"vani 1++  empty; vain" (Latin vanus, English vain, vanity) changed 
  "empty" to "empty {vain}", added meaning "vanity". 
"vaniti +  vanity" changed "+" to "{=vani} X". 
"vastu  empty; waste" changed meanings to "waste {desert}; empty {waste}". 
"keno G  empty" added "{prefer vaku}" (Greek κεν'ος). 
"keno G  goose" added "{prefer Anseri}". 
"disipa 1++  waste" changed "waste" to "waste {use without good purpose}". 
"guasta  spoil; waste" changed "waste" to "waste {ravage}".  

valea and vali (valley/ Tal),  
  vali = 1000  valley  
"valea  valley" added "{=vali} X".  

valva 1 (tap {valve}/ (Wasser-)Hahn) and valvula (G6000 gives "yap", but 
  it should certainly be "tap"),  
(Items are: "valva 1++  tap {valve}; valve; leaf {of door}" and 
"valvula {=valva} X  tap {valve}; valve; leaf {of door}".)  

vani, vano and vaniti (vanity/ Eitelkeit, vain/ vergeblich),  
"vani 1++  vain; empty {vain}; futile {action without result}; vain 
  [in ]; vanity". 
"vaniti {prefer vani}  vanity". 
"vano {=vani} 1X  futile {action without result}; vain [in ]".  

vapo and vapori (steam, vapor/ Dampf),  
  vapo = 1000  steam, vapour. 
  vapori = MG  steam, vapour.  
"vapori  steam; vapor; vapour" added "{=vapo} X". 
"vapo 1++  poach egg; steam; vapor; vapour" made to two items: 
  "vapo 1++  steam; vapor; vapour", added meaning "evaporate" and 
  "vapo  poach egg". 
"evapora +  evaporate" changed "+" to "{take vapo} X".  

vari and varia (vary/ verändern),  
"vari 1++  variety; various; vary; varying". 
"varia {=vari} X  variety; various; vary; varying".  

vasa and vaso (vessel/ Behälter) [also short form -va] 
  [vaskulu - vascular, vessel only anatomical].  
  vasa = 1000  vase, vessel.  
"vaso {=vasa} 1  container; jar; pot {vase}; receptacle; tank; vase; 
  vessel {container}" added "X", removed meanings "jar; pot {vase}; 
  receptacle; tank", because they have once been supplemented. 
"vaskulu +  vascular; vessel {anatomical}" removed "+".  

vei and vekto (carry/ tragen),  
"vei {=vekto} X  carry {move}". 
"vekto 1  carry {move}".  

vela and veli (sail/ Segel),  
  vela = veil  1000 
  veli = sail  1000  
(In German: veil - Schleier, verhüllen; sail - Segel, segeln.)
"vela 1++  sail; veil" made to two items: 
  "vela 1+  veil" and 
  "vela {=veli} X  sail". 
"veli {=vela} 1X  sail; veil" made to two items: 
  "veli 1++  sail" and 
  "veli {=vela} X  veil".  

veluta 1 and viluta (velvet/ Samt),  
  veluta = velvet (Latin in several plant + animal names.)  
"viluta  velvet" added "{=veluta} X".  

ventra and ventrikulo (belly),  
  ventra = belly (Latin ventral, ventriloquist) 
  ventrikulo delete.  
"ventrikulo  belly" added "{=ventra} X".  

You can have a look at Wendy Ashby's notes to the following words in her hand-writing.

verba and verbi (word/ Wort),  
  verba = word  verbal  
(see above, lexiko) 

verdi (green, verdant) and verdua (verdure) and viridi (green/ grün), 
  also kloro,  
  kloro = green 1000 (chlorine, chloro-plast.) 
  verdi = MG.  green (verdigris, verdure, verdant, Cap Verde.) 
  Also viridi = MG green in many animal + plant names (viridiflora).  
"kloro 1++G  green; chloro-" added meanings "verdant; verdure". 
"verdi  green; verdant; verdure" added "{prefer kloro}". 
"verdua  green; verdant; verdure" added "{=verdi, prefer kloro} X". 
"viridi  green; verdant; verdure" added "{prefer kloro}".  

verge (verge) and vergi (rod),  
(I prefer -e, because there is the word "verge" in English. 
"verge  verge {rod}; rod" remains.) 
"vergi  verge {rod}; rod" added "{=verge} X". 
"margina 1++  border; brim; edge; fringe {border}; hem {border}; kerb; 
  margin; rim; verge" changed "verge" to "verge {border}".  

vertika and vertiko (vertical/ vertikal):  
"vertika 1  vertical; erect; upright", 
"vertiko {=vertika} X  vertical".  

vesiko (bladder; blister) and vesikula 1 (blister),  
(Items are: 
"vesiko {=vesikula} X  bladder; blister" and 
"vesikula 1+  bladder; blister".)  

vestibula and vestibulo (vestibule/ Eingangshalle),  
  vestibulo = MG. hall, vestibule.  
("vestibula {=vestibulo} 1X  entrance hall; vestibule" remains.) 
"vestibulo 1+  entrance hall; vestibule" added meaning "hall".  

vex and vexa (vex/ quälen),  
  vexa = vex, annoy  
"vex 1++  worry; annoy; vex" changed "1++" to "{=vexa} X". 
"vexa {=vex} X  worry; annoy; vex" changed "{=vex} X" to "1++".  

vid and vide 1 (see/ sehen) [shortform],  
"vid  see" added "{=vide} X".  

viktima and viktimi (victim/ Opfer),  
  viktimi = 1000  victim  
"viktima {=viktimi} 1X  victim". 
"viktimi 1++  victim".  

vikto 1 (conquer; defeat; prevail; vanquish; victory; win) and vinko 
(vinko is the present tense root of the Latin word, vikto the past 
"vinko  conquer; defeat; prevail; vanquish; victory; win" added 
  "{=vikto} X".  

vilo (fur; hair {shaggy}) and viloso (shaggy),  
  vilo.  viloso delete.  shaggy.  
"vilo +  fur; hair {shaggy}; tuft {hair}" added meaning "shaggy". 
"viloso  shaggy" added "{=vilo} X".  

vina and vini and vino (wine/ Wein) and viti (vine/ Weinstock), 
  [also vinia (vineyard)],  
  vini = 1000  wine (viniculture, vintage) 
  viti = vine  grape vine  
"vina {=vino} X  wine" changed "=vino" to "=vini". 
"vini {=vino} 1X  wine" changed "{=vino} 1X" to "1++". 
"vino 1++  wine" changed "1++" to "{=vini} 1X". 
"viti {=vini} 1X  grape vine; vine" changed "{=vini} 1X" to "1+". 
"viti-lo 1  vineyard" added "+". 
"vinia  vineyard" added "{prefer viti-lo}". 
"meti  methy-; wine" added "{prefer vini} G". 
"oeno G  wine" added "{prefer vini}". 
"trigo  winelees" added meaning "lees; yeast; dregs" (from Greek τρ'υξ).  

viri (man; male/ Mann, männlich) and virili (virile),  
"viri  man; male; virile" added "+". 
"virili +  virile; male" changed "+" to "{=viri} X".  

vivi and vivido (vivid/ lebhaft):  
"vivi 1  vivid; alive; lively; living", 
"vivido {=vivi} X  vivid".  

vomi and vomita 1 (vomit/ sich erbrechen),  
  vomita = vomit  
"vomi  vomit; throw out" added "{=vomita} X".  

vorago and vortex and vortika 1 (whirlpool/ Strudel),  
  vortika = whirlpool MG. vortex delete. 
  vorago = chasm, abyss, whirlpool MG. (voraginous)  
"vortex  whirlpool" added "{=vortika} X". 
"vortika 1+  whirlpool" removed "1". 
"vorago  whirlpool" added "+" and meanings "chasm; abyss". 
"gorgo +G  abyss; whirlpool" removed "+". 
"rupina +  chasm [rocky ]" removed "+". 
"sarma +G  chasm [earth ]" removed "+".  

vota and voti 1 (vote),  
(Items are: "vota {=voti} X  vote" and "voti 1++  vote".)  
vulpe and vulpes and vulpi (fox/ Fuchs),  
  vulpes = fox (vulpine)  
(vulpe not in GID, but "alopecia {prefer vulpes} G  fox" and 
"Vulpes 1++  fox".) 
"Vulpes 1++  fox" changed "1++" to "1+". 
"vulpi {=Vulpes} 1X  fox", though in Central-list.  

vultura 1 and vulturi (vulture/ Geier),  
  vultura = vulture  
"vulturi  vulture" added "{=vultura} X".  


zelo and zeloso (eager/eifrig - 
  jealous, jealousy/ eifersüchtig, neidisch, Eifersucht, Neid)  
  zelo = eager, enthusiastic, zeal. 
  jealous = 1000  kako-zelo 
  invidio = 1000  jealous. 
  lividi = MG. jealous, livid.  
("kako-zelo 1++  jealous; jealousy" remains.) 
"zelo 1++G  ardor; eager; keen; zeal" added meaning "enthusiastic". 
"zeloso G  jealous; jealousy" added "{take kako-zelo} X". 
"invidi 1++  envious; envy; jealous  jealousy" changed "1++" to 
  "{=invidio} X". 
"invidio  envious; envy; jealous; jealousy" added "1++". 
"lividi +  livid" added meaning "jealous".  

zigazaga 1 and zigzaga (zigzag),  
(Items are: "zigazaga 1+  zigzag" and "zigzaga {=zigazaga} X  zigzag".)  

zima and zimo (yeast/ Hefe),  
  zima = 1000  yeast  
"zimo 1  ferment; yeast" added "{=zima} X". 
"zima 1+G  ferment; yeast" added meanings "winelees; lees; dregs". 
"azimo +G  without yeast" changed "+" to "{take minus zima} X". 
"trigo  winelees; lees; yeast; dregs" added "{prefer zima}".  

zingiber and zingibera 1 (ginger/ Ingwer),  
  zingibera = ginger  
"zingiber G  ginger" added "{=zingibera} X". 
"zingibera 1+  ginger" added "G" (Greek origin ζιγγ'ιβερις.)  

zona and zostero (girdle/ Gürtel), also cinktura,  
  zona = 1000  belt, ring, zone, girdle. 
  zostero = MG  girdle, belt (Greek in animal, plant + medical names. 
    Herpes zoster = shingles (Deutsch Gürtelrose))
  cinktura = girdle, belt, zone (Latin cincticulum)  
"zostero G  belt; girdle" added "{prefer zona}". 
"cinktura  belt; girdle" added "{prefer zona}" and meaning "zone".  

Glosa Homonyms

Examples for identical words with different meanings. Some are acceptable, some should be avoided.

amo     like {v} (mögen)/ sand (Sand) 
ankora  anchor [prefer ankira] (Anker) / still, yet (noch) 
arka    arc, bow (Bogen)/ ark (Arche) 
artikula  joint (Verbindungsstelle) / speak clearly (artikulieren) 
auge    shine G (Schein)/ increase (vergrößern) 
auxi    help (helfen) / grow (wachsen) 
auximo  help (helfen) / grow (wachsen) 
balota  ballot (Stimmzettel, Wahl) / toss about ((sich) hin und herwerfen) 
bati    deep (tief)/ walking (gehend) 
bato    deep (tief)/ ray (Rochen) 
blema   look, glance (Blick)/ coverlet (Bettdecke) 
braki   arm 1G (Arm)/ short (kurz) 
brika   brick (Ziegelstein)/ roar, bellow (brüllen) 
brio    loud noise (lautes Geräusch)/ moss (Moos)/ swell (schwellen) 
bu      ox (Ochse)/ huge, monstrous [in compounds/Zusammensetzungen] 
          (sehr groß, monströs) 
buli    boil, bubble (kochen, sprudeln)/ pucker (Bausch, Falte, runzeln) 
dina    power 1++G (Macht)/ dine (Mittag essen) 
drama   drama (Drama)/ extricate (sich herauswinden) 
eko     dwell (wohnen)/ echo (Echo) 
era     period (Periode)/ wander (wandern) 
filo    love (Liebe)/ leaf (Blatt) 
fisa    bellows (Blasebalg)/ bubble (Blase) 
foli    scale G (Schuppe)/ bellows (Blasebalg)/ mad (verrückt) 
frika   rub (reiben)/ ripple (kräuseln) 
fusi    spindle (Spindel) / dig (graben)/ pour (gießen) [=fosi] 
gelo    laugh G (lachen)/ freeze (frieren) 
gero    carry (tragen) / old age (das (alte) Alter) 
guma    rubber (Gummi) / palate (Gaumen) 
hama    tied thing (geschnürte Sache)/ together (zusammen) 
helio   sun (Sonne)/ turn (drehen) 
hipo    horse (Pferd)/ under (unter)
importa  import (Import)/ important (wichtig) 
juri    oath (Eid)/ jury (Jury) 
kalci   kick (Tritt)/ lime (Leim) 
kalkula  pebble (Kieselstein)/ calculate (rechnen) 
kamera  chamber (Zimmer)/ camera (Kamera) 
kampa   camp (Feldlager)/ caterpillar (Raupe) 
kapita  head (Kopf)/ cape (Cape) 
kapitula  chapter (Kapitel)/ capitulate (kapitulieren) 
kasa    cottage; house (Landhaus)/ cash box; till {n} (Kasse) 
keno    empty G (leer)/  goose G (Gans) 
kilo    kilo, thousand (Kilo, tausend)/ lip, rim (Lippe, Rand) 
kimo    juice (Saft)/ wave G (Welle) 
kio     snow G (Schnee)/ pregnant, swell G (schwanger, schwellen) 
kokix   coccyx (Steißbein)/ cuckoo (Kuckuck) 
kome    hair G (Haar)/ village G (Dorf) 
komo    how 1 (wie)/ decoration G (Dekoration) 
kosina  cousin 1X (Cousin)/ cushion 1+ (Kissen) 
kroko   saffron yellow (safrangelb)/ shingle (Schindel) 
libra   balance (balancieren)/ book (Buch) 
liko    lick (lecken, Gr. λε'ιχειν)/ wolf (Wolf, Gr. λ'υκος) 
lisi    seperate (trennen)/ smooth (weich, Gr. λ'ις) 
liso    smooth (weich, Gr. λ'ις)/ mad (verrückt, Gr. λυσσητ'ηρ) 
margarita  daisy (Gänseblümchen)/ pearl (Perle, perlen) [=margari] 
mati    learn (lernen --> matema, gene sko)/ maths (Mathematik --> matematika) 
menta   mental, mind (Verstand)/ mint (Pfefferminze) 
merkuri  mercury, messenger (Bote)/ mercury (Quecksilber) 
metro   measure (messen)/ mother (Mutter) 
mio     muscle G (Muskel, Gr. μ~υ&sigmaf)/ mouse G (Maus, also: Mios; Gr. μ~υ&sigmaf) 
          [homonym also in Greek] 
miso    dirt G (Schmutz, Gr. perhaps μ'υσος)/ hate G (hassen, Gr. μισ'εω) 
miti    myth G (Mythos)/ gentle, mild (freundlich, mild) 
mo      one, single G {=mono} (eins, einzeln)/ furniture {=mobili} 
moli    soft (weich)/ grind (mahlen) 
nikti   night XG (Nacht)/ blink; wink (blinken, winken)/ snow X (Schnee) 
noto    back {n} (Rücken)/ spurious (unecht) 
nuci    nut (Nuss)/ trifling (geringfügig) 
oma     eye (Auge)/ tumor (Tumor) 
opera   operate X (operieren)/ opera (Oper) 
opti    eye (Auge)/ option (Option) 
os      bone (Knochen)/ mouth (Mund) 
pali    post (Pfosten)/ again, backwards (wieder, rückwärts = retro) 
palma   palm {tree} (Palme)/ palm {hand} (Handfläche)/ 
          slap (Klaps, schlagen) 
pedi    foot (Fuß)/ soil X (Boden) 
pika    sting (Stachel)/ smart (scharf)/ magpie (Elster) 
pila    column (Säule)/ battery (Batterie) 
pilo    ball (Ball) [better: bola. Perhaps synonym to pilu - pill 
          (Pille)]/ pylon (Mast) 
pio     gentle, tender (freundlich, zärtlich) / pus G (Eiter) 
pina    feather (Feder)/ penalty X (Strafe) 
plano   flat; plane (flach) / wander G (wandern) 
planta  plant (Pflanze) / sole X (Sohle) 
pole    pulley (Rolle)/ sell X (verkaufen) 
porta   door (Tür)/ carry (tragen)/ harbour (Hafen) 
psefo   pebble (Kiesel)/ vote (Wählstimme) 
rabi    crazy (verrückt)/ rabbi (Rabbi) 
rage    rage (Zorn)/ burst forth G (wegbrechen) 
rude    rough (rauh)/ rubbish (Müll) 
skope   look (sehen)/ range (Reihe) 
sorta   divination (Weissagung)/ go out {French} (herausgehen) 
          similar: sorta - sort; species (sortieren, Art) 
spektra  rainbow, spectrum (Regenbogen, Spektrum)/ ghost (Gespenst) 
spekula  mirror (Spiegel)/ speculate (spekulieren) 
stato   state, condition (Bedingung)/ state, nation (Staat) 
statu   condition X (Bedingung)/ statue X (Statue) 
stela   star (Stern)/ pillar; column (Pfeiler; Säule) 
steno   strong G [sthen] (stark)/ narrow [stenos](eng) 
stilo   pen (Federhalter)/ style (Stil) 
sulko   furrow (Graben)/ ship's wake (Schiffswache) 
tali    such (solch) [also: talo]/ heel; ankle (Ferse; Fußknöchel) 
talo    such (solch)/ young shoot G (Trieb ?) 
tekno   skillfull G/ child G (geschickt/ Kind) 
teri    frighten (erschrecken)/ animal G (Tier) 
tiko    chance (Chance)/ wall (Stadtmauer) 
tilo    pluck; tear (zupfen; ziehen)/ knob; knot (Knopf; Knoten)
tino    stretch G (dehnen)/ sand G (Sand) 
tira    pull (ziehen)/ door G (Tür) 
tiro    beginner G (Anfänger)/ cheese G (Käse) 
tito    kind of owl G (Eulenart)/ small; young (klein, jung) 
tomi    cut (schneiden)/ tome (Buchband) 
toxo    poison 1GX (Gift)/ bow G (Bogen) 
trano   distinct, clear G (deutlich, klar)/ bench, stool (Bank, Hocker) 
trama   tram (Förderwagen)/ warp & weft (Kette und Schuss [Weberei]) 
trano   bench; stool G (Bank)/ clear; distinct G (klar, deutlich) 
trema   hole (Loch)/ nurseling (Säugling) 
trika   trifle {n} (Kleinigkeit, evtl. von Lat. tricae, arum - 
          Widerwärtigkeiten, dummes Zeug)/ hair G (Haar) 
	  [hair also triko] 
triko   worn garment G (getragenes Kleidungsstück)/ hair G (Haar) 
trio    rub G (reiben)/ trio (Trio) 
trismo  murmur G (Gerücht)/ grind G (zerreiben) 
tumo    swell 1 (schwellen)/ moss 1X (Moos) 
vade    ford; wade (waten)/ rush (stürzen, jagen) 

Examples for similar words with different meanings

alba (dawn/ Dämmerung) / albi (white/ weiß) 
bate (beat/ schlagen) / bati (walk/ gehen) / bato (deep/ tief) 
botina (boot/ Stiefel) / butina (booty/ Beute) / butona (button/ Knopf) 
data (data/ Daten) / datu (date/ Datum) 
fune (funeral) / funi (rope) 
gele (jelly/ Gelee) / geli (freeze/ frieren) / gelo (laugh/ lachen) 
grafi (draw) / grafo (write) 
habita (dwell, inhabit, settle) / habitu (habit) / habitua (accustom) 
kapitala (capital[city]) / kapitali (capital[money]) 
karpe (harvest/ Ernte) / karpo (fruit/ Frucht) / karpu (wrist/ Handgelenk) 
kavaleri (cavalry/ Kavallerie) / kavalero (knight/ Ritter) 
koko (coconut/ Kokosnuss) / koku (berry/ Beere) 
komando (commando) / komanda (command) 
krisi (crisis) / kriso (golden) 
lenti (lens) / lento (slow) 
peda (child) / pedi (foot), Marcel Springer, nbsp;... 2009-10-24