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Persons who have - more or less directly - worked on this file:
Wendy Ashby (Glosa author), Paul Bartlett, Ron Clark (Glosa author), Charles Ganson, Robin Gaskell, Nick Hempshall, Gary Miller, William Patterson (former editor), Kevin Smith, Marcel Springer (maintainer of this list,

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Sources for the words have been several publications by Ronald Clark and Wendy Ashby, © Glosa Education Organization (GEO, 35 Wingfield Road; Kingston Upon Thames; Surrey KT2 5LR; ENGLAND), namely “Glosa Basic Reference”, “English - Glosa 1000”, “English - Glosa 1000 classified”, “Glosa 6000”, “18 Steps to Fluency in Euro-Glosa” (Glosa-English list), “Central Glosa” (lists “5000 English to Glosa 1000” and “Useful Prefixes”), “Français - Glosa 1000”, “Español - Glosa 1000” and others and the friendly correspondence with Glosa author Wendy Ashby.

The Glosa Internet Dictionary has three levels. All are in this file:

Suggestion: prefer ++, then +.

Other abbreviations:
G” marks Glosa words with Greek origin.
1” marks Glosa 1000 words (words, that appear in one of the several Glosa-1000-lists).
*” marks a word not original GEO (Clark/Ashby).
1*” means only a slight modification from a Glosa-1000-word.
X”-words should be avoided. The prefered synonym is in brackets (=...).
and: adj adjective, n noun, v verb.

Glosa grammar: see book "18 Steps to Fluency", especially "Glosa Mechanics", p. 60.
Glosa pronunciation: see book "18 Steps to Fluency", p. 5.

See also history-file


a (before consonants without h, else prefer ad) 1++  at (location); 
                   till; to; towards; up to 
a boreo 1        northwards 
a fini 1++       at last; eventually; finally 
a kron (=a-kron) 1X  punctual; till (until); until 
a latu 1++       aside 
a plus info 1+*  until further notice 
a pluso info (=a plus info) 1X  until further notice 
a qo-lo? 1+      whither? 
a- (prefer ne-) G  (prefix:) not; not (prefix) 
a-kron 1++       punctual; till (until); until 
a-la 1+          thither 
a-nu 1++         hitherto; yet 
ab 1++           away; absent; from; missing (not there); off 
ab ovo           from start 
ab- 1+           (prefix:) from; from (prefix); (prefix:) apart; 
                   apart (prefix) 
ab-flu (or "flu ab") 1+  flow down 
abandona 1       abandon (go away); abandon (give up); abjure; 
                   desert (v); leave alone 
abandoni (=abandona) X  abandon (give up); abandon (go away); 
                   desert (v) 
abdomina 1       abdomen; belly 
abe 1+           abbey 
Abies 1+         fir; fir tree 
abili 1++        able; ability 
abiso            deep sea 
abjekti          mean (paltry); mean (not nice) 
abjura           abjure 
ablati           remove 
ablepsia         blindness 
abluti           wash away 
aboli            abolish 
abomina          detest 
abona            subscribe 
aborti           abort 
abrazi           scrape 
abrupti          abrupt 
abscisi          cut off 
absenta se 1     truant 
absenti          absent 
abskonde         hide 
absoluti 1       absolute 
absolve          absolve; absolve (from sin or guilt) 
absorba (=sorbe) X  suck in 
abstine          abstain 
abstrakti +      abstract 
absurdi          absurd 
abuka            interconnect 
abunda           abound 
abusi            abuse 
academi (=akademi) 1X  academy 
acede            say yes 
acelera          accelerate 
acende           set alight 
acenta           accent 
acepta (prefer cepti) X  accept 
acepti (prefer cepti)  accept 
acer             maple tree 
acerbi           bitter; sour 
acesi +          access (right or opportunity); access (entry); 
                   access (get) 
acetabula        socket 
aceti            vinegar 
acide 1++        happen; event; circumstance; incident; occur; 
                   pass (happen) 
aciera 1         steel 
acikula          needle; prickle; prickly 
ad (before vowels and h, else prefer a) 1++  at (location); till; to; 
                   towards; up to 
ad an 1          him 
ad e versi 1+    to and fro 
ad hok           ad hoc 
ad libe          ad lib 
ad rem           to the point 
ad- 1+           (prefix:) towards; towards (prefix) 
ad-in 1++        into; inward 
adagio           graceful; slow 
adamanta 1++G    diamond; very hard 
adamanti (=adamanta) X  diamond; very hard 
adapta 1+        adapt; fit 
adelfa G         sister 
adelfo G         brother 
adelo G          unclear 
adenda           added things 
adeno 1          acorn; gland 
adeo             farewell; goodbye 
adepto           adept 
adeqa            suffice 
adhesi +         adhere; adhesive; stick to 
adhesi-ma        paste 
adi 1++          add 
adinami          feeble; weak 
adipo            animal fat 
adito            entrance 
adjace           lie near; local 
adjudika         award 
adjura           adjure 
adjusta +        adjust; adjustment 
adjuta           help 
administra       administrate; manage 
administra-pe    administrator 
admira 1         admiration; admire; praise 
admoni           admonish 
adokula          fix eyes on 
adoleske         grow up 
adonis           dandy 
adopta 1         adopt 
adora 1++        adore; worship 
adorna           adorn 
adorsa           put back 
adresa 1+        address 
adresi (=adresa) 1X  address 
adula            adulate 
adultera         adulterate 
adumbra          adumbrate 
adusti (=busti, prefer piro) X  burn (v); scorch 
adveni (prefer acide)  happen 
adverba +        adverb 
adverbi (=adverba) X  adverb 
adversa          oppose 
adversa-pe       opponent 
adverti          advertise; advertisement; refer to 
advoka           call (v) 
advokato         advocate (n); advocate (v); supporter 
aegi (=egi, prefer kapri) GX  goat 
aegialo G        shore 
aegis            protection 
aegroto (=egroto, prefer pato) X  ill; sick 
aeolo G          varied 
aepio (=epio, prefer alti) GX  tall 
aero 1++G        air; atmosphere 
aero-bio         aerobe 
aero-naut        airman 
aero-navi        airship 
aerodroma 1      aerodrome 
aeroplana 1++    aeroplane; airplane 
aeroplano (=aeroplana) X  aeroplane; airplane 
aeroporto (=aeroportu) X  airport 
aeroportu +      airport 
aeska G          food 
aeskio G         be ashamed 
aeskulus         horse chestnut 
aestu (=estu, prefer termo) GX  fervor; fervour; heat; passion 
aetrio (=etrio) GX  bright 
afabili          affable 
afaire (=afera, French) X  business 
afama            famish 
afekta (=afekti) X  affect; pretend 
afekti 1+        affect; affection; be fond of ; loving; pretend 
afektio (=afekti) X  be fond of 
afektuoso (=afekti) X  loving 
afera (French) 1  business 
afia G           touching 
afidavi          affidavit 
afidi G          aphid; greenfly 
afila            sharpen 
afilia           affiliate 
afini            related by marriage 
afirma           assert 
aflikti          afflict 
aflora           outcrop 
aflu             crowd (v) 
afno G           wealth 
afola            madden 
afro 1+G         foam; froth; scum; suds 
afronta          defy 
agalmato         sculpt 
agalmo G         ornament 
agamo G          unmarried 
agano G          gentle 
Agarikus 1       mushroom 
agata G          good 
agati G          agate 
age (=ago, prefer duce) X  drive; lead 
agenda 1G        agenda; program 
agenti 1++G      agent 
agera            mound 
agili            agile 
agio             exchange 
agiota           speculate 
agita 1+         agitate; stir; stir up 
aglao G          beautiful 
aglomer          gather 
aglutina         stick together 
agmo G           fracture 
agno 1           lamb 
agnosti          agnostic 
ago (prefer duce) 1+  drive; lead 
agoge G          training 
agoni 1+G        agony; contest 
agonisti         competitor 
agora G          market place; square (public) 
-agra G          sudden pain 
agrandi          aggrandize 
agraria          agrarian 
agrava           worsen; make worse 
agrega           mass together 
agresi 1         attack; violate 
agresti          rustic 
agri 1++         field; countryside; meadowland 
agri-do 1        farm-house 
agri-lo 1++      farm 
agri-pe 1++      farmer; agricultural labourer 
agri-vegeta      crop 
plu agri-zoa 1++  cattle 
agrikultura 1++  agriculture 
agrio 1++        wild; savage 
agronomi G       agronomy 
agrosti (=grasti, prefer gra) GX  grass 
agueri           inure to war 
agulia           needle 
ailuro G         cat 
aito G           burnt brown 
akademi *1+G     academy 
akalifa G        nettle 
akanta 1G        thorn; spine 
akaris G         mite 
akazio G         sharp 
akidi 1++        acid; sour; acute 
akini            berry; grape 
aklama           acclaim 
akme G           point 
ako G            remedy 
akomoda          adapt; adjust 
akompani         accompany 
akorda 1++       according to; agree; accord; acknowledge; consent; 
                   harmonize; league; match (v); treaty; unanimous; 
                   undertake; uphold 
akorda-co        accordingly 
akosta           accost 
akostuma         accustom 
akrido           grasshopper 
akrimoni         acrimony 
akro 1++G        top (highest point); climax; end; peak; point (sharp); 
                   summit; tip (top) 
akro-digi 1+     tiptoe 
akrobata (=akrobati) X  acrobat 
akrobati 1+G     acrobat 
akti 1++         act; do; behave; accomplish; action; active; commit; 
                   deed; does (form of to do); 
                   doing (participle of to do); perform; performance; 
                   take action; transact 
plu akti 1+      manners 
akti ma boni de 1++  excel 
akti mali 1++    insult; offence; offend; offense 
akti rapidi 1    hurry; make haste 
akti-seqe        procedure 
akti-verba 1+    verb 
akti-verbi (=akti-verba) X  verb 
aktivi 1++       active; busy; brisk 
aktivi pro 1     enthusiastic 
aktua            actuate 
aktuali          actual 
aku 1++          nail; needle; pin; prick (v); splinter; tack 
aku lito 1+      crag 
akulea           sting; thorn 
akumina          sharpen 
akumula          accumulate 
akusa +          accuse 
akusti 1G        hear; acoustic; acoustical; acoustics; listen; hark 
akuto 1++        sharp; sharpen; shrill; acid ("sharp" taste); 
                   sour ("sharp" taste) 
ala 1            wing 
ala-ana 1        soar 
alago G          exchange 
alakri           brisk; crisp; eager; keen 
alanto G         sausage 
alarma           alarm 
alba             dawn 
alba (=albi, prefer leuko) 1X  white 
albi (prefer leuko) 1  white 
albino           albino 
album 1+         album 
albumini         albumen 
alega            allege 
alegro 1++       cheerful; jolly; merry 
alektrio G       cock 
aleli (=alelo) 1XG  each other 
alelo 1++G       each other; mutual 
alerta           alert 
aleto G          true 
aleuro G         flour 
alevia           alleviate 
alexi 1++G       defence; defend; defense; guard; look after; protect; 
                   protective; safeguard; watch over 
alexi grega 1    patrol 
alexi ki ko 1    escort 
alexi-baci 1     bumper 
alexi-digi 1     thimble 
alexi-grega 1    garrison 
alexi-kefa-ve 1+  helmet 
alexi-pe 1G      sentry 
alexi-ve 1G      apron; overalls; protective clothing 
alfa G           alpha 
alfa-beta +G     alphabet 
alfabeti (=alfa-beta) 1XG  alphabet 
alfito G         barley flour 
alga G           alga 
algesia G        feeling 
(-)algia G       pain 
algido G         cold 
algo 1++G        pain; ache; -algia; grief; hurt; painful; sore; 
algo soni 1+     groan; moan 
algo-voci 1+     whine 
ali 1++          any (whatever); whatever (any) 
ali kron 1++     ever (at any time); any time 
ali-kron 1++     whenever 
ali-lo 1++       anywhere; wherever (adverb) 
ali-mode 1++     anyhow (anyway); anyway (anyhow); 
                   however (adverb, =in whatever way) 
ali-pe 1++       anyone (whoever); whoever (anyone) 
ali-ra 1++       anything (of every item you care to choose); whatever; 
alia             other things 
alias            otherwise 
alibi            elsewhere 
aliena 1         alien; foreign; strange 
aliena-pe        foreigner 
aliga            attach 
aligato          alloy 
aligatora 1      alligator 
alimenta 1       feed; food; nourish 
alimenta-avi     fowl 
alinea           align 
alitera          alliterate 
Alium 1G         garlic 
alkoholi 1++     alcohol; spirit (alcohol) 
alkova           alcove; recess (alcove) 
almanak          almanac 
almo G           alms 
alnus            alder tree 
alo 1++          or; alternative; either 
alo ... alo 1++  either ... or 
plu alo di 1     every other day 
alo-medika 1     complimentary medicine 
Aloda 1          lark 
alopecia (prefer vulpes) G  fox 
alora 1+         in that case ; therefore 
alotropi G       allotrope 
Alpi             Alps 
Alsacia          Alsace 
Alt klavi        Alt key (computer) 
alteo G          cure 
altera           change 
alterka 1        quarrel; argue; discuss; dispute 
alterna 1++      alternate; although; else 
altero           other 
altes            Highness 
alti 1++         altitude; high; aloft; height; lofty; tall 
alti an-voka 1   tenor 
alti landa 1     moor; upland 
alti-lo 1+       pulpit 
alti-soni        high sound 
altitudi (take alti) X  altitude 
altruismo G      altruism 
alude            allude 
aluminium        aluminium 
aluvia           clay 
alve             pit; trough 
alveola          cavity (small) 
amalgama         amalgam 
amari 1          bitter; harsh 
amasa (=kumu, masi) X  amass 
amaso (=kumu, masi) X  crowd; mass 
amateuri         amateur 
ambasadora 1++   ambassador 
ambi (alternative: pan or bi) 1+  both 
ambi- 1+         (prefix:) both; both (prefix) 
ambienta 1+      environment; atmosphere; setting (environment) 
ambiguo          ambiguous 
ambiti           action rage; moving around perimeter 
ambitio          ambitious 
amblio G         blunt (not sharp); dull (not sharp); 
                   dull (not strong) 
ambra G          amber 
ambrosia G       ambrosia 
ambroto G        immortal 
ambula 1++       amble; stroll; walk; walking 
amen 1           amen 
amenti           strap 
amfi (prefer ambi, or pan, bi) G  both 
amfi- G          (prefix:) both sides; both sides (prefix) 
amfibio G        amphibious 
amfiteatra G     amphitheatre 
amfora G         jar 
ami 1++          friend; amiable; comrade; friendly; kind (friendly); 
                   lovable; warm (friendly) 
amigda 1+G       almond 
amika (prefer ami) X  friendly 
amika-ra         friendliness 
amikto           frilled 
amila 1+G        starch; meal 
amita            aunt 
amnesi G         forget 
amni             stream (n) 
amnio 1          sheep; ewe 
amo 1++          love; like (love); affection; approve; approval; 
                   kindness; mercy; warm (friendly) 
amo (=sili) GX   sand 
amo-pe 1+        amateur 
amoebo G         changing 
amonta           amount 
amoreta          flirtation 
amorfo 1++G      clod; lump; shapeless 
amoro            love 
amorti           deaden 
ampelo G         vine (plant) 
Ampere           Ampere 
amplexi 1+       embrace; clasp (v); comprise 
ampli            ample 
amplifi          amplify 
amplituda        amplitude 
ampula 1         bottle; flask 
amputa           amputate 
amusa 1++        amuse; amusement; entertain; funny 
amusa-ra 1++     entertainment 
an 1++G          he; him; his; male; masculine 
an- 1++G         (prefix:) male; male (prefix) 
an- (prefer ne-) 1G  (prefix:) not; not (prefix); un- 
an-anseri 1      gander 
an-bovi 1        bull (ox); ox 
an-Cervus 1+     buck (n); stag 
an-duka 1        duke 
an-elefa 1       bull (elephant) 
an-fili 1++      son 
an-galina 1++    cockerel; rooster 
an-iso G         unequal 
an-kani 1        dog (male) 
an-maestro 1     master (artist) 
an-ovi 1         ram 
an-princa (=an-prince) 1X  prince 
an-prince 1+     prince 
an-regi 1++      king 
an-sibi 1++      brother 
an-sponsa 1++    husband 
an-vidua 1       widower 
ana 1++G         upwards; rise (go up); up 
ana e kata de mari 1+  tide 
ana kata 1       upside down 
ana- 1+G         (prefix:) upwards; upwards (prefix) 
anaerobi G       anaerobe 
anagrama G       anagram 
anakrono G       anachronous 
analfabeti G     illiterate 
analgesia G      analgesia 
analisi G        analyse 
analogi G        analogy; analog; analogue; analogous 
Ananas 1+        pineapple 
anarki G         anarchy 
anas 1++         duck (animal) 
anas-ki 1        waddle 
anastasia G      resurrection 
anatema G        anathema 
anatola G        east 
anatomi G        anatomy 
ancestra 1       ancestor 
ancila           slave 
andante          rather slow 
andro 1++G       man; gentleman; husband 
plu andro 1      men 
andro patri 1    father-in-law 
androgina G      hermaphrodite 
aneimo G         naked 
anekdota G       anecdote 
anemo 1G         wind (air) 
anestesia G      not feeling 
anexa            annex 
anfraktuo        winding 
angeli 1++G      angel; messenger 
angio G          box; vessel 
Anglo (=English) 1X  English 
angui            snake 
anguila          eel 
angula 1         angle; corner; vertex 
angusti 1        narrow 
angustia         anguish 
anhelo           gasp; pant 
anhidro G        without water 
anigo G          open (adj); open (v); opened 
anihila          annihilate 
anima 1+         soul; spirit (soul); mind (n) 
animadversi      animadvert 
animala (prefer zoa) 1  animal; beast 
animali (=animala, prefer zoa) 1X  animal; beast 
animaliza        brutalize 
aniversari +     anniversary 
ankilo G         crooked 
ankira G         anchor 
ankistro G       hook; fish-hook; fishing-hook 
anko G           choke 
ankora 1++       still (yet); yet 
ankora (=ankira) 1XG  anchor 
anomalo G        anomalous 
anonimo G        anonymous 
anota            annotate 
ansa             cup-handle 
ansato           akimbo 
ansera (=Anseri) X  goose 
Anseri 1+        goose 
antagoni G       antagonize 
antarktika 1     antarctic 
ante 1++         ahead; before (place); fore; front; in front 
ante meso-di (=pre meso-di) 1X  a. m.; AM; am (time); ante meridiem; 
                   before noon 
ante- 1+         (prefix:) before (place); before (place)(prefix); 
                   (prefix:) front; front (prefix) 
ante-kamera      waiting room 
antedata         antedate 
antemeridia (prefer pre meso-di)  a. m.; AM; am (time); ante meridiem; 
                   before noon 
antena 1+        antenna; feeler 
antero           front; in front 
anti 1++G        against; although; despite; hinder; hostile; 
                   in spite of; oppose; though; versus 
anti- 1+G        (prefix:) against; against (prefix) 
anti-aqa 1       waterproof 
anti-aqa-te 1    tarpaulin 
anti-co 1++      although; but; however (=although it was so); 
                   nevertheless; though 
anti-ergo 1++    lazy 
anti-fobo 1      brave; courage; valiant 
anti-grega 1     opposition party 
anti-krati 1++   rebel; revolt; treason 
anti-lega 1++    illegal; crime; criminal (adj) 
anti-lega-pe 1   criminal (n) 
anti-pe 1++      enemy; foe; opponent 
antikoncepti     contraception 
antiqa 1         old-fashioned 
antiqi 1         ancient 
anto (prefer flori) 1G  bloom; flower 
antologi G       anthology 
antonima G       antonym 
antraki 1G       coal 
antro (prefer kaverno or kavita) G  cave; cavity 
antropo 1+G      human being; human race; mankind 
antropoida G     anthropoid 
anua 1++         year; annual; yearly 
anula 1          circle; circular; ring (circular band) 
anunci (=nunci) 1X  announce; publish 
anuncia (=nunci) 1X  announce 
anxio 1++        anxiety; anxious; fret; fuss; haggard; uneasiness; 
aorta G          aorta 
apaci            appease 
aparata (prefer ru/instrumenta)  apparatus; tackle (n) 
aparatu (=aparatu, prefer ru/instrumenta) X  apparatus; tackle (n) 
apare 1          appear 
apartamenta +    apartment; flat (apartment) 
apendici 1       appendix 
aperi 1++        open (adj); open (v) 
aperi u fenestra  open a window (also computer) 
aperi unio 1     open a meeting 
apeti 1          appetite; desire 
apetiti 1+       appetite 
api (=apis) 1X   bee 
Api soni (=apis soni) 1X  hum 
api-do (=apis-do) 1X  hive 
apika (prefer akro)  apex; top (highest point) 
apis 1++         bee 
apis soni 1*     hum 
apis-do 1        hive 
Apium 1          celery 
aplane G         fixed 
aplaude (prefer lauda)  applaud 
aplika 1+        apply 
apo 1++G         apart; away; remove; delete (computer); erase; 
                   pull out; skim; snatch away; subtract; take away; 
                   tear out; un-; whisk 
apo algo 1       relief (lessening of pain) 
apo trika-pe 1   barber 
apo- 1+G         (prefix:) away; away (prefix); (prefix:) remove; 
                   remove (prefix) 
apo-landa        abroad 
Apodida 1+       swift (bird) 
apologi 1+G      apologize 
apoplexi 1G      stroke 
aporta           bring 
apostasi G       apostate 
apostola 1G      apostle 
apostrofi G      apostrophize 
apreci 1+        appreciate 
aprehende        grasp 
aprende          learn 
apri (=aperi) X  open (adj); open (v) 
apri u fenestra (=aperi u fenestra) X  open a window (also computer) 
Aprili (prefer meno tetra) 1  April 
aproba           approval; approve 
aproca           approach 
aprovisio        supply 
apsi G           knot; node 
apti             suitable 
apunkta          appoint 
aqa 1++          water (n); irrigate; liquid; soak; water (v); wet 
aqa (prefer liqi) 1  liquid 
aqa botilia 1    water-bottle 
aqa tera 1       marsh 
aqa-kade 1+      cataract; waterfall 
aqa-landa 1      swamp 
aqa-va 1+        cistern; pitcher; tank; watering-can 
aqarela          aquarelle; water-color; water-colour 
aqieske          acquiesce 
aqila 1+         eagle 
aqire            acquire 
ara 1+           plough; plow; arable 
Arakis 1+        peanut 
arakna (=arakni) GX  spider 
arakni 1+G       spider 
arakni-reti 1+   spider-web 
arane (=arakni-reti) 1X  spider-web 
aranea           spider 
aranea-reti (=arakni-reti) 1X  spider-web 
arange           arrange 
arbitra          judge (v) 
arbori 1         tree 
arbusta          shrub 
arca 1++         arch (archway); archway 
arde 1           burn (v); burning 
arde minus flama (=piro minus flama) 1X  smoulder 
Ardea            heron 
ardenta 1        keen 
ardi (=arde) 1X  burn (v) 
arduo            very difficult 
area 1++         area; domain; pitch; plot (ground); region 
area de landa 1  tract 
arena 1++        sand; arena 
areo G           thin 
aresta           arrest 
areto            virtue 
argenti 1++      silver 
argila 1         clay; mud 
argili (=argila) 1X  clay; mud 
argiro G         silver 
argot            slang 
argu 1           argue; discuss; dispute 
argumenta +      argument 
arguto (prefer akuto)  shrill 
ari              dry (v) 
aria             aria 
aridi 1          arid; dry 
aridi-lo (prefer sika-lo)  desert (waterless land) 
arista           beard of corn 
aristo G         best 
aristo-pe        aristocrat; nobleman 
ariteno G        ladle-shaped 
aritme 1G        number; figure (numeral); count 
aritmetika 1G    arithmetic 
ariva            arrival; arrive 
arka 1           ark 
arka 1+          arc (of circle, maths); bow (n) 
arkeo (prefer paleo) 1  ancient 
arkeo- (prefer paleo-) G  (prefix:) ancient; ancient (prefix) 
arki 1++G        chief; official (adj); authority; govern; 
                   rule (authority) 
arki episkopa 1G  archbishop 
arki tekti (=arkitekto) 1GX  architect 
arki- 1+G        (prefix:) rule (authority); 
                   rule (authority)(prefix) 
arkio G          net; toils 
arkitekto *G     architect 
arko (=arki) 1GX  official (adj) 
arkti G          bear (animal) 
arktika 1G       arctic 
arkto            compress 
arma 1++         arm (v); weapon; armor; armour; arms 
armatura         armour 
arme 1++         army 
aroga 1++        arrogant; arrogance; haughty; haughtiness; vain 
aroganta (=aroga) X  arrogant 
aroma 1+G        aroma; odor; odour; smell 
arteri G         artery 
arti 1++         art; ability; capable; skill 
arti-pe 1+       artist; expert (n) 
artificia        artificial 
artikla 1++      article 
artikula         articulate; speak clearly 
artikula (prefer artri) 1  joint; juncture 
artisana         artisan 
artisti (=arti-pe) 1X  artist 
arto 1G          bread 
artri 1++G       joint; juncture 
arundus          reed 
arvensis         cultivated 
asalta           attack 
asasina          assassinate 
asbolo G         soot 
ase              ace 
asembli          assembly 
asenti           assent 
aserti +         assert; assertive 
aseso            assess 
asevera          aserti 
Asia venti 1     monsoon 
asiduo           assiduous 
asigna           assign 
asila (=asilu) 1XG  asylum; harbor; harbour; haven; refuge; safe place; 
asilu 1++G       asylum; harbor; harbour; haven; port (harbour); refuge; 
                   safe place; shelter 
asimetri G       asymmetry 
asimila          assimilate 
asini (=asinus) 1X  ass (animal); donkey 
asinu (=asinus) X  ass (animal); donkey 
asinus 1+        ass (animal); donkey 
asista           help 
aska 1G          bag; purse; sack 
askende          ascend 
asketi           ascetic 
aski (=aska) GX  bag 
asko (=aska) 1GX  bag; purse; sack 
askolta (Italian, take audi) X  listen 
askribe          ascribe 
asocia 1++       associate; ally (v); ally (state); ally (person); 
                   association; partner 
asorti           assort 
aspekti (=aspekto) X  aspect 
aspekto 1+       aspect; semblance 
asperge          sprinkle 
asperi 1+        rough; coarse; gross; harsh; rugged 
aspi 1           shield (n); folding screen 
aspira           aspire 
aspro G          white 
astakus G        crayfish 
Astarte G        Astarte (Phoenician goddess of love) 
asteni G         weak 
astibo G         untrodden 
astma 1+G        asthma; pant; panting 
astorgo G        cruel 
astrape G        lightning 
astringe         draw together 
astro 1++G       star 
asula            chip; splinter 
asume 1+         assume 
asura (=sura) 1X  assure; certain; confidence; confident 
atako            attack 
atavismo         atavism 
ataxia G         disorder 
ateisti G        atheist 
atekno G         unskillful 
atele G          defect 
atenda (=atende) 1X  await; delay; wait; waiting 
atende 1++       wait; await; delay; expect; hope; waiting 
atende kon entusi  be looking forward to 
atende-ka 1+     waiting room 
atentio 1        care; careful 
atento           attend; attendance; attention 
atenua           make thinner 
atero G          ear of corn 
atesta           testify 
atesta-ra        testimony 
ateta            suckle 
atifo G          modest 
atikto G         undone 
atimo G          faint-hearted 
atinge           attain 
atitude 1+       attitude; character (nature); disposition; mood; 
                   nature (characteristics); temper; temperament 
atitudi (=atitude) 1X  attitude; character (nature); disposition; mood; 
                   nature (characteristics); temper; temperament 
atizelo G        frightful 
atlas 1          atlas 
atle G           contest 
atleti 1+G       athlete 
atmeto G         uncut 
atmo 1G          vapor; air 
atmosferi 1+G    atmosphere 
atomi +G         atom 
atoni G          slack 
atopia G         absurdity 
atrakti +        attract; attractive 
atramenta        black fluid; ink 
atrapo G         road; way (road) 
atresto G        bold; fearless 
atri 1++         court; hall; courtyard; classroom; entrance (hall); 
                   hallway; lecture room; yard 
atri (prefer kavita) 1  cavity 
atributi +       attribute; ascribe 
atrio (=atri) 1X  court; hall; courtyard; classroom; entrance (hall); 
                   hallway; lecture room; yard 
atriu (=atri) 1X  court; hall 
atro 1+          black 
atro-rubi 1      dark-red 
atrocio          dreadful 
atrofi G         starved 
audaci 1++       dare; daring; venture 
audacio (=audaci) X  daring 
audi 1++         hear; listen; hark 
audi-abili 1+    aloud; audible; audibly 
audi-me          speaker (loud-speaker); loud-speaker 
plu audi-pe 1    audience 
auge 1           increase; grow; rise 
auge (take lampa, lumi or radia) GX  shine 
auguri G         augur; soothsay 
Augusta (prefer meno okto) 1  August 
augusti          venerable 
augusto (=Augusta, prefer meno okto) X  August 
auli             channel; pipe 
aureo 1          gold; golden 
auri 1           ear 
auro (=aureo, prefer kriso) 1X  gold; golden 
aurora 1+        dawn 
auskulta (Italian, take audi) X  listen 
auspici          divine (v) 
austeri          austere; harsh 
austra 1+G       south; southern 
austro (=austra) 1GX  south 
autarki G        self-rule 
auto 1++G        own (self); self; herself; himself; itself; myself; 
                   ourselves; themselves; yourself 
auto lauda (=auto-lauda) 1X  haughty; pride; proud; vanity 
auto strata (=auto-strata) X  highway 
auto- 1+G        (prefix:) self; self (prefix); (prefix:) own; 
                   own (prefix) 
auto-didakti G   self-taught 
auto-etio 1      shame; guilt 
auto-kritici 1++  conscience 
auto-kritiki (=auto-kritici) X  conscience 
auto-kura 1      self-interested 
auto-lauda 1++   haughty; pride; proud; vanity 
auto-strata      highway 
auto-veto 1      shy 
autokrati G      bossy 
automati 1++G    automatic; self-acting 
autonomi G       autonomous; autonomy; self-rule 
autori +G        author 
autoriti G       authority 
autorizi G       authorize 
autumna 1        autumn; fall (autumn) 
auxi 1++         help; advantage; aid; assist; grow (something); 
auxi-demo 1G     ally (state) 
auxi-pe 1        ally (person) 
auximo (=auxi) X  help; grow (something) 
avalanca 1       avalanche 
avantage         advantage 
avanti 1++       forward; advance; ahead; forth; move forward ; 
                   forwards; onwards; pro 
avari 1+         greedy; avid; covetous; eager; stingy 
ave 1+           hail; hello; hullo 
avelana          hazelnut 
Avena 1+         oat; oats; porridge 
Avena farina 1   oat-meal 
aventura 1+      adventure 
avera            say something is true 
avergonia        put to shame 
aversio          dislike 
averte           turn away from 
avi 1++          bird 
avidi 1          avid; covetous; eager; greedy 
avunkulus        uncle 
axi 1+           axis; axle 
axila            armpit 
axioma G         axiom 
azale G          dry; parched 
azigo G          unpaired 
azimo (take minus zima) GX  without yeast 
azo G            nitrogen (N) 
azur 1           blue 


babax G          chatterer 
babi 1++         baby 
babi bovi (=babi-bovi) 1X  calf 
babi-bovi 1      calf 
babi-gresi 1     toddle 
babi-kli 1+      cot; cradle 
babi-vago (=babi-vagona) 1X  pram 
babi-vagona 1*   pram 
babili           chatter 
baburo G         silly 
baci 1++G        bar; baton; rod; staff (rod); stick (baton) 
bacilus 1+       bacillus; germ 
badi             brown 
badisti G        goer; walker 
baeno G          go; walk 
baeo (prefer pusi) G  little; scanty; small; tiny 
baetigo G        leech 
bagage (French)  baggage 
bagatela         bagatelle; trifle 
bagoa G          eunuch 
baia 1++         bay; creek 
baka 1+          berry 
bakanali         orgy 
bakrio           ladle 
bakteria +       bacteria 
baktro           cane (stick); stick (cane) 
bakula           staff (rod); stick (cane) 
balada           ballad 
balanci          balance 
balano G         acorn 
balbu            stammer 
bale (=balet) 1X  ballet 
balena G         whale 
balet            ballet 
bali 1++G        throw; accelerate; cast (throw); dash (throw); fling; 
                   hurl; launch; post (send); send; toss 
bali ab 1++      dismiss; dispose 
bali e-posta     send e-mail 
bali ex 1++      banish; expel 
bali ex landa 1++  exile 
bali peri 1+     broadcast; sprinkle 
bali plu grama 1  dispatch 
bali se 1        dash (go violently) 
bali se a(d) 1   pounce (up)on; fly at; rush at 
bali-arma 1      sling 
balio G          dappled 
balkoni 1+       balcony 
balno +G         bath; bathe 
balota           ballot 
balota           toss about 
baluci           gold dust 
baluna 1++       balloon 
balustra         banister 
bambu 1          bamboo 
banali           banal; trite 
banana 1++       banana 
banda 1++        band; band (strip); bandage; ribbon; strip (band); 
banda-te 1       sash 
bandage 1        bandage; dressing (bandage) 
bandira          flag 
bandita          bandit 
bang 1           bang 
bani             bannish 
banka 1++        bank (money) 
banka-bileta 1+  bank note 
banka-rupta      bankrupt 
banketa          banquet 
bapti 1++G       baptize; dip 
baptiza (=bapti) GX  baptize 
bara +           bar (tavern) 
barage (French) 1++  barrage; dam (barrier) 
baratro G        abyss; gulf 
barba 1++        beard; whisker 
barbaro 1+       barbarous 
bari 1+G         heavy; important; grave (serious); impressive; 
barikada         barricade 
barila 1         barrel 
bario (=bari) 1GX  heavy; massive 
barira 1+        barrier; handicap 
barka            boat (small) 
baro 1+G         press (v); lean on; pressure; weigh 
baroni 1         baron 
basalti          basalt; igneous rock 
basamento        basement 
basanista G      investigator 
basano G         touchstone 
basi 1++G        grounds; reason (n); base; basis; found (v); proof 
basi-ka 1+       basement 
basidium G       pedestal 
basili G         king 
basilika G       palace 
basilisa         queen 
basina           basin 
basio            kiss 
baskula          weigh; swing 
baso 1           bottom; ground; on the ground ; base; basis; 
                   foundation; low; lower (v); soil 
basta (prefer sati)  enough; stop! (enough!) 
bastante (=basta, prefer sati) X  enough; stop! (enough!) 
bastona          staff (rod); stick (cane) 
bata             bat (n, bat and ball) 
batalia          battle 
batalo G         anus; hind part 
bate 1++         bat; batter; beat; beating; hit; knock; smite; 
                   strike (hit); thrash (beat) 
bate manu 1+     clap hands 
bate-tem 1       innings 
bateri 1+        battery; utensils 
bati G           walk; walking 
bati (=bato) 1GX  deep (distance) 
batimento        beating; throb 
batmo G          step 
bato 1++G        deep (distance); depth (distance); batho- 
bato G           ray (fish); ray-fish; skate (fish) 
batraki          frog 
bauko G          affected; prude 
baxi G           rumor; rumour; saying 
bazar 1+         bazaar 
bdela G          leech 
bdelikto G       abominable 
bdolo G          stench 
beati            very happy 
bebro G          stupid 
bek (=beka) X    beak; peck; spout 
beka 1++         beak; peck; spout 
beko (=beka) X   beak; peck; spout 
belemno G        dart 
beli             beautiful 
belis            daisy 
ben ge-ski 1++   familiar 
ben! 1+          well! 
ben-ese          well-being 
ben-venite (=bene-veni) X  welcome 
benca 1++        bench; bank (long seat); long seat 
bene 1+          good; well (good) 
bene dice (=bene-dice) 1X  bless 
bene- 1          (prefix:) good; good (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) well (good); well (good)(prefix) 
bene-dice +      bless 
bene-face        do good 
bene-veni 1++    welcome 
bene-volu        benevolent 
beneficia        benefit 
benigna          benign 
bento 1+G        bottom (sea); depth; ground; foot (lowest part); 
                   sea bottom 
benzina 1++      benzine; gasoline; petrol 
beqadro          natural (music) 
berilo           spectacles 
besbola 1        baseball 
bestia           beast 
Beta 1+          beet 
betona 1++       concrete 
betona-armato    reinforced concrete 
betoni (=betona) X  concrete 
Betula 1+        birch; birch tree 
bi 1++           two; both; double 
bi (after noun) 1++  second (ordinal) 
u bi 1++         pair 
bi bibli 1       the 2 books 
bi kron 1++      twice 
bi sekti 1       divide into two 
bi setimana 1+   fortnight 
bi- 1+           (prefix:) two; two (prefix) 
bi-bi 1          twenty-two 
bi-ci bibli 1++  these two books; both books 
bi-ciklo 1++     bicycle 
bi-denti         two-pronged 
bi-divide 1      even (number) 
bi-foka          two-foci 
bi-game          bigamy; two-marriages 
bi-gami (=bi-game) X  bigamy; two-marriages 
bi-kolora *      two-colored 
bi-koloro (=bi-kolora) X  two-colored 
bi-kornu         two-horned 
bi-kuspi         two-cusped 
bi-la bibli 1++  those two books 
bi-labia         two-lips 
bi-loba          two-lobed 
u bi-numera 1    even number 
bi-parta         two-party (having two parts) 
bi-parti (=bi-parta) X  two-party (having two parts) 
bi-pedi          bipedal 
bi-remi          two-oared 
bi-rota 1        bicycle 
bi-sexu          bisexual 
bi-valva         bivalvate 
bi-ze 1+         twenty 
bi-zona          bizonal 
bibe 1++         drink (v) 
bibe-do 1        tavern 
bibe-ma 1+       drink (n); beverage 
bibe-va 1+       beaker; mug (beaker); tumbler 
biberage         beverage 
bibero           baby bottle 
bibli 1++G       book 
bibli-do 1++     library 
bibliolatri G    bibliolatry 
biblioteka G     library 
bibulo           given to drinking 
bicikla (=bi-ciklo) X  bicycle 
biciklo (=bi-ciklo) X  bicycle 
biela            connecting rod 
bifurka          bifurcate 
bikari           beaker 
bikoloro (=bi-kolora) X  two-colored 
bikro            billionth part 
bikto G          bluster; swell (v) 
bil              bill in law 
bileta 1++       ticket 
bili             bile; anger; angry 
bin- (prefer bi-)  (prefix:) two; two (prefix) 
bina             pair (two) 
binari           binary 
binokula         binoculars 
bio 1++G         life; living; vital 
bio-genesi G     bio-genesis 
bio-grafo G      biography 
bio-logi G       biology 
bio-ra 1         being (n); creature; organism 
biologisti G     biologist 
bira 1++         ale; beer 
birota (=bi-rota, prefer bi-ciklo) 1X  bicycle 
bis              encore; twice 
bis-kokta (=biskokta) X  biscuit; wafer 
biskokta 1+      biscuit; cookie; cracker (biscuit); wafer 
bisma G          plug 
biso G           thread 
Bisona 1+        buffalo 
bito G           sea-depths 
bitumina         bituminate 
bitumino 1++     tar 
bizari           bizarre 
blada 1++        blade; knife; dagger 
blanci (=blanka, prefer leuko) 1X  bleach; whiten 
blandi           bland; soft 
blanka 1         white 
blasfema G       blaspheme 
blasma G         blame (v) 
blasto 1+G       bud; cocoon; germinate; outbreak 
blasto-tem 1++   spring (season); springtime 
blata            cockroach 
Blatus 1+        cockroach 
blefaro G        eyelid 
blema G          coverlet; glance; look 
bleno G          mucus 
blepo G          look; see (look) 
bleps G          eyesight 
blesa G          lisp; stammer 
bloka 1++        block; obstruct; writing pad 
blond            blond 
blonda 1++       blond; fair 
blu 1+           blue 
blu-rubi 1+      purple 
blufa            bluff 
blusa 1+         blouse 
-bo (short affix form of boteka) 1  shop 
bobina +         reel; spool; wind on 
boia             buoy; keep afloat 
boikota          boycott 
bola 1++         ball; sphere; throw (n); stroke (n) 
bola se 1        crouch 
boleta (=buleta) X  bullet 
bolu (=bola) 1GX  ball 
bomba 1++        bomb; shell (bomb) 
bombarda         bombard 
bombasti 1++     boast 
bombo            buzz; boom 
bombus           bumblebee 
bonbon +         bonbon; candy; sweet (n) 
boneta           bonnet; cap 
bonhomi          good-nature 
boni 1++         good; bonny; fine (good); respectable; well (good) 
boni di 1        good afternoon 
boni fortuna 1++  luck 
boni mana 1      good morning 
boni merka 1     bargain 
boni vespera 1   good evening 
boni-fortuna 1++  fortunate; fortunately; lucky 
boni-sani 1      welfare 
bonifika         ameliorate 
bonifortuna (=boni fortuna) X  luck; lucky 
bonita           goodness 
bonus            bonus 
bora             stuffing 
borbora G        dirty 
borborigma G     stomach rumble 
borda (prefer margina)  border 
boreo 1+G        north; northern 
boreo pola 1     north pole 
boreo-me 1       compass; magnetic needle 
bosa             knob 
boskage          thicket 
bosketo          grove 
bosko            bush; wood (bushes) 
bostriko G       curl 
bota +           boot; bootee 
botani G         herb; plant (n) 
botaniza G       botanize 
boteka 1++       boutique; shop 
boteka-saka 1    shopping bag 
botilia 1++      bottle; flask 
botina (=bota) X  boot; bootee 
botrio G         bunch of grapes 
botro G          pit (of fruit); sucker 
botuli G         sausage 
boulion (French)  bouillon 
bovi 1++         beef; cow; bovine; ox 
bovi-sperma 1*   semen (ox) 
boxa +           box (v) 
braca            breeches 
bracialeta       bracelet 
bradi 1G         slow; sluggish 
bragadoci 1      boast 
braki 1++G       arm 
braki (take brevi) GX  short 
braki hedra (=braki-hedra) 1GX  arm chair; easy chair 
braki-artri 1+G  elbow 
braki-gono 1     elbow 
braki-hedra 1G   arm chair; easy chair 
braki-ve 1+      sleeve 
brakisto         shortest 
brakte           bract 
branca           branch 
brandi           brandish 
branki 1+G       gills 
brasa            live coals 
brasika 1+       cabbage 
brava            brave (v) 
bravado          bravado 
bravo 1+         bravo; gallant 
bravura          daring brilliance 
breca            breach 
bregma G         front of head 
breka G          moisten 
brev iti 1       errand 
breveta          invention; patent 
brevi 1++        short; abbreviate; abbreviation; brief 
brevi digi 1++   thumb 
brevi grafo 1    essay 
brevi somni 1+   nap 
brevi sopo 1     nap 
brevi tem 1++    temporary 
brevi-kika 1     dribble 
brida 1          bridle 
brigada          brigade 
brika            roar; bellow 
brika 1++        brick 
brila            shine 
brila-karboni    diamond 
brilianta +      brilliant 
brimo            make angry sounds 
brio 1G          moss (plant) 
brio 1+G         swell (v); bulge; swollen; noise (loud); abound; teem 
brisa            breeze 
brizo G          nod 
brocura +        brochure; pamphlet 
broda 1+         embroider 
broka            brocade (v) 
broko G          noose; snare 
broma G          food 
bromo G          stink 
bronki (=bronko) GX  wind-pipe 
bronko G         wind-pipe 
bronto 1++G      thunder; explode 
bronto-di        Thursday 
bronza           bronze (v) 
brosa 1++        brush; broom; scrub; sweep 
(longi) brosa 1+  broom 
broto G          gnawed 
bruma            winter; wintry 
bruneta          brunette 
bruno 1++        brown; scorch; tan 
bruska (French, prefer krudi)  blunt (rude); rude 
bruta 1+         brute; bully; gruff; rough; stupid 
bruti (=bruta) X  brute; bully; gruff; rough; stupid 
bu 1G            ox; bull 
bu- G            huge; monstrous 
bu-tiri (=butiri) 1X  butter 
Bubo 1+          owl 
bucina           horn (music); trumpet 
budget +         budget 
budo 1           sulk 
bufalo           buffalo 
bufet            sideboard 
Bufo 1+          toad 
bufona 1+        buffoon; clown 
buka 1++         cheek; cheeks; mouth 
buke             bouquet 
bukla            curl (of hair) 
bulbo 1++        bulb 
buleta 1++       bullet 
buletin (=buletina) X  bulletin 
buletina 1+      bulletin 
buli             pucker 
buli 1++         boil; bubble 
buli-va 1++      cooking-pot; kettle; saucepan 
bulima G         hunger 
bumasta G        big breasts 
bumpa 1          bump 
buna (=buno) 1GX  hill; mound; mountain 
bungalo 1        bungalow 
buno 1++G        hill; mound; mountain 
bura             nonsense; trifle 
burgesa (=burgeso) X  bourgeois 
burgeso 1+       bourgeois; citizen 
burgo 1          borough 
burla            jest; joke 
burleska         comical; droll 
buro 1++         bureau; office; desk 
buro-pe 1++      clerk; office worker 
bursa 1++        purse; exchange (stock); wallet (for money) 
bus 1++          bus; omnibus 
bus sto-lo 1+    bus stop 
busa (=bus) 1X   bus 
busola           compass 
busti 1+         burn (v); ablaze; alight 
busto            bust 
buta 1++         aim; purpose; butt; goal; intention; object (purpose); 
                   score; target; task 
buta-lo 1        destination 
butalis G        nightingale 
butina           booty 
butiri 1++G      butter 
butiro (=butiri) GX  butter 
butona 1++       button; knob (button); pimple 
buxus            box-wood 
buz 1+           buzz 


cakali 1         jackal 
cako 1           chess 
campiona 1++     champion 
carma 1++        charm; charming 
carta 1++        chart; map; diagram; graph 
casa 1++         chase (hunt); hunt; hunting; pursue 
casa gresi 1+    prowl 
casa-kani 1      hound 
casa-pe 1        hunter 
cecidi G         gall 
cecilo (=ceko, prefer no-vide) X  blind 
cede 1++         cede; yield (give way); yield (cease opposition); 
                   abandon (give up); cease opposition; give up; 
                   give way; go (cede); retire; surrender; withdraw; 
                   do without 
cedro            cedar 
cef (=cefa) 1X   chief; main; major; master; principal 
cefa 1++         chief; employer; main; major; master; patron; 
cefa servi-pe 1  butler 
cefa vora 1++    dinner 
cek (=ceka) X    cheque 
ceka 1++         cheque 
ceko 1           blind; choked up 
cela 1           conceal; hide 
celari           cellar 
cele 1+          conceal; heaven; sky 
celebra 1++      celebrate; acclaim; party (celebrate) 
celera 1         quick; hurry; swift (quick); speed 
celestia         celestial 
celibato         celibate 
celofana 1       cellophane 
celsi            high 
celu 1++         cell (living); cell (prison) 
celulosa         cellulose 
cementa 1++      cement 
cemeteri         cemetery 
cena             dinner; supper 
ceno-bio         cenoby 
cense G          take census 
censura          censure 
cent anua (=hekto anua) 1X  century 
centi 1++        cent; hundredth; 
                   hundred (prefer hekto, take centi for hundredth!) 
centi (=hekto) 1X  hundred 
centimetra +     centimeter; centimetre 
centipedi (=hektopedi) X  centipede 
centra 1++G      center; central; centre; centric; centrical; hub 
centrifugi       centrifuge 
centripeta       centripetal 
Cepa 1++         onion 
cepti 1++        receive; accept; adopt; pick up; take in; take up 
cera (=ceru) X   beeswax 
cerami (=kerami) X  ceramic; clay; earthenware 
cerasus          cherry tree 
cerauno G        thunder and lightning 
cere (=cereali) 1X  cereal 
cereali 1+       cereal; cereals; corn (cereal) 
cerebra 1+       brain; mental; mind (n) 
ceremoni 1       ceremony; rite 
ceresi 1+        cherry 
cerka 1++        search; grope; quest; look for; seek 
cerka e vice     find and replace (computer function) 
cerka panto-ra 1  ransack 
cerne (=discerni) X  discern; sift (discern) 
cernu            droop; nod 
cero (=ceru) 1X  wax 
certa 1++        certain; a certain ; sure 
certifi 1+       certificate; certify 
certifika (=certifi) 1X  certificate; certify 
ceru 1++         wax; beeswax 
cerule 1         sky blue; blue; celestial; heavenly 
cerulea (=cerule) 1X  blue; heavenly; celestial 
cerumina         ear wax 
cervika 1+       neck; throat 
Cervus 1+        deer; hart; stag 
cesa             cease 
cespa            turf 
Ceta 1+          whale 
cetera           others (the other); the others 
ci 1++           here 
ci e la 1        about (as in 'jump about') 
ciano 1++G       blue; cyanic (blue); sky blue; celestial; heavenly 
ciela 1          sky; atmosphere; heaven 
cibo             food 
cide 1++         kill; murder; slay 
cieko 1          dazzle 
cifra            number 
cigara 1+        cigar 
cigareta 1++     cigarette 
cigareti (=cigareta) X  cigarette 
cigaro           cigar 
cigni 1+         swan; cygnet 
cikada           cicada 
cikatri          scar 
cikatrika (=cikatri) X  scar 
cikla (=ciklo) 1XG  circle; circular; cycle; wheel 
ciklo 1++G       cycle; wheel; circle; circular 
ciklo-viagia 1   tour 
cikloni 1+G      hurricane 
cikoni (=Cikonia) X  stork 
Cikonia 1+       stork 
cikuri           tame 
cilia 1+         eyelash 
cilindri (=kilindra) 1X  cylinder 
cimi             bedbug; bed-bug; bug (bedbug) 
cina navi 1      junk 
cincino          curl 
cinema (=kinema) X  cinema; motion picture theater; movie theater 
cinera 1++       ash; ashes; cinder; gray; grey 
cinktura (prefer zona)  belt; girdle; zone 
cinqe (=penta) X  five 
cip 1            microchip 
ciri (=ciru) X   curl 
cirka 1++        circa; about; about (location); around 
cirku (=cirka) 1X  around 
cirku-sta (=cirkumsta) 1X  circumstance 
cirkuito 1       circuit; network; walk around 
cirkula (prefer ciklo)  circle; circular 
cirkulati 1++    traffic 
cirkulatio (=cirkulati) X  traffic 
cirkum- (prefer peri-)  (prefix:) around; around (prefix) 
cirkumfera       go around 
cirkumferentia 1  circumference 
cirkumjace       circumjacent; lie around 
cirkumskribe     circumscribe; limit (v); restrict 
cirkumspekt      caution; wary 
cirkumsta 1+     circumstance 
cirkumvala       enclose in rampart 
cirkumveni       circumvent 
cirkumvicina     surround 
cirkus 1         circus 
ciru 1++         curl; ringlet 
cis- +           (prefix:) on this side; on this side (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) this side; this side (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) here; here (prefix) 
cisela 1+        chisel; engrave 
cisora (=cisori) 1X  scissors 
cisori 1++       scissors; shear 
cista            chest (storage); box 
cisterna         cistern 
cita 1+          quote; urge 
citate           city 
citi             swift (quick) 
citro 1+         citrus; lemon 
citronada 1+     lemonade 
citru (=citro) X  citrus; lemon 
civi 1++         citizen 
civili 1++       civil; polite; courteous; courtesy; meek; mercy 
civili-an 1      gentleman 
civili-fe 1      lady 
civiliza 1++     civilization; civilize 
civismo          good citizenship 
civita 1++       city; town 
-co (Italian. Only in compounds!) 1++  the just said 
cokolat (=cokolata) X  chocolate 
cokolata 1++     chocolate 
conversa (=konversa) 1X  converse; talk 


d-d-dice 1+      stammer 
D3 1             tuesday 
D4 1             Wednesday 
D5 1             thursday 
D6 1             Friday 
dado G           torch 
daga 1++         dagger; stab 
dakno 1G         bite 
dakrio G         tear (eye) 
dakti (=didakti) 1GX  teach 
daktila          date (fruit) 
daktili 1G       finger; toe 
dalero G         burning heat 
dama 1           lady 
dama 1++G        subdue; tame 
damaska          damask (v) 
damna (prefer noku)  damage; harm; hurt; injure 
damni (=damna, prefer noku) 1X  hurt; injure 
dapedo G         level floor 
dapi G           feast 
dapido G         carpet; rug 
dapsili G        abundant 
dapto G          gnaw 
darda 1+         dart 
dasi G           hairy; dasy 
data 1+          data; detail; information 
data basi        data base 
datu 1++         date (day) 
Daukus 1+        carrot 
de 1++           about; belong; concerning; from; in relation to; of; 
                   of (concerning); with regard to ; relating to; 
                   's (genitive marker); than 
ma ... de 1      more ... than ; -er (comparative) ... than 
de Deo 1         divine 
de fakto         de facto 
de qi 1          whose; of whom ; of which 
de- 1+           (prefix:) in relation to; in relation to (prefix) 
debate 1+        debate; discuss 
debati (=debate) 1X  debate; discus 
debi 1++         ought to; should; debt; duty; obligation; ought; owe 
debi-paga        debt 
debili 1++       feeble; weak 
debito 1+        debt; owe 
debute           debut; make debut 
decenti          decent 
decerne          decree 
decide 1++       decide; decision; determine; determination; judge (v); 
                   resolve; settle 
deciduo          deciduous 
decifra          decipher 
decimali 1++     decimal 
decipula         snare; trap 
dedika           dedicate 
deduce +         deduce; infer; inference 
defeka           defecate 
defekti 1++      defect; fault; deficiency; flaw; lack; be lacking ; 
                   be missing 
defende          defence; defend; defense 
defi 1++         challenge; defy 
defici (=defekti) X  lack; deficiency 
defini 1+        define; definite 
deflora          deflower 
deflu (prefer ab-flu)  flow down 
deforma          deform 
degenera         degenerate 
degma G          bite; sting 
degrada          degrade 
dehisce          dehisce 
deiko 1G         indicate; show (v); signal (v) 
deikto (=deiko) 1GX  indicate; show (v) 
deino 1++        terrible; frightful; shock; terror 
dejekti          deject; dispirited 
dek-anua +       decade 
deka 1++         ten 
deka horo 1      ten o'clock 
deka-numera      decimal 
dekade 1+        decay 
Dekembra (prefer meno mo-bi)  December 
deklara 1++      declare; announce; declaration; deem 
deklina          decline 
deklivi          slope down 
deko 1++         decent; seemly; adequate; appropriate; apt; 
                   fitting (adj); proper 
dekomposi 1+     decompose; rot 
dekora 1+        decorate; beautiful 
dekusa           X-shaped 
delega (=delegati) X  delegate 
delegati 1+      delegate 
delekta 1++      delight 
deleti           delete 
delfi G          womb 
delfini G        dolphin 
delibera 1       ponder; weigh (in mind) 
delicio 1        delicious 
delika (=delikate) 1X  delicate 
delikate 1++     delicate; dainty 
delikati (=delikate) X  dainty; delicate 
delikato (=delikate) X  dainty; delicate 
delinqe          delinquency; delinquent; break law 
delirio          crazy; mad 
delo G           clear (evident); evident 
delta            river delta 
delude           deceive 
deluvi (=diluvi) X  deluge; flood 
dema G           living body 
demanda 1++      demand; ask for; charge; order (demand) 
demande (=demanda) 1X  demand 
dementia         demented; insanity 
Demeter G        Demeter (goddess of agriculture) 
demi (=semi) X   half 
demo 1++G        people; folk; population 
demo doxo 1+G    reputation 
demoli           demolish; wreck 
demoni G         demon; evil spirit 
demonstra 1+     demonstrate; prove 
demora           remain; stay 
dendro 1++G      tree 
dendro (take xilo) GX  wood (substance) 
dendro grupa 1+  grove 
dendro-via 1     avenue 
denigra          defame 
deniora          remain; stay 
densi 1++        condense; dense; thick (dense) 
densi-lo 1++     bush (thicket); thicket 
dentela          lace 
denti 1++        tooth; grin 
plu denti 1      teeth 
denti-rota-fa 1  gear 
denti-ru 1       rake 
dentili 1        pad-saw 
dentisti 1+      dentist 
denuda           denude; lay bare 
denunci +        denounce 
deo (prefer teo)  god 
Deo (prefer Teo) 1  God 
departimenta 1   department 
depende          depend 
depila           remove hair 
deplora +        deplore 
depositi         deposit; put in safe place 
deprava          make evil 
depreka          disapprove of 
depresi          depress (make sad); make sad 
deputa 1+        depute; deputy 
deraila          derail 
derelikta        derelict; abandoned 
deride           deride; laugh at 
deriva 1         derive; come from; be obtained 
derma 1++G       skin; hide (skin); leather; peel 
derma-fi 1+      strap 
dero G           tear (pull apart) 
describe (=deskribe) 1X  describe 
deserta 1        desert (waterless land); wilderness 
designa 1++      design 
desira 1++       desire; wish 
deska 1+         desk 
deskende         descend 
deskribe 1++     describe; description 
deskribe-verba 1+  adjective 
deskribe-verbi (=deskribe-verba) X  adjective 
desmo 1+         bind; bond; join (connection) 
desola 1+        desolate; devastate 
despera          despair 
despolia         despoil 
destina 1+       destine for; doom 
destru 1++       destroy; destruction 
detaila          detail; retail 
detekti 1++      detect; find; discover; discovery; expose; scout 
deteriora        get worse 
determina        fix exactly 
detesta          hate 
detona           explode 
detrakti         lessen value 
detritu 1        bits rubbed off; rubbish; rubble 
deutero 1+G      second (ordinal) 
Deutsch (pronounce "doytch") 1  German 
Deutschland      Germany 
devalu           devalue; devaluation; lessen value 
devasta          devastate; devastation; destroy utterly 
developo 1+      develop 
deveni 1         become; come to be; turn (into) 
devia            deviate 
devolve          devolve; pass to 
devora           eat rapidly 
devoti           devote; give wholly 
dextro 1++G      right (hand); right hand; right-hand 
dextro mus butona  right mouse button 
di 1++           day; daily 
di bi 1+         Monday; on Monday 
Di bi (=di bi) 1X  on Monday 
di hexa (prefer di sixa)  Friday 
di kli 1++       couch 
di mo 1+         Sunday; on Sunday 
di penta 1+      Thursday; on Thursday 
di septi (=di seti) X  Saturday 
di seti 1+       Saturday; on Saturday 
di six (=di sixa) 1X  Friday 
di sixa 1+       Friday; on Friday 
di tetra 1+      Wednesday; on Wednesday 
di tri 1+        Tuesday; on Tuesday 
di-bibli 1       diary 
dia 1++G         through; thru; across; via 
dia- 1+G         (prefix:) through; through (prefix) 
dia-via 1        thouroughfare 
diabola (=diaboli) 1X  devil 
diaboli 1++G     devil; diabolical 
diabolo (=diaboli) GX  devil 
diafano 1G       translucent; transparent 
diafragma G      diaphragm 
diagnosi G       diagnose 
diagona G        diagonal 
diagrama 1+G     diagram 
diala (=diali) 1X  dial 
dialekta 1+G     dialect 
dialekti (=dialekta) GX  dialect 
diali 1+         dial; face (of watch); indicator; pointer 
dialisi G        dialysis 
dialoga G        dialogue 
diametri G       diameter 
diarea G         diarrhea 
diari 1          diary 
dic u stori 1    recount; relate 
dice 1++         say; speak; tell; assert; declare; narrate; remark; 
                   speach; speech; talk; utter (speak) 
dice de 1++      describe; discuss; mention 
dice klari 1     express 
dice mali 1++    insult 
dice penite 1++  apologize 
dice pusi 1+     gossip 
dice veri 1      be right 
dice-pe 1+       speaker 
dice-ra 1++      speech; statement 
didakti 1G       teach; education; instruction; teaching 
didimo G         testicle; twin 
dieti            diet 
difere 1++       differ; difference; different 
diferentia (take difere) X  difference 
dificile +       difficult; difficulty; hardship 
difide           diffident; distrustful 
difrakti         diffract 
difusi 1++       broadcast; diffuse; scatter; spread 
difusi-me 1      broadcasting station ; transmitter (radio) 
digesti 1+       digest (collection); digest (digestion) 
digi 1++         finger; toe; digital 
digi ungu 1      toenail 
digi-juga 1+     knuckle 
digita (prefer digi)  finger; toe 
digitalis        foxglove 
digni 1++        dignity; worthy 
dikta 1+         dictate 
diktio 1G        net; mesh; network; web 
diktionaria      dictionary 
dilate           dilate; widen 
diluti 1+        dilute 
diluvi 1+        deluge; flood 
diluvia (=diluvi) X  deluge; flood 
dimensio 1+      dimension; measurement; size (measurements) 
diminu (prefer minu)  diminish; decrease; lessen 
dina 1++G        force; compel; might (power); oblige; power; 
                   power (engine or computer); powerful; strength; 
                   vigor; vigour 
dina (take meso-di vora) X  dine 
dina-me 1+       engine; motor 
dinami (=dina) GX  powerful 
dinamo (prefer dina) G  compel; force; might (power); oblige; power; 
diorama G        diorama 
diplo 1++G       double 
diplomati +G     diplomat 
dipso 1++G       thirst 
diptera 1++G     fly (insect) 
direkti 1++      direct; direction; guide 
dirigi (=direkti) X  direct; guide 
dis G            bad; ill 
dis- (prefer kako-) G  (prefix:) bad; bad (prefix); (prefix:) dys-; 
                   dys- (prefix) 
dis- (take ab-) X  (prefix:) apart; apart (prefix) 
disapunkta       disappoint; disappointment 
discerni         discern; sift (discern) 
disci 1++        learn; study 
disci-pe 1++     pupil (learner) 
disciplina 1+    discipline 
disekti          dissect 
disemina         disseminate 
disenti          dissent 
disgiza          disguise 
disgratia        disgrace 
disgusta         disgust 
diside +         dissident 
disimula         dissimulate 
disipa 1++       waste (use without good purpose); squander 
diski (=disci) 1X  learn; study 
disko 1++G       disc; dish (plate); disk; plate; record (disc) 
formati u disko   format a disk 
disko alexi-ra   disk guard (by computer disk) 
disko-me 1       disc drive 
diskonto 1       discount; diminution; rebate; reduction 
diskrimina       discriminate 
diskursi 1+      discourse; formal speech 
diskusi 1++      conference; discussion; discuss; talk 
diskusio (=diskusi) 1X  discussion 
dislexia G       dyslexia 
disloka          dislocate 
disocia          dissociate 
disolve          dissolve 
disordina        disorder 
dispare          disappear 
dispepsia G      indigestion 
disperge (=dispersa, prefer difusi) X  scatter 
dispersa (prefer difusi or spora)  scatter 
disposi 1        dispose; arrange; adjust 
dispositi (=disposi) X  dispose 
disputa 1++      dispute; quarrel; argue; conflict; quarrelsome; 
                   row (dispute); squabble; strife 
dista 1+         distant; far; be distant ; distance; distant; 
                   far away; remote 
distende         distend 
distila          distil; distill; distillation; give drops 
distingui        distinguish 
distribu 1++     distribute; deal (cards); distribution 
disturba (=turba) X  disturb 
disuade          dissuade 
diti 1           dive; sink; submerge 
diverti          divert 
divertikulu      by-path 
divi 1++         bet; wager 
divi-pe 1        better (n, betting person) 
divid a bi 1     halve 
divide 1++       divide; division; fissure; schism; separate (v); 
                   share (v); split 
divina 1++       guess; prophesy 
divina (take divi) 1X  bet 
divorci 1+       divorce 
divu             fairy 
divulga          divulge 
dizel 1          diesel 
-do 1            house; building 
doci 1++         teach; instruct; profess (teach); train (v) 
doci-pe 1++      teacher; tutor 
doci-programa    tutorial (computer) 
docili           docile; teachable 
dogma G          dogma 
dokto            teach 
doktrina (prefer doci)  teaching; doctrine 
dokumenta +      document; file (document); file (computer) 
dolara           dollar 
doliko (prefer longi) 1G  long (adj) 
dolo (prefer algo) 1  ache; pain 
dolora (prefer algo)  grief 
doma (=domi) 1X  home; house 
domestika        tame 
domi 1++         house; building; domestic; home 
domi e peri-lo 1  premises 
domi pedi-ve 1   slipper 
domi penta 1     fifth house 
domi tet 1       fourth house 
domi-carta 1     house-plan 
domi-te 1        bed linen; tablecloth; table-cover 
domi-zoa 1+      pet (animal) 
domina 1+        dominate; subdue 
dominio 1+       domain; field (one's); territory 
dona 1++         give; award; deliver (give); extra; furnish; grant; 
                   render (give); spare; supply 
dona ergo 1      engage 
dona hedo 1      please (give pleasure) 
dona medika-ma 1+  dispense 
dona nati 1      hatch 
dona sati 1      satisfy 
dona se 1        devote 
dona semani 1+G  interpret 
dona sito a 1++  feed 
dona sko 1       teach 
dona termo 1     heat (v); warm (v) 
dona versi 1     give back; return (give back) 
dora (=doro) GX  gift 
dormi 1          sleep 
doro 1++G        gift; present; present (gift) 
doro a pove-pe 1+  alms 
dorsa 1++        back (n); dorsal; ass (buttocks); bottom; buttock; 
                   buttocks; hind (back); rump; rear (n) 
dorsa denti 1    molar 
dosa             dose 
dova             cask stave 
doxo 1++G        opinion; be of the opinion 
dra 1            act 
drakini (=drako) GX  dragon 
drako 1+G        dragon 
drama 1          extricate; redeem (from pawn) 
drama 1+G        act (theatre); drama; play (drama) 
drama-an 1++     actor (male) 
drama-do 1+      theatre 
drama-fe 1++     actress 
drama-pe 1++     actor 
drepani G        sickle 
dri G            oak 
droga            drug 
dromo 1++G       run; race (competition); gallop; scamper 
droso G          dew 
du 1++           continue (-ing); -ing (continuous tense) 
du- (take bi-) X  (prefix:) two; two (prefix) 
dubi 1++         doubt; hesitate 
dubita (=dubito, prefer dubi) 1X  doubt; hesitate 
dubito (prefer dubi)  doubt 
duca (French, =dusca) X  shower (bath) 
duce 1++         lead; priority; conduct; drive; guidance; guide 
duce ab 1        take along 
duce versi 1     bring back; take back 
duce-do 1        town hall; city hall 
duce-fe 1        mistress 
duce-pagina      homepage (internet) 
duce-pe 1++      leader; director; manager; pilot 
duela 1          duel 
dulc-odoro-ma 1  incense 
dulce 1+         sweet; agreeable; gentle; gentleness; nice; soft; 
                   softness; sweetness; tender; tenderness 
dulo 1++G        slave; servant 
dumo             thicket 
duna             dune 
duo              two 
dupa             deceive 
dupli (=diplo, or take bi) 1X  double 
dura 1++         continue; still (continue); abiding; constant; 
                   continuous; durable; endure; hard (lasting); 
                   last (v); lasting; lasting (hard); permanent; 
                   persist; tough 
dura algo 1      ache 
dura derma 1     rind 
dura disko 1     hard disc 
dura disko-me    hard drive (computer) 
dura feru 1++    steel 
dura fonta 1     resource 
dura kine 1      fidget 
dura muta 1      variable 
dura skope 1     gaze 
dura tenta 1+    persevere 
dura turba 1     pester 
dura vive 1++    survive 
durante (=duranto, prefer tem) X  during; for (during); in (during); 
                   while (temporal) 
duranto (prefer tem) 1  during; for (during); in (during); 
                   while (temporal) 
dusca (French) 1++  shower (bath) 


e 1++            and 
e- (short form of elektro or elektroni)   
                  (prefix:) e- (electric, electronic); 
                   e- (electric, electronic) 
e- (take ex-) X  (prefix:) out from; out from (prefix) 
e-posta 1+       e-mail; email 
ebria 1          drunk; drunkard 
ebrio (=ebria) 1X  drunk; drunkard 
ebuli            ebulient; ebulition; bubble out 
edace            edacious; voracious 
edafi (=edafo) GX  soil 
edafo 1G         soil 
edi (=edo) X     eat 
edito            publish 
editora 1++      editor 
edo 1            eat; dine; devour 
eduka 1++        educate; education; educational; learning 
efekti 1++       effect (n); effect (v) 
efektua          effectuate; effectual; bring about 
efemera G        short-lived 
efervesce        effervesce 
eficie 1+        efficient 
efigi            likeness 
efluvi           out-flow 
eforti           effort 
efusi            effuse; effusion; pour out 
egi (prefer kapri) G  goat 
egialo G         shore 
egilo G          goat-herb 
ego (prefer mi)  I 
egoismo          selfish; selfishness 
egotisti 1++     selfish 
egresi           exit 
egroto (prefer pato)  ill; sick 
eido G           shape 
eikon G          image 
ejakula          ejaculate 
ejekti           eject; throw out 
ek- (take ex-) GX  (prefix:) out from; out from (prefix) 
eke !            behold ! 
ekiguo           scanty; small 
ekino G          bristly 
eklekti G        eclectic 
eklesia 1+G      church 
eklesia-pe 1     vicar 
eklipsa 1+G      eclipse 
eko 1++G         dwell; live (dwell); address; dwelling; household; 
                   inhabit; reside 
eko (take resoni) 1GX  echo 
eko-do 1         home; hostel 
eko-fe 1         housewife; housekeeper 
eko-lo 1++G      home; address; lodging; lodgings; tenement 
eko-pe 1G        tenant 
eko-preci 1++    rent (n) 
ekoiki (take resoni) GX  echoic 
ekonomi 1++G     economy; economic; thrift 
ekstasi G        ecstasy 
ekto G           outside 
ekto- (prefer extra-) G  (prefix:) outside; outside (prefix) 
ekumenika G      world-wide 
elabora          elaborate 
elaeo G          oil 
elasti 1++G      coil (spring); elastic; spring (coil) 
elefa 1++G       elephant 
elefa-denti 1    ivory 
elefanta (=elefa) GX  elephant 
eleganta (=eleganti) X  elegant; trim (adj) 
eleganti 1+      elegant; trim (adj) 
elekti 1++       elect; choose; appoint; ballot; choice; election; 
                   pick (chose); select; selection 
elekti ali-ra 1  random 
elektro 1++G     electric; electricity 
elektroni +G     electron; electronic; electronics 
elementa 1++     element; elementary; primary; simple 
eleutero 1G      free 
eleva            raise 
elimina          eliminate 
elipsi G         ellipse 
elite (French)   elite 
elitro G         cover; sheath 
elixir G         elixir 
elo G            marsh 
elucida          explain 
elude            avoid; dodge 
emacia           make thin 
email 1          enamel 
emana            come from 
emancipa         set free ; emancipate 
embarasa         embarrass 
embio G          long-lived 
embolo G         throw in; wedge 
embrio G         embryo 
emfasi 1+G       accent; emphasize 
emigra           emigrate 
emisi            send out 
emotio 1++       emotion; expression 
empio            suppurate 
en- (take in-) X  (prefix:) in; in (prefix) 
enalio G         sea- 
enantio 1G       opposite 
endo (prefer intra) G  inside 
endo- (prefer intra-) G  (prefix:) inside; inside (prefix) 
enea (prefer nona) G  nine 
energi 1++G      energy 
enerva           enervate 
England          England 
English 1+       English 
enigma 1++G      enigma; puzzle; riddle; problem 
enkefa 1G        brain 
enkefali (=enkefa, prefer cerebra) GX  brain 
enkima G         tissue (botanic) 
enkontra (=inkontra) X  meet (by chance); meeting (by chance) 
enormo 1         enormous 
ensemble (French) +  ensemble; set (n); totality 
ensi             sword 
entero 1+G       gut; intestine 
enti 1           being (n) 
entomo (take insekti) GX  insect 
entreprise 1     enterprise; task 
entusi +G        enthuse; enthusiastic 
enuncia          set forth 
enzima G         enzyme 
eo 1G            dawn; morning 
eolo G           varying 
eosino G         rosy dawn 
epeiro G         mainland 
epi 1++G         on; onto; upon 
epi landa 1+     ashore 
epi navi 1       aboard 
epi tabla 1      on the table 
epi- 1+          (prefix:) on; on (prefix); epi- 
epi-navi 1       embark 
epidemi G        epidemic 
epilogi G        epilogue 
epio G           tall 
episkopa 1+G     bishop; overseer 
episkopi (=episkopa) GX  bishop; overseer 
episodi G        episode 
epistemo G       knowledge 
epistola 1G      letter (mail) 
epoka G          epoch 
eqa 1++          equal; equality; be (equal); is (equals) 
eqanima          equanimity; even-tempered 
eqatora 1        equator 
eqilibra (=eqilibri, prefer libra) X  balance 
eqilibri (prefer libra) 1  balance 
eqilibrio (=eqilibri, prefer libra) X  balance 
eqipa +          equip 
eqivalu          equivalent 
eqivoka          equivocate 
Equs 1++         horse 
Equs-do 1+       stable (n) 
equs-sedi 1+     saddle 
equs-voci 1      neigh 
era              period 
era              wander 
eradika          eradicate 
erekti           erect; set up 
eremita 1+G      hermit 
eremo +G         lonely 
ergo 1++G        work (n); work (v); business; job; labor; labour; 
                   occupation; on watch (ship) 
ergo-do          factory 
ergo-gania +     earn; wages 
ergo-lo 1        workroom; workshop; repair shop; studio (workroom) 
ergo-ma 1++      fuel 
ergo-mensa 1++   desk 
ergo-mo          work station (desk) 
ergo-pe 1        worker 
plu ergo-pe 1++  staff (workers) 
ericia           bristle (v) 
Erika 1+G        heather 
Erinaca 1        hedgehog 
Erinaceus (=Erinaca) X  hedgehog 
erio G           wool 
eritro 1G        red 
ero 1++          error; mistake; blunder; err; mis-; wrongdoing 
eroti G          erotic; eroticism; physical love; love (physical) 
erudi            teach 
eruka            caterpillar 
erupti           erupt; burst out 
es 1++           be; am; are; is; there is/are; 's (short for is); 
                   're (short for are); 'm (short for am); 
                   being (participle of to be); 
                   find oneself (in a place) 
es de 1          belong to 
es la 1++        attend; be present; presence; exist 
es sati 1        be enough 
esama            swarm 
esce 1+          become; get (become) 
esentia          essence 
eska             food 
eskapa           escape 
eskato G         ultimate 
eskulento        esculent; edible 
eskulus          chestnut 
eso (prefer intra) G  inside; within 
eso- (prefer intra-) G  (prefix:) within; within (prefix) 
esofago G        esophagus; oesophagus; gullet 
esoterik G       inner 
Espania          Spain 
espio 1++        spy 
esplanada        esplanade 
esqadra 1        squadron 
est 1++          east 
establi 1++      establish 
este 1++G        feel; conscious; consciousness; esthetic; perceive; 
este de akti uno-ra 1+  feel like doing something 
este etio 1+G    ashamed 
este fobo 1++G   afraid 
estima           estimate 
estiva 1         summer 
estra G          frenzy; gadfly 
estu (prefer termo) G  fervor; fervour; heat; passion 
estua (=estuari, take golfo) 1X  estuary 
estuari 1        estuary 
estufa           simmer; stew 
et cetera 1+     etc. 
et-cetera        etc. 
etage            floor; storey 
eteri G          ether 
eterna           immortalize 
etiko G          customs (ethical); ethical 
etimo 1G         true; truth 
etimologi G      etymology 
etio 1++G        blame; accusation; cause; guilt; guilty 
etno 1G          nation; nationality; race (tribe); tribe 
eto 1G           year 
etos +G          behavior; behaviour; ethos 
etrio G          bright 
eu 1+G           good; goodness; well (good) 
eu- (prefer boni- or bene-) G  (prefix:) good; good (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) well (good); well (good)(prefix) 
eu-famo 1        glorious 
eudio G          fine; pure 
eufemi G         euphemize 
eufoni G         euphony 
eukaristi 1G     thanks 
eureka 1+G       invent 
euri G           wide 
euti G           straight 
eva 1++          age; lifetime; period 
evade            evade 
evanesce (=vanesce) X  vanish 
evangeli 1       gospel 
evapora (take vapo) X  evaporate 
eveni (prefer acide)  event; happen 
evide 1+         evident; clear (evident); evidence; obvious 
evidenta 1       unmistakeable 
evita 1++        avoid; dodge; shirk; shun 
evoka            evoke 
evolex           out from 
evolve 1++       evolve; develop; development 
ex 1++           out from; by (marker of doer by passive voice); from; 
                   out; since 
ex Deo 1         divine 
ex la 1          thence 
ex ligni 1       wooden 
ex nu 1          from now; hence (from now) 
ex qo-lo 1       whence 
ex- 1+           (prefix:) out from; out from (prefix); ex- 
ex-ki (=ki ex)   leave 
ex-kurva 1       convex 
ex-lo 1+         exit 
ex-tem           since 
exagera          exaggerate 
exakti 1++       accurate; exact; exactly; precise 
exalta           exalt 
examina 1++      examine; consider; examination; inspect; interview; 
                   investigate; probe; survey; test 
exantema G       eruption 
exaspera         make worse 
excede           exceed 
excele 1++       excel; excellent 
excepti 1+       except 
excesi 1++       excess; excessive; too (in a too high degree); 
                   very ((almost) too much) 
excita (=excite) X  excite; exciting; thrill 
excite 1++       excite; exciting; thrill 
excite viagia 1++  adventure 
exekuti          execute 
exempla 1++      example; instance; pattern; sample; specimen 
exercise 1++     exercise; drill (training); practice; 
                   train (practice) 
exhausti         exhaust 
exhibi           exhibit 
exhilara         exhilarate 
exhorta          exhort 
exiguo           small; scanty 
existe 1++       available; exist; existence; extant 
exkava           excavate 
exklama 1        exclaim 
exklude 1++      exclude; exclusive; except 
exkogita         excogitate; think out 
exkomunika       excommunicate 
exkoria          scrape skin off; graze; bark; excoriate 
exkrementa       excrement 
exkresce         excrescence; excrescent; grow out of 
exkreti 1+       excrete 
exkursio         excursion; pleasure trip 
exkusa           excuse 
exonera          exonerate 
exorbita         exorbitant; exorbitance; exorbitancy; be excessive 
exotiki          exotic 
expande 1++      expand; expansion 
expande-lo 1++   expanse 
expedi           send away 
expekta 1++      expect 
expele           expel 
experi 1++       experience (n); experience (v) 
experimenta 1++  experiment 
expira           expire 
explika 1++      explain; explanation; explicate 
explode 1++      explode; burst; explosion 
explode-ma 1+    explosive (material) 
exploita         exploit 
explora 1+       explore; exploration; travel (for discovery) 
expo (short form of expositi)  display; exhibit; expo; exposition; 
                   fair (exposition) 
exporta 1++      export 
expositi         display; exhibit; exposition; fair (exposition) 
expresi 1++      express; expression; utter (speak) 
expropria        expropriate 
expurga          expurgate 
exqisite         exquisite 
extende 1++      extend; spread 
extende se 1     sprawl 
extenua          weaken 
extermina        exterminate; get rid of 
extinkti         extinct; died out 
extra 1++        external; beside; out of; outdoor; outdoors; outer; 
                   outside; outward; outwardly; outwards 
extra domi 1     open-air 
extra landa 1++  abroad 
extra piro 1     bonfire 
extra porta 1    outer door 
extra- 1+        (prefix:) outside; outside (prefix) 
extra-fiska 1    customs (taxes on goods imported) 
extra-lo 1+      exterior 
extra-ve 1++     coat 
extrakti         extract; pull out 
extraordinari 1+  extraordinary 
extravaga        extravagant; behave extravagantly 
extremi 1        extreme 
exubera          be abundant 
exuvia           skin; slough 


(-)fa 1++        set (n); bundle; group; bunch; cluster; sheaf 
faba 1++         bean 
faber            artisan 
fabrika 1        fabric; structure 
fabula           fable; myth; tale 
face 1++         make; build; commit; construct; execute; forge (v); 
                   making; manufacture; produce (make) 
face u neo ra 1+  invent 
face-do 1++      factory 
faceta           facet 
faceti 1+        funny; witty 
-faci (=face) X  making 
facia 1++        face; features; surface 
facili 1++       easy 
facili dromo 1   trot 
facili kine 1    mobile 
faeo 1G          brown 
fago 1G          eat; devour; partake 
fago-ma 1        food 
Fagus 1+         beech; beech tree 
faktora 1+       factor 
faktu 1++        fact; factual 
fakula           torch 
fakulta          faculty; ability 
fali 1++         fail; failure 
falko            falcon; hawk 
falkona (=falko) X  falcon; hawk 
fals akti 1++    fraud 
falsa (=falsi) X  false 
falsi 1++        false; wrong; cheat; deceit; deceive; dummy; fraud; 
                   lie (untruth); mistake; sham; treacherous; untruth 
falsi feno 1+    disguise 
falsi lauda 1+   flatter; flattery 
falsi-ra 1+      deceit 
falta            fault 
fam (=fami) 1X   hunger 
fami 1++         hunger; hungry 
famili 1++       family; familiar 
famili nima 1    surname 
familiari        familiar 
famina 1++       famine; hunger; starve 
famo 1++         fame; famous; noted; prominent (famous); renown; 
                   reputation; well-known 
fanaticismo      fanaticism 
fanero 1G        clear (evident); clear (bright); obvious; evident 
fantasi 1G       fantasy; phantasy; imagine 
fantasma 1+G     ghost; phantasm 
farago           mixture 
farci            farce; stuff 
farda            make-up 
farina 1++       dust; flour; powder 
faringi 1G       pharynx; throat 
farmacisti 1G    chemist 
farmako G        drug; medicine 
farmako-pe 1     pharmacist; chemist (pharmacist); 
                   druggist (pharmacist) 
faro G           light-house 
Fasanus 1+       pheasant 
fasci (=faski) X  set (n); band (group); bunch; bundle; cluster; group; 
fascia (=faski) X  set (n); band (group); bunch; bundle; cluster; group; 
fascina 1+       fascinate; charm; enchant; tempt 
fasi G           phase; aspect 
faski (prefer short form fa) 1  set (n); band (group); bunch; bundle; 
                   cluster; group; sheaf 
faskia (=faski) X  set (n); band (group); bunch; bundle; cluster; group; 
faskina (prefer fascina)  fascinate; tempt 
fastidio 1+      affected; finical; finicking; finicky; finikin 
fastigia         give point to 
fasto            pomp; display 
fata 1++         fate; destiny; lot (destiny) 
fatali           fatal 
fatalisti        fatalist 
fatiga 1++       bore (tire); fatigue; haggard; tire (v); tired; weary 
fatna G          manger; socket 
fatuo 1++        absurd; dull (stupid); foolish; silly 
fatuo akti 1     folly 
fauna            fauna 
favo 1++         favor; favour; favorable; favourable; on behalf of ; 
                   for (in favour of); partial (favoring); privilege 
favori (prefer favo)  favorable; favourable; favor; favour 
favorita         favorite 
favu             honey comb 
fax              fax 
gene u fax       receive a fax 
fe 1++           she; her; hers; female; woman 
plu fe (take mu though without gender) 1X  they (female) 
fe-bovi 1++      cow 
fe-bu 1          cow 
fe-Cervus 1      hind (deer) 
fe-duka 1        duchess 
fe-equs 1        mare 
fe-fili 1++      daughter 
fe-filia (=fe-fili) 1X  daughter 
fe-galina 1++    hen 
fe-kani 1        dog (female); female dog 
fe-Leo 1+        lioness 
fe-maestro 1     mistress 
fe-magi 1G       witch 
fe-princa 1+     princess 
fe-regi 1++      queen 
fe-sibi 1++      sister 
fe-sponsa 1++    wife 
fe-sposa 1       bride 
fe-sui 1         pig (female); sow 
fe-vidua 1       widow 
febri 1++        fever 
Februari (prefer meno bi) 1  February 
feci 1           faeces; feces; excrement 
federa 1         federation 
feki (=feci) 1X  faeces; feces; excrement 
fekula           starch 
fekunda          fertile 
feli 1++         cat; feline 
feli-voci 1      mew 
felici 1+        happy; content; pleased 
felis (=feli) X  cat; feline 
felo 1           cork 
femi             speak; talk 
femina 1++       female; woman 
femora 1+        leg (upper); thigh 
fenako G         cheat; lie (untruth) 
fenestra 1++     window; window (computer) 
duce fenestra    main window (computer) 
fenestra-textili  curtain 
fengo G          light (n); splendor; splendour 
feno 1++G        seem; apparent; appear; appearance; look like (seem) 
fenu 1+          hay 
ferali 1+        feral; wild; savage 
feri 1++         fairy 
feria 1++        fair (bazaar); holiday; vacation 
ferma G          load 
fermenta 1+      ferment; leaven; yeast 
fero 1++         carry; bear (carry); convey; transfer; transport 
fero ana 1       bring up 
fero ci 1++      bring 
fero versi 1     fetch 
fero-kli 1       stretcher 
fero-pe 1++      carrier; porter 
fero-pla 1       tray 
feroci 1+        fierce; savage 
fertili 1++      fertile; dung (v); fertilize; manure (v); productive 
fertili-ma 1     fertilizer; dung (n); manure (n) 
feru 1++         ferrous; iron 
feru oxida 1     rust 
feru-pe 1        smith 
feru-via 1++     railway 
feru-via statio 1+  railway station 
ferugi           rust 
feruvia statio (=feru-via statio) 1X  railway station 
ferve            be hot ; fervor; fervour 
festa 1++        feast; festival; festive; festivity; fete; holiday; 
festi (=festa) 1X  festival 
festona          festoon 
festuka          straw 
feta             bear young 
feti 1           stench 
fetidi           stinking 
fetu             fetus 
(-)fi 1++        thread; wire; filament; fiber; fibre; strand; string; 
                   strip (of something); yarn 
fi-ciklo 1       lasso 
fi-fa 1+         tassel (n); tuft; wick 
fi-gira-baci 1   spindle 
fi-margina 1+    fringe 
fi-ru 1+         string instrument 
fi-zo 1+         loop; noose; sling 
fiance 1         fiance 
fibri 1++        fibre 
fide 1++         confide; confidence; confident; entrust; faith; 
                   fidelity; loyal; loyalty; trust (confide) 
fidera (take fide) X  entrust 
fido G           stingy 
figo G           avoid 
figura 1++       figure 
fik (=face) 1X   make 
fiko G           seaweed 
fikti 1++        fiction; fictional; form (v); pretend; shape (v) 
fikti-grafo      fiction 
Fikus 1+         fig 
fila (take folia) 1GX  leaf 
filako G         guard 
filamenta (prefer short form fi)  filament; thread; wire 
filemon G        friendly; loving 
fili 1++         offspring; daughter (or son); son (or daughter); 
                   child (son or daughter) 
filia (=fili) 1X  offspring 
filici 1         fern 
filma 1          film 
filo 1+G         love; affection; philo- 
filo (take folia) GX  leaf 
filosofi G       philosophy 
filosofo (=filosofi) GX  philosophy 
filtra 1++       filter 
fimbri 1         fringe; border 
fimbria (=fimbri) X  fringe 
financi 1+       financial; finance 
fini 1++         finish; end; abort; aim; complete; conclude; deadline; 
                   final; finally; goal; terminate 
fini a 1         border on 
fini-statio 1    terminus 
fio G            produce (nature) 
firma            firm 
fisa 1G          bellows 
fisa (prefer buli) 1G  bubble 
fisa (prefer fla) 1G  blow (air) 
fisalo (=fisa, prefer buli) GX  bubble 
fisika 1++G      nature; physics 
fisio 1+G        condition (especially physical); physical; physio; 
                   nature; state (condition) 
fiska 1++        fiscal; tax 
fiska-pe 1       tax-collector 
fistula          pipe 
fisu 1++         crack (split); fissure; schism; split 
fito 1+G         plant (n); phyto- 
fixa 1++         fix; firm; clasp; record (v); solidify; splint; tight 
fixa-baci 1+     peg 
fixa-ma 1        putty 
fixa-ra 1        buckle (n); paper-clip 
fizio (=fisio) 1GX  nature; physical 
fla 1++          blow (air); draught; inflate; puff 
fla nasa 1+      blow your nose 
flabela          fan (thing for fresh air) 
flaci 1++        flaccid; floppy; weak; droop; lax; limp; slack 
flagela 1++      whip; lash 
flagra           flagrant; outrageous 
flair            flair 
flako            small bottle 
flama 1++        flame; flare 
flama-fero 1+*   match (fire); matchstick 
flami-fero (=flama-fero) 1X  match (fire); matchstick 
flanela          flannel 
flanka           flank 
flapa 1          flap 
flasc 1++        flash; lightning 
flata            flatter 
flauta           flute 
flavo            yellow 
flavora (=flavoro) 1X  flavor; flavour 
flavoro 1++      flavor; flavour 
flebi G          vein 
flegma G         phlegmatic; sluggish 
flego G          burn (v) 
flexi 1++        bend; bend (v); curve (v); flex 
flexi disko (=flexi-disko) 1X  floppy disc 
flexi disko-me (=flexi-disko-me) X  floppy drive (computer) 
flexi-disko 1    floppy disc; diskette 
flexi-disko-me   floppy drive (computer) 
flexuoso         flexible 
fliaka G         fathead 
fliro G          nonsense; senseless 
flo 1            float 
flo lento 1+     drift 
flo-stru 1       raft 
floeo G          phloem; bark 
floka 1+         flake; scale (body cover); 
                   scale (lose or remove scales) 
floresce         flourish 
flori 1++        flower; bloom; flourish 
flori-fa 1+      bouquet; bunch of flowers 
flori-va 1       flower pot 
floskula         floret 
flota            fleet 
floxi G          flame 
flu 1++          flow; current; flood; fluent; fluid; flux; running; 
                   stream (v) 
'flu 1           influenza 
flu dice 1       speak fluently 
flu lento 1      ooze 
fluidi 1+        fluid 
fluktu (prefer flu)  flood; flow 
flumini          stream (n) 
fluoresce        fluoresce 
fluvi 1++        river 
fluvia (=fluvi) X  river 
flux (prefer flu)  current; flow 
fo(-) (short form of forti) 1++  intense; strong; tight (strong); very; 
fo ami 1         intimate 
fo fobo 1        terror 
fo ge-amo 1      popolar 
fo mega (or fo-mega) 1  vast 
fo rubi 1+       scarlet 
fo tekno 1++     brilliant (intelligent) 
fo tenta 1       try hard; make an effort 
fo-amo 1++       adoration; enjoy; fond 
fo-aqa 1         drench 
fo-busti 1       blaze 
fo-filo 1G       adoration 
fo-fla 1         blast 
fo-flu 1+        torrent 
fo-fortuna 1     probable 
fo-foto 1+G      brilliant (light); glare; shine 
fo-gravi 1       vital 
fo-gusta 1+      spice 
fo-hedo 1        radiant 
fo-klina 1++     steep 
fo-kloro 1+G     emerald (colour) 
fo-klude 1       seal 
fo-leva 1        heave 
fo-mega 1++      huge; immense; monster; vast 
fo-miso 1        loathe 
fo-pote 1+       talent 
fo-puta 1        intent 
fo-religio 1     devout 
fo-rubi 1        crimson 
fo-soni 1++      bang (sound); blare; loud 
fo-spira 1+      gasp 
fo-tenta 1++     effort; exert 
fo-valu 1++      precious 
fo-venti 1       gale 
fo-voci 1++      scream 
fo-volu 1++      desire; ambition; appetite; long (v) for; yearn 
fobo 1++G        fear; phobia; alarm; dismay; dread; fright; horror 
fobo retro 1G    quail 
fobo-mira 1      startle 
fobo-pe 1++G     coward 
fodero           lining 
fodina           mine (coal etc.); pit 
fodo G           blister; burn (n) 
foebe G          Phoebe (moon goddess) 
foedi            filthy; foul 
foka G           seal (zoo) 
Fokaena (=fokena) GX  phocaena; porpoise 
fokali           focal; focus 
fokena G         phocaena; porpoise 
foku 1+          focus; centre; fire 
foleo (prefer fora, kaverno or kavita) G  den; cave; hole (den) 
foli             mad 
foli 1+G         bellows; scale (body cover) 
foli-pe 1+       fool 
folia 1++        foliage; leaf 
foliage (French, take folia) X  foliage; leaf 
fomenta          give heat 
fonako G         blood-thirsty 
fonda 1++        background 
fono 1++G        -phone; sound (acoustic); aloud; voice 
fonta 1++        fountain; source; spring (source); well (water) 
plu fonta 1      human resources 
fora 1++         hole; bore (hole); drill (v, make holes); leak; 
                   perforate; pierce; puncture 
mega fora 1      abyss 
fora-me 1        drill (machine) 
fora-ru 1++      borer; drill (tool) 
forado G         fertile 
force 1          force 
forcipi          forceps 
foresta 1        forest 
forita G         sweepings 
forma 1++        form; shape; forge; mold; mould; sculpture 
formali 1++      formal 
formati          format 
formika 1++      ant 
formoso          beautiful 
formula 1++      formula; prescription; recipe 
foro (=fero) GX  carry 
forta 1+         fort 
forti (or short form fo) 1++  intense; strong; tight (strong); very; 
fortuna 1++      chance; casual; destiny; fate; fortune; likelihood; 
                   luck; probability; random 
forum 1          market place; square (public) 
fosa (=fosi) 1X  cavity; hole; pit 
foseta 1         dimple 
fosi 1++         dig; cavity; ditch; hole; moat; pit 
fosi (=fusi) 1X  pour 
fosili           fossil 
foto 1++G        light (n); light (v); bright; illuminate; 
                   photo- (light) 
foto detekti-me  light detector 
foto-grafi (=fotografi) X  photograph 
foto-grafi-me (=fotografi-me) X  camera (apparatus) 
fotografi 1++G   photograph 
fotografi-me 1+  camera (apparatus) 
fove             pit (n) 
fragaria 1+      strawberry 
fragili 1+       breaking easily; brittle 
fragma 1++G      barrier; hedge; enclosure (fences); fence; partition 
fragma-porta 1   stile 
fragmenta        fragment; bit; piece 
fragmo (=fragma) 1X  hedge 
fragra           fragrant 
frakaso          crash; smash 
frakti 1++       break; fracture; interrupt 
fraktura         fracture 
frambesi         raspberry 
Français (pronounce "frongsay") 1  French 
frase 1++G       sentence; phrase; speak 
frasi (=frase) GX  sentence; phrase; speak 
fratri 1+        brother 
fraudi 1         fraud 
fraudu (=fraudi) 1X  fraud 
fraxinus         ash tree 
frea G           well (water) 
freme (=tremulo) X  tremble 
freni (=freno) 1GX  mind (n) 
freno G          mind (n) 
frenu 1          brake (v); rein (v) 
freqe 1++        frequent; often; frequency 
frescita (=fresko) X  freshen 
fresko 1++       fresh; freshen; ventilation 
freto            channel 
fri              fry 
fria 1++         crumble; smash 
friabili         powder (v) 
frig e no-gluko 1  bleak 
frigi 1++        cold; chill 
frigi-me 1       refrigerator 
frigi-tem 1++    winter 
frika 1++        friction; rub (friction); wipe; graze; scrape 
frika G          ripple 
frika-ru 1*      file (tool) 
frina G          toad 
fringila         chaffinch 
fritila          dice-box 
frivolo          frivolous 
frondo           leafy branch 
fronimo          sensible; wise 
fronta 1++       brow (forehead); forehead; front 
frontira 1       frontier 
fru 1+           enjoy; enjoyment; have a good time 
frukti 1++       fruit 
frukti horti 1   orchard 
frumentu         corn; grain 
frustra 1++      frustrate; disappoint; disappointment; disillusion; 
frustu 1         bit; piece 
frutiko          shrub 
fu 1++           will (future tense); adjourn; future; postpone; 
                   shall (future tense); 'll (future tense); 
                   be going to (future tense) 
fu(-) 1+         future (tense) 
fu debi 1        shall have to 
fu ki 1          will go 
mi fu ki 1       I shall go 
fu nece 1        will have to 
fu setimana 1    next week 
fu-di 1++        tomorrow 
fu-di noktu 1    tomorrow night 
fu-noktu 1       tomorrow night 
fu-tem 1         future 
fugaci           fleeting 
fugi 1++         flee; escape; run away 
fugi ab 1        desert (v) 
fugi-pe 1        fugitive 
fuku             sea-weed 
fulge 1          flash; lightning 
fulgu (=fulge) 1X  flash; lightning 
fuligo           soot 
fulkru 1         axle; axis; central point; pivot 
fulmina 1        thunder 
fulvo            tawny 
fumi 1++         fume; smoke 
fumi tubi (=fumi-tubi) 1X  chimney; smokestack 
fumi-ma 1+       soot 
fumi-tubi 1++    chimney; smokestack 
funda 1++        bottom; found (v); base; depth; foot (lowest part); 
                   foundation; ground 
fune +           burial; bury; funeral; funereal 
funebri          burial; bury; funeral; funereal 
fungi (=fungu) 1  fungus; mushroom 
fungu 1+         fungus; mushroom 
fungus (prefer fungu)  fungus 
funi             rope 
funktio 1++      function; useful; operate; operation; 
                   work (have the desired function) 
furfura          bran 
furi 1+          fury; furious; anger; wrath 
furka 1++        fork; branch off; pitchfork 
furna 1++        oven; bake; furnace; heater; stove 
furunkulo        boil (medical) 
fuselage (French)  fuselage 
fusi 1++         pour; fuse; melt; shed (liquid); smelt (melt); spill 
fusi (=(fi-)gira-baci) X  spindle 
fusi-va 1        jug 
fusili 1++       gun; shoot; discharge (fire); fire (shoot); rifle 
fusili-me 1      pistol 
fusio 1+         fusion 
fusko            dark-colored 
fusta (=fusti) X  shaft; cudgel; club (stick) 
fusti            shaft; cudgel; club (stick) 
fustiga          thrash 
futili           futile (without meaning); insignificant 
futu             copulate 
futuri 1         future 


Gadus 1          cod 
gaia 1+G         earth; earth (living) 
gala (take lakti) GX  milk 
galakti (take lakti) 1GX  milk 
galante          court; woo 
galbino          yellow 
galeno G         calm 
galeri 1+        gallery 
Gales            Wales 
galina 1++       chicken; fowl 
plu galina 1     poultry 
gamba            leg 
gambado          gambol 
game 1++G        marry; marriage; wed 
game-pe 1        spouse 
game-ritu 1++    wedding 
ganglio          knot; node 
gania +          gain; win (gain) 
gano G           bright 
garage (French)  garage 
garanti 1+       guarantee 
garulo 1+        chat; chatter 
Garulus 1        jay 
gasi 1++         gas; air 
gastri (=gastro) X  stomach 
gastro 1++G      stomach 
gaudi            joy 
gaze             gauze 
gazeta 1         newspaper; periodical 
gazon (French)   lawn 
ge G             got 
ge- 1+           got (-ed) (participle) 
ge-akti 1        done (participle of to do) 
ge-amo 1         loved; popular 
ge-audi 1        heard (participle of to hear) 
ge-bali 1        sent (participle of to send) 
ge-debito 1      due (owed); duly; owed 
ge-dona 1        given 
ge-duce 1        led (participle of to lead) 
ge-elekti 1      chosen 
ge-face 1++      artificial; made (participle of to make) 
u ge-face 1++    produce (n) 
ge-face ex 1++   consist 
ge-favo 1++      favorite; favourite 
ge-fixa tem 1++  term 
ge-flexi 1++     bent; curved 
ge-frakti 1++    broken 
ge-fuma harenga 1  kipper 
ge-geli pluvi 1  hail 
ge-grafo 1       written 
ge-grafo akorda 1++  contract 
ge-kapti 1       caught 
ge-klavi 1++     closed (locked); shut (closed); locked 
ge-klude 1+      closed; close (closed) 
ge-klude disko   locked disk (computer) 
ge-konfesi 1     admittedly 
ge-kope pedi 1   webbed feet 
ge-kriso 1       gilded 
ge-kulti 1       cultivated 
ge-kura 1        ward of court 
ge-limita        exclusive 
ge-linqi 1       left behind; abandoned 
ge-linqi infanta 1  waif 
ge-lisi 1G       apart 
ge-lose 1        lost 
ge-merka 1       bought (participle of to buy) 
ge-mixa 1++      mixed 
ge-monstra 1     shown 
ge-nati 1++      born 
ge-noku disko    corrupt disk (computer) 
ge-noku infanti 1  spoilt child 
ge-paga 1        paid (participle of to pay) 
ge-place 1++     content 
ge-prende 1      taken 
ge-produce-ra 1+  product 
ge-promulga-ra   publication 
ge-proto 1       begun 
ge-publika-ra 1++  publication 
ge-seka dendro 1  lumber 
ge-ski 1         known 
ge-spende 1      spent (participle of to spend) 
ge-sto 1         clogged 
ge-strepto 1     sprained 
ge-stru 1        build (participle of to build) 
ge-stupe 1       dazed 
ge-suporta-pe    dependent 
ge-tena 1        held (participle of to hold); 
                   kept (participle of to keep) 
ge-tigra 1       tabby 
ge-tortu genu 1  twisted knee 
ge-trakto 1      drawn (participle, pulled) 
ge-turba 1       agitated; anxious 
ge-uni (=ge-unio) 1X  united 
ge-unio 1        united 
ge-uti 1+        second hand; used (2nd hand) 
ge-vendo 1       sold (participle of to sell) 
ge-vide 1        seen 
gefira 1G        bridge 
gelatino         gelatine 
gelato 1+        ice-cream 
gele 1++         jelly 
geli 1++         freeze; ice (v) 
gelo (=geli) 1X  freeze 
gelo G           laugh 
gema 1++         bud; gem; jewel 
gema-bo 1+       jeweller's shop 
geme             groan 
gemini 1+        twin; twins 
gena             cheek 
gene 1++G        become; get (obtain); receive; get (become); 
                   get (passive); gets (tense); getting; access (get); 
                   accomplish; acquire; come to be; gain; obtain; 
                   procure; turn into 
gene epi 1G      mount 
gene lose 1+     stray 
gene ma-boni 1++  reform 
gene nati 1      be born ; be hatched 
gene ski 1+      learn 
gene sko 1+      learn 
gene torti 1     buckle (v) 
gene versi 1     recover 
gene vista 1     appear 
genera 1+G       generate 
generali 1++G    general; generalize; universal 
generali ski 1+  general knowledge 
generatio 1+G    generation 
generoso G       generous 
genesis G        genesis 
geneti 1++G      genetic; inherit; hereditary 
genetla G        birthday 
geniali G        delightful 
genikulato       bent (like knee) 
genista          broom plant 
genita G         genital 
genius 1+G       genius 
geno-cide G      genocide 
gentili 1++      gentle; kind; kindly; mild 
genu 1++         knee; knee-joint 
genuflekti +     kneel 
genuine (prefer veri) G  genuine 
geo 1++G         earth 
geo-ma 1         ore; mineral 
geo-turba 1      earth-quake 
geografi 1G      geography 
georgi G         farmer 
gerani G         geranium 
geri G           sound (acoustic); voice 
germina          germinate 
gero (=gesta, prefer fero) X  carry 
gero 1G          old age 
geronto G        old man 
gesta            bear (carry); bear (behave); carry 
gestikula        gesticulate 
geusi 1G         taste (test) 
gialo (take kavita) G  hollow 
gibo             hump 
giga 1+G         million million; tremendous 
giganti 1+G      billion (UK); giant; gigantic 
gilotina (French)  guillotine 
gimnasia 1G      gymnasium 
gimno 1+G        bare; naked; nude 
gina 1++G        woman; female; gyna-; lady; wife 
plu gina 1       women 
gina patri 1     father-in-law 
gingiva          gums 
ginglimo G       hinge-joint 
ginglismo G      tickle 
gingrito G       cackle (geese) 
gipso 1++G       chalk; plaster 
gira 1++G        gyrate; rotate; whirl; revolve; spin; turn; twirl 
gira ludi-ra 1   top (spinning toy) 
gira-baci 1      spindle 
gira-venti 1+    whirlwind 
girafa 1+        giraffe 
giso (prefer margina) G  border; hem 
gitara 1+        guitar 
glabro 1++       glabrous; smooth 
glabro-line 1+*  streamline 
glaci-buna (=glacia-buna) 1X  iceberg 
glacia 1++       glacial; ice; icy 
glacia-buna 1*   iceberg 
gladia 1++       sword 
gladio (=gladia) X  sword 
glafiro (take kavita) GX  hollow 
glamiro G        blear-eyed 
glandi 1+        gland; acorn 
glandu (=glandi) X  acorn; gland 
glarea 1+        gravel 
glauko G         blue-green 
glaux G          owl 
gleba            clod; lump 
glena 1+         socket; grave 
glia (prefer glu) G  glue 
glifo G          carve; engrave 
glipto 1G        sculpture 
glis             dormouse; mouse (especially dormouse) 
glisa 1++        glide; slip; slide; lapse; skate (on ice); skid; skim 
glisa-vagona 1   sledge 
gliskro G        sticky 
globa 1+         ball; globe 
globo (=globa) X  ball; globe 
globula 1++      bead 
gloci            cluck (hen) 
gloea (prefer glu)  glue 
gloki 1G         arrow 
glokino G        arrow-point 
glomera          compact (v); ball (v) 
glori 1++        glory 
glosa 1++G       tongue; lick; language 
glox             beard of wheat 
glu 1++          glue; lime; stick (glue); size (glue) 
gluk odoro (=gluko odoro) 1X  perfume 
gluko 1++G       sweet; nice; comfortable; gentle; gentleness; lovely; 
                   pleasant; soft; softness; sweetness; tender; 
gluko odoro 1*   perfume 
gluko xeno 1     quaint 
gluko-ra 1       convenience; comfort (convenience); ease; prosperity 
gluma 1+         chaff; husk; bract; bran 
glutea 1+        buttocks; rump 
gluti (=gluto) X  gulp; swallow 
glutino (prefer glu)  glue 
gluto 1++        gulp; swallow; greedy 
glutona 1+       glutton 
gnata (=gnato, prefer mandibula) 1GX  jaw 
gnato (prefer mandibula) G  jaw 
gnesi (prefer veri) G  genuine; true 
gnifa G          cavity; pit 
gno (prefer ski) G  know 
gnofo G          dark (gloomy); gloomy 
gnomo G          gnome 
gnomono G        index; judge (person) 
gnosia G         wisdom 
goeto G          howl; wail 
goleo (prefer fora) G  hole 
golf 1           golf 
golfo 1          gulf; estuary 
goma (=gumi) 1X  gum 
gomfi G          molar tooth 
gomfo G          bolt; nail; peg 
gonad G          sex-gland 
gonato (prefer genu) G  knee; knee-joint; node 
gonela           skirt 
gong 1           gong 
gongilo G        ball; round 
gongro G         knot; swelling 
gonidio G        asexual spore 
gonimo G         fertile; fruitful 
gono 1++G        angle; corner; vertex 
gorgira G        drain; sewer 
gorgo G          abyss; whirlpool 
Gorila 1         gorilla 
gosipa (prefer kotona) 1G  cotton 
gosipi (=gosipa, prefer kotona) GX  cotton 
gourmand (French)  gourmand 
gourmet (French)  gourmet 
governa 1        govern; control; manage; rule (authority) 
governa-ra 1     rudder 
gra 1++          grass; fodder; lawn; turf 
gra landa 1      veld 
gra-agri 1       meadow 
gra-lo 1+        pasture 
graci 1          grace 
gracili 1+       slender; slim 
gradu 1++        degree; step; at the same time as; grade; pace; 
graduali +       gradual 
grafi (=grafo) GX  draw (sketch); sketch (draw); write 
grafo 1++G       write; draw (sketch); design; script; sketch (draw); 
grafo de 1       describe 
grafo-liqi       ink 
grafo-me 1       typewriter 
grafo-mo         desktop 
grafo-pe 1+      author; writer 
plu grafo-ra 1   stationery 
grafo-ru 1++G    pen; pencil 
graft            graft 
grakulus         jackdaw 
grala            stilt 
gram             gram 
gram-ami 1+      pen-friend; pen pal 
grama 1++G       letter (mail); missive 
plu grama 1      correspondence 
grama bileta 1+  stamp (postage); postage stamp 
grama-teka 1G    letter-box 
grama-ve 1++     envelope 
gramatika 1++G   grammar 
gramini (prefer gra) 1  grass; lawn; turf 
grana 1++        grain; corn; seed 
granari          granary 
granata          pomegranate 
grandi 1++       grand; magnificent; noble; stately 
grandina         hail 
grandioso        grandiose; imposing 
granita 1+       granite 
granula          granule 
grasi            fat (grease); grease; fatty 
grasti (prefer gra) G  grass; fodder 
grata            scrape; scratch 
grati 1++        grateful 
gratia 1++       grace; thank; thanks 
gratia de 1      thank you for 
gratia-ple 1+    grateful; thankful 
gratia-ra 1+     reward 
gratioso +       graceful 
gratis 1+        gratis; for nothing; free (of charge); 
                   without payment 
gratula 1++      congratulate 
gravi 1++        grave (serious); heavy; serious; especially; important; 
                   considerable; impressive; massive; solid 
gravi mero 1*    features 
gravi persona 1  personage 
gravi pro 1++*   concern 
gravi-ma 1       matter 
gravi-soni 1     thud 
gravido          pregnant 
gravita 1+       gravity; seriousness 
Grecia           Greece 
grega 1++        group; herd; party (team); party (political); crew; 
                   flock; gang; swarm; team 
grega-volu 1     sociable 
grego (=grega) 1X  party (political) 
Greko            Greek 
gremi            bosom; lap (bosom) 
gresi 1++        walk 
gresi baci 1     walking stick 
gresi in aqa 1+  paddle; wade 
gresi lento 1    trudge 
gri              gray; grey 
grila            gril; grille; grating (n) 
grilus           cricket (animal) 
grimasa          grimace 
gripo G          curved; hooked 
grismo G         grumble 
grosi (=grosu) X  bulky; fat; greasy 
grosu 1          bulky; fat; greasy 
Grosula 1+       gooseberry 
grotesko         grotesque 
gru 1++          fit; adapt; agree; convenient; fitting; fitting (adj); 
                   install; mount; proper; property; relevant; set up; 
                   suit (v); suitable 
grumo            clot; lump 
gruni 1+         grunt 
grupa 1          batch; group 
grus             crane 
guano            guano 
guanta           glove 
guarda 1++       guard 
guarni           garnish 
guasta           spoil; waste (ravage) 
guera            war 
guerila          guerrilla 
guida            guide 
guisa            manner; way (manner) 
gule             gullet 
gulfa (=golfo) 1X  gulf; estuary 
guloso           greedy 
guma (=gumi) X   rubber 
guma (prefer palato)  palate 
gumi 1++         rubber; caoutchouc; gum; resin 
gumi-botina 1*   wellington 
gumi-buti (=gumi-botina) 1X  wellington 
guno G           fertile land 
gurgita          surge; boil; abyss; whirlpool 
gurgulio         gurgle; throat 
gurgustio        hovel; hut (poor's house); shanty 
gusta 1++        taste; taste (test) 
guta 1+          drop (n); drip; drop (v); dripping; leak (v) 
gutura           throat 


habe 1++         have (own); have the quality of; 
                   has (form of to have, own); has the quality of; 
                   've (short for have, own); own (possess); possess; 
                   property (possessions) 
habe epi se 1++  wear 
habe sati tem 1++  afford 
habe sati valuta 1++  afford 
habe-pe 1++      proprietor; owner 
habena           strap 
habili           fit; suitable 
habita 1         dwell; inhabit; live in; occupy; settle 
habitu 1++       habit; custom 
habitua          accustom 
habitudo (=habitu) X  custom 
habrinta G       fop 
habro G          attractive; pretty 
haca             chop 
hades G          hell 
hadrino G        mature; ripen 
hafe G           contact; touch (n) 
hagio 1+G        holy; sacred 
hagio-pe 1       saint (n) 
hagno G          pure; innocent 
halato           fragrance 
Halcion 1G       kingfisher 
hali 1G          salt 
halisi G         chain 
halucina         hallucination; mind wander 
halux            big toe 
hama (prefer ko(n)) G  together with 
hama (take fi-zo (loop) or nodi (node)) GX  loop; node; sling 
hama- (prefer ko-)  (prefix:) together; together (prefix) 
hamato (=hami) X  hooked 
hamaxa G         wagon 
hami             hooked 
hapalo G         gentle 
haplo 1G         simple 
hapto G          catch hold 
haptra G         wick 
hardi            be bold 
harengu 1+       herring 
haringa (=harengu) X  herring 
harmoni 1++G     harmony; agreement; have an agreement ; harmonize 
harnesa 1+       harness 
harpa 1+         harp 
harpon (=harpona) X  harpoon 
harpona          harpoon 
hasta            spear 
hausto           exhaust; suck out 
hazardo          hazard 
hebdoma G        seven; week 
hebe 1G          youth; breeding 
hebetato         weakened 
Hebreo           Hebrew 
Hedera 1+        ivy 
hedi G           nice; sweet 
hedo 1++G        fun (feeling); pleasure; gay (happy); glad; glee; 
                   good-humoured; happiness; happy; joy; like to; merry; 
                   pleasant; pleased; rejoice 
hedo itinera 1   excursion 
hedo nati-di 1+  happy birthday 
hedo-soni 1      purr 
hedra G          base; seat (n) 
hegemoni G       leading 
hekasto G        each; every 
hekisto G        least 
hektiko +G       habitual 
hekto +          hundred 
hekto anua +     century 
hektopedi        centipede 
Heleni           G        Greek 
Helenia G        Greece 
heli 1++G        sun; solar 
heli-foto 1      sunlight 
heli-radia 1     sunshine; sun-ray 
helika 1++G      helix; coil; propeller; spiral 
helika-baci 1+   bolt 
helikopter 1++   helicopter 
heliku 1++       helix; screw 
helio (=heli) 1GX  sun 
helio-di (take "di mo") X  Sunday 
helminti (=helminto, prefer vermi) 1GX  worm 
helminto (prefer vermi) G  worm 
helo G           marsh; meadow 
helota G         slave 
Helvetia         Switzerland 
helvo G          pale yellow 
hema 1++G        blood 
hema-sugo *      blood-sucker 
hema-tubi 1      blood vessel 
hemato G         blood red ; red 
hemato (=hema) GX  blood 
hemera 1G        day 
hemi (=semi) 1GX  half 
hemi- (=semi-) GX  (prefix:) half; half (prefix); hemi-; semi- 
Hemiptera 1+G    bedbug; bed-bug; bug (bedbug) 
hemo (=hema) 1GX  blood 
hepa 1+G         liver 
hepati (=hepa) GX  liver 
hepta G          seven 
herba 1++        herb; grass; plant (n) 
herboriza        gather herbs 
heredi 1+        heir; inherit 
heredi-pe 1      heir 
heresi           heresy 
herko G          barrier; wall 
herma G          prop; stay 
hermoso (Spanish)  beautiful 
hernia G         rupture 
hero 1++G        hero 
herpe G          creep; glide 
herpeto G        reptile 
hesi 1++         adhesive; stick (join); sticky; adhere; cling; 
                   glue (v) 
hesiko G         quiet; still (quiet) 
hesita 1+        hesitate; doubt; sticky 
hesmo G          flock; swarm 
hespero G        evening; west 
hestia G         fireside; hearth 
hestiko G        agreeable 
hesto G          glad 
hetero 1++G      different; other; another; differ; difference; else; 
hetero-co 1+G    otherwise 
hetero-lo 1G     elsewhere 
heuresi G        detect; discover; discovery 
hexa G           six 
hexis G          condition (especially physical); state (condition) 
hialo 1G         glass 
hiao 1+G         yawn 
hiatu G          gap; abyss; opening 
hiberna 1+G      winter; wintry 
Hibernia         Ireland 
hibiskus G       mallow 
hibrida G        hybrid 
hidra-tubi 1G    hydrant 
hidrargiro G     mercury (Hg) 
hidro 1+G        water (n); liquid; wet 
hiemi G          winter 
hiera 1G         priest 
hierarki 1+      hierarchy 
hierax G         hawk 
hieri (=hiera) 1GX  priest 
hiero G          sacred 
hieto 1G         rain 
hifa G           web 
hifen 1G         hyphen 
higie 1+G        health 
higro 1G         wet; moisture; wet (v) 
hikano G         able; fit 
hilario          cheer; cheerful 
hilo (prefer xilo (wood) or materia (matter)) 1G  matter; substance; 
                   wood (substance) 
hilu             trifle; scar 
himanto G        leather strap 
himen G          marriage 
himeno G         membrane 
himna (=himno) GX  hymn; song of praise 
himno G          hymn; song of praise 
hiper 1+G        above; over 
hiper- 1G        (prefix:) above; above (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) excessive; excessive (prefix) 
hipidio G        pony 
Hipo (=Equs) 1GX  horse 
hipo 1G          below; beneath; under 
hipo- 1G         (prefix:) below; below (prefix); (prefix:) under; 
                   under (prefix) 
Hipopotamus 1    hippopotamus 
hipotesi G       hypothesis 
hipso 1G         high; altitude 
hirax G          shrew 
hirkus (prefer kapri) G  goat 
hirpika G        harrow 
hirsuto          hairy 
hirudo           leech 
hirundo          swallow (bird) 
hisce            gape; open (v) 
Hispano          Spanish 
histera 1G       womb 
histeri (=histera) 1GX  womb 
histero G        after; later 
histo 1G         texture; tissue; weave; web 
histori 1++G     history; story; historical; narrative; report 
histrio G        acting 
histrix G        porcupine 
hobi 1+          hobby 
hodo G           journey; way (road) 
hoi-poloi G      the masses 
hoki 1           hockey 
holko G          furrow 
holo 1++G        whole; complete; absolute; completely; entire; quite; 
                   total; utter (whole); wholly 
un holo 1        on the whole ; generally 
holo aperi 1     wide open 
holo di 1        whole day 
holo grana 1     wholemeal 
holo munda 1+    world-wide 
holo tem 1++     ever (at all times); forever 
holo-tem         ever (at all times); forever 
homalo G         even; level 
Homarus 1+       lobster 
homeli G         companion 
homeo (=homo) GX  like (similar); rather like 
homi 1++         human; human race; man; mortal; mankind; person 
homi-vora 1      cannibal 
homikla (prefer nebu) G  fog; mist (fog) 
homilo G         crowd (n) 
homo 1++G        same; like (similar); alike; equal (nearly); likeness; 
                   rather like; resemble; similar; similarity; 
                   very like 
homo-co 1+       similarly 
honesti 1++      honest; honesty; sincere; upright (honest) 
honora 1++       honor; honour; honesty; respect 
honora-abili 1++  honorable; honourable 
honori (=honora) 1X  honor; honour; honesty; respect 
hopli (=hoplo) 1GX  armor; weapon 
hoplo 1G         armor; weapon 
hora (=horo) X   hour; o'clock; time ((clock) time) 
horario          timetable 
Hordea 1+        barley 
horibili 1++     horrible 
horido           bristling 
horizo 1++G      horizon; horizontal; across; boundary; lie (down); 
                   limit (n); lying down 
horizon (=horizo) GX  boundary; horizon; limit (n); lying down 
horizona (=horizo) 1GX  horizon 
horizonta (=horizo) 1GX  horizontal; lying down 
horizontali (=horizo) GX  horizontal; across 
hormo 1G         rouse; stir up; urge 
horo 1++         hour; o'clock; time ((clock) time) 
horo-me 1++      clock; watch 
horo-tabla 1++*  timetable 
horo-tabula (=horo-tabla) 1X  timetable 
horologi G       clock; watch 
horologi-me      clockwork 
horta            arouse; urge 
horti 1++        garden; park (n) 
horti-pe 1       gardner 
hosio (prefer sankti) G  holy 
hospi 1++        guest 
hospita 1++      entertain; hospitable; hospitality; lodge (v) 
hospitali        hospital 
hosta +          host 
hostili          hostile 
hoteli 1++       hotel 
humani +         humane; kind 
humerus          upper arm bone 
humidi 1++       humid; humidity; damp; dampness; moist; moisture; 
                   wet (v) 
humili 1+        humble; humility; lowly 
humori (=humoro) 1GX  humor 
humoro 1++G      humor; humour; disposition 
humus +          earth 
hurakan          hurricane 


iati G           heal; medicine 
iatri 1+G        doctor (medical); healer; heal 
id 1++           it; its 
id es 1+         it is; i.e. 
idaeus 1+G       raspberry 
idea 1++G        idea; thought; mental image; notion 
idem             same; the same 
idili            rustic poem 
idio 1++G        unique; private; especial; identity; individual; 
                   own (adj); of his/her/its own (particular); 
                   particular; peculiar; separate (adj); special 
idio dice 1+     accent 
idio sito 1+G    diet 
idio-ergo 1      task 
idio-stori 1++   version 
idioma G         strange language 
idioti 1G        idiot 
idmo G           expert (adj) 
idolatri G       idolize 
idoli 1+G        idol; image 
idolo (=idoli) GX  idol; image 
iglu 1           igloo 
ignaro           ignorant 
ignavo +         cowardly 
ignavo-pe +      coward 
igni 1           fire; ignite; kindle; light (make fire) 
ignora 1         ignore; not know 
igresi           enter; entrance 
ikneumo G        tracker 
ikno 1++G        track; footprint; Ichno-; track (v); trail 
ikono 1+         icon; idol; image 
ikti 1G          fish (n) 
il es 1          there is; there's; there are 
Ilex 1+          holly; holm-oak 
ili 1            mud 
iloto            dirty; unwashed 
ilumina          illuminate 
ilusio 1+        deception; illusion 
imagi 1++        image; picture (v) 
imagina 1++      imagine; fancy; grasp (can imagine); imaginary; 
                   imagination; picture; image 
imagine (=imagina) 1X  imagine 
imane            immanent; be within 
imbecili         weak-minded 
imboska          ambush 
imbracia         embrace 
imbri 1          shower (rain) 
imbrika 1+       overlap 
imbroli          entangle 
imbu             wet; inspire 
imedia 1++       immediate; as soon as; at once (immediately); 
                   immediately; instantly; straight away; right away 
imerge           dip; plunge 
imita 1+         imitate 
impa 1           imp 
impakti 1++      impact; blow (n); push; shock; stroke 
impare           odd; uneven 
impase           dead-end 
impatie          make impatient 
impedi 1+        impede; hinder; inhibit 
impera 1         emperor 
imperi 1++       command; imperial; rule (authority); empire 
imperio (=imperi) 1X  command; imperial; rule (authority); empire 
impetuoso        impetuous; impulse (emotional) 
impetus          impetus; impulse (physical) 
impinge          strike (hit); hit 
impiri (=imperi) X  command; imperial; rule (authority); empire 
implika          involve 
implora          implore; beseech 
importa 1+       import 
importa 1++      important; considerable; great; importance; 
                   be important 
importa mero (=gravi mero) 1X  features 
importa pro (=gravi pro) 1X  concern 
importuna        worry 
imposto          duty (tax); tax 
impregna         impregnate 
impresi 1        impress; impression 
impude 1++       cheeky; disgusting 
impulsi 1+       impulse (emotional); impulse (physical) 
imuni 1++        immune; safe; protected; protect; safety 
in 1++           in; in (local); indoors; inside of; into 
in loka de 1     vice- 
in mari 1+       overboard 
in qi 1          wherein 
in- 1+           (prefix:) in; in (prefix) 
in-fiska 1       excise (fiscal) 
in-ge-gono 1     dove-tailed 
in-kurva 1       concave 
in-lo 1          entry; access (entry); intake; threshold 
in-milita 1      revolt; mutiny; civil war 
in-pe 1          inhabitant 
in-ra 1++        contents 
in-tera 1+       bury 
in-valuta 1++    income 
in-via 1         entry; access (entry) 
inani            useless; vain 
inati            inborn 
incende 1        burn (v) 
incestu +        incestuous; lewd 
incipi           begin 
index (=indexi) X  index; pointer; sign 
indexi 1+        index; pointer; sign 
indi- (prefer intra-)  (prefix:) within; within (prefix) 
indigni          indignant; full of anger 
indika 1++       indicate; point to; hint; clue; designate; 
                   point (indicate); signal; trace 
indika-ra        cursor (computer) 
individu 1+      individual (n); individual (adj) 
individu-pe 1    individual (n) 
individua (=individu) 1X  individual (adj) 
indole           lazy 
induce           induce 
indulce 1        indulge; pamper 
indulge 1        favor; pleasure; give pleasure 
industri 1++     industry; industrial 
industria (=industri) X  industrial; industry 
inerti 1         inertia; inactive; off; quiescence 
inertia (=inerti) X  quiescence 
infanteri 1      infantry 
infanti 1++      child; infant; kid (child) 
plu infanti 1    children 
infanti-tem 1++  childhood 
inferi (=infra) X  below; beneath; inferior; under 
infernali        infernal 
infiniti 1       infinite; infinity 
infla 1          inflate; swell (v) 
inflexi 1        inflect 
influ 1++        influence; affect 
info 1++         inform; information; announce; data; message; reveal 
info-bileta 1++  label 
informa (=info) 1X  announce 
infra 1++        below; beneath; inferior; under 
infra geo 1      underground 
infra toga 1++   skirt 
infra tunika 1   skirt 
infra- 1+        (prefix:) below; below (prefix); (prefix:) under; 
                   under (prefix) 
infra-ka 1+      cellar 
infra-skeleto 1  undercarriage 
infra-tasa 1     saucer 
infuria          infuriate 
infusi           infuse 
ingenio          ingenious 
ingrana 1        put into gear 
ingratia se      ingratiate oneself 
inhibiti 1       inhibit 
inigma (=enigma) 1GX  problem 
initia           introduce 
injekti          inject; throw in 
injuri           injure; wrong (v) 
inkanta          enchant 
inklude 1++      include; enclose; lock up; shut in 
inklude-ra 1+*   enclosure (letter) 
inkognito        unknown 
inkola           resident (n) 
inkontra +       meet (by chance); meeting (by chance) 
inkoragi (=inkoragio) X  encourage; encouragement 
inkoragio +      encourage; encouragement 
inku 1           anvil 
inkubus          nightmare 
inmalia          enmesh 
inocenti +       innocence; innocent 
inoku 1          inoculate 
inokuo           innocuous 
inoskula         join by mouths; inosculate 
inqesta          inquiry 
inqire           inquire 
inscena          put on stage 
insekti 1++      insect 
inserti          insert 
insidio          insidious 
insigni 1++      flag; badge; emblem; ensign; banner 
insignia (=insigni) 1X  badge; emblem; ensign; banner; flag 
insinua          isinuate 
insipidi         tasteless 
insiste          urge 
inspekti         inspect 
inspira 1        inspire 
inspisa          inspisate; thicken 
insta            press (urge); urge 
instala          install 
instanta 1       instantaneous 
instinkti 1      instinct 
instru           instruct; instruction; lesson 
instrumenta (long form of ru) 1++  instrument; implement; tool; utensil; 
                   apparatus; tackle (n) 
insula 1+        island; insulate 
insulta          insult 
insura 1++       insurance; insure 
insura polisa 1  insurance policy 
insurge          rebel 
insuri           injure; wrong (v) 
integra 1+       integrate; complete; entire 
intelige 1++     intelligent; cunning; shrewd 
inteligenta 1    wit 
inter 1++        between; among 
inter tem (=inter-tem) 1X  interval 
inter-reti 1++   internet 
inter-reti eko-lo  website 
inter-tem 1      interval 
inter-vali 1     interval; distance 
intera (=in-tera) 1X  bury 
interese 1++     interest; interesting 
interesti (=interese) X  interest 
internatio 1++   international 
interpreta       interpret 
interupti 1      interrupt; interruption 
intestina 1++    intestine; bowels; gut 
intima           intimate; inmost 
intra 1++        inside; below; in (indoors); indoor; indoors; inland; 
                   interior; internal; intimate; inward; inwards; under; 
intra metri 1    as far as 
intra tubi 1     inner tube 
intra via 1      corridor 
intra- 1+        (prefix:) inside; inside (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) within; within (prefix) 
intra-duce 1++   introduce; introduction 
intra-lo         interior 
intra-tegu 1+    lining 
intra-ve 1++     shirt; underwear; vest 
intra-via 1      lobby 
intriga 1+       intrigue; plot (intrigue); plot (plan); plot together; 
intrika 1+       entangle; tangle 
intro-           (prefix:) inwards; inwards (prefix) 
introduce (=intra-duce) X  introduce; introduction 
intrude 1+       intrude; interfere; meddle; trespass 
intuiti 1        intuit; intuition 
inunda 1         deluge; flood 
invade           invade; rush into 
inventi 1++      invent 
investi 1++      invest 
investiga        investigate 
invidi (=invidio) 1X  envious; envy; jealous  jealousy 
invidio 1++      envious; envy; jealous; jealousy 
invita 1+        invitation; invite 
involve 1++      involve; wrap; wrap in; wrap up 
iodeo 1G         purple; violet 
iodina 1         iodine 
ioni G           ion; charged particle 
iota 1           jot 
ipse             same; self 
ipsi             same; self 
irene 1G         peace 
iride (=iridi) GX  iris; rainbow 
iridi 1+G        iris; rainbow 
irido (=iridi) GX  iris; rainbow 
iriga (=riga, prefer aqa) X  irrigate 
iris (prefer iridi) G  iris; rainbow 
irita            irritate; vex; make angry 
ironi G          irony 
isa 1            hiss 
iski 1G          hip; thigh 
iskio (=iski) 1GX  hip; thigh 
isko G           check (prevent); hold back 
ismo             principle 
iso 1++G         identical; exactly like; as (equal); equal 
iso ... de 1++   as ... as 
iso rubi de 1    as red as 
iso-tem 1++      contemporary (event); simultaneous 
iso-tem-pe       identical (person) 
isolato          isolated; separated 
Isoptera 1+      termite 
isti             specialist 
istmu 1+         isthmus; neck of land 
istmus (=istmu) XG  isthmus; neck of land 
itera 1++        again; insist; iterate; new (again); re; repeat; 
                   repetition; return 
iti 1++          go 
iti (prefer long form itinera) 1  itinerary; journey; travel 
iti per ... 1+   ride 
iti-pe 1         pilgrim 
itinera 1+       itinerary; journey; travel 


ja 1++           yes; agreed!; yeah 
jace 1+          lie down; lie (down) 
jaketa 1+        jacket 
jakula           cast; throw 
jam +            already 
janu 1++         door; doorway; entrance 
janua (=janu) X  door; doorway; entrance 
Januari (prefer meno mo) 1  January 
jardina          garden 
jaz 1            jazz 
jejuno +         fast (v) 
jekti 1          throw; launch; send 
jenta            breakfast (v) 
jeti 1           cast (throw); fling; jet; throw; toss 
jiga             jig 
jingla 1         jingle 
jinz 1           jeans 
jip 1            jeep 
joiel            jewel 
joki 1           jockey 
joko 1++         jest; joke; play a joke ; play (joke) 
joko-nima 1+     nickname 
jokula           juggle 
jovia 1          jolly; jovial 
joviali (=jovia) X  jovial 
ju- (short prefix form of juve) 1++  young 
ju-an 1++        boy; lad; youngster (male) 
ju-bovi 1        calf 
ju-dendro 1G     sapling 
ju-equs 1+       colt (foal); filly (foal); foal 
ju-fe 1++        girl; lass; miss (young woman); youngster (female) 
ju-feli 1        kitten 
ju-kani 1        puppy 
ju-kapra 1       kid (goat) 
ju-ovis 1+       lamb 
ju-pe skola 1    junior school 
ju-zoa 1         cub 
juba             mane 
jubila 1+        jubilation; joy-shout; be merry ; rejoice 
judici 1         trial (court) 
judika 1++       judge (v); criticize; decide; umpire; verdict 
judika anti 1    condemn 
judika-decide 1+  judgement; judgment 
judika-pe 1++    judge (person); magistrate; referee 
judika-ra 1++    justice 
juga 1           join (connection); junction; weld; yoke 
jugla-pe 1+      juggler 
Juglans 1        walnut 
Juli (prefer meno seti) 1  July 
jumper 1         jumper 
jungla 1++       jungle 
Juni (prefer meno sixa) 1  June 
junkti           joined 
junkus           rush (plant) 
jura 1++         oath; swear oath; swear (oath); take an oath; curse 
jurga            quarrel 
juri (=jura) 1X  oath; swear (oath); curse 
juri 1+          jury 
juri-lo 1        jury box 
jurnali 1++      journal; magazine; newspaper 
jurnalisti       journalist 
justi 1++        equitable; fair (equitable); fair (just); impartial; 
                   just; just (equitable); just (fair); justice; 
                   right (just) 
justifi 1        justify 
juve 1++         young; youth; youthful 
juve-fa 1        brood 
juve-hipo 1      colt (foal); filly (foal); foal 
juve-tem 1       youth; childhood 
juveni (=juve) 1X  young; youth 
juxta            next to; close to 
juxta-           (prefix:) close to; close to (prefix) 


ka 1++           because; as (because); for (because) 
-ka (short affix form of kamera) 1++  room; -room 
ka-co 1++        hence (therefore); so (therefore); therefore 
kabina           cabin (small room) 
kabineta 1       cabinet; adjoining room 
kabla            cable 
kadavero         cadaver; dead body 
kade 1++         fall; cascade; drop (fall); lie down; topple; 
                   trip (fall); tumble 
kade-gresi 1     totter 
kaduko           falling 
kaeno G          gape; gaping 
kaeta 1G         bristle; bristly 
kaeto (=kaeta) GX  bristle 
kafa 1++         coffee 
kafe 1++         café 
kafe (=kafa) 1X  coffee 
kaino G          new; recent 
kakafoni (=kako-fono) 1XG  cacophony; clatter; din; noise; tumult 
kakao 1+         cocoa 
kakexi G         bad health 
kakina 1G        loud laugh ; laugh; laughter 
kakisto G        worst 
kako 1++G        bad; evil; nasty; undesirable; very bad ; vicious; 
                   vile; wicked 
kako foni (=kako-fono) 1G  cacophony; clatter; din; noise; tumult 
kako sonia 1+    nightmare 
kako zelo (kako-zelo) 1X  envy 
kako- 1+G        (prefix:) bad; bad (prefix); (prefix:) very bad; 
                   very bad (prefix) 
kako-akti 1      vice (evil conduct) 
kako-eto G       bad habit 
kako-fono 1++G   cacophony; clatter; din; noise; tumult 
kako-grafo G     bad writing 
kako-munda 1     underworld 
kako-pe 1+G      devil; villain 
kako-zelo 1++    jealous; jealousy; envy; zeal 
kakofoni (=kako-fono) 1G  cacophony; clatter; din; noise; tumult 
kakofono (=kako-fono) 1G  cacophony; clatter; din; noise; tumult 
kaktus           cactus 
kakumini         extreme end 
kalamita         calamity 
kalamus          reed (plant) 
kalaza G         sleet 
kalca 1          shoe 
kalca-pe 1       shoemaker 
kalci 1          kick 
kalci (take glu) 1X  lime 
kalcina          calcine 
kaldiera         boiler 
kaleidoskope G   kaleidoscope; lovely visions ; 
                   look at lovely visions 
kalendari        calendar 
kali 1++G        beautiful; decorate; handsome; pretty 
kalia 1G         nest; bird's nest 
kaliba G         hut; steel; iron 
kalibra          calibrate 
kalici 1+G       calyx; cup 
kalido           hot; warm (temperature) 
kalima G         hood 
kalipti 1G       cover; hide 
kalipto (=kalipti) GX  cover; hide 
kalisto (prefer maxi kali) G  most beautiful 
kalka (=kalko, prefer kupra) 1GX  copper 
kalki 1++        heel 
kalkis G         parasitic wasp 
kalko 1G         copper 
kalku (=kalki) 1X  heel 
kalkula 1+       calculate; pebble 
kalma 1++G       calm; soothe 
kalo-tipa G      woodpecker 
kalori 1+        heat; hot 
kalta            marsh marigold 
kalu 1+          corn (hard skin); hard skin; callus 
kalumni          calumniate 
kaluna           heather 
kalus (=kalu) X  corn (hard skin); hard skin; callus 
kalva            bald 
kalvari          skull 
kamae (=kame) GX  on ground; ground (earth) 
kambio 1++       exchange 
kame G           on ground; ground (earth) 
Kamelus 1++      camel 
kamera 1++       room; accomodate; apartment; camera (apparatus); 
                   camera (room); chamber; hall 
kamera-fa 1++    apartment; flat (apartment) 
kamerada 1+      comrade; companion; fellow; mate (fellow) 
kameradi (=kamerada) X  comrade; fellow; mate (fellow) 
kamina +         fireplace; chimney 
kamiona 1        van 
kamisa +         chemise; shirt 
kampa G          caterpillar 
kampa (=kampu) 1X  camp 
kampani 1+       bell 
kampania 1+      campaign 
kampestri        about fields ; of fields 
kampilo (prefer kurva) 1G  bend (n); bend (v); curve (n) 
kampo (=kampu) 1X  camp; field 
kampto (prefer kurva) G  bend (n); curve (n) 
kampu 1++        camp; field 
kamuflage        camouflage 
kana 1+          cane (stick); reed; stick (cane) 
kanabino G       lean (thin); slender 
kanabis          hemp 
kanako G         clang; ring (sound) 
kanali 1++       canal; channel; ditch; drain; groove; gutter; furrow 
Kanari 1         canary 
kanava 1++       canvas (cloth) 
kancela 1++      cancel; grating (n); gril; grille; lattice 
kanceli (=kancela) X  cancel; lattice 
kancera 1++      cancer; crab; lattice 
kanceri (=kancera) X  cancer; crab; lattice 
kancero (=kancera) X  cancer; crab; lattice 
kande            shine white 
kandela 1++      candle; candle (sparking plug); 
                   sparking plug (candle) 
kandi 1++        glow 
kandi-cinera 1+*  embers 
kandida +        candid; shining; frank (adj) 
kandidato +      candidate 
kanesce          gray; grey; hoary; becoming gray 
Kangaru 1        kangaroo 
kani 1++         canine; dog 
kani grega 1     pack of hounds 
kani-do 1        kennel 
kanis (=kani) 1X  canine; dog 
kanoe 1+         canoe 
kanona 1++       cannon 
kanoni           rule (standard); standard 
kanoro           singing 
kanta 1++        cantata; sing; song 
kanta a Teo 1G   psalm 
plu kanta-pe 1   choir 
kantina          canteen 
kanto            eye-corner 
kanuto           ashy; hoary; gray; grey 
kaos G           chaos 
kapacio          capacious 
kapacita 1       capacity; capability 
kapela 1         chapel 
kapila 1++       hair 
kapila-pe 1      hairdresser; barber 
kapiro G         dry 
kapita           cape (garment) 
kapita (take kefa) 1X  head 
kapitala 1++     capital (city) 
kapitali 1++     capital (money) 
kapitalismo      capitalism 
kapitana 1++     captain; skipper 
kapitano (=kapitana) 1X  captain; skipper 
kapitula 1++     chapter; capitulate 
kapno 1G         smoke 
kapo 1++         cape (land) 
kapota 1+        bonnet; hood 
kapra (=kapri) 1X  goat 
kapri 1++        goat 
kaprimulgus      goat milker; goatherd; goat sucker 
kapsa (=kapsu) X  box; capsule; parcel 
kapsu 1++        capsule; parcel; box 
kapsula          box (small) 
kapti 1++        catch; capture; grasp; seize; seizure; snare 
kapti piski 1++  angle (v) 
kapti sito 1     bait 
kapti-me 1       trap 
kaptiva          captivate 
kara (=karo) X   dear 
karakteri 1++G   character; temperament; trait 
karamela 1+      caramel; toffee 
karavana 1       caravan 
karbo 1++        coal 
karbo ligni 1    charcoal 
karboni 1+       carbon (C) 
karce (=karcera) 1X  cage; imprison; incarcerate; jail; prison 
karcera 1++      prison; cage; imprison; incarcerate; jail 
karcera-pe 1+    prisoner 
karcino G        crab; cancer 
karcinoma        carcinoma; cancerous ulcer 
karda (=karta) X  card 
kardia 1++G      heart; core; hearty; warm (emotional) 
kardina 1++      hinge 
Kardueli 1+      linnet 
kardus           thistle 
Karduus (=kardus) X  thistle 
karesa 1++       caress; massage; stroke (caress); rub (caress); 
                   pet (caress) 
kareta 1++       cart 
karex            sedge 
kargo 1++        load; burden; cargo; charge; charge (load); duty; job; 
                   load (charge); pack (charge); task 
kargo vagona (=kargo-vagona) 1X  lorry; truck 
kargo-lo 1       wharf 
kargo-va (=kargo-vagona) 1X  lorry; truck 
kargo-vagona 1++  lorry; truck 
kari 1           curry 
karie            rot 
kariera +        career 
karikatura       caricature 
karilona         carillon 
karina 1+        boat keel; keel 
kario 1G         kernel; nut 
karis G          loveliness 
Karis 1          shrimp 
karisimo 1       darling 
karisma G        charisma 
karita 1+G       charity 
karito           high price 
karkaro G        jagged 
karni 1++        flesh; meat 
karni-lipo 1+    fat (suet); suet 
karni-liqi 1     gravy 
karni-pe 1       butcher 
karo 1++         dear 
karops G         glad-eyed 
karota           carrot 
karpe 1++        harvest; crop; pluck (harvest); reap 
u karpe 1++      crop 
karpento         carriage; coach (car) 
karpo G          fruit 
karpu 1++        wrist; carpus 
karpu-horo-me 1+  wrist watch 
karpu-zo 1+      bracelet 
karpus (=karpu) X  wrist 
karta 1++        card 
kartilago 1      cartilage; gristle 
kartilagino (=kartilago) X  gristle 
kartona 1++      cardboard; carton 
kasa 1           cash-box; cash-register; till (cash) 
kasa             cottage; house 
kasea 1++        cheese 
kaserna          barracks 
kaserola 1+      saucepan 
kasida           helmet 
kasikuli         net (small); web 
kaskada          cascade 
kasko            old 
kasma (=kasmo) GX  chasm 
kasmo 1+G        chasm; yawn 
kaso 1++         case (example, at court, condition, event); 
                   in the case of 
kastanea 1+      chestnut 
kastela 1++      castle; fort 
kastelum (=kastela) X  castle; fort 
kastiga          punish 
kasto            pure 
kastor (=kastora) X  beaver 
kastora 1+       beaver 
kastra           castrate 
kasuali          casual 
kata 1++G        down (adverb); downwards; sink; swoop 
kata- 1+G        (prefix:) downwards; downwards (prefix) 
katagma          flock of wool 
kataklismo G     flood 
katalepsi G      fit (seizure); seizure; seizure (medical) 
katalisi 1+G     catalysis; advantage; aid; help 
katalizi (=katalisi) 1X  advantage 
kataloga 1+G     catalogue; list 
katalogo (=kataloga) GX  catalogue 
kataplasma G     poultice 
katapulta 1G     catapult 
katar G          catarrh 
katarakta G      cataract 
katari 1G        clean (adj); clean (v); pure 
katastrofi G     catastrophe 
katedra (=katedrali) GX  cathedral 
katedrali 1+G    cathedral 
kategori G       category 
katekiza G       catechize 
katena 1++       chain 
katilo G         glutton 
katodo G         cathode 
katolika 1G      catholic 
katoptro G       mirror 
katus            cat 
kaucu 1          rubber 
kauda 1++        queue; tail (n) 
kauli 1++        stalk; stem 
kauli-flora 1    cauliflower 
kauma (better: piro-termo) G  burning heat 
kaupo            inn-keeper 
kausa 1++        because; because of; as (because); cause; owing (v); 
                   since (because) 
a kausa de 1     owing to; due to 
kausti (=busti, prefer piro) GX  burn (v) 
kautio           caution 
kavaleri 1+      cavalry 
kavalero 1       knight; cavalier (n) 
kavalo (=kavaleri) X  cavalry 
kavalo (prefer Equs)  horse 
kave             beware 
kaverna (=kaverno) 1X  cave; cavern 
kaverno 1++      cave; cavern 
kavila           jeer; scoff 
kavita 1++       cavity; abyss; empty; hollow; hollowness; pit; vacant 
kavito (=kavita) 1X  cavity; hollow; pit 
kavo (take kaverno or kavita) X  cave; hollow 
ke (original Glosa uses only semicolon) +*  that (conjunction) 
kefa 1++G        head 
kefa kosina 1    bolster; pillow 
kefa-kosina 1    bolster; pillow 
kefa-sema 1      nod 
kefa-ve 1++      cap (hat); hat; hat (cap); hood 
keilo (prefer labia) 1G  lip 
keiro 1          hand 
kela G           claw 
kelido G         swallow (bird) 
kelo G           tortoise 
kemi +G          chemistry; chemical 
kemiko (take kemi) X  chemical 
keno (take Anseri) GX  goose 
keno (take vaku) GX  empty 
kenta 1          spur 
kepo 1G          garden 
kera G           widow 
kerado G         detritus; silt 
kerami 1++G      ceramic; clay; earthenware; pottery 
kerati 1++G      horn 
kerko 1G         tail 
kero (=kerati) 1GX  horn 
kerosena 1G      kerosene; paraffin 
kerosina (=kerosena) 1GX  kerosene; paraffin 
kerso G          dry land 
kersonesi G      peninsula 
kespa            sod; turf 
kesura           break; pause 
ki 1++G          go; move; goes (form of to go); 
                   going (participle of to go) 
ki ab 1++        leave; abandon (go away); depart; desert (v); go away; 
                   quit; retire; retreat 
ki ana 1         ascend 
ki ante 1        precede; proceed 
ki ex 1++        emerge; go out; issue; leave 
ki in 1++        enter; get in; invade; penetrate 
ki kata 1++G     descend; sink 
ki ko 1+         accompany 
ki lento 1       lag 
ki poste 1       follow 
ki trans 1       cross (v) 
ki ultra 1+      exceed 
ki versi 1       retreat; return (go back) 
ki-ex (=ex-ki) 1X  leave 
kiano (=ciano) GX  blue 
kiasto G         crossed 
kiato G          cup; ladle 
kiberneta G      pilot 
kifo G           humped 
kigno (prefer cigni) G  swan; cygnet 
kik 1            kick 
kiklo G          circle 
kili 1G          roll 
kilindra 1+G     cylinder 
kilindra skana-me  drum scanner 
kilo 1++G        kilo; thousand 
kilo (=keilo, prefer labia for lip or margina for rim) GX  lip; rim 
kilogram +       kilogram 
kilograma (=kilogram) X  kilogram 
kilometra        kilometer; kilometre 
kilometri (=kilometra) X  kilometer; kilometre 
kilta 1          kilt 
kima 1G          wave 
kimato G         winter cold 
kimba (take kavita) G  hollow 
kimera G         chimera 
kimo             juice 
kimo G           wave 
kine 1++G        move; motion; move oneself; movement; whisk 
kine no-tekno 1+  stagger 
kinema 1++G      cinema; motion picture theater; movie theater 
kinesi G         motion; moving 
kinesi-pe 1      traffic warden 
kineti G         motion; moving 
kini G           dog 
kinika G         cynic; dog-like 
Kinosterno 1     turtle 
kio (=kiono, take nivi) GX  snow; snowy 
kio 1+G          pregnant; bulge; swell (v) 
kiono 1G         snow; snowy 
kiosk 1          kiosk 
kipseli G        ear wax 
kipselo G        beehive; box 
kipto G          stoop 
kiriako G        church 
kirio G          Lord; Master 
kiro (=keiro, prefer manu) GX  hand 
kironomi G       pantomime 
kirso G          varicose vein 
kirurgi +G       surgery; surgical 
kisti 1+G        bladder; blister; bubble; cyst 
kito 1+G         cell (living); cyte; living cell 
kiton G          tunic 
kitoplasma G     cytoplasm 
kla 1++          call (telephone) 
klado G          cutting (plant); sprout 
klage            scream 
klalidi          lame; limp 
klam             secretly 
klama            shout 
klambo           mutilate 
klamido G        cloak 
klamoro          noise 
klamoroso        loud; noisy 
klandestina      secretly 
klang            ringing (loud) 
klar-obskuro     clar-oskuro 
klari 1++        clear (distinct); clear (easy to see through); 
                   clear (evident); clear (bright); clear up; distinct; 
                   evident; explain; light (pale); obvious; pale 
klari rubi 1     light red 
klasc 1++        clash 
klasi 1++        class; classify; arrange; order (arrangement); rank 
klasma G         fragment 
klasteri G       pruning knife 
klasti 1G        smash; crush 
klasto (=klasti) 1GX  smash 
klatra G         lattice 
klaudi 1++       cripple; lame; limp 
klausto          mournful 
klaustro (prefer ge-klude) 1  closed; shut (closed) 
klaustro (take klude) 1X  close (v) 
klausuro (prefer inklude)  enclose 
klavi 1++        key (lock); lock (v); close (with key); key (keyboard); 
                   plug (electric) 
klavi in         key in 
klavi-me 1++     lock (n) 
klavi-taba 1+    keyboard 
klavi-verba 1    verb 
klavikula        collar; collar bone 
kleda G          enclosure (fences) 
kledo +G         dirt; muck; mud 
klei (prefer klu) 1G  inclusive 
kleido (prefer klavi) G  key 
kleisto (prefer inklude) G  enclose 
klema G          shoot (plant); twig 
klementi         clement; mild 
klepsidra G      water-clock 
klepto 1++G      steal; plunder; rob; thieve 
klepto-pe 1++    bandit; burglar; thief 
klerika G        priest 
klerika-pe 1     clergyman 
klero G          chance 
kleto G          called; invited 
kletro G         alder tree 
kli 1++G         bed; lie down; pass the night ; sleep 
kli tegu 1       quilt 
kli-te 1++       blanket 
klidona G        bracelet 
klidono G        wave 
klienti +        client 
klik             click; click (press key) 
klima 1+G        climate; weather 
klimax G         ladder; stairs 
klina 1++        incline; bend over; bow (bend over); inclined; 
                   lean (rest against); list (of ship); pending; slant; 
                   slope; tilt 
klina se 1+      stoop 
klinika 1+G      clinic 
klipeo G         shield (n) 
klise (=klisi) GX  wash 
klisi 1G         take a bath ; wash 
kloaka G         sewer 
kloe 1+G         lawn 
klogma G         cluck (hen) 
klomako G        heap; heap (of stones); pile 
kloniko          convulsive 
klono G          clone; twig 
klopa G          thief 
kloro 1++G       green; chloro-; verdant; verdure 
kloro-li 1       jade 
kloro-lo 1       oasis 
kloro-zo 1       green belt 
kloseta 1+       water-closet; WC; toilet 
kloto G          spin; twist 
klu 1++          even; even (including); even (still); including; 
                   inclusive; still (even) 
klu-co 1+        even so 
kluba 1++        club (society) 
klude 1++        close (v); fasten (v); shut (v) 
klude (take ge-klude) 1X  closed 
klude u fenestra  closa a window (also computer) 
klude-ra 1+      latch 
knema G          shin 
knida G          nettle 
knipo G          stinging; stingy 
ko (before consonants without h, else prefer kon) 1++  with; 
                   together with; with (=together with); 
                   meet (by appointment) 
ko- 1+           (prefix:) with; with (prefix) 
ko-co 1+         also 
ko-existe        co-exist 
ko-flu (or "flu ko(n)") 1+  confluence; conflux; flow together 
ko-habita        live together 
ko-hesio         cohesion; stick together 
ko-incide 1      coincide 
ko-labora 1+     collaborate; cooperate 
ko-lekti (=kolekti) 1X  collect; gather; pick (collect) 
ko-opera 1+      co-operate; work together 
ko-ordina 1+     co-ordinate 
ko-proletari     co-worker; colleague 
koagula          coagulate 
koalesce         coalesce; coalescence; grow together 
koaxa 1+G        croak 
koci 1           coach (car) 
kodi 1+          code 
kodoni (=kodono) 1GX  bell 
kodono 1G        bell 
koelo (take kavita) 1GX  hollow; empty; hollowness; vacant 
koeno 1G         common; in common 
koerce           coerce 
kogita 1+        think hard 
kogni 1          know 
kognati (=kognato) 1X  related 
kognato 1++      cognate; related 
kognoske +       know by sight; become acquainted with ; 
                   get to know ; realize (understand); detect; 
koincide         coincide 
koito (=koitus) 1X  connect; join; mate (v, animals) 
koitu (=koitus) 1X  connect; join 
koitus 1+        coition; coitus; connect; copulation; join; 
                   mate (v, animals) 
koketa           coquette 
kokix G          coccyx; cuckoo 
koklea 1+        snail 
koklear          spoon 
koko 1           coconut 
koku 1++G        berry 
kokus (=koku) X  berry 
kol              dwell; inhabit 
kola 1++G        neck; gorge; gullet; isthmus; throat 
kola-te 1        scarf 
kola-ve 1++      collar 
kola-zo 1+       necklace 
kolapse          collapse 
kolapsi (=kolapse) X  collapse 
kolapto G        chisel; strike 
kole 1+          bile 
kolea 1G         sheath 
kolegi 1+        college; institute (n); school 
kolegia (=kolegi) 1X  college; institute; school 
kolekti 1++      collect; gather; pick (collect) 
koleo (=kolea) GX  sheath 
Koleoptera 1+G   beetle; bug (beetle) 
koleri 1++G      anger; angry; annoyance; choleric; furious; indignant; 
                   irritable; rage; temper 
koleri anti 1G   resent 
koleri soni 1    snarl 
kolide 1         bump; collide 
kolimbo G        dive 
kolina           hill 
kolisio +        collision 
kolo 1           adhere; adhesive; stick (glue); glue 
kolobo G         clip; shorten 
kolofono G       summit; top (highest point) 
kolonelo 1       colonel 
koloni 1+        colony 
koloniza         colonize 
koloqi           converse 
kolora 1+        color; colour; tinge 
kolori (=kolora) X  color; colour; tinge 
koloro (=kolora) X  color; colour; tinge 
kolosa G         colossal 
kolpa 1+         blow (hit); hit; impact; strike (hit) 
Kolumba          dove; pigeon 
kolumbi (=Kolumba) X  dove; pigeon 
kolumna (=kolumni) X  column 
kolumni 1++      column; pole; post (pole) 
koma 1++G        clause; comma; piece (literary) 
komanda 1++      command; order (command) 
komando 1        commando 
komatu G         shaggy 
kombate          fight 
kombina 1++      combination; combine 
kombusti (=busti, prefer piro) X  burn (v) 
kome (=kapila) GX  hair 
kome (take viki) 1GX  village 
komedi 1+G       comedy 
komence 1+       commence; begin; beginning; start 
komenta +        comment 
komerci 1++      commercial; commerce; trade 
komercia (=komerci) X  commerce; trade 
kometa G         long hair 
kometa 1G        comet 
komforta 1+      comfort (convenience); comfortable; comfort (console) 
komika 1++G      comic; comical; funny; humorous; humourous 
komiko           humor; humour 
komisa           clerk 
komisio +        commission 
komiti 1++       committee; council 
komito G         bundle; sheath 
komo (take orna) GX  decoration 
komo tu? 1+      how are you? 
komo 1+          how ...?; ..., how 
komodi           comfortable 
kompakti         dense 
kompakti disko   compact disc 
kompani 1++      company 
kompanio 1       companion 
kompara 1++      compare; comparison 
kompari (=kompara) 1X  compare 
kompasa          do carefully 
kompasio 1+      compassion; feel compassion ; mercy; pity 
kompele (also kompulsi, prefer dina)  compel 
kompensa 1+      compensate 
kompeti 1++      compete; competition; contest; race (competition) 
komplanu         flush with 
komplementa      complement 
kompleti +       complete; thorough 
komplexi 1++     complex; complicated; elaborate 
kompli 1+        comply; accomplish; achieve; carry out; reach 
komplika 1+      complicate; complicated 
komplimenta      compliment (admiration); compliment (greetings) 
kompo G          boasting 
komposi 1++      compose; arrange 
komposi-pe 1     composer 
kompositi 1++    composite; composition; compound 
kompositio (=kompositi) X  composition 
komposito (=kompositi) X  composite; compound 
komprende 1      understand 
kompresi         compress 
kompromisi (=kompromise) 1X  compromise 
kompromise 1++   compromise 
kompso G         elegant; pretty 
kompulsi (also kompele, prefer dina)  compel 
kompunge         compunction; feel (v) remorse ; move to remorse 
komputa          compute 
komuni 1++       common; in common ; together; sharing 
komuni akorda    solidarity; solidary 
komuni akti      solidarity; solidary 
komuni dice 1+   slang 
komuni fide      solidarity; solidary 
komunika 1++     communicate; communication 
komunismo        communism 
komunita 1       community 
komuta           commute 
kon (before vowels and h, else prefer ko) 1++  with; together with; 
                   with (=together with); meet (by appointment) 
kon alelo 1      together; with each other 
kon ergo         solidarity; solidary 
kon- (if following letter consonant, else take ko-) 1  (prefix:) with; 
                   with (prefix) 
kon-akti 1       participate 
koncede +        concede 
koncentra +      concentrate 
koncerne +       concern 
koncerto 1++     concert 
koncesi 1        lease; rent (v) 
koncesio (=koncesi) 1X  lease; rent (n); rent (v) 
koncili 1+       council; assembly 
koncilia 1+      conciliate; recommend; advise 
koncino          put together beautifully 
kondemna +       condemn 
kondensa         condense 
kondeskende      condescend 
kondi            hide 
kondilo G        knob; knuckle 
kondimenta       spice 
konditio 1+      condition; on condition that ; situation 
kondole          condole 
kondro 1         cartilage 
konduce          conduct 
konekti (prefer nexu) 1  connect 
konfedera 1+     commonwealth; confederate 
konfekti         put together 
konfektura       jam (preserves); preserve (fruit, etc.) 
konfere          confer 
konfesi 1++      confess; admit; profess (declare belief) 
konfide          confide 
konfina          adjoin 
konfirma         confirm; confirmation 
konfiska         confiscate 
konflagra        set afire 
konflu (prefer ko-flu) 1  confluence; flow together 
konformi 1+      comform; adjust; comply 
konfronta        confront 
konfusi 1++      confuse; mix; muddle 
kongela          harden 
kongesti 1+      congest; jammed; traffic jam 
konglomera       conglomerate 
konglutina       conglutinate 
kongratula (prefer gratula)  congratulate 
kongrega         congregate 
kongresi         congress; assemble 
kongru (prefer gru) 1  fit; adapt; agree; suitable 
koni 1+          cone; funnel 
koni-stego 1G    spire; steeple 
konidio G        dust 
konifero 1+      conifer 
konio 1G         dust; dusty; powder 
konive           connive 
konjektura       guess 
konjuga +        join together; join (connection); put together 
konjugali        marriage 
konjunkti (=konjuga) X  join (connection) 
konjura          plot together 
konka 1G         shell (animal); snail 
konkatena        concatenate 
konkavi (=konkavo) 1X  concave; dent 
konkavo 1+       concave; dent 
konko (=konka) 1X  shell 
konsensus        consensus; general opinion 
konsenti         agree; consent 
konserva 1+      conservation; conserve; jam; pickle 
konsidera 1+     consider 
konsili 1++      advice; advise; counsel; recommend 
konsilia (=konsili) X  counsel 
konsiste 1+      consist; stand firm 
konski 1++       conscious 
konsola 1++      console (comfort); comfort (console) 
konsona (take harmoni) X  harmonize 
konsoni +*       consonant 
konsono (=konsoni) X  consonant 
konsortio        consortium 
konspikuo +      conspicuous; seen easily 
konspira         conspire 
konstanta 1      constant 
konstanto (=konstanta) X  constant 
konstata +       confirm; confirmation; establish as fact 
konsterna        dismay 
konstipa         constipate; press together 
konstitu 1+      constitute 
konstrikti       draw together 
konstru (take stru) X  construct 
konstrukti 1     construction 
konsueto         usual 
konsula          consul 
konsulta         consult 
konsume 1+       consume 
konta            recount; tell 
kontakt          contact 
kontamina        contaminate 
kontempla        contemplate 
kontende         struggle 
kontenta (=kontento) X  content; constituent 
kontento 1++     content; constituent 
kontesta         contest 
kontextu 1+      context; interweave 
konti            boat pole 
kontigu          adjoining 
kontinenta 1++   continent 
kontinge         touch 
kontinu 1+       continue; continuous 
kontinuo (=kontinu) X  continuous 
konto 1++        account; bank account 
kontorna         outline 
kontorti         contortion; twist 
kontra 1++       contrary; opposite; against; backside backwards 
kontra- 1+       (prefix:) opposite; opposite (prefix) 
kontra-akti      react; reaction 
kontra-co 1      contrary; conversely; whereas; while (whereas) 
kontra-dice 1+   contradict 
kontrabanda 1+   smuggle 
kontradice       contradict 
kontraface       counterfeit 
kontrakti +      contract (v); get smaller 
kontramanda      countermand 
kontrapunkti     counterpoint 
kontrari         oppose; thwart 
kontrari-pe      opponent 
kontrasigna      countersign 
kontrasti +      contrast 
kontraveni       contravene 
kontribu 1+      contribute 
kontrola 1+      control; govern; manage 
Kontrola klavi   Control key (computer) 
kontroverte +    controversial; dispute 
kontumacia       defy 
kontusi 1+       bruise 
konvalesce       get better ; convalesce 
konveni          convenient; suit (v) 
konventi         convent 
konverge         converge 
konversa 1++     conversation; converse; talk 
konverti         convert 
konvexi 1+       convex 
konvio           convoy 
konvivia         feast (v) 
konvoka          convocation; call together 
konvoluti 1      convolution; wind around 
konvolve (=konvoluti) X  wind around 
konvulsi         shake; spasm 
koopera (=ko-opera) X  co-operate; work together 
koordina (=ko-ordina) X  co-ordinate 
kopa (=kope) 1GX  oar; row (a boat) 
kopano G         pestle 
kope 1++G        oar; row (a boat) 
koperi           cover 
koperto          table things 
kopi 1++         copy; imitate 
face sekuri kopi   make backup (computer) 
sekuri kopi      backup (computer) 
kopi bi          backup (computer) 
face kopi bi     make backup (computer) 
kopido G         knife (kitchen) 
kopio 1G         fatigue 
kopireit         copyright 
kopro 1+G        dung; excrement; shit 
kopto G          cut; kill 
kopula 1++       couple; connect; join; link (connect(ion)); 
                   mate (v, animals) 
koragi 1++       brave; courage; courageous 
koragio (=koragi) X  brave; courage; courageous 
korako (=Korax, prefer korvo) X  crow; raven 
korali 1+        coral 
Koran 1          Koran 
Korax (prefer korvo) 1  crow; raven 
korba (=korbi) X  basket 
korbe (=korbi) X  basket 
korbi 1++        basket 
korda 1++        cord; rope; string; twine 
kordi (prefer kardia) 1  core; heart 
kordiali (prefer kardia)  hearty; warm (emotional) 
kordila G        swelling; club 
kore 1++G        dance 
korekti 1++      correct; proper; right (correct) 
korema (prefer (longi) brosa) G  broom 
koretra (=korema, prefer (longi) brosa) GX  broom 
koria            leather 
koribanti G      go crazy 
koridalis G      crested lark 
korido 1         corridor 
korifa G         head; top (highest point) 
korilus          hazel 
korimbo G        bunch of flowers 
korina 1++G      club (stick); bat (n); cudgel; mace; truncheon 
koris G          bedbug; bed-bug; bug (bedbug) 
koristo G        helmetted 
koriza 1++G      coryza; cold (illness) 
korka 1+         cork 
kormo            trunk (tree) 
kornea           cornea 
kornix (prefer korvo)  crow 
kornu 1+         horn (animal) 
koro 1G          space; place 
korobora         corroborate 
korode +         corrode 
korola           corolla; petals 
korona 1++       crown; corona; garland; wreath; wreathe 
korpu            body 
korpulenti       corpulent 
korpuskula       corpuscle 
korta 1++        court; courtyard; yard 
korta-decide     verdict 
kortesi          courteous 
kortex           tree bark 
korti G          heap; pile 
kortika 1+       cortex; bark (tree); rind; tree bark 
koruga 1+        corrugate; wrinkle 
korupti 1+       corrupt; spoil 
korus 1G         chorus 
koruska          flash 
korvo 1+         crow; raven 
korvus (=korvo) X  crow; raven 
kosa 1           thing; object 
kosimba (prefer margina) G  border; edge 
kosina 1+        cushion; pillow 
kosina (=kusina) 1X  cousin 
koskino          sieve 
kosmeti 1G       cosmetic; beautifying 
kosmetika (=kosmeti) GX  cosmetic; beautifying 
kosmetiko (=kosmeti) GX  cosmetic; beautifying 
kosmo 1+G        cosmos; ordered universe; universe; world 
kosmo-nauti 1    space man 
kosta 1++        coast (shore); rib; shore; side (shore) 
kotali G         pestle 
kotilo G         babble; twitter 
kotinus          olive (wild) 
koto G           hate 
kotona 1++       cotton 
kova             brood on eggs; hatching 
koveri 1         cover 
koxa 1+          hip; thigh 
Krabro 1+G       hornet 
krada G          branch; twig 
kradalo G        quivering 
krageta G        scream 
krak 1++         crack; crack (noise) 
kraktiko G       noisy 
krambe G         cabbage 
krampa 1+        clamp; clip; paper-clip; staple (join) 
kranao G         rocky; rugged 
krania 1+        cranium; skull 
kraniu (=krania) X  cranium; skull 
krapulo          drunk 
krasc 1++        crash 
krase            tomorrow 
krasi            fat (thick); thick (stout) 
kraspedo (prefer margina) G  border; hem 
krategus G       hawthorn 
kratera 1++G     basin; bowl; wash bowl ; vessel 
krati 1++G       be in force ; govern; government; manage; regime; 
                   rule (authority); steer 
krati in-valuta 1  revenue 
krati-fi 1++     rein 
krati-grega 1++  government 
krati-pe 1++G    minister 
plu krati-pe 1++  cabinet (ministers) 
kratii 1         wield 
krauga G         woodpecker 
kravata          cravat; neckwear; neck-tie; tie (neck-tie) 
krazo G          scream 
krea 1++         create; make; produce (make) 
krebro G         pressed together 
kredi 1++        belief; believe; confide; creed; entrust; rely; 
                   suspect; trust 
kredita (=kredito) X  credit 
kredito 1++      credit; lend 
kredito bileta 1  voucher 
krema 1++        cream 
kremasto 1G      hang 
kremata          cremate 
kremno 1++G      cliff 
krena 1+         notch; groove 
kreno G          spring (source) 
kreolo           creole 
krepi            sandal 
krepita 1        crackle; snap (crackle) 
krepno G         swift (quick) 
krepuskula 1     crepuscular; twilight 
kresce 1++       crescent; grow; growth; increase; rise (grow) 
krescenta (=kresce) X  crescent 
kresta 1+        crest; comb (of cock); ridge; summit; 
                   top (highest point) 
kreta 1+         chalk; creataceous; gypsum; plaster (gypsum) 
krevice          crevice 
kri (=krita) 1X  cry (scream) 
kri (prefer separa)  separate (v) 
kribri 1+        sieve; sift 
kribro (=kribri) X  sieve; sift 
kriket 1++       cricket (sport) 
kriko G          circle; ring (circular band) 
krimi 1++        crime 
krimi-pe 1+      criminal (n) 
krini            horsehair 
krinito          long-haired 
krinum G         lily 
krio 1+G         very cold ; freeze; ice (v) 
kripti 1++G      hide; conceal; cryptic; hidden; mask (v); mystery; 
                   secret; stealthy 
kripti-ra 1+     mask (n) 
kripto (=kripti) 1GX  hide; conceal; cryptic; hidden; mask (v); mystery; 
kripto-nima      password 
kripto-ra (=kripti-ra) 1X  mask (n) 
krisantemum      chrysanthemum 
krisi 1++G       crisis; critical (crisis) 
krisis (=krisi) 1GX  crisis; critical (crisis) 
kriso 1++G       gold; golden 
krispa           contract 
krispi           curling 
krista 1+G       frost; frosty 
kristali 1G      ice; glacial; icy 
Kristi Bibli (=Kristo-Bibli) 1X  the Bible 
Kristo-Bibli 1*  the Bible 
Kristo-nati 1    Christmas 
kristo-pe 1      Christian 
Kristo nati (=Kristo-nati) 1  Christmas 
krita 1+         cry out; cry (scream); scream; shriek 
kriterio         criterion 
kriti-pe (=kritici-pe) 1X  critic 
kritici 1++G     criticize; critical (criticizing); rebuke; review; 
kritici tristo 1  reproach 
kritici-pe 1+*   critic 
kritici-ra 1+    criticism 
kritika (=kritici) X  criticize 
kritiki (=kritici) X  criticize 
kritiki-ra (=kritici-ra) X  criticism 
krito 1          squeal 
krokala G        sea-shore; shore (sea) 
krokida G        wool fibres 
kroko 1+G        shingle 
kroko G          saffron yellow 
krokodilo (=krokodilus) GX  crocodile 
krokodilus 1+G   crocodile 
kroma 1++G       color; colour; dye; hue (colour); paint; tinge 
kromako G        heap of stones 
kron 1++G        time (instant); chron-; instant; moment; occasion; 
kropi G          scythe 
kroso G          fringe; tassel 
krotafo G        side of head 
krotalo 1+G      rattle 
krote G          beat 
kruci 1++        cross (n); cross (v); breed; crossing; crossroads; 
                   interbreed; intersect; traverse 
kruci verba 1    crossword 
kruci-lo 1+      ford 
krucibula        crucible 
krude (=krudi) 1X  tasteless; uncultured; uncouth; vulgar 
krudi 1++        raw; blunt (rude); rough; rude; tasteless; uncouth; 
                   uncultured; vulgar 
krueli 1+        cruel; grim; sadistic 
kruri            lower leg ; leg; shank; thigh 
krusi G          strike 
krusta 1+        crust; scab 
ktena (prefer pektina) 1G  comb 
ktesi G          property 
kton G           murder 
kuba             lie down 
kubi 1++G        cube; cubic 
kubikula         bedroom 
kubila           bed; couch 
kubita 1++       elbow; nudge 
kubito (=kubita) X  elbow 
kufo G           easy; light (not heavy) 
kuko 1++         cook; bake; stew 
kuko-ka 1++      kitchen 
kuko-me 1++      stove 
kuko-va 1        pan 
kuku (=kukulus) X  cuckoo 
kukulo           cap; hood 
kukulus          cuckoo 
kukurbi (=kukurbita) 1X  gourd; cucumber 
kukurbita        gourd 
kulex            mosquito 
kulina           kitchen 
kulina (=kuko) 1X  cook 
kulmi            stalk; stem 
kulpa 1          guilt; accuse; blame 
kultela 1+       knife; dagger 
kulti 1++        cultivate; care for; raise (agriculture); 
                   tend (care for); till (cultivate) 
kultiva (prefer kulti)  cultivate; till (cultivate) 
kultura 1+       culture; cultural; education (culture); 
                   taste (culture) 
kumbe 1++        lie down; lie (down) 
kumu 1++         heap; accumulate; amass; crowd (n); hoard; lump; mass; 
kuna             cradle 
kune 1++         wedge 
kunea (=kune) X  wedge 
kuni 1++         cuniculus; rabbit 
kupa 1++         barrel; tub 
kupidi           desire 
kupla 1          clutch (car) 
kupona 1         coupon 
kupra 1+         copper 
kupra-fi 1       copper wire 
kupra-stana 1    bronze 
kupra-zink       brass 
kupra-zinka 1++  brass 
kupresus         cypress 
kupu             cup (small) 
kura 1++         care; concern; accurate; administer; attend; 
                   attendance; attention; care for; careful; caution; 
                   mind (take care); regard (care); take care; 
                   tend (care for); tender; therapy; thorough; 
                   treat (therapy); ward (care); wary 
kura de 1+       beware 
kura kumu 1      stack 
kura pro 1       care for; bring up (care for); guard 
kura puta de 1++  consider 
kura-an 1        male nurse 
kura-fe 1        nurse 
kura-gina 1      matron 
kura-ka 1        hospital ward; nursery 
kura-pe 1++      nurse (male or female); warden; warder; watchman 
kura-zoa-pe 1    gamekeeper 
kuratora         curator 
kurero 1         mail; post (mail) 
kurikulu +       curriculum 
kurioso          curious; inquisitive 
kurkulio         weevil 
kursi 1          run 
kurta (=kurte) X  shorten 
kurte 1          short; shorten; brief 
kurva 1++        curve (n); curve (v); bend (n); bend (v) 
kusi             shake 
kusina 1+        cousin 
kuskuta          dodder 
kuspi 1+         point (sharp) 
kustodi          keeper 
kuti 1           skin 
kutikula         cuticle 


la 1++           there; over there 
labe G           handle (n); tool 
labesi           subsidence 
labi             forceps; tongs 
labi ridi 1      smile 
labi-toka 1      kiss 
labia 1++        lip 
labili           slipping 
labirinto G      labyrinth 
labora 1+        labor; labour; work (n); work (v) 
laboratori 1++   laboratory 
labori (=labora, prefer ergo) 1X  labor; labour; work (n); work (v) 
laboro (=labora, prefer ergo) 1X  labor; labour; work 
labro            greedy 
lacera 1+        lacerate; mangle (tear); rip; tear (to pieces) 
lacerta          lizard 
laci             charm; entice 
lacini           fringe 
laevo 1++        left (hand); left-hand 
laevo mus butona  left mouse button 
lafigmo G        greed; greedy 
lagino           flask 
laguna           lagoon 
lagus            hare 
lakano G         potherb 
lakesi G         destiny; lot (destiny) 
lakna G          woolly hair 
lakri (short form of lakrima) 1  tear (eye); cry (weep); weep (cry) 
lakrima 1++      tear (eye); cry (weep); weep (cry) 
lakti 1++        milk 
lakti-lo 1       dairy 
Laktuka 1+       lettuce 
laku 1++         lake; loch; pool 
lakuna 1++       lacuna; gap; abyss 
lakustri         growing in lakes 
lala             lullaby 
lali 1G          chatter 
lalia (=lali) GX  chatter 
lama +           bog; fen 
lambe            lick; wash 
lamela           plate (thin) 
lamenta 1        lament; moan 
lami 1           slice; plate; film; layer; laminate; pane; sheet 
lami-li (prefer lamina-li) 1  slate 
lamina 1++       slice; plate; film; layer; laminate; pane; sheet 
lamina-li 1      slate 
lamiro G         greedy 
lamium           dead-nettle 
lampa 1++G       lamp; glow; light (n); shine 
lampro G         brilliant (light) 
lana 1++         wool 
lana-te 1        woolen cloth ; wool blanket 
lana-ve 1        cardigan; jersey 
lance 1+         lance; spear 
lancina          tear (to pieces) 
landa 1++        land; country (land) 
landa habe-pe 1  squire 
languidi         weak 
lanterna 1+      lantern 
lanuga           soft down ; down (feather) 
lapa             burr 
lapara           flank; loin 
lapida 1         stone (v) 
lapilus          bead 
lapse 1          slide; slip (slide) 
lapso (=lapse) 1X  slide; slip (slide) 
lapsu            error 
laqe             noose; snare 
lardo            bacon; lard 
lares            household gods 
largi            generous 
laringi G        gullet 
larix            larch 
laro G           pheasant 
larva 1+         larva; caterpillar 
larva-fi 1++     silk 
las in 1         admit 
lascivi          lascivious; lustful; wanton 
lase 1++         let; allow; permit 
lase ki 1        let go; release; set free 
lasi             tired; weary 
lasu 1           lasso 
lat a latu 1     abreast 
late             lie hidden 
latera           side 
latex (=latici) GX  latex; gum; juice; liquid extract ; rubber 
lati 1++         wide; ample; breadth; broad; extensive; spacious; 
latici 1+G       latex; gum; juice; liquid extract ; rubber 
latinizi         latinize 
Latino 1         Latin 
latitudi +       latitude 
latri 1+G        worship; adore; praise 
latrina          latrine 
latu 1++         side; lateral; flank; swerve 
lauda 1++        praise; esteem; applaud; approval; approve; 
                   compliment (admiration); pay tribute to 
lauda-grafo 1    testimonial 
laura G          alley; lane 
Laurus 1+        bay tree; laurel 
lautu +          neat; tidy; washed 
lava 1++         wash; bath; take a bath ; bathe 
lava-ka 1        wash room; toilet 
lava-me 1        washing-machine 
Lavandula 1      lavender 
laxa 1++         lax; loose; release; slack; unfasten 
laxi (=laxa) 1X  lax; loose; slack 
lazaro G         corpse 
lega 1++         law; legal 
plu lega 1++     constitution 
lega akorda      solidarity; solidary 
lega cide 1++    execute 
lega promise 1   legal contract 
lega-do 1        court of law 
lega-face 1      legislation 
lega-face-pe 1   legislator 
lega-konsili-pe 1  legal adviser 
lega-korta 1     tribunal 
lega-pe 1+       lawyer; advocate (n); solicitor 
legenda          legend 
legi 1           law; right (n); standard 
legio 1          legion 
legislati        legislate; make laws 
leguma (=legumi) 1X  greens; pot-herb; vegetable 
legumi 1+        vegetable; bean; greens; legume; pea; pot-herb 
leio G           smooth 
lekita G         egg yolk; yolk 
leko G           bed; couch 
lekto 1++        read; reading 
lekto-pe 1       reader 
plu lekto-pe 1   readers; readership 
leni             gentle; mild 
lenti 1++        lens 
plu lenti 1++    glasses; spectacles 
lenti-pe 1       optician 
lentikula        freckle 
lentila 1        lentil 
lento 1++        slow; delay; slowly; tardy 
Leo 1+           lion 
leoni (=Leo) 1X  lion 
Leopardo 1       leopard 
lepas            limpet 
lepi (=lepido) 1GX  scale (body cover) 
lepido 1++G      scale (body cover); scale (lose or remove scales) 
Lepidoptera 1+G  butterfly 
lepro-pe 1       leper 
lepsi G          seizure (medical) 
lepto 1+G        slender; delicate; fine; slim; thin 
lepu (=Lepus) X  hare 
Lepus 1+         hare 
lero G           foolish 
lesio 1          lesion; injury; wound 
lesko G          gossip 
lesmo G          forgetful 
lesta G          robber 
letali G         lethal 
letargi          lethargy 
leuko 1++G       white; bleach; whiten 
leuro G          even; smooth 
leva 1++         lift; raise; hoist; shrug 
leva-me 1        jack 
leva-rota 1+     pulley 
leva-ru 1++      lever 
levatora         lever 
levia 1++        light (not heavy); fickle; light weight 
levita           levitate 
levo (=laevo) 1X  left (hand); left-hand 
lexi (prefer verba) 1G  word 
lexiko 1+G       lexicon; dictionary 
lexikon (=lexiko) X  lexicon; dictionary 
-li 1 (short affix form of lito)  stone 
liabili 1++      responsible 
libe 1++         free; set free ; freedom; absolve; independent; 
                   liberal; liberate; liberty; release; rid 
libe se 1++      escape 
libe tem (=libe-tem) 1X  vacation 
libe-di 1        holiday 
libe-tem 1++     holiday; leisure; spare time; vacation 
libela 1++       even (level); level 
libera           free (v); set free 
liberali 1++     liberal; generous; broadminded; kind (friendly); 
libido 1+        desire (violent); lust; appetite; wish 
libra 1++        balance; scales (weighing) 
libra (=libri) 1X  book 
librari          library 
libri 1          book 
lice 1++         be allowed ; admissible; lawful; legal; legitimate; 
                   licence; license 
lice papira 1    charter 
lice-cerka 1     search-warrant 
lice-papira 1    warrant 
licentia         licence; license 
licio G          web-thread 
liga 1++         ligature; tie; bind; attach; connect; join; 
                   knot together; tether; union; unite 
ligatura         book-binding 
ligna (=ligni) 1X  wood (substance) 
ligni 1++        wood (substance); timber 
ligni-bloka 1++  beam (wooden); log 
ligni-pe 1+      carpenter 
ligro G          baneful 
ligustru         privet 
liken G          lichen 
likiritia 1      liquorice 
likma G          winnowing fan 
likni G          lamplight 
likno G          greedy 
liko 1G          lick 
liko (=Lupus) X  wolf 
lilak            lilac 
Lilia 1+         lily 
lima 1           lime fruit 
limaci (=Limax) X  slug; snail 
Limax 1          slug (snail); snail 
limbi (prefer margina)  border; hem 
limfa 1          clear water 
limi (=limo) X   mud; slime 
limina 1+        threshold 
limita 1++       limit (n); limit (v); bound; rather (somewhat); 
                   boundary; confine; frontier; modify; qualify; 
limno 1G         lake; marsh; pool 
limo 1++         mud; slime 
limonada         lemonade 
limpidi          transparent 
line 1+          line; row; order (series); stripe; stroke (pen); 
lingua 1++       language; tongue 
linoleu 1        linoleum 
linqi 1++        leave behind; abandon (go away); abjure; forsake 
linqi ergo 1++   resign 
linteum          canvas 
linu (=Linum) 1X  linen; flax 
Linum 1+         linen; flax 
lipo 1++G        fat (fatty); fat (substance); fatty; fried; fry; 
                   grease; greasy 
lipro G          poor; wretched 
liqi 1++         liquid; fuse; juice; liquefy; liquify; melt; thaw 
liqi glu 1       gum 
liqifi           liquify; melt 
liqui (=liqi) 1X  juice 
lira             ridge of earth 
lirio            lily 
lisi 1++G        loosen; separate (v); analysis; isolate 
lisi (=liso, prefer glabro) GX  smooth 
lisi-ru 1        spanner 
lisimakia G      loosestrife 
liso G           crazy; mad 
liso (prefer glabro) 1G  smooth 
liso-line (prefer glabro-line)  streamline 
liso-ru (=frika-ru) X  file (tool) 
lista 1++G       list; catalogue; register (n); register (v); schedule 
litani G         litany 
litargo (but letargi - lethargy) GX  swift (quick) 
litera 1+        letter (abc); spell (abc) 
literari +       literary 
literatura 1++   literature 
litiga           quarrel 
lito 1++G        stone 
lito-lo 1G       quarry 
litora 1++       littoral; shore; beach; coast 
litra 1++        liter; litre 
lividi           livid; jealous 
livra 1++        deliver 
livre (=livra) 1X  deliver 
-lo (short affix form of loka) 1+  place (extended); area; 
                   location (extended); position; region; site; 
loba             lobe 
lobula           lobule 
lofi (prefer kresta) 1G  comb (of cock); crest; summit; 
                   top (highest point) 
lofo (=lofi, prefer kresta) 1GX  comb (of cock); crest; summit; 
                   top (highest point) 
loge             lodge (n); box 
logi 1++G        understand; understanding; grasp (understand); know; 
                   see (understand) 
logi ex 1        conclude from 
logi-pote 1      intelligence 
logika 1++G      logic; logical; reason (n); reason (v); reasonable 
logos G          logos 
loka 1++         place (extended); location (extended); area; deposit; 
                   local; position; region; site; situation; territory; 
                   put; install; lay; place (v) 
loka u papira in  load the paper (computer printer) 
loka versi 1+    restore 
lokali 1++       local 
loki (=loka) 1X  put 
lokio G          childbirth 
lokma G          bush; thicket 
loko (=loka) X   place (extended); location (extended); area; position; 
                   region; site; situation; territory 
lokotenenta 1    lieutenant 
Lokusta 1        locust 
loligo           cuttlefish 
loma (prefer margina) G  fringe (border); hem 
long (=longi) X  length; long (adj) 
long-eva         long-lived 
longi 1++        long (adj); along; length 
longi gresi 1    hike 
longi kapila 1+  mane 
longi kavita 1++  trench 
longi kumu 1     bank (long heap); long heap 
longi sito-va 1  trough 
longi-qadra      rectangle 
longi-tem 1      (for a) long (time) 
longitudi        longitude 
lonicera         honey-suckle 
lonka (prefer lance) G  lance; spear 
lopa             plate (flat) 
loqi 1++         speak; speech; talk 
lordo G          bent backward 
loru             strap; thong 
lose 1++         lose; squander; waste (use without good purpose) 
lose bio 1+      die 
lose brilia 1+   tarnish 
lose este 1++G   faint (v) 
lose foto 1+G    fade 
lose hemo 1++    bleed 
lose kroma 1+G   fade 
lose vista 1     disappear 
lose-pedi        stumble; trip (stumble) 
lotax            buffoon 
loxo             oblique 
lubri +          slippery 
lubrika 1+       lubricate; lubricant; lubrication; oil (v) 
luci 1++         clear (easy to see through); translucent; transparent 
luci-fugi        light-shunning 
lucifera (=lucifero) X  matchstick 
lucifero 1       matchstick; match (stick) 
ludi 1++         play (game); gamble; game; fun (play); sport 
ludi-ra 1        toy 
ludo (=ludi) X   play (game); game; fun (play) 
ludo-ra (=ludi-ra) 1X  toy 
lue 1            rent (v) 
lue (French, prefer lauda) 1X  praise 
lugubrio         mournful 
lukro            profit 
lukta 1++        fight; struggle; make an effort ; exert oneself; 
                   strive; wrestle 
lukto (=lukta) 1X  fight 
luku             sacred grove 
lukubra          work by lamp light 
luma             thorn 
lumba            loin 
lumbrikus        earthworm 
lumi 1++         light (n); illuminate; light (v); light up; luminous; 
lumi-ra 1+       torch 
luna 1++         moon; lunar 
luna lumi 1      moonlight 
luna-di          Monday 
lunatika         lunatic 
lunca            lunch 
lunula           base of finger-nail 
Lupus 1+         wolf 
luridi           ghastly 
lurko            glutton 
Luscinia 1       nightingale 
lustra 1++       lustre; polish (n); polish (v) 
lutea 1          yellow; brownish 
luteo (=lutea) X  yellow; brownish 
lutra            otter 
lutu             mire; mud 
luvi 1           take a bath 
luxa (=disloka) X  dislocate 
luxu 1+          luxury; luxurious 
luxuria          luxuriate 


M1 (abbreviation for "meno mo") 1  January 
M10 (abbreviation for "meno deka") 1  October 
M11 (abbreviation for "meno mo-mo") 1  November 
M12 (abbreviation for "meno mo-bi") 1  December; twelfth month 
M2 (abbreviation for "meno bi") 1  February 
M3 (abbreviation for "meno tri") 1  March 
M4 (abbreviation for "meno tetra") 1  April 
M5 (abbreviation for "meno penta") 1  May 
M6 (abbreviation for "meno sixa") 1  June 
M7 (abbreviation for "meno seti") 1  July 
M8 (abbreviation for "meno okto") 1  August 
M9 (abbreviation for "meno nona") 1  September 
ma 1++           more; -er (comparative marker) 
-ma (short affix form of materia) 1++  material; stuff; matter; 
ma boni 1        better (comparative of "good") 
ma boni (=ma-boni) 1X  adjust 
ma de 1          more than; over (more than) 
ma de sati 1     excess 
ma kako 1        worse 
ma longi 1+      extend; lengthen 
ma mali 1        worse 
ma mega 1        bigger; greater; larger 
ma mega (or ma-mega) 1  extend 
ma paleo 1       elder 
ma volu 1+       rather (more willingly) 
ma-amo 1++       prefer 
ma-boni 1++      adjust; better (n, something better); better (v); 
                   improve; improvement; revise 
ma-dina u sistema  upgrade the system 
ma-dista 1       further 
ma-forti 1       reinforce 
ma-ju 1          junior 
ma-mali 1++      aggravate; make worse ; worsen 
ma-mali (=ma mali) 1X  worse 
ma-mega 1++      enlarge; extend; grow; increase 
ma-tele 1        further 
ma ... de 1++    more ... than 
macela           butcher (v) 
macera           soak (soften); soften 
macia            gaunt; lean (thin); skinny; thin 
madido           sodden; moist 
maestro          master (artist) 
magazina 1+      magazine; shop (large) 
magika 1++G      magic; charm; enchant; magic spell 
magika-pe 1++    magician; wizard 
magika-verba 1   magic spell 
magma G          kneaded mass 
magneti 1++G     magnet; magnetic; magnetism 
magnetofono 1    tape-recorder 
magni 1          big; great; huge; large; much 
magnifi 1+       exhalt; extol; magnify 
magnifika 1      gorgeous 
magnitude        greatness 
magri            meager; meagre; become thin 
Mai (prefer meno penta) 1  May 
majo             May 
major 1++        bigger; greater; main; more 
majorita +       majority 
majuskula        capital letter; capital (letter) 
makabre          macabre; gruesome 
makadamiza       macadamize 
makario G        happy 
Makerelo 1       mackerel 
maki 1G          battle; fight; wrestle 
makina 1++G      machine; engine; machinery; motor 
makro (prefer longi) G  long (adj) 
Makropus         kangaroo 
makula 1++       mark; spot (mark, stain); stain; blot; blotch; smear 
mal acide (=mal-acide) 1X  accident; disaster 
mal- 1+          (prefix:) bad; bad (prefix) 
mal-acide 1++    accident; mishap; disaster; fail 
mal-aero 1       stuffy 
mal-fusi 1++     spill 
mal-odoro 1+     stink; stinking 
mal-uti 1+       abuse; persecute 
mala             cheekbone 
malada           ill; sick 
malako G         soft 
malaria 1        malaria 
male-vole        malevolent 
malea 1++        mallet; hammer (n) 
mali 1++         bad; amiss; coarse; horrid; ill; illness; infirm; 
                   infirmity; malady; nasty; naughty; offend; shabby; 
                   sick; vicious 
mali akti (prefer akti mali) 1  insult; offence; offend; offense 
mali dice (=mali-dice) 1X  curse; slander; swear (curse) 
mali fortuna 1++  bad luck ; misfortune; unfortunate; unfortunately 
mali gresi 1++   limp (v); reel (v) 
mali-dice 1++    curse; slander; swear (curse) 
mali-fortuna (=mali fortuna) 1X  unfortunate; unfortunately 
mali-kredi 1++   superstition 
mali-pe 1+       culprit; rascal; rogue; scoundrel; wretch 
mali-skribe 1    scribble 
mali-termo 1     swelter 
mali-uti 1       ill-treat 
malia            mesh (of net) 
malifice         evil act 
maligna          malignant 
malo G           more 
malu 1+          apple 
malva 1          mauve 
mama 1++         breast (female); nipple (breast) 
mamali           mammal 
mamuta 1         mammoth 
mana 1+          morning 
manda (prefer komanda)  command 
mandibula 1++    jaw; mandible 
manduka          eat 
mane 1           be left over ; stay 
manea (prefer manu)  handle (v); manage 
mangia           eat 
mangia-bo        restaurant 
mania 1+         crazy; frenzy; furious; madness 
manifesta 1      clear (evident); obvious 
manika           sleeve 
manipula         manipulate 
manko            be lacking 
mano 1+G         dilute; rare; rarefied; thin 
manovra          manoeuvre 
mansueta         tame; gentle 
mantela 1+       coat; mantle 
mantena          maintain 
manti G          divination; soothsayer 
manti-pe         soothsayer 
mantis           praying mantis 
manu 1++         hand; hand over; handle (v); manage; pass (hand over); 
manu skripta 1+  manuscript 
manu spata 1     trowel 
manu-pe 1++      administrator; manager 
manu-ra 1+       handle (n) 
manu-va 1++      bucket; pail 
manu-vagona 1    trolley 
manu-ve 1++      glove 
manubri          handle (n) 
manufaktu        manufacture 
manuskripti      manuscript 
mapa 1+          map; graph 
mapamunda (=munda-carta) X  map of the world 
marca +          march 
marce            wilt; wither 
marcido          weak; withered 
marea            tide 
margari 1++G     pearl 
margari-zo 1+    string of pearls 
margarina 1+     margarine 
margarita 1      daisy; marguerite 
margarita (=margari) GX  pearl 
margina 1++      margin; border; brim; curb; edge; fringe (border); 
                   hem (border); kerb; rim; verge (border) 
mari 1++         sea; marine 
mari viagia 1    cruise 
mari-laku 1+     lagoon 
mari-pe 1        sailor 
marisko          bog; marsh 
marita 1         marry; wed 
mariti           husband 
marka 1++        brand; mark; scratch; trace 
marketa 1++      market 
marmelada (=marmelade) X  jam; marmalade 
marmelade 1+     jam; marmalade 
marmora 1+G      marble (material) 
marona 1+        chestnut; maroon 
maroni (=marona) X  chestnut; maroon 
Mars             Mars 
Mars (prefer meno tri) 1  March 
mars-di          Tuesday 
marsu 1++G       pocket 
marsu kultela 1  penknife 
martela +        hammer (v); pound (v) 
martira 1+G      martyr 
martiro (=martira) GX  martyr 
masage (French) 1+  massage; fondle 
masakra          massacre 
masi 1+          heavy; amass; mass; massive; lump; heap 
maska            mask 
maskota          mascot 
maskulini        masculine 
mastigo G        whip 
mastika 1+       chew; masticate 
masto 1G         breast 
matema 1G        learn; learning; lesson 
matematika 1+G   math; mathematics; maths 
materi (=materia) 1X  material; matter; stuff; substance 
materia 1++      material; stuff; matter; substance 
materializa      materialize 
mati (=matema, prefer gene sko) GX  learn 
mati (=matematika) GX  maths 
matina 1++       morning 
matri 1++        mother; dam (mother); mum (mother) 
matri-matri 1+   grandmother (mother of mother) 
matri-patri 1+   grandfather (father of mother) 
matrikula        matriculate; register (v) 
matrix           matrix; embedding stuff 
matrona          woman (married) 
matura 1++       mature; ripe; ripen 
matura-pe 1++    adult 
maxi 1++         -est (superlative); most (superlative); maxi-; 
                   maximum; supreme; utmost 
maxi boni 1++    best 
maxi dista 1++   extreme 
maxi importa 1+  main; major 
maxi kako 1      worst 
maxi kali 1      most beautiful 
maxi neo 1       latest (newest); newest; up-to-date 
maxi paleo 1     eldest 
maxi tardi 1     latest (contrary to earliest) 
maxi tele 1++G   extreme 
maxila           maxilla; jaw 
-me (short affix form of mekani) 1++  mechanism; appliance; device; 
                   apparatus; machine 
mea              go; pass (move forward) 
meandro 1G       wander; wind along 
meato            passage (surgery) 
medali 1         medal 
medi (=medio) 1X  middle 
media 1+         media; mediate 
medicina         medicine 
medieva          middle ages 
medika 1++       medical; medicate; treat (therapy) 
medika-ma 1++    medicine; drug; lotion 
medika-ma-do 1   dispensary 
medika-pe 1++    doctor (medical) 
medio 1+         middle; average; amid; centre; medial; medium (middle); 
                   mid; moderate; mean (middle); normal 
medita           meditate 
mediu 1+         medium (spiritualism); medium (communication); 
                   medium (substance) 
medula           inmost part 
medusa G         jellyfish 
mega 1++G        big; abundant; great; hearty; huge; large; lot (n); 
                   lot (many); a lot of ; lump; magnify; many; 
                   mass (many); mega-; much; pile; plenty 
mega anemo 1     storm 
mega bari 1      massive 
mega denti 1     tusk 
mega ergo 1+G    toil 
mega fobo 1G     horror 
mega gra-landa 1  prairie 
mega gradu 1     stride 
mega grupa 1     regiment 
mega info-ra 1   poster 
mega kampanula 1  toll 
mega lauda 1     admire; eulogy 
mega litera 1    capital (letter); capital letter 
mega lito 1G     boulder 
mega preci (=mega-preci) 1X  expensive; costly; precious; valuable 
mega respekti 1  reverence 
mega spatula 1+  ladle 
mega teka 1G     bin 
mega turba 1     upheaval 
mega va 1        barrel 
mega valu 1++    valuable 
mega vendo 1     wholesale 
mega vora 1++    feast 
mega-do 1        mansion 
mega-kogita 1    thoughtful 
mega-preci 1++   expensive; costly; precious; valuable 
mei 1++G         less; lessen; decrease; diminish; dwindle; minor; 
                   reduce; wane 
mei ... de 1     less ... than 
meio (=mei) 1GX  less; lessen; reduce 
meiosi 1+G       diminish; reduce; shrink 
meka-pe (mekani-pe) 1X  mechanic 
mekani 1++G      mechanism; appliance; device; apparatus; machine; 
                   hardware (computer); mechanic; mechanical 
mekani-pe 1      mechanic; engineer 
mekino           lengthen 
meko G           poppy 
mela (=melano) GX  black 
melankoli 1G     melancholy; joyless; misery; sad; sadness; 
melano 1++G      black; dark 
Meleagri 1G      turkey 
Meles 1          badger 
meli 1+G         honey 
melia G          limb-condition 
meliko G         melodious; melody; tune 
meliora 1+       ameliorate; get better ; better (v); improve; 
melisa 1G        bee; bee (honey); honey-bee 
melito G         honey-sweet 
melo (=melosi, take mei) GX  dwindle 
melodi 1++G      melody; melodious; sing; song; tune 
meloni 1+        melon 
melosi (prefer mei) G  dwindle 
membra 1++       member 
membra-status 1+  membership 
membrano         membrane 
memo 1++         remember; memory; recollect; retrospect 
memo dice 1+     recite 
memo valu 1      notable 
memo-me          memory (computer) 
memo-ra 1+       monument 
mena             guide; lead 
menace 1++       menace; threat; threaten 
menda            defect; fault 
mendaci          mendacious; mendacity; lie (untruth) 
mendika          beg 
mene G           moon 
meninge G        brain membrane 
menio +G         betray 
meniske G        moon (crescent) 
meno 1++G        month; monthly 
meno 10 (speak "meno deka") 1  October 
meno 4 (speak "meno tetra") 1  April 
meno 6 (speak "meno sixa") 1  June 
meno 7 (speak "meno seti") 1  July 
meno 8 (speak "meno okto") 1  August 
meno bi 1+       February 
meno deka 1+     October 
meno hexa (=meno sixa) X  June 
meno mo 1+       January 
meno mo-bi 1+    December; twelfth month 
meno mo-mo 1+    November 
meno nona 1+     September 
meno ok (=meno okto) 1X  August 
meno okto 1+     August 
meno pen (=meno penta) 1X  May 
meno penta 1+    May 
meno septi (=meno seti) 1X  July 
meno seti 1+     July 
meno six (=meno sixa) 1X  June 
meno sixa 1+     June 
meno tet (=meno tetra) 1X  April 
meno tetra 1+    April 
meno tri 1+      March 
mensa 1++        counter (table); table (furniture) 
mense            menses; menstruation; month 
mensi (take meno) 1X  month; monthly 
mensura (prefer metri)  measure 
menta 1++        mind (n); mental 
Menta            mint 
menta-sani 1+    sane 
menti            lie (untruth) 
mentio           mention 
mentu +          chin 
menu 1+          bill of fare; menu 
meravilia        marvel 
merca (=merka) X  purchase 
merda            dung; excrement; shit 
meretrici        prostitute 
merge 1++        dive; immerse; plunge; sink (plunge); submerge 
meridie          noon; meridean 
meriko           ruminating animal 
merita (=merito) X  deserve; earn; merit 
merito 1++       deserve; earn; merit; worthy 
merka 1++        buy; bribe; buy (v); purchase; ransom (v) 
merka-lo         market; market-place 
merka-pe 1++     buyer; customer 
plu merka-ra 1++  goods 
merka-vendo-pe 1*  merchant 
merkato 1        market 
merko-vendo-pe (=merka-vendo-pe) X  merchant 
merkuri 1        mercury (Hg); quicksilver 
merkuri 1        mercury (messenger); messenger 
merkuri-di       Wednesday 
mero 1++G        part; bit; piece; abstract; department; district; 
                   quarter (district); ward (division); division (part); 
                   fragment; instalment; morsel; part (rôle); rôle; 
                   partial (partly); partly; portion; section; share; 
                   slice (n) 
mero agri 1      allotment 
mero butiri 1    pat of butter 
mero landa 1+    county; estate; province 
mero pani 1      some bread 
mero preci 1     deposit 
mero stori 1     serial 
mero-pe 1        member 
mero-te 1        rag (cloth) 
merula           blackbird 
mesage (French) 1  message 
mesati G         midmost 
meskino G        mean (paltry); paltry 
mesme            same; self 
meso 1++G        middle; amid; average; between; centre; centric; 
                   centrical; mean (middle); medial; medium (middle); 
                   mid; moderate; normal 
meso frigi 1++   cool 
meso noktu 1     midnight 
meso termo 1++   warm (temperature) 
meso-di 1+       midday; noon 
meso-di vora 1*  dine 
meso-foto 1      dim; twilight 
meso-me          hub 
meso-soma 1++    waist 
meso-vora 1+     lunch 
meso-zo 1        belt 
mesoro G         boundary stone 
mesto G          frilled 
mestra G         month 
meta G           alter; change 
meta- G          (prefix:) alter; alter (prefix); (prefix:) change; 
                   change (prefix) 
metabolismo G    metabolism 
metali 1++G      metal; metallic 
metali-fi 1+     wire 
metaxi G         between 
meteo 1++G       weather; climate 
meteori G        meteor 
meter (take matri for mother, uteri for womb) GX  mother; womb 
meti (prefer vini) G  wine; methy- 
metikulo         meticulous 
metodi 1+G       method; approach; manner; way (manner); way (method) 
metopo           forehead 
metra 1++        meter (metre); metre; metric 
metra-sistema    metric system 
metri 1++G       measure; dimension; gauge; mete (v); meter (v); 
                   size (measurements) 
plu metri 1+     size (measurements) 
metri-banda 1    tape-measure 
metri-co 1+      to that extent 
metri-me 1       gauge 
metri-ru 1+      meter (measuring device) 
metro (=metri) GX  measure 
metro (prefer matri for mother, uteri for womb) 1G  mother; womb 
metro-polis G    metropolis; mother city 
mi 1++           I; me; my 
mi auto 1++      myself 
mi auto bibli 1  my own book 
mi bibli 1       my book 
mi pa vide 1     I saw 
mi vide 1        I see 
miasma G         bad vapor 
migas G          promiscuous 
migma +G         mixture 
migra            migrate 
mika 1+G         chip; chip (electronic); crumb; mince; morsel; shatter; 
                   speck (crumb) 
miko 1+G         fungus; myco- 
mikro 1++G       little; tiny; minute (tiny); small; petty; trickle 
mikro-preci 1    cheap 
mikrofoni 1G     microphone 
mikrometra       millionth/metre; one millionth of a metre 
mikron (prefer mikrometra) G  millionth/metre; 
                   one millionth of a metre 
mikroskope 1++G  microscope 
mila 1+G         mill 
mile             thousand 
mili +           thousandth 
milieu (French)  environment 
miliko G         gentle; kind (friendly) 
milimetra        millimeter; millimetre 
miliona 1++      million 
miliona-pe 1     millionaire 
milita 1++       war; fight; battle; military; riot; strife 
milita navi 1    cruiser 
milita-do 1+     barracks 
milita-pe 1++    soldier; warrior 
miliu            millet 
mime (=mimi) 1GX  imitate 
mimi 1+G         copy; imitate; mimic 
mina 1+G         mine (coal etc.); undermine 
minerali 1+      mineral 
minge            urinate 
mini 1++         least; minimum; smallest 
mini-ra 1++      detail 
miniatura        miniature 
minimo +         at least 
ministra 1       ministry; useful; serve; serviceable 
ministra-pe 1    minister 
minorita +       minority 
minu 1           diminish; minor; decrease; junior; less; lessen; 
minus 1++        without; lack; -less; minus; missing (not there); 
minus fiska 1    tax-free 
minus kapila 1+  bald 
minus monito 1   without notice 
minus uti 1      useless 
minus zima 1*    without yeast 
minuskula        minuscule 
minuta 1++       minute (n) 
mio 1G           mouse (animal) 
mio (take muskula) 1GX  muscle 
Mios (=mio, prefer Mus) GX  mouse (animal) 
miosotis G       forget-me-not 
mira 1++         wonder; admiration; admire; amaze; amazement; astonish; 
                   astound; marvel; surprise 
mira-ple 1+      wonderful 
mira-ra 1++      miracle 
mirako G         girl 
mirakulo         miracle; miraculous 
miranda          wonderful 
miria            myriad; lots; many 
mirismo G        anointing 
miristika G      nutmeg 
mirmeko 1+G      ant 
miro G           ointment 
mirso G          basket 
mis-             (prefix:) badly; badly (prefix); (prefix:) wrongly; 
                   wrongly (prefix) 
mis-kron 1       mistimed; inopportune; inconvenient 
misa             mass (religious) 
misaro G         loathsome 
misce            blend; mix 
miseri           pity 
miserikordia     compassion 
misili 1+        missile; projectile; shrapnel 
misio 1+         mission 
miso 1++G        hate; hostile; aversion; detest; distaste; loathe; 
                   spite; venomous 
miso G           dirt 
miso ridi 1      sneer 
mistako G        moustache 
misteri 1++G     mystery; mystic; mysterious; problem; unexplained; 
misteria         mysterious 
mistici          hybrid; mongrel 
mistika 1+G      mystic 
mite 1++         send; envoy (v); ship (v); transmit 
mite longi 1     transmit 
miti             gentle; mild 
miti G           myth 
mitiga           mitigate; make milder 
mitilus G        mussel 
mito 1G          fiber; fibre; thread 
mitralia         machine gun 
mix e presa 1+   knead 
mixa 1++         mix; blend; mess; mingle; muddle; whisk 
mixa ova 1       scramble (egg) 
mixa vendo 1     jumble sale 
mixo G           mucus; myxo 
mizo G           suck 
mnemo 1G         remember 
mo 1++G          one; single 
mo (after noun) 1++G  first 
-mo (short affix form of mobili) 1+  furniture; piece of furniture 
mo bi ze (=mo-bi-ze) 1X  a hundred and twenty; 
                   a/one hundred and twenty ; one hundred and twenty 
mo kron 1++      once 
mo mo (=mo-mo) 1X  eleven 
mo nona (=mo-nona) 1X  nineteen 
mo nova 1        item 
mo pedi-ve 1     odd shoe 
mo sixa (=mo-sixa) 1X  sixteen 
mo-bi 1++        dozen; twelve 
mo-bi-ze 1       a hundred and twenty; a/one hundred and twenty ; 
                   one hundred and twenty 
mo-mo 1++        eleven 
mo-nona 1        nineteen 
mo-pen (prefer mo-penta) 1  fifteen 
mo-penta 1       fifteen 
mo-penta-ze 1    a hundred and fifty 
mo-ra 1          item 
mo-seti 1        seventeen 
mo-sixa 1        sixteen 
mobi 1           car 
mobila (=mobili) X  furnish; furniture; piece of furniture 
mobili 1++       furnish; furniture; piece of furniture 
mode 1++         mode; way (manner); way (method); fashion; approach; 
                   attitude; manner; method; style 
modela 1++       model; pattern 
modem            modem 
modera           moderate 
moderni 1        modern 
modesti 1+       modest; chaste 
modifi           modify 
modula           modulate 
mogi G           difficult 
moklo G          crowbar; lever 
mola 1+          grindstone; jetty 
mole 1           accumulate; heap; huddle; pile 
molekula 1+      molecule 
molesta          molest 
moli 1++         soft; bland; mushy 
moli kanta 1+    lullaby 
moli ridi 1      chuckle 
moli-intra 1     pith 
moli-ma 1        pulp 
molibdo G        lead (Pb) 
molina           mill (v) 
molobro G        greedy 
molpa G          song 
moluska          mollusc 
momenta 1        moment 
momento (=momenta) 1X  moment 
momi (=mumi) X   mommy 
momio            mummy (wrapped body) 
momo G           blame 
monaka (=monako) GX  monk; monastic 
monako 1+G       monk; monastic 
monako-do 1      monastery 
moneta 1++       coin; coined money 
monili           necklace 
monito 1++       advice; advise; admonish; warn; prevent (by advising) 
monito anti 1    dissuade 
monito de 1      warn of; warn against 
monito-me        monitor (device) 
monito-pe 1      monitor (person) 
monito-ra 1      monitor (device) 
mono (prefer short form mo) G  one; single 
monotono 1G      monotonous; boring; humdrum; tedious 
mono-mode        singular 
mono-ra          unit 
monstra 1++      show (v); display; exhibit; expose; produce (show); 
                   reveal; show (n) 
monstra se 1+    appear 
monstra u via a 1+  direct 
monsuna 1        monsoon 
monti 1++        mountain 
monti-latu 1     precipice 
monti-line 1++   range 
monti-via 1      mountain road; pass (mountain road) 
montikula        hill (small) 
monumenta        monument 
mora 1           delay; linger 
moral (=morali) 1X  chaste 
morali 1++       moral; chaste; ethical; ethics; morale 
morbi            disease 
morda 1++        bite; nibble; snap (bite) 
more 1++         custom; customs (ethical); habit; usual 
morfo 1+G        form; shape 
mori 1+          die; dying; expire; perish; wilt 
mormo G          bugbear 
moro (=moroni) GX  moron; stupid 
moroni 1G        moron; stupid 
Morsa kodi 1     Morse code 
morta 1++        dead; death; die 
morta agri 1+    cemetery 
morta ritu 1     funeral 
morta soma 1+    corpse 
morta-lo 1++     cemetery; churchyard; grave (tomb); tomb 
morta-pe 1+      dead man; dead woman; dead body; body (dead); corpse 
morta-va 1+      coffin 
morto-lo (=morta-lo) 1X  cemetery 
morus            mulberry 
moski            musk 
moskito 1+       gnat; mosquito 
motacila         wagtail 
moti 1++         move; put; go; lay; move something; place (v); shift; 
moti ab 1        move aside; remove 
moti-me 1        motor 
motiva 1+        motivate; motive 
motori 1++       motor; engine 
move 1           move; go 
movimenta (=movimento, prefer cirkulati or kine) X  movement; traffic 
movimento (prefer cirkulati or kine)  movement; traffic 
mu 1++           they; their; theirs; them; they (female); they (male) 
muce (=muci) X   be mouldy 
muci 1+          mucus; slime; mouldy; be mouldy ; silt; slimy 
mucido (=muci) X  mouldy; be mouldy 
mucilagino (=muci) X  slimy 
mugi 1+          bellow; howl; moan; roar 
mukro            point (sharp) 
muku (=muci) 1X  mucus; silt; slime 
mula (=muli) X   mule 
mulce            caress; stroke 
mulge            milk (v) 
muli             mule 
mulkta           fine (v) 
mulo (=muli) X   mule 
multi 1++        many; abundant; much; multiply; numerous; plenty 
multi cide (=multi-cide, prefer poli-cide) 1X  slaughter 
multi-cide (prefer poli-cide) 1  massacre; slaughter 
u multi-pe (prefer poli-pe) 1  multitude 
multipli 1+      multiply 
mumi             mummy (mother); mommy 
munda 1++        world 
munda-carta 1+*  map of the world 
munge            blow nose 
muni             fortify 
municipali       municipal 
mura 1++         wall 
muri (prefer Mus) 1X  mouse (animal) 
murmura (=murmuro) X  murmur 
murmuro 1+       grumble; mumble; murmur; mutter 
Mus 1++          mouse (animal); mouse (computer) 
mus butona       mouse button (computer) 
mus tape         mouse mat (computer) 
musea (=museu) GX  museum 
museu +G         museum 
musi 1           whisper 
musika 1++G      music 
musika-pe 1+     musician 
musika-ru 1      music instrument 
muska 1          fly (insect) 
Muskata 1+       nutmeg 
muski 1+         moss (plant) 
musko (=muski) X  moss (plant) 
musku (=muski) X  moss (plant) 
muskula 1++      muscle 
muskulo (=muskula) X  muscle 
musta            wine (new) 
Mustela 1+       weasel 
muta 1++         change; affect; alter; inflect; transform; vary 
mute 1           mute; dumb 
mutila           mutilate 
mutua 1+         mutual; reciprocal 


na 1++           we; our; ours; us 
na domi 1        our house 
nagma G          heap; pile 
nakra            mother-of-pearl 
nano 1+G         dwarf; teeny; very small 
napo 1           valley 
napus            turnip 
nara 1++         narrate; tell; narrative; report 
nari 1+          nostril 
narko 1++G       narcotized; drunk; drunken 
nasa 1++         nose; flair; nasal; smell (v); sniff 
nasa-te 1++      handkerchief; hankie; hanky 
nasa-textili     handkerchief 
naske            be born 
nasma G          spring (source); stream (n) 
nasti            press (urge); urge 
nati 1++         birth 
nati-di 1++      birthday 
nati-lo 1        native country; one's country 
nati-pe 1        native 
natio 1++        nation; national; nationality 
natio-ismo       nationalism 
natrix G         water-snake 
natura 1++       nature; natural 
nau 1G           ship (n); boat 
nauplius G       crustacean larva 
nausea G         seasick 
nauti G          seaman 
navi 1++         ship (n); boat; barge; vessel (ship) 
navi frakti 1++  wreck 
navi-fa 1+       fleet 
u navi-fa 1++    navy 
navi-funda 1     keel 
navi-kli 1       berth 
navi-lo 1+       dock; quay 
navi-milita      navy 
navi-nexu        port 
navi-pali 1      mast 
naviga 1+        navigate 
ne 1++           not; omit 
ne ... 1         miss (do not) 
ne a nu (=ne a-nu) 1X  not yet 
ne a-nu 1        not yet 
ne akti 1++      refrain 
ne cepti 1       reject 
ne ci 1          absenti 
ne foto 1++      dull (not clear/bright) 
ne holo 1        partial (partly); partly 
ne importa 1++   never mind 
ne la 1          absenti 
ne lase 1+       prohibit 
ne ma de 1       mere 
ne mo 1          neither 
ne pa 1          didn't 
ne pote 1        cannot 
ne pote dice 1   mute; dumb 
ne ridi 1        serious 
ne ski 1         ignore 
ne ski perilo 1  reckless 
ne veri? 1+      isn't it? 
ne- 1+           (prefix:) not; not (prefix); dis- 
ne-ami 1         acquaintance 
ne-bate 1+       miss (failure to hit) 
ne-noce (prefer inocenti)  innocent 
ne-ski 1++       ignorant 
nebu 1++         fog; haze; mist (fog) 
nebula (prefer nebu) 1  fog; mist (fog) 
nece 1++         necessary; have to; must; duty; essential; necessity; 
                   need; urgent 
mi nece ki 1     I must go 
nece-fa 1++      equipment 
plu nece-ra 1    necessities 
nedimo G         delightful 
nefo 1++G        cloud; nepho- 
nefro 1+G        kidney; nephro- 
nega 1++         deny; abstain; answer negatively; behave negatively; 
                   decline; negative (v); refuse; turn down 
negativi 1+      negative 
neglige          neglect 
negoti 1++       business; negotiate; deal (business); do business ; 
                   negotiation; negotiations 
negotia (=negoti) 1X  business; negotiate; deal (business); 
                   do business ; negotiation; negotiations 
neka 1++         drown 
nekro 1G         death 
nektari G        nectar 
nekto 1++G       swim (active); swimming 
nekto-ve 1G      swimsuit 
neleo G          pitiless 
nelipo G         barefoot 
nema (prefer fi) 1G  thread; fiber; fibre 
nemato (=nema, prefer fi) GX  thread 
nemertes G       certain; sure 
Nemesis G        Nemesis (goddess of retributive justice) 
nemo G           thread 
neo 1++G         new; fresh; novel (new) 
neo pe 1         recruit 
plu neo-ra 1     novelty 
neon 1           neon 
nepoti           nephew (or niece); niece (or nephew) 
nereidi G        sea-maid 
nervo 1++        nerve 
nervosi (=nervoso) 1X  nervous; anxious 
nervoso 1++      nervous; anxious; eager; jittery; timid 
nesia 1++G       island 
neskie           ignorant 
nesti G          fast (v) 
nestor G         wise counsellor 
net 1            neat 
neta 1G          duck 
neuro 1G         nerve 
neutra 1++       neutral; neuter 
neutro (=neutra) 1X  neutral; neuter 
neutron G        neutron 
nevus            birthmark 
nexi (=nexu) 1X  connect; attach; connection; connexion; 
                   interconnection; join (connection); junction; 
                   linkage; mating; merge; network; union; unite 
nexu 1++         connect; attach; connection; connexion; 
                   interconnection; join (connection); junction; 
                   linkage; mating; merge; network; nexus; tie; union; 
ni 1++           neither; nor 
ni ... ni 1++    neither ... nor; neither ...nor 
nic              niche 
nidi 1++         nest 
nido (=nidi) 1X  nest 
nidor            cooking smell 
nifa (prefer nivi)  snow 
nigra            black 
nigri (=nigra, prefer melano) X  black 
nigro 1          Negro 
nigro (=nigra, prefer melano) 1X  black 
nike G           victory 
nikel 1          nickel 
nikotini +       nicotine; tobacco 
nikti 1+         blink; wink; twinkle 
nikti (=nivi) 1X  snow 
nikti (=noktu) GX  night 
nikto (=noktu) 1X  night 
nilon (=niloni) X  nylon 
niloni 1++       nylon 
nima 1+G         name; appoint; title 
nima-bibli 1+    directory 
nima-bileta      label 
nima-verba 1     noun 
nimbu            rain cloud 
nimfa G          nymph; young woman 
nipto G          bathe; wash 
Nirvana          Nirvana 
nistagmo G       drowsy; sleepy 
niti             neat; bright 
nitrogen 1       nitrogen 
niva (=nivi) 1X  snow 
nive (prefer nikti)  wink 
nivi 1++         snow; snowy 
nixi G           prick (n); prick (v); stab 
no 1++           no 
no ge expecta (=no-ge-expekta) 1X  unexpected 
no ge ski (=no-ge-ski) 1X  unknown 
no! 1            no! 
no- (also non-) 1+  dis-; (opposite formed); un- (form opposite); 
                   (prefix:) opposite; opposite (prefix) 
no-bato 1        shallow 
no-bi-divide 1+  odd (not even); not even ; uneven (number) 
no-bi nume (take no-bi-divide) 1X  odd (not even); not even ; 
                   uneven (number) 
no-cede 1++      resolute 
no-civili 1      impertinent; rude; surly 
no-dama 1+       wild 
no-defekti 1     perfect; all right 
no-dice 1        dumb; mute 
no-dina 1++G     feeble; frail 
no-duce 1        secondary 
no-face 1++      demolish; destroy; havoc; undo 
no-facili 1++    difficult; obstacle; rude 
no-famo 1        insignificant 
no-fatiga 1      fresh (awake) 
no-felici 1      unhappy 
no-feno 1++*     disappear 
no-ferali 1      domesticated 
no-fertili 1     barren 
no-fini 1+       eternal; infinite 
no-flavoro 1     tasteless; insipid 
no-fobo 1+       bold 
no-forti 1++     faint 
no-forti foto 1  gleam 
no-foto 1+       dark; darkness; obscure; shadowy 
no-freqe 1       now and then; occasionally; scarce 
no-fresko 1      stale 
no-functio (=no-funktio) 1X  out of order; useless 
no-funktio 1++   out of order; useless; vain 
no-game gina 1   spinster 
no-game-an 1     bachelor 
no-ge-arma 1     unarmed 
no-ge-expekta 1  unexpected 
no-ge-frakti 1   unbroken 
no-ge-game 1     unmarried 
no-ge-ski 1+     unknown 
no-gluko 1       unpleasant 
no-gravi 1++     light (not heavy); petty; trifling; trivial; 
                   unimportant; whatever (no matter what) 
no-hedo 1        misery 
no-justi 1       unreasonable 
no-kali 1++      ugly; unsightly 
no-kargo 1++     discharge 
no-kine 1++G     motionless; not moving; stationary; 
                   still (not moving) 
no-klari 1+      obscure; vague 
no-klu-co 1+     apart from that 
no-kompara 1++   contrast 
no-komuni 1      uncommon 
no-Kristi (=no-Kristo) 1X  heathen 
no-Kristo 1*     heathen 
no-kritici 1     undiscriminating 
no-kura 1+       careless; indifferent; neglect 
no-lauda 1       disapproval; disapprove 
no-lega 1        illegal 
no-libe 1        dependent 
no-liberali 1    mean-minded 
no-luci 1+       blurred; opaque 
no-memo 1++      forget 
no-mira 1        ordinary 
no-muta 1        invariably; obstinate; steady 
no-narko 1+      sober 
no-neo 1         old 
no-noku 1        harmless 
no-norma 1       unorthodox 
no-pende 1       independent 
no-place 1+      displease; offend 
no-plika 1       unfold 
no-poli 1++      few 
no-posi 1        impossible 
no-pote 1        unable 
no-probabili 1   unlikely 
no-profito 1++   disadvantage; vain 
no-profunda 1++  shallow 
no-puri 1++      dirt; dirty; filthy; foul; shabby 
no-puri-do 1     hovel 
no-puri-ma 1+    dirt; litter (dirt) 
no-puta akti 1+  rash 
no-regula 1      irregular 
no-rekti 1+      crooked 
no-resista 1++   weak 
no-rugo 1        mild 
no-sani 1        unwell 
no-sati 1++      scanty 
no-semani 1++G   nonsense; senseless 
no-sistema 1     untidy 
no-skope 1G      unobservant 
no-sofi 1        unwise; foolish 
no-soni 1++      quiet; noiseless; silence; silent; soundless 
no-spe 1+        despair; desperate 
no-spende-pe 1   miser 
no-stimula 1++   dull (boring); boring (adj) 
no-sura 1++      uncertain; waver 
no-take 1        slow 
no-tegu 1        expose 
no-tekno 1++G    awkward; clumsy 
no-turba 1       calm 
no-valu 1+       despise; disgrace; valueless 
no-vari 1        invariably 
no-vesti 1       undress; strip (undress) 
no-vide 1++      blind 
no-vista 1       invisible 
no-volu 1        unwilling; disallow; reject; reluctant; repel 
nobili 1         noble 
noce (prefer noku)  damage; harm; hurt 
nodi 1++         knot; node 
noema G          understanding (n) 
nokti (=noktu) X  night 
noktu 1++        night; nocturnal 
noktu-papilio 1+  moth 
noku 1++         damage; harm; harmful; hurt; inflict; injure; mischief; 
                   noxious; spoil (damage); torment; wear out 
noku-zoa 1       vermin 
nola G           bell (small) 
nomadi G         nomadic; wandering 
nomi 1++G        law; -nomy (suffix law) ; right (n); rule (standard); 
nomina 1++       name; nominate 
nomina-verba 1+  noun 
non- (if following letter consonant, else take no-) 1+  dis-; 
                   (opposite formed); un- (form opposite); 
                   (prefix:) opposite; opposite (prefix) 
non-acide 1      non-existence; unreal 
non-akorda 1     objection 
non-aktivi 1     idle; inert 
non-akuto 1++    blunt (not sharp); dull (not sharp) 
non-aliena 1     familiar 
non-alti 1       low 
non-ami 1++      enemy; foe; hostile; ill-feeling 
non-amo 1++      disgust; mean (not nice) 
non-arki 1       unofficial 
non-atende 1     prompt 
non-audi 1++     deaf 
non-equ (=non-iso) 1X  unequal 
non-ergo 1       recreation 
non-etio 1       innocent 
non-hedo 1++     unhappy; grief; sad; sorrow 
non-homo 1       unlike 
non-iso 1+       unequal 
non-ofere 1+     withold 
non-ofero (=non-ofere) X  withold 
nona 1++G        nine 
nona-ze 1        ninety 
noo G            intellect; mind (n) 
nord 1++         north 
nordi (=nord) 1X  north 
nordo-me 1+      compass 
norma 1++        normal; standard; conventional 
nosfidi G        stealthy 
noske (prefer ski)  know 
noso G           disease 
nospira 1        snort 
nosto G          return home 
nota 1++         note; notice; bill; observe; record; remark 
nota bibli 1     notebook 
nota-ka 1        wallet (for money); pocket-book (wallet) 
noti (=nota) 1X  notice 
noti-taba 1      notice-board 
notice (=nota) 1X  notice; note; remark; observe 
noto 1G          back (n) 
noto G           spurious 
nova 1++         news; news-item; piece of news 
plu nova 1       tidings 
nova papira (=nova-papira) 1X  newspaper 
nova-papira 1++  newspaper 
novela 1         novel (story) 
noveli (=novela) X  novel (story) 
Novembra (prefer meno mo-mo) 1  November 
novembro (=Novembra, prefer meno mo-mo) X  November 
nu 1++           now; present (now); present (time); present time; 
nu nece akti 1   urgent 
nu-di 1++        today; modern; nowadays 
nu-fu 1++        just going to; just (time); presently (soon); soon 
nu-noktu 1++     tonight 
nu-pa 1          just (time); recent 
nu-tem 1+        present time; present (time); modern 
nuance           nuance 
nubi 1           cloud 
nubili           marriageable 
nuca             back of neck 
nuci             nut 
nudi 1++         nude; bare; naked 
nuki 1++         nut; kernel; nuclear; nucleus 
nuki energi 1+   nuclear energy 
nukle            nucleus 
nuklea (prefer nuki) 1  kernel; nucleus 
nul-ergo 1       unemployment 
nul-ergo-pe 1    unemployed person 
nuli 1++         null; nullify; nothing; abolish; abort; cancel; 
                   eliminate; naught; nil; no; repeal; zero 
nuli bibli 1     no books 
nuli kron (=nuli-kron) 1X  never 
nuli-kron 1++    never 
nuli-lo 1++      nowhere 
nuli-mo 1        none 
nuli-pe 1+       no one; nobody 
nuli-ra 1        nothing 
nuli-tem         never 
nume (=numera) 1X  count; number 
numera 1++       number; count; digit 
numera mo 1      first 
numera panto-pe 1++  altogether 
numera panto-ra 1++  altogether 
numi 1           coin 
nuna 1           nun 
nuna-do 1+       convent 
nunci 1+         announce; publish 
nupti 1          marriage ceremony; wedding 
nuptia (=nupti) X  wedding 
nuta 1+          nod; agree 
nutra (=neutra) 1X  neutral 
nutri 1+         feed (v); give to eat ; nourish 


o!               oh! 
ob-              (prefix:) in-the-way; in-the-way (prefix) 
obe 1++          obey; execute; obedience; obedient 
obesi 1          obese; fat (thick); thick 
obit             death; downfall 
objekti 1+       object; being (n) 
obliga 1         compel 
obliqi 1+        oblique 
oblivio          forget 
oblongi 1+       oblong 
obnubila         overcloud 
obrimo G         mighty; strong 
obsceni          obscene 
obseqio          obsequious; servile 
observa          observe 
observa-ra       observation 
obskuri 1        dark 
obsolesce        obsolescent 
obstakula        obstacle 
obstina 1++      obstinate; stubborn 
obstrukti        obstruct 
obtena           obtain 
obtunde (=obtusi, prefer non-akuto) X  blunt (not sharp) 
obtusi (prefer non-akuto)  blunt (not sharp); dull (not sharp) 
obvia            obviate 
obvio            obvious; conspicuous; clear (evident) 
oceani 1++G      ocean 
oceli            eye (little) 
ocide 1++        west; western; occidental 
ocidenta (prefer ocide)  west 
ociputa          back of head 
ode G            song 
odino G          childbirth pains 
odi (=odio) 1X   hate 
odio 1++         odious; hate; detest; disgust; distaste; hatred; 
odio-pe 1        pest (nasty person); nasty fellow 
odisi G          anger 
Odobenus 1       walrus 
odonto 1G        tooth 
odori (=odoro) X  odor; odour; smell 
odoro 1++        odor; odour; smell; aroma; scent 
oeno (prefer vini) G  wine 
oestro G         gad-fly; sex-heat 
ofendo           offence; offend; offense; offensive 
ofere 1++        offer 
ofere se 1++     be a candidate ; run (for office) 
ofero (=ofere) 1X  offer 
ofero se (=ofere se) X  be a candidate ; run (for office) 
ofi              snake 
ofice 1++        office; official (adj); clearance (customs) 
ofice-pe 1++     officer; official (n) 
ofici (=ofice) 1X  official (adj); office; clearance (customs) 
oficia (=ofice) X  office; official (adj) 
oficia-pe (=ofice-pe) X  officer; official (n) 
oficiali (=ofice) 1X  official (adj) 
ogro 1           ogre 
ok (short form of okto)  eight 
okasio 1++       occasion; chance; opportunity 
oklo 1G          crowd (n) 
okno G           hesitate; slow 
oko (=oku) GX    eye 
okrea            legging; sheath 
okto 1++         eight 
okto-ze 1        eighty 
Oktobra (prefer meno deka) 1  October 
oktobro (=Oktobra, prefer meno deka) X  October 
Oktopus 1G       octopus 
oku 1++          eye; notice (with eyes); optical; peep; 
                   perceive (with eyes); see (look) 
oku-sema 1       wink 
oku-tegu 1++     eyelid 
okuli (prefer oku)  eye 
okulta           hidden 
okupa +          occupy 
ola              jar; pot 
ole (=olea) 1X   lubrication; lubricant 
olea 1++G        oil; lubricant; lubrication; anoint 
olei (=olea) GX  oil 
olera            vegetables 
oleske (prefer kresce)  grow 
olface 1+        smell (v); flair; nose; sniff 
oligo 1++G       few; several 
oliva (=Olivi) X  olive 
Olivi 1+         olive 
oma G            eye 
oma G            tumor 
ombro G          rainstorm 
omfalo G         navel 
omite 1+         omit 
omiti (=omite) X  omit 
omni 1           all; every; apiece 
omnibus (prefer short form bus) 1  bus; omnibus 
omo G            raw; unripe 
onagro G         ass (wild) 
oneiro G         dream 
onero            burden; load 
oniko 1          hoof; claw; talon; nail 
onko G           tumor 
onomato (prefer nomina) G  name 
onto 1+G         be; being (n); exist 
opaci G          opaque 
opera 1          opera 
opera (prefer operatio) 1  operate; operation; handle; manage; 
                   manufacture; work 
operatio 1       operate; operation; handle; manage; manufacture; work 
operkula         cover; lid 
opida            town 
opini 1+         opinion; be of the opinion ; opine 
opinio (=opini) 1X  opinion 
opisto- G        (prefix:) behind; behind (prefix) 
opo 1            eye 
oportuni         suitable 
oportuni-tem     opportunity 
opositi +        opposite; opposition 
opresi 1++       oppress 
opsi             sight 
opsi- G          (prefix:) late; late (prefix) 
optalmo (prefer oku) G  eye 
opti             eye; vision 
opti 1           choose; elect; opt 
optimi           best 
optimisti 1      optimist 
opulento         rich 
opus             work (n) 
ora 1            mouth; oral 
orakula          oracle; prophecy 
orali 1          oral 
orama G          view 
orange (French)  orange (colour) 
orange (French) 1++  orange (fruit) 
oratora 1        orator 
orbi (=orbita) X  circle; world 
orbi-ra (take satelita) X  satellite 
orbis (=orbita) X  cycle 
orbita 1+        orbit; circle; cycle; world 
ordina 1++       order (arrangement); order (series); ordain (priest); 
                   grade (v); rank 
ordinari 1       ordinary 
orfana 1+G       orphan 
orfano (=orfana) GX  orphan 
organi 1++G      organ 
organismo 1++G   organism; being (n); organisation 
organiza 1+      organize; arrange 
orgasmo G        orgasm 
orgi G           orgy 
ori 1            rise (go up) 
orienta 1+G      east; orient; oriental 
orientati 1      attitude 
origi 1++G       origin; source 
origina (prefer origi)  origin; source 
orikto G         dug; quarried 
Oriza 1++G       rice 
oriza-agri 1     rice paddy 
orkestra 1++G    orchestra 
Orkidi 1+G       orchid; testicle 
orna 1++         ornament; decorate; decoration; adorn; fancy 
orna aku 1       brooch 
orna-li 1        jewel 
orna-ra 1+       jewelry 
orna-zo 1++      bangle 
orni 1G          bird; fowl 
oro 1            mount; mountain 
orto 1++G        upright; erect; straight; upright (direction); 
orto-lo 1G       cliff 
os 1+            mouth; face 
os (=osteo) 1X   bone 
osatura          skeleton 
osci (=oscila) X  swing; oscillate; see-saw; shake; sway; 
                   wag (oscillate) 
oscila 1++       oscillate; swing; see-saw; shake; sway; vibrate; 
                   wag (oscillate) 
oscili (=oscila) X  swing; oscillate; see-saw; sway; wag (oscillate) 
oski (=oscila) X  swing; oscillate; see-saw; sway; wag (oscillate) 
osku (prefer oskula) 1  kiss 
oskula 1++       kiss 
osme G           smell 
osmo G           push (n) 
ostenta          display 
osteo 1++G       bone 


Österreich       Austria 


ostraciza G      ostracize 
ostraka 1+G      shell (animal) 
ostrako (=ostraka) GX  shell (animal) 
Ostre 1+G        oyster 
ostre ostraka 1G  oyster shell 
ostrea (=Ostre) GX  oyster 
oti 1++G         ear; bug (v); spy 
oti-orna 1       earring 
otio 1           idle; be idle 
otrero G         nimble; quick 
ousia G          reality; substance 
ova 1++          egg 
ovali 1+         oval 
ovari            ovary 
ovi (=Ovis) 1X   sheep 
ovi lana (=ovis lana) 1X  fleece 
oviparo          egg-laying 
Ovis 1+          sheep; mutton 
ovis lana 1*     fleece 
ovis voci 1      bleat 
ovis-pe 1        shepherd 
oxi 1+G          acid; sharp (sour); sour 
oxidi 1++G       oxidize; corrode; rust 
oxigen (=oxigena) X  oxygen 
oxigena 1++      oxygen 
ozo (prefer odoro) G  smell 


pa 1++           -ed (past tense marker); did (past tense marker); 
                   had (tense marker); have (past tense marker); 
                   've (past tense marker); has (tense marker); 
                   last (previous); past 
pa(-) 1++        past 
pa akti 1        did 
pa audi 1        heard (preterit of to hear) 
pa bali 1        sent (preterit of to send) 
pa bibe 1        drank 
pa debi 1        ought to have; should have 
pa detekti 1     found (preterit of to find) 
pa dice 1        spoke (preterit of to speak); 
                   said (preterit of to say); 
                   told (preterit of to tell) 
pa dona 1        gave 
pa dromo 1       ran 
pa duce 1        led (preterit of to lead); 
                   drove (preterit of to drive) 
pa elekti 1      chose 
pa es 1          was; were; been 
pa este 1        felt (preterit of to feel) 
pa face 1        made (preterit of to make) 
pa fero ci 1     brought (preterit of to bring) 
pa frakti 1      broke (preterit of to break) 
pa gene 1        became; got 
pa grafo 1       wrote 
pa habe 1        had (preterit of to have, own); had the quality of 
pa kade 1        fell (preterit of to fall) 
pa kapti 1       caught 
pa ki 1          went; gone (past of to go) 
pa klepto 1      stole (preterit of to steal) 
pa kresce 1      grew 
pa meno 1        last month 
pa merka 1       bought (preterit of to buy) 
pa more 1        used to 
pa morta 1       died (preterit of to die) 
pa nece 1        had to 
pa paga 1        paid (preterit of to pay) 
pa pote 1++      could 
pa prende 1      took 
pa proto 1       began 
pa reakti 1      replied (preterit of to reply) 
pa sedi 1        sat (preterit of to sit) 
pa seiso 1       shook 
pa ski 1         knew 
pa spende 1      spent (preterit of to spend) 
pa sta 1         stood (past of to stand) 
pa stru 1        built (preterit of to build) 
pa tena 1        held (preterit of to hold); 
                   kept (preterit of to keep) 
pa tenta 1       tried (preterit of to try) 
pa trakto 1      drew 
pa unio 1        met (preterit of to meet) 
pa vendo 1       sold (preterit of to sell) 
pa veni 1        came 
pa-di 1++        yesterday 
pa-noktu 1       last night 
pa-tem 1         past 
pabo             wheel barrow 
pabulu           food 
paci 1++         peace; pacify; peaceful 
paedi 1G         child; infant 
paga 1++         pay; payment; wage 
paga paketa 1    pay packet 
pagina 1++       page 
pagio            firm; fixed 
pago             fixing (n) 
paisage (French)  landscape 
paka 1           bale; charge; pack (charge) 
paketa 1++       package; packet; parcel 
paki 1++G        thick (stout); fat (thick); coarse; stout (adj) 
paki-fi 1+       cable; cord 
paki-karni 1     steak 
palaso           sprinkle 
palati 1++       palace 
palato           palate; roof of mouth 
palea 1          bran; chaff; straw 
paleo 1++G       old; aged; ancient; palaeo 
paleo soldata 1+  old soldier; veteran 
paleo stori 1+G  legend 
pali 1++         palisade; pillar; pole; post (pole); stake (n) 
pali (take itera (again) or retro (backwards)) GX  again; back again; 
palia 1          cloak; overcoat; topcoat 
palida (=palidi) 1X  pale (in colour); pallid; wan 
palidi 1++       pale (in colour); pallid; wan 
palin- (take retro-) GX  (prefix:) back again; back again (prefix) 
palino G         scatter 
palio            mantle 
palma 1+         slap; palm (hand); palm (tree) 
palpa 1++        examine (by touch); touch 
palpebra         eyelid 
palpita          beat; throb 
paluda 1+        marsh; bog; moss (bog) 
paludi (=paluda) X  bog; marsh 
palumbu          wood pigeon 
pan (short form of panto) 1+G  all; both (if two); every 
pan tem (prefer panto-tem) 1  eternal 
pan-lo (prefer panto-lo)  everyplace; everywhere; widespread 
pan-tem (prefer panto-tem) 1+  always 
panacea G        all-heal 
Panda 1          panda 
Pandalus 1       prawn 
pande 1          spread; stretch 
panela 1+        (piece of) cloth ; panel 
pani 1++         bread; loaf 
pani-bo 1        baker's (shop); baker's shop 
pani-pe 1        baker 
panika 1G        panic 
Paniku 1+        millet 
panorama 1G      panorama; all-views; outlook; view 
pantalona        trousers 
Pantera 1        panther 
panto (or short form pan) 1++G  all; every; both (if two) 
panto faktu 1    particulars 
panto kron (prefer panto-kron) 1G  always; everytime 
panto-di 1       everyday 
panto-kron 1G    always; everytime 
panto-lo 1++     everyplace; everywhere; widespread 
panto-pe 1++G    everybody; everyone 
panto-ra 1++G    everything 
panto-tem 1++*   eternal; always 
pantomima 1+G    pantomime 
papa 1+          dad; papa; pope 
Papaver 1+       poppy 
papi             long seed hairs 
papila           nipple; teat 
papilio 1+       butterfly 
papira 1++G      paper; roll of paper; strip (paper); strap (paper) 
papira saka 1    paper-bag 
paprika          pepper 
papula           pimple 
para 1++G        beside; at side; by (beside); close to; next to 
u para 1++G      neighborhood; neighbourhood; vicinity 
para dice 1      by the way 
para- 1+G        (prefix:) beside; beside (prefix) 
para-do 1        next door 
para-mari via 1  promenade 
para-pe 1+       neighbor; neighbour 
parabola 1+G     allegory; parable 
parada 1++       parade 
paradisi (=paradiso) 1GX  heaven (paradise); paradise 
paradiso 1+G     heaven (paradise); paradise 
paradoxi G       paradox 
paragrafo 1G     paragraph 
parakade 1       parachute 
parakade soldata 1  paratrooper 
paraleli 1++G    parallel 
paralisi 1+G     paralyse; lame 
paranoia G       mad 
parasiti (=parasito) GX  parasite 
parasito 1+G     parasite 
parcela          package; packet; portion (small) 
parci            few; sparing; scanty; thrifty; penurious; frugal 
pardo 1++        pardon; forgive; excuse; absolve (from sin or guilt); 
pardona 1        forgive; pardon 
pare 1           give birth 
parenta 1++      parent; mother (or father); father (or mother) 
parenta-fratri 1++  uncle 
parenta-sorori 1++  aunt 
parentesi G      parenthesis; bracket (printing) 
pari             equal 
parieta 1        wall 
parka 1++        park (n); park (v) 
parka-puni 1     parking fine 
parla 1          speak 
parlamenta 1++   parliament 
parle (=parla) 1X  speak 
parodi           parody 
paroki 1G        parish 
parokia G        neighborhood; neighbourhood 
parokia-pe G     neighbor; neighbour 
parola G         word 
parotiditis 1    mumps 
paroxisma G      fit (epileptic); spasms 
parta            part; divide; partial (partly); partly; share 
parteno G        virgin 
parti 1          party (celebrate) 
participa 1++    participate 
participla +     participle 
partikula 1++    particle 
partikulari      detail (v) 
parturi          give birth 
Parus 1          tit 
parvi (prefer pusi)  little 
pasa 1+          pass (leave behind); passage; surpass 
pasa tem 1       pastime 
pasage (French)  passage 
pasala G         peg 
pasaporta 1++    passport 
paseri 1+        sparrow 
pasi G           for all 
pasio 1+         passion 
pasivi 1         passive 
paska 1+         Easter 
paskuo           pasture 
pasta 1++        dough; paste; pastry 
pastata 1+       pie; tart 
pastelo 1        crayon 
pasteuriza (French)  pasteurize 
Pastinaca 1      parsnip 
pastora 1+       parson; pastor; shepherd 
pastura          pasture 
patata           potato 
pate             lie (v) open 
patela 1++       knee-cap; pan 
patenta 1+       patent 
patina (prefer glisa (epi geli))  skate (on ice) 
pato 1++G        sick; ill; suffer; disease; illness; infirmity; 
                   invalid; malady; plague; septic; sickness; 
                   sufferance; suffering 
pato-do 1++      hospital 
u pato-pe 1++    patient (n) 
pato-vagona 1    ambulance 
patri 1++        father 
patrioti 1       patriot 
patrona          model; pattern 
patrus           uncle 
pauci (prefer oligo)  few 
paulu (prefer pusi)  little 
pauperi          poor 
pausa 1++G       pause; rest; stop 
pausi (=pausa) X  pause; rest 
pave             pave (v) 
pavi 1           paving-stone 
pavilio 1+       pavilion; pavillion 
pavimenta        pavement 
Pavnao 1         peacock 
paxili           peg; stake (small) 
pe (short form of persona) 1++  one (person); one's; person 
-pe (short affix form of persona) 1++  person 
pe-fiska 1       income tax 
pe-klepti 1++    kidnap 
pe-pikto 1       portrait 
peci 1+          piece; bit; part; patch; portion 
peci ergo 1      patchwork 
peci tera 1      terrain 
peda (=paedi, take infanti) GX  child 
pedali 1         pedal 
pedanti          pedant 
pedi 1++         foot (end of leg); kick; paw; tread 
pedi (=pedo, prefer baso) 1GX  soil 
plu pedi 1       feet 
pedi su kefa 1   somersault 
pedi-artri 1++   ankle 
pedi-bola 1++    football 
pedi-digi 1++    toe 
pedi-lo 1++      floor; ground; storey 
pedi-lo tegu 1+  rug 
pedi-marka 1+    footprint 
pedi-pe 1        pedestrian 
pedi-ra 1+       rung; stirrup; treadle 
pedi-te 1++      sock 
pedi-ve 1++      shoe; footwear 
pedi-ve-pe 1     cobbler 
pedi-via 1++     footpath; pavement 
pedikulu         louse 
pedio (=paedi, take infanti) 1GX  child; infant 
pedo 1G          ground; sod; soil 
pego G           fountain 
peira G          attempt; try 
pejora           worse 
peka 1+          sin 
pektina 1++      comb 
pektora 1        breast; bosom; chest (body part) 
pekula           steal; peculate 
pekuliari        peculiar 
pela 1           peel; skin 
pelagi (=pelago, prefer mari) GX  sea 
pelago 1G        sea 
pelargo G        geranium; stork 
peleka (=peleki) 1X  ax; axe; hatchet 
peleki 1+G       ax; axe; chopper; hatchet 
peli 1++         fur; fell (skin); skin 
pelika 1         hatchet 
peliko           basin; bowl 
pelma G          sole (foot) 
pelo G           clay; mud 
pelta G          small shield 
pelvi 1          pelvis; basin; vessel 
pemfigo G        bubble 
pemka G          pastry 
pen (short form of penta) 1  five 
pen-ze 1         fifty 
pena (=pina) X   pen; feather 
pencila 1++      pencil 
pende 1++        hang; hang up; dangle; sag; suspend 
pende ex 1++     depend 
pende kleido 1   padlock 
pende kli 1      hammock 
pende-te 1++     curtain; sling 
pendula          pendulum 
pene             almost 
penetra          penetrate 
penia            dearth; poverty 
penicili 1       brush 
penicilin 1      penicillin 
penikro G        needy; poor 
peninsula        peninsula 
penis 1          penis; tail; brush 
penite 1++       sorry; condolences; regret; repent 
pensi 1          think; cogitate 
pensio 1+        pension 
penta 1++G       five 
penta (after noun) 1++G  fifth 
penta-ze 1       fifty 
pentekosta 1     whitsun 
penuri           in need 
pepiro G         ripe 
pepo G           gourd; melon 
pepsi 1++G       digest (digestion); digestion 
per 1++          by means of; per; with (=by means of) 
per dina 1       by force 
per fortuna 1    by chance 
per qi 1         whereby 
per- 1           (prefix:) through; through (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) thorough; thorough (prefix) 
per-co 1+        in this way 
perca            perch 
percipe          perceive; perception 
perdi 1          lose 
Perdix 1         partridge 
peregrina        wander 
pereio G         transport 
pereni           perennial 
perfekti 1++     perfect; outstanding 
perfidi          false; perfidy 
perfora          perforate 
perfuma 1+       perfume; scent 
pergamenta       parchment 
pergula          booth; stall 
peri 1++G        around; ambient; siege; surround 
peri- 1+G        (prefix:) around; around (prefix) 
peri-braki 1+G   embrace; hug 
peri-ergo G      busy-body (v) 
peri-lo 1++      environment; neighbourhood; surroundings 
peridi G         envelope (outer) 
perilo 1+        peril; danger; dangerous; perilous 
perimetri G      perimeter 
perimetro (=perimetri) GX  perimeter 
periodi 1G       period 
periskope 1G     periscope 
periso G         odd number 
perjura          perjure 
perkno           dark-colored 
perkola          percolate 
perkusi 1        shake 
perla            pearl 
permane +        permanent; durable; endure; enduring; last (v) 
permea           permeate 
permito 1++      permit; admission; admit; admittance; allow; let; 
perna            harmed; misfortune 
perona G         fibula; pin 
perplexi 1       perplex; baffle; confound; confuse; dumfound 
persekuti 1      persecute; oppress 
persevere        persevere 
Persika 1        peach; peach tree 
persona 1++      person; personal; somebody 
perspekto        see through 
perspikuo        clear (evident); evident 
pertena 1        pertain; belong 
pertika          long pole 
pertine          belong to 
perto G          destroy; kill 
peruka 1         wig 
perula           bud-scale; pouch 
pervio           porous 
pesa             weigh 
pesanto          heavy 
pesimi           worst 
pesimisti 1      pessimist 
pesko G          hide; skin 
pesti 1++        pest 
petali 1+G       petal 
petalo (=petali) GX  petal 
petasma G        carpet; rug 
peti 1++G        fly (v); haste; hurry; rush; fall 
petiola          leaf stalk 
petita (prefer domi-zoa) 1  pet (animal) 
petitio 1++      petition; appeal; ask; beg; implore; invitation; 
                   invite; request; requisition; try to get 
petitio konsili 1+  consult 
petro 1++G       rock; stone 
petro-pe 1       mason 
petrole (=petroleum) 1X  petroleum 
petroleum 1+G    petroleum 
petrosili G      parsley 
petulanti        peevish 
pexi (prefer fixa) G  fix; solidify 
pextora          chest (body part) 
pi G             pi (Greek letter) 
piano 1++        piano 
pica             tar 
picea            spruce 
pidako G         fountain; spring (source) 
pieli G          socket 
pielo G          pelvis; trough 
piezo 1G         press (v); click (press key); tighten 
piga (=pigi) 1GX  buttock; buttocks; pygal 
piga-ve 1G       knickers 
pige             feel annoyed 
pigi 1G          buttock; buttocks; pygal; rump 
pigmenta         pigment; color; colour 
pigmi 1G         dwarf; teeny 
pigmo (prefer pugna) G  fist 
pigno            pledge; security (pledge); pawn (pledge) 
pigro            lazy 
pika 1           pierce; prick; sting; smart (sharp) 
Pika 1           magpie 
pikanti          piquant; stinging 
piknik 1+        picnic 
pikno G          dense 
pikro 1++G       bitter 
pikto 1++        picture; illustrate; image; paint; painting 
pikus            woodpecker 
pila             column; battery 
pile G           gate 
pileo G          cap 
pili (=kapila) X  hair 
pilo 1           ball 
pilo G           pylon 
pilu (=pilula) X  pill 
pilula           pill; tablet (medicament) 
pina 1++         pen; feather; plume 
pina (=puni) 1X  penalty 
pinca 1+         pinch 
pince            pinch 
pincela          paint brush 
pinceta 1+       tweezers 
pinea            pine cone 
pingui           fat (blubber); blubber 
pinguina         penguin 
pinito G         wise 
pintada          guinea fowl 
Pinus 1+         pine (tree) 
pio              gentle; tender 
pio G            pus 
pipa 1++         chirp; pipe; tube 
piperi 1++       pepper 
pipeta           pipette 
pipi 1           squeak 
pipto (prefer kade) G  fall 
pirami 1+G       pyramid 
piramidi (=pirami) GX  pyramid 
pirata 1++       pirate 
pireno G         seed (hard) 
pireto G         burning heat 
pirexi (=pirexia) GX  fever 
pirexia G        fever 
pirgo G          tower 
piro 1++G        fire; ablaze; alight; burn (v); combust; ignite; 
                   kindle; pyre 
piro minus flama 1*  smoulder 
piro-lo 1+G      hearth 
pirso G          beacon; torch 
piru (=Pirus) GX  pear; pear tree 
pirueta          pirouette 
Pirus 1+G        pear; pear tree 
pisci (=piski) X  fish (n); fish (v) 
piscina (=piskina) X  fish pond; swimming pool 
piski 1++        fish (n); fish (v) 
piski grega 1    shoal (fishes) 
piski-do 1       aquarium 
piski-pe 1       fisherman 
piskina +        fish pond; swimming pool; pool (pond) 
pista 1+         track (trail); track (race); scent (trail); trail 
pistila          pistil 
pistio G         faithful 
pisto G          learned 
pistola 1+       pistol 
pistona          piston 
pisu (=Pisum) X  pea 
Pisum 1+         pea 
pita 1           patter 
pitano G         persuasive 
piteka 1         ape; monkey 
pitekus (=piteka, prefer simia) GX  ape 
pitiri           bran 
piton 1G         python 
pixi G           box 
pixidi G         box (small) 
pla 1++          ledge; shelf 
place 1++        please; pleasure; give pleasure 
placia +         place (square); square (place) 
placidi +        quiet; still (quiet) 
plaga            plague 
plage 1+         beach 
plagia           plagiarize 
plagio G         oblique 
plago            strike; wound (v) 
plaka 1++G       cake; block; flat-iron; pad (n); slab; tablet (slab) 
plako (=plaka) GX  cake; slab; tablet (slab) 
plamkto (=plankto) GX  float 
plana 1+         glide; glider; hover; plane (glide) 
'plana-do 1      hangar 
planet (=planeta) 1GX  planet 
planeta 1++G     planet 
plange           complain; complaint 
plani (=plano, prefer plati) X  flat (plane); plane (flat) 
planka 1+        plank 
plankto 1++G     float; swim (float) 
plano 1+         flat (plane); plane (flat) 
plano (take skema) X  plan 
plano (take vaga) 1GX  wander 
planta 1++       plant (n); plant (v); vegetable 
planta (take solea) X  sole (foot) 
plantago         plantain 
plasma           plasma; can be shaped 
plasti 1+G       form; mold; mould; shape 
plasti-ma 1G     plastic 
plastici (=plastika) GX  plastic 
plastika 1++*G   plastic 
plastika-tegu    plastic case 
plastra G        plaster 
plata 1          squash 
plata-landa (=plati-lo) 1X  plain (n) 
plataforma 1++   platform 
platanus         plane tree 
platesa 1        plaice 
plati 1++G       flat (plane); wide; ample; broad; even (level); 
                   extensive; plane (flat) 
plati skana-me   flatbed scanner 
plati-landa 1*   plain (n) 
plati-lo 1+*     plain (n); flat land; flat (n) 
plati-taba 1     ironing board 
platika (=plastika) 1GX  plastic 
platinum         platinum (Pt) 
plato 1          plateau 
plato-lo (=plati-lo) 1X  plain (n); flat land; flat (n) 
plaude (=aplaude, prefer lauda) X  applaud 
plax G           plate; tablet (slab) 
ple 1++          fill; full; fully; hearty 
plebi            common people 
plegi G          stroke (hit) 
plei (=pleio) 1GX  more (number) 
pleio 1++G       more (number) 
pleisto 1++G     most (number) 
pleko G          twine (twist); twist 
plekto 1+G       braid 
plemna G         nave (of wheel) 
plero G          full 
plesio 1G        close (near); near 
pleto (=pletora) 1GX  crowd (n); abundance 
pletora G        crowd (n); abound; abundance; abundant 
pleura 1G        coast; lateral; rib; seashore; side; sidelong 
plexi 1          intertwine; intertwist; interweaving; net 
plexu (=plexi) 1X  intertwine; interweaving; net 
plika 1++        fold; dart (pleat); pleat; tuck (fold) 
plinta           plinth; brick 
pliso G          wash 
plora 1          weep 
ploto (prefer plankto)  float; swim (float) 
plu 1++          -s (plural sign); more than one; plural; some 
plu bibli 1      books; some books 
plu fe (take mu though without gender) 1X  they (female) 
plu femora 1     lap 
plu kron 1++     sometimes 
plu mega litera  upper case (typing) 
plu pusi litera  lower case (typing) 
plu-ci 1++       these 
plu-la 1++       those 
plu-la bibli 1   those books 
plu-tu 1++       yours (single) 
plu-vi 1++       yours (plural) 
pluma 1+         plume; feather; pen 
plumba 1+        lead (Pb) 
plumpa 1++       plump 
plura 1+         several 
plurali 1        plural 
plus 1++         plus; additional; also; and; another; as well as; 
                   extra; spare; too (also); with 
u plus mo 1*     another one 
plus-co 1++      also; besides; furthermore; moreover 
pluso (=plus) 1X  additional; also; and; another; as well as; extra; 
                   plus; spare; too (also) 
u pluso mo (=u plus mo) 1X  another one 
plutea           shed (n) 
pluto 1++G       rich; resources; wealth 
pluto vora 1+    banquet 
pluvi 1++        rain; shower (rain) 
pluvi skuta 1++  umbrella 
pluvi-nivi 1+    sleet 
pluvi-venti 1    squall 
pneu G           tire (tyre); tyre 
pneumati 1G      lung; lungs 
pneumi (=pneumati) 1GX  lung 
pneumo G         breath; breathe; wind (air) 
pneumoni (=pneumati) GX  lung 
po 1++           after; since 
po kron 1        late; lateness; delay; retard; retardation 
po meso-di 1++   after noon; afternoon; P.M.; pm; post meridiem 
po- 1+G          (prefix:) after; after (prefix); post- 
po-co 1++        afterwards; then 
po-di 1          the next day 
po-kron 1++      late; delay; lateness; retard; retardation; tardy 
po-meso-di       noon 
pocili           cup (small) 
poda 1++G        leg; limb (leg); paw 
poda-fa 1        trestle 
poda-genu 1      knee 
poda-gono 1      knee 
poda-te 1++      stocking 
poda-ve 1++      trousers 
podagra G        gout 
podex G          bottom 
podio G          platform 
podistra G       foot-trap (n) 
poeia 1G         create; produce 
poeio (=poeia) GX  create 
poekilo G        varying 
poema 1          poem 
poesi 1++G       poem; poetry; verse 
poeta 1++        poet 
poeti (=poeta) X  poet 
poga 1G          beard 
pogo (=poga) GX  beard 
poi (old Glosa word)  then 
poko (Italian) 1+  a little ; a bit 
pola 1+G         polar; pole (Earth) 
polariza G       polarize 
pole             pulley 
pole (prefer vendo)  sell 
polemi 1+G       fight; war; dispute; quarrel 
polex            thumb 
poli 1++G        many; abundant; lot (many); lump; mass (many); 
                   numerous; pile; poly- 
poli kavita 1    spongy; porous 
poli-aku 1+      jagged 
poli-cide 1+*    massacre; slaughter 
poli-pe 1++      crowd (n); multitude; troop (crowd); throng 
poli-pika 1      tingle 
poli-voci 1      uproar 
polica 1++G      police 
polica-an 1++    policeman; constable (male) 
polica-fe 1+     constable (female) 
poligonum G      knot weed 
polina 1+        pollen 
polini (=polina) X  pollen 
polio 1++G       grey; gray 
poliri           polish (v) 
polis (=polita, prefer civita) 1GX  city; town 
polisa (=polisi) GX  policy 
polisi 1++G      policy 
polita G         city 
politena 1       polythene 
politika 1++G    political; politics 
politika-pe 1+   politician 
poluti +         pollute 
pomegranata 1+   pomegranate 
pomfo G          blister 
pome (=pomi) 1X  apple 
pomi 1++         apple 
pomo (=pomi) X   apple 
pompo 1+         pomp; splendor; splendour 
ponda 1          pound 
ponda nota 1     pound note 
ponde 1++        ponder; weigh; weight; consider 
pondero          ponder 
ponderoso        heavy; ponderous 
poni 1+          pony 
ponti 1++        bridge 
pop 1            pop 
popa             pope 
popina           cook-shop 
poples           back of knee 
popula 1++       people; popular; popularity; population 
populari (prefer popula) 1  popular 
Populus 1        poplar; poplar tree 
porcelana 1      China ware 
porfiro G        purple 
porifera G       sponge 
porka (=porku, prefer sui(-karni)) 1X  pig; hog; pork 
porki (=porku, prefer sui(-karni)) X  pork; pig 
porku (prefer sui(-karni)) 1  pork; pig; hog 
porkuspina 1+    porcupine 
porno G          prostitute 
pornografi G     pornography 
poro 1+G         pore; hole; passage 
porta 1++        door; gate; port (opening in ship) 
porta (=portu, prefer asilu) 1X  harbor; harbour; haven; 
                   port (harbour) 
porta (prefer fero) 1  carry 
porta tina 1     door bell 
porta-nota 1     pocket-book (wallet); wallet (for money) 
porta-valuta 1   purse 
porta-voka       megaphone 
portabili        portable 
porte G          destroy 
portende (take portento) X  portend 
portento         portent; omen; sign; portend 
portika 1+       porch 
portikula (=portika) X  porch 
portio (prefer mero)  part; portion 
portu 1+         harbor; harbour; haven; port (harbour) 
Poru 1+          leek 
posesi           possess 
posi 1++         perhaps; may; maybe; might (possibility); 
                   might (possibly); possible; possibly; probable; 
posi-ra 1++      possibility 
positi           place (v); put 
positivi 1+      positive 
post (prefer po) 1  after; since 
post- (prefer po-) 1  (prefix:) after; after (prefix); post- 
post-datu        post-date 
posta 1++        mail; post (mail); post (send) 
posta-an 1       postman 
posta-karta 1+   post card; postal card 
posta-pe 1       postman; mailman 
posta-teka 1     post-box 
poste 1++        behind; astern; back (n); posterior; rear 
posteriori       posterior; rear 
posterita        posterity 
postpone         postpone 
postula 1++      postulate; assume; suppose; if 
postura          posture 
pota 1G          drink 
potabili         drinkable 
potami 1G        river 
potamo (=potami, prefer fluvi) 1GX  river 
potasium         potassium (K) 
potato 1++       potato 
pote 1++         able; can (be able); ability; capable; may; power 
potentia         powerful 
poto G           fond desire 
potpuri          potpourri 
pourboire (French)  tip 
pove 1++         poor; miserable; pauper 
pove agri-pe 1   peasant 
pra (old Glosa word)  had (tense marker) 
prae (=pre) X    ago; before (time); former; formerly; previous; prior 
praeter (=preter, prefer ultra) X  beyond 
pragma 1++G      affair; deal 
praktika +       practical; practise 
prandi 1         dinner; supper 
prandia (=prandi) X  dinner; supper 
praso            leek-green 
prate 1+         meadow; prairie 
pravi            crooked (evil); evil 
praxi 1++        practice; practise; able; act; acting; actuate; busy; 
                   do; doing; effect (v); effective; 
                   experience (v, resulting from practice); make; 
                   shrewd (resulting from practice); 
                   sensible (resulting from practice) 
pre 1++          before (time); ago; a little while ago ; earlier; 
                   former; formerly; previous; prior 
pre dice 1+      prophet 
pre kron (=pre-kron) 1X  early 
pre kura (=pre-kura) 1X  precaution 
pre meso-di 1++*  a. m.; AM; am (time); ante meridiem; before noon 
pre nu (=pre-nu) 1X  former; formerly; once 
pre plu di 1     the other day 
pre vide (=pre-vide) 1X  foresee; anticipate 
pre- 1+          (prefix:) before (time); before (time)(prefix); 
pre-di 1         the day before 
pre-kron 1++     early 
pre-kura 1       precaution 
pre-noktu 1      evening 
pre-nu 1++       already; former; formerly; once 
pre-parenta 1+   ancestor; forbear (n); forefather 
pre-pe 1         predecessor 
pre-vide 1*      foresee; anticipate 
preci 1++        price; cost; fare; ransom 
preci-lista 1+   tariff 
precioso         precious 
precipita        precipitate 
precise 1+       precise; exact; strict 
precisi (=precise) X  exact; precise 
preda 1+         prey 
predice 1+       predict 
predika 1+       preach; proclaim 
predilektio      predilection 
predispositi     predispose 
prefa (=preface) 1X  preface 
preface          preface 
prefekta (=prefekto) 1X  prefect 
prefekto         prefect 
prefere 1++      prefer; rather (more willingly) 
prefero (=prefere) X  prefer 
prefixa          prefix 
pregna           pregnant; make pregnant 
prehendi (=prende) X  seize 
prehistori       prehistory 
prejudika 1+     prejudice 
preka 1++        pray; plea; prayer 
preka-pe 1++     priest 
prekario         precarious 
prekoci          precocious 
prelimina        preliminary 
premi 1++        premium; prize; profit; reward 
premiu (=premi) X  prize; profit; reward 
premo G          tree-stump 
prende 1++       take; gather; occupy; pick (take); pick up; 
                   pluck (pick); seize 
preokupa         preoccupy 
prepara 1++      prepare; alert; preparation; prepared; provide; ready 
prepostero       preposterous 
prepto G         distinguished 
presa 1++        press (v); crowd (v); crush; lean on; 
                   press (periodicals); pressure; print; squeeze; 
presa-me 1*      press (machine) 
presagi          presage; forebode 
presbi G         old 
presenti +       now; presence; present 
preserva +       preserve (keep) 
presi (=presa) 1X  press (v) 
preside 1        preside 
presidenta (=presidenti) 1X  president 
presidenti 1++   president 
preskribe        prescribe 
presta           lend 
preste           agile; nimble 
presti-digita    quick-fingered; prestidigitate 
prestigi         prestige 
presto           quickly 
prestra          priest 
presu (=presa) 1X  press (v); lean on; squeeze; throng 
presume          presume 
pretende 1++     pretend; claim; make claim ; lay claim to 
preter 1         past; beyond 
preterite (prefer pa)  past 
pretexta (=pretextu) X  pretext 
pretextu 1+      pretext; pretence; pretense 
prevale          prevail 
prevarika        prevaricate 
preveni          prevent; forestall 
previo (prefer pre)  ago; before (time); former; formerly; previous 
prima (prefer proto) 1  primary; prime; first; at first ; initial; 
prima kopi (prefer proto kopi) 1  draft copy 
prima nima (prefer proto nima) 1  Christian name 
prima-vera (=blasto-tem) X  spring (season) 
primata          primate animal 
primitive 1++    primitive 
primna G         stern (of ship) 
primordia        primordial 
primula          primrose 
prince           prince 
principali       principal 
principi 1       principle 
printa           print 
prio G           saw (cutting) 
priori (prefer pre)  former; before (time); previous 
prisma G         prism 
prisona          prison 
pristine         original 
priva +          deprive 
private          private 
privilegi 1++    privilege; right (n) 
pro 1++          for; behalf; on behalf of ; for the sake of; 
                   in favor of; in favour of ; forward; 
                   forward towards 
pro anti-pe 1    traitor 
pro ju-pe 1      juvenile 
pro qo? (prefer qo-te) 1  why? (intention) 
pro sani 1       wholesome 
pro- 1+          (prefix:) forward; forward (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) favor; favor (prefix) 
proba 1++        test; demonstrate; prove; rehearse; trial (try) 
probabili 1++    likely; probable; probably 
problema 1++G    problem 
proboski G       proboscis; trunk (elephant) 
procede +        proceed; go forward ; procedure 
procela          storm 
procesa +        process 
procesio 1+      procession 
prodiga          lavish; spend 
prodigio         wonderful 
produce 1+       produce (make); produce (nature); produce (show); 
                   bring out; generate; make; manufacture; production; 
                   yield (bring out) 
profani          profane; debase 
profesi          profess (declare belief); profess (teach) 
profesi (=profesio) X  profession; profess (work) 
profesio 1++     profession; profess (work) 
profeta G        prophet 
proficie         make progress 
profila          profile 
profilakti +G    prevent 
profito 1++      profit; advantage; benefit; dividend; fruitful; 
                   prosper; succeed; success 
profligato       profligate; corrupt 
profunda 1++     profound; deep (profound); depth (profound) 
profundi (=profunda) X  profound; deep (profound); depth (profound) 
profusi          profuse 
progeni          progeny 
prognosi 1++G    forecast; weather forecast 
programa 1++G    program; program (computer); programme; 
                   application (computer); software (computer) 
progresi 1++     progress 
prohibiti        prohibit; prohibition 
projekti 1++     project (n); project (v); jut; stand out 
projeti 1        pier 
proklama 1       herald 
prokto G         anus 
prokura 1+       acquire; obtain 
proletari        worker 
proli            offspring 
prolifera        prolific; be fruitful 
prolifika        breed 
prolix           prolix; long-winded 
prologa          prologue 
prolonga (=prolongi) X  prolong 
prolongi 1+      prolong 
promena (=promenade) X  walk (v) 
promenade 1+     promenade; walk (v) 
promine          project (v) 
promise 1++      promise; commit oneself; guarantee; pledge; undertake 
promiskuo        mixed 
promoti 1+       promote 
prompti          prompt 
promulga         publish 
prono            prone; leaning forward 
pronunci 1       pronounce 
pronuncia (=pronunci) X  pronounce 
propaga 1        propagate; spread 
prope            near 
propelo          propel 
propilea G       gateway 
propinqi         near 
propitia         propitiate 
propolis G       bee-glue 
proportio        proportion 
proposi 1++      propose; proposal; nominate; suggest 
proprie 1++      property (possessions); possess; 
                   one's own (possession); own (possess) 
proprie-pe 1+    proprietor; owner 
proprie-ra 1+    possession 
proprie-signi *  signature 
proprio (=proprie) X  ones own; own (v) 
proprio-pe (=proprie-pe) X  owner 
proprio-ra (proprie-ra) X  possession 
proprio-signi (=proprie-signi) X  signature 
prora G          prow 
prosa 1+         prose 
prosekuti        prosecute 
proselita        convert 
proskeni 1+G     stage (act); scaffold 
prosopo 1G       face; visage 
prospekti 1      prospect; perspective; sight; vista 
prosperi         prosper 
prospikuo        seen from afar 
prostata         prostate gland 
prostesi G       prosthesis 
prostra          prostrate 
protekti 1       protect; defend 
protesta 1++     protest; complain; complaint; grumble 
proto 1++G       begin; beginning; commence; first; at first ; found; 
                   go (begin); initial; institute (v); premier; primary; 
proto kopi 1*    draft copy 
proto nima 1*    Christian name 
proto-pe 1       pioneer 
protokola G      protocol 
protubera        swell (v) 
provide +        provide; foresee; provision; provisional 
provinci 1       province 
provincia (=provinci) X  province 
provisio 1       provision 
provoka          provoke 
proxi 1++        near; about; adjoin; almost; alongside; approach; 
                   approximate; approximately; beside; by (near); 
                   close (near); close to; nearly 
proxi kade 1++   stumble 
proxi ne 1++     hardly 
proximi          nearest 
prudi            prudish 
pruina           frost 
Prunus 1+        plum; plum tree 
pruri 1+         itch 
psalo G          pluck (music) 
psama 1G         sand; arena 
psamo (=psama, prefer arena) GX  sand 
psefo G          pebble 
psefo G          vote 
psesto G         rubbed; scraped 
pseudo 1+G       false; deceive; untrue 
psikiko 1G       psychic; psychical 
psiko 1++G       psyche; mind (n); psychic; psychical; psycho; soul 
psiko-idea 1G    abstract 
psiko-pato 1+G   lunatic 
psikro G         cold 
psila (=pulex) GX  flea 
psilo G          bare; smooth 
Psitako (=psitakus) 1GX  parrot 
psitakus G       parrot 
psokus G         book louse 
psori G          itch 
pteridi G        fern 
pterido (=pteridi) 1GX  fern 
pterigi 1+G      fin 
ptero 1++G       wing 
ptialo           spit; spittle 
ptilo G          feather; down (feather); wing 
pto (=pipto, prefer kade) 1GX  fall 
ptoko G          beggar 
ptoma G          corpse; falling 
pube             pubic hair 
puberta          puberty 
publika 1++      publish; advertise; advertisement; announce; public; 
                   publication; publicize 
publiko (=publika) X  public 
pude 1++         shame; loss of honour ; disgrace; disgust; 
puela            girl 
pueri            child; boy 
puerpera         woman in child-bed 
pugili           fist fight 
pugio            dagger 
pugna 1++        fist; punch; fight 
pugna-bate 1     thump 
pulex            flea 
pulkri           beautiful 
pulmo (=pulmona) 1X  lung 
pulmona 1++      lung 
pulpa 1+         pulp 
pulpitu          pulpit 
pulsa 1++        pulse; push; jab; poke; pulsate; shove; throb; thrust 
-pulsi           compel 
pulu             young animal 
pulula           sprout; swarm 
pulve 1++        powder; crush; dust; dusty; flour; grind; powder (v); 
                   powdery; shatter 
pulvina 1++      pillow; cushion 
pumpa 1++        pump 
punge 1++        sting; itch; prick (v); puncture 
puni 1++         punish; castigate; chasten; chastise; hurt; penalize; 
                   penalty; punishment; revenge; vengeance 
puni-do 1+       prison 
puni-paga        penalty 
puni-ra          penalty; punishment 
punice           purplish red 
punkta 1++       dot; full stop; period (dot); point (dot); punctual 
punktu (=punkta) 1X  dot; full stop; point; point (dot) 
punktura         pierce; prick (v) 
pupa 1+          doll; pupa 
pupeta 1         puppet 
pupi             poop (n); stern (of ship) 
pupila           pupil (learner) 
pupula           pupil (eye) 
purga            purge 
puri 1++         pure; clean (adj); clean (v); purify; refine; sheer; 
puri-brosa 1     mop 
puri-ka 1        lavatory 
puri-lo 1+G      latrine 
puri-navi 1      dredger 
puri-te 1        duster 
purpura          purple 
purulente        purulent 
pus              pus 
pusi 1++         small; little; insignificant; petty; slight; tiny; 
                   trickle; trifling 
pusi algo 1      smart (pain) 
pusi bibe 1      sip 
pusi bibli 1+    pamphlet 
pusi dendro 1++  bush; laurel 
pusi dice 1      chat 
pusi do (=pusi-do) 1X  hut (small house); cabin (small house); 
                   shed (n) 
pusi ergo 1      odd job 
pusi fla 1       puff 
pusi foto 1+     dusk; glimmer 
pusi ka 1+       cabin (small room) 
pusi kli 1       bunk 
pusi kroma 1     tint 
pusi lumi 1      dim 
pusi mero 1      scrap; shred 
pusi milita 1+   skirmish 
pusi pani 1      bun (bread) 
pusi plati-lo 1  terrace 
pusi preci 1++   cheap 
pusi ridi 1      titter 
pusi saka 1+     pouch 
pusi soni 1+     twitter 
pusi space (=pusi spaci) 1X  recess (niche) 
pusi spaci 1+*   recess (niche); niche 
pusi speci kani 1  terrier 
pusi spira 1     whiff 
pusi stagna 1    puddle 
pusi tape 1+     mat 
pusi vendo 1     retail 
pusi venti 1+    breeze 
pusi viki 1      hamlet (village) 
pusi-do 1++      hut (small house); cabin (small house); shed (n) 
pusi-fluvi 1++   brook; creek (small river); rivulet; stream (n) 
pusi-pe 1+       dwarf 
pusi-valu 1++    scorn 
pusi-vendo-bo 1  kiosk 
pusila (=pusi) X  small; insignificant; little; petty 
pustula 1+       pimple; pustule 
puta 1++         compute; think; calculate; idea; reckon; thought; 
                   trim (v) 
puta pote 1+     intellect 
puta-me 1++      computer 
puta-me sporta 1  computer game 
pute 1+          well (n) 
putresce (=putri) X  rot 
putri 1+         putrefy; decay; decline; rot 


qa 1+            qua; in capacity of ; in character of 
qadra 1++        frame; square; square (frame) 
qadrangula 1     quadrangle 
qadruped 1       quadruped 
qai              quay 
qali? +          what kind?; what sort? 
qalifi 1         qualify 
qalita 1++       quality; property (quality) 
qando?           when? 
qantita 1++      quantity; amount; dose 
qanto? 1++       how many?; how much? 
qarto 1++        quarter 
qasi +           as if 
qatro (prefer tetra)  four 
qe ...? 1++      ...? (question start) 
qerela           complain 
Qerkus 1+        oak 
qero             look for; seek 
qestio 1++       question; ask; curious; enquire; inquire; inquiry; 
                   inquisitive; query 
qi 1++           which (relative pronoun); who (relative pronoun) 
qieske           become quiet 
qieta (=qieti) X  quiet 
qieti 1          quiet; soothe; stillness; tranquillity; tranquilness 
qieti koleri 1*  sullen 
qieto koleri (=qieti koleri) 1X  sullen 
qietu (=qieti) 1X  soothe 
qilia 1          skittles 
qinina 1         quinine 
qinqa (=penta) X  five 
qirito           shriek 
qita 1+          fire (release from duty); receipt; release from duty; 
                   sack (release from duty) 
qixotiko         quixotic 
qiz 1            quiz 
qo? 1            what sort of? 
qo dista? 1      how far? 
qo horo? 1       what's the time? 
qo-di? 1+        when? 
qo-horo? 1+      when? 
qo-ka? 1+        why? (cause) 
qo-lo? 1++       where?; whereabouts? 
qo-mode? 1++     how ...? 
qo-modo? (=qo-mode) X  how? 
qo-pe bibli? 1   whose book? 
qo-pe? 1++       what person?; which?; who?; whom? 
qo-ra? 1         which? 
qo-te? 1+        why? (intention) 
qo-tem? 1++      when? 
qo? 1++          what?; which? 
qod 1+           what (that which) 
qota             quote 
qotidia          quotidian; everyday 
qu 1             whether 


(-)ra 1++        thing; affair; object (thing) 
rabdi (=rabdo, prefer baci) 1X  bar; pole 
rabdo G          bar; baton; cane; pole; rod; stick (baton); 
                   stick (rod); stick (cane) 
rabi             rabbi 
rabi 1++         rabid; crazy; mad; crazed; foolish; furious; raging 
rabi dice 1      rave 
rabi multi-pe 1++  mob 
rabi-pe 1+       fool 
rabie 1          folly 
racemo           bunch; cluster 
racia 1+         race (biological); breed 
radar 1++        radar 
radi 1++         root; source 
radi-mero 1      stump 
radia 1++        radiate; beam; bright; brilliant (light); radiating; 
                   radiation; radius; shine; splendid 
radika (=radi) X  root; source 
radio 1++        radio; radio station; ray (spoke); spoke (ray) 
radiu 1+         spoke (of wheel) 
radium 1         radium 
radius 1         radius 
radula           scraper 
rafanu (=rafanus) 1GX  radish 
rafanus G        radish 
rafi 1G          needle; nail; seam; sew; sewing; spike; stitch 
rafia 1          raffia 
rafine           refine 
ragadi G         fissure 
rage             rage 
rage (=ragi) GX  burst forth 
ragi G           burst forth 
rai 1            ray 
raid             raid 
rail (=raila) X  rail (horizontal or sloping bar); rail (for trains) 
raila 1++        rail (horizontal or sloping bar); rail (for trains) 
raketa 1++       rocket 
raki G           backbone; spine 
rako G           ragged garment 
ramentu          chaffy scales 
rami 1++         branch; bough; perch; ramify; stick (branch) 
ramno G          prickly shrub 
ramula 1+        twig 
Rana 1+          frog 
rana-larva 1     tadpole 
rancidi          stinking 
ranco 1          ranch 
rangi            arrange in rows 
rangifer 1+      reindeer 
ranunkulus       buttercup 
rapa 1+          turnip 
rapaci           greedy 
rape (=rapi) 1X  seize; arrest; catch; grab; grapple; grasp; grip; 
rapi 1++         seize; arrest; catch; grab; grapple; grasp; grip; 
rapidi 1++       rapid; fast; hurry; in a hurry ; quick; rapidity; 
                   speed; speedy; snappy; suddenness; swift (quick) 
rapina           rapine; pillage; robbery 
rapsodi G        rhapsody 
rari 1++         rare; exotic; scarce; seldom; uncommon 
raspa            scrape 
rastra           rake (garden) 
rati 1+          raft; rate 
ratio 1+         rate; ratio; fraction; proportion; ration 
rationa 1+       reason (v) 
ratu (=ratus) 1X  rat 
ratus +          rat 
rauco (=rauku) X  hoarse; raucous 
rauku 1+         hoarse; raucous 
ravina           ravine 
razia 1++        raid 
razo 1++         shave; scrape; graze; rasp (v); scratch 
razo-me 1        razor (instrument) 
re 1++           again; afresh; re; recurrence; recursion; repetition; 
                   return to beginning; back to beginning 
re komence 1     start again 
re vide 1        see again 
re- 1+           (prefix:) back to beginning; 
                   back to beginning (prefix); re- 
re-akti (=reakti) X  answer; react; reaction; reply; respond; retort 
re-ami 1+        reconcile 
re-aqa 1         rinse 
re-ciklo 1+      recycle 
re-mite 1        relay 
re-neo 1         renew 
re-paga 1        repay 
re-proto 1       resume (go on after stopping) 
re-uni 1         rally 
re-uti 1++       recycle 
reakti 1++       react; answer; feed-back; heed; reaction; reply; 
                   respond; retort 
reali 1++        real; accomplish; actual; carry out; execute; fulfil; 
                   fulfill; reality; realize (convert into a fact); 
realismo         realism 
realisti         realist 
rebeli 1+        rebel; uprising 
recede           recede; go back 
recense          recension; revise book 
recento +        lately; recent; recently 
recepta +        receipt 
recerka 1++      research; investigate; investigation 
recesi           recess 
recipro 1        conversely; mutually 
reciproka        reciprocate 
recita           recite 
redakti          edit 
redakto          editor 
reduce 1++       reduce; reduction 
refere           refer 
reflekti 1+      reflect; meditate 
reforma          reform 
refrakti         refract 
refreska         refresh 
refresko 1+      refresh 
refrige          refrigerate 
refugi 1+        refuge; flee back; safe place 
refulgi          flash back 
refusa 1++       refusal; refuse; turn down 
refuta           refute 
regala (=regalo) X  feast (v); treat 
regalo 1+        feast (v); treat 
regi 1++         regent; ruler; regal; royal; sovereign 
u regi 1         monarch 
regi dina 1      majesty 
regi landa 1     realm 
regi-sedi-mo 1   throne 
regi-tem 1+      reign 
regio 1+         region 
registra 1+      register (v); record (v); note down; record (on tape) 
regna            reign 
regresi          go back 
regreta +        regret; miss (regret) 
regula 1++       control; organise; principle; regulate; 
                   rule (standard); ruler 
regulari (prefer uniforma) 1  regular; homogeneous 
regurgita        regurgitate; throw back up 
reinkarna        reincarnate 
reitera          reiterate 
rejekta (=rejekti) X  throw back 
rejekti 1        reject; repel; throw back 
rejuvenske       make young again 
reklama          claim 
rekogni 1++      acknowledge; recognition; recognize 
rekolta (prefer karpe)  harvest 
rekomenda        recommend 
rekompensa       recompense 
rekoncilia       reconcile 
rekorda 1++      record; record (sport) 
rektangula 1++   rectangle; rectangular 
rekti 1++        directly; straight 
rekula           recoil 
rekupera         recuperate 
relati 1++       relate; relation; relationship; connection (relation) 
relatio (=relati) 1X  relation; connection (relation) 
relative (=relativi) 1X  relative 
relativi 1++     relative 
relaxa 1+        relax; lounge; repose; rest (repose) 
relega           relegate 
relenta          slow down 
releva 1+        relieve 
relievo          relief (sculpture) 
religio 1++      religion; religious 
religio dice 1++  sermon 
religio vendo-pe 1  missionary 
religio-do 1++   temple; church; abbey 
relika           relic 
relinqi +        relinquish 
relukta          reluctance; reluctant; not want to 
remane           remain 
remarka          declare; remark 
remedi           remedy 
rememora         remind 
remi 1+          oar; row (a boat) 
remisi           put back 
remonstra        protest 
remove           remove 
remunera         remunerate 
rena 1+          kidney 
renaske          be born again 
renega           deny; repudiate 
renova           renovate; renovation; make new 
renta +          rent (n); rent (v); unearned income 
rentiera 1+      rentier; shareholder; stockholder 
renuncia         renounce 
reo 1G           flow; current; flux; running 
reoala           feast (v); treat (v) 
repara 1++       repair; cure; make good ; heal; mend; remedy; 
repeti           repeat 
repli (prefer reakti)  reply; answer; feed-back; react 
reporta 1+       report; apprise; article; inform; narrate 
reposa 1         repose; tranquillity; tranquilness 
representa 1++   represent; representative 
reproduce 1+     reproduce 
repti 1++        crawl; creep; scramble 
repti-fito 1     creeper 
repti-pe 1       sneak 
Reptili 1+       reptile 
republika 1++    republic 
repudia          repudiate 
repugna          disgust 
repulsi          repel 
resenti 1+       feel (strongly); grudge 
reserva          reservation; reserve 
residu 1+        residue; remain; remaining; residual 
residua (=residu) X  remain; residual 
resigna +        resign; resignation 
resina           resin 
resista 1++      resist; oppose; resistance; strength; strong; tough 
resista se 1     resist oneself 
resoluti +       determined; resolute 
resolve          determination; resolve 
resoni           echo; echoic; resound 
resorta          spring 
respekta (=respekto) X  respect; heed; regard (respect) 
respekti (=respekto) 1X  respect; heed; regard (respect) 
respekto 1++     respect; heed; regard (respect) 
respira (prefer spira)  respire; breath; breathe 
resplende        shine 
responde         respond; answer; feed-back; react; reply 
resta 1++        rest (stay); remain; stay; stay behind; 
                   be left over ; linger; stay behind; surplus 
resta-ra 1       remnant 
restaura         restore 
resti            rope 
restrikti        restrict 
resulta 1        result; outcome 
resume           resume (summarize); résumé; summarize; abstract 
resurge          rise again 
resuscita        revive 
retalia 1        retaliation; revenge; make revenge on ; vengeance 
retarda          delay 
retena           retain 
reti 1++         net; connection (net); mesh; network; web (network) 
reti-navi 1      trawler 
reti-te 1+       lace 
reticentia       reticence 
retikulu         reticulate; reticulated; net structure 
retina           retina 
retira           retire; withdraw 
retoka           retouch work 
retrakti         retract; draw back 
retro 1++        backwards; ago; back again; backward; behind; go back; 
                   repel; set back 
retro- 1+        (prefix:) backwards; backwards (prefix); 
                   (prefix:) back again; back again (prefix); retro- 
retrospekti      retrospection; retrospective; look back 
Reum 1G          rhubarb 
reuma G          rheum; cold (illness) 
reunio           gather together 
revela           reveal 
reveni           come again 
reverbera        reflect 
revere 1+        revere; reverence 
reversi          overturn; reverse 
revista          review 
revive 1+        revive 
revoka           call back 
revolta          revolt (v) 
revolutio 1+     revolution; revolutionize 
revolve          revolve 
Ribes 1          currant 
ricinus G        castor oil plant 
rico 1           rich 
ridi 1++         laugh; laughter; mirth; ridicule 
ridi anti 1+     jeer; mock; tease 
ridi-hedo 1+     jolly 
riga 1+          irrigate; moisten; water (v) 
rigi 1++         rigid; stiff (rigid); obstinate 
rigidi (=rigi) 1X  rigid; stiff (rigid); obstinate 
rigori           stiffness 
rima 1+G         rhyme 
rinko 1G         beak; muzzle; snout; spout 
rino 1++G        nose; muzzle; rhino-; snout 
Rinokeros 1G     rhinoceros 
ripa 1+          bank (river); river bank 
risko 1++        risk; danger; dangerous; dare; hazard; peril; random; 
ritmi (=ritmo) XG  rhythm 
ritmo 1++G       rhythm 
ritu 1++         rite; ritual; ceremony 
riva (=rivula) X  brook; stream (n) 
rivali 1++       rival 
riveta           rivet 
rivu (=rivula) X  brook; creek (small river); rivulet; stream (n) 
rivula           rivulet; brook; creek (small river); stream (n) 
rizo 1+G         root; rhizo- 
roba 1+          frock; gown; robe 
robora           strengthen 
robot (=roboti) X  robot 
roboti 1+        robot 
robusta 1+       robust; sturdy 
robuste (=robusta) X  robust; sturdy 
rode 1+          gnaw 
rodo 1G          rose; rose color; pink 
roga 1           ask; beg; inquire; interrogate 
roiali           royal 
roka             rock 
rokoko           rococo 
rola 1++         roll; rotate 
rolo (=rola) 1X  roll 
romance 1        romance 
romanti 1        romantic 
romantici (=romanti) X  romantic 
rombo            rhombus 
rondo 1++        round; circular 
rondo-ra 1       reel (n) 
ronka            snore 
rosa 1++         rose; pink 
roseta           rosette 
rosi (prefer droso)  dew 
rosti 1+         roast 
rostra 1+        beak; mouth; muzzle; snout; spout 
rostri (=rostra) 1X  beak; mouth; muzzle; snout; spout 
rostru (=rostra) 1X  beak; spout 
rota 1++         rotate; wheel; gyrate; helm; revolve; go round ; 
rota-va 1+       wheel barrow 
rota-zo 1++      tire (tyre); tyre 
rotifera         rotifera 
rotundi          round 
(-)ru (short form of instrumenta) 1++  instrument; tool; utensil; 
                   implement; apparatus; tackle (n) 
ru-teka          tool box 
rubeola 1        measles 
rubesce 1+       redden; becoming red ; blush 
rubi 1++         red; blush; ruby; ruddy 
rubi-flavo (prefer rubi-xanto)  orange (colour) 
rubi-xanto 1++   orange (colour) 
Rubikola 1       robin 
rubri            red 
Rubus 1+         bramble 
rude 1+          rubbish; garbage; junk; litter; rubble 
rude (prefer krudi) 1  rough 
rudi (=rude) 1X  rubbish; garbage; junk; litter; rubble 
rudimenta        beginnings 
rufi             red 
rug u fronta 1   frown 
ruga 1           rough; wrinkle 
rugi             roar 
rugo 1+          rough; coarse; rugged 
rugo fronta 1    scowl 
ruina 1++        ruin; undermine 
ruino (=ruina) X  ruin 
ruita            rumor; rumour 
rumina           chew cud 
rumora 1++       gossip; rumor; rumour 
runcina          plane (tool) 
runi             rune 
rupe             rock 
rupina           rocky chasm 
rupti 1++        interrupt; interruption; break 
ruptu 1          break 
rura 1++         country (rural); rural 
rura vaga 1      ramble 
rura-do 1        cottage 
rura-pe 1        peasant 
ruskum           butchers broom 
Ruso             Russian 
rustika          live in country ; oldfashioned; rural 
rusu             red-clad 
ruta 1+          route 
rutelu           shovel; spade 
ruti             wrinkle 
rutilo           red 
rutina 1+        routine 


sabato 1+        sabbath; Saturday 
sabota +         sabotage 
sabulo           gravel; sand (coarse) 
sadi (French) 1++  sadistic; cruel 
sadisti 1+       hunter 
sadisti (prefer sadi) 1  sadistic 
saeno G          wagtail 
saevi            fierce; wild 
safe +           manifest 
safro            yellow 
sagaci           wise 
sagita 1+        arrow; dart 
saison (French) +  season 
saka 1++         sack; bag; pouch; purse 
sakri 1          sacred 
sakri bibli 1    testament 
Sakri Skriptura 1  scripture 
sakri-lo 1       shrine 
sakri-verba      oath 
sakri-verbi (=sakri-verba) X  oath 
sakrifice 1++    sacrifice 
sakro (=sakri, prefer sankti) 1X  saint (adj); holy 
sakto            crammed; stuffed 
sala             hall 
salari 1         salary 
salata 1+        salad 
salcicia 1+      sausage 
sali 1++         salt 
salici (=Salix) X  willow 
Salika 1         wicker 
Salix 1+         willow 
Salma 1          salmon 
salmo 1+         salmon 
salon            salon 
salpingo G       trumpet 
salsici          sausage 
salta 1++        jump; bounce; hop; leap; prance; skip 
salta epi 1      waylay 
salti (=salta) 1X  jump 
salubri          healthy 
saluta 1++       greet; salute; compliment (greetings); greeting; 
                   regard (greeting); yours truly 
salva 1++        save; rescue; reserve; reservation; 
                   save (computer file) 
salva se 1       get away ; escape; flee 
salva-navi 1     life-boat 
salva-zo 1       life-belt 
salvia           sage (plant) 
samara           seed (winged) 
sambukus         elderberry 
sandali 1+       sandal 
sandwic 1        sandwich 
sangui (prefer hema)  blood 
sangui-suga (=hema-sugo) X  blood-sucker 
sanguina (=sangui, prefer hema) 1X  blood 
sani 1++         health; healthy; well (healthy) 
sankti 1++       holy; sacred; saint (adj); saint (v) 
sankti-pe 1      saint (n) 
sanktio          sanction 
santa (=sankti) 1X  saint 
sapa             sap 
sapi             wise 
sapidi 1+        flavor; flavour; savor; savory; taste; tasty 
sapie (=sapi, prefer ski for to know or sofi for wise) 1X  know; wise 
sapo 1++         soap 
sapora           taste 
sapro 1++G       rot; decay; decline; foul; putrid 
sarci            mend; repair 
sardina 1+       sardine 
sarkasmo G       sarcasm 
sarko G          flesh 
sarkofago G      coffin 
sarkulu          hoe 
sarma G          earth chasm 
sarmento         branch; twig; twiggy 
sartori          tailor 
sasi 1+          grasp 
satani 1         Satan 
sate G           penis 
satelita 1+      satellite 
sati 1++         enough; adequate; ample; fulfil; fulfill; satisfaction; 
                   satisfactory; satisfy; suffice; sufficient 
sati- 1+         (prefix:) enough; enough (prefix) 
satina 1         satin 
satira G         lascivious 
satira-pe        satyr 
satiri           satire 
satisfi 1        satisfy 
sativu           cultivated 
satrax G         louse 
satura           full; rich 
satura-di        Saturday 
sauce (French, =sosa) X  sauce 
sauro (=saurus) GX  lizard 
sauru (=saurus) 1GX  lizard 
saurus 1+G       lizard 
savana           savanna 
saxa-katena 1+   reef 
saxi 1           rock 
scal 1           shawl 
scampu 1         shampoo 
scena (=skeni) 1X  scene; stage 
scinti 1++       sparkle; twinkle 
scunt 1+         shunt 
se 1++           self; itself; itself (reflexive); oneself (reflexive); 
                   self (reflexive) 
se- 1+           (prefix:) self (reflexive); 
                   self (reflexive)(prefix) 
seba             grease; suet; wax 
sebasto G        venerable 
sed 1++          but; however (=although it was so) 
sedati +         tranquil 
sedi 1++         sit; seat (v) 
sedi-ka 1        parlour; sitting room 
sedi-mo 1++      chair; seat (n); stool 
sedimenta        sediment 
seduce           seduce 
sedulo           busy 
segrega          segregate 
seismo +G        earthquake 
seiso 1++G       shake; quake 
seka 1++         cut; carve; chop; cleave (cut); excise; mow (v); 
                   slice (v); slit 
seka-iatri 1     surgeon 
seka-ru 1++      knife; razor (knife) 
sekale           rye 
sekretari 1++    secretary 
sekreti 1+       secrecy; secret; undercover 
sekta            sect 
sekti (prefer seka)  carve; chop; cut; mow (v); slit 
sekula           sickle 
sekulari         secular; worldly 
sekunda 1+       second (ordinal); second (time) 
u sekunda 1      latter 
sekuri 1++       secure; security; safe; immune; sure 
sekuri-do 1+     shelter 
sekuri-lo 1+     asylum; refuge; safe place; shelter 
sela             saddle; seat (n) 
selaki G         shark 
selekti (prefer elekti)  choose; choice; pick (chose); select; 
selene 1G        moon; lunar 
seleni (=selene, prefer luna) GX  moon 
seli (=selido, prefer pagina) GX  page 
selido (prefer pagina) G  page; leaf of papyrus 
Selinum 1+G      parsley 
sema 1++G        sign; beckon; gesture; mark; signal 
sema vale 1      wave good-bye 
semani 1++G      mean (signify); meaning; signify 
sembla           seem; look like (seem) 
semel            once 
semestri         six months 
semi 1++         half 
semi- 1+         (prefix:) half; half (prefix); hemi-; semi- 
semi-sopo 1      doze 
semina 1         seed; sow 
semita           footpath 
semno (prefer sankti or solemni)  holy; solemn 
semper 1         always 
sempre (=semper, prefer panto-tem) X  always 
senate           senate 
senato 1++       senate 
senecio          groundsel 
seni (=senili, prefer paleo) X  old (human) 
senili (prefer paleo)  senile; old (human) 
senior 1+        Mister; Mr; Mr.; sir 
seniora 1+       madam; Miss (title); mistress; Mistress; Mrs; Ms 
senioreta (=seniorita) 1X  Miss (title) 
seniorita 1*     Miss (title) 
sensatio +       sensation 
sensi 1++        sense; feel; attitude; conscious; perceive; sensible 
sensi etio 1     shame 
sensi fobo 1G    afraid 
sensi mali 1     suffer 
sensitivi 1++    sensitive; responsive; susceptible; tender; touchy 
sensua (=sensuali) X  sensual 
sensuali +       sensual 
senti (=sensi) 1X  sense; feel; attitude; conscious; perceive 
senti etio (=sensi etio) 1X  shame 
senti fobo (=sensi fobo) 1GX  afraid 
senti mali (=sensi mali) 1X  suffer 
sentimenta 1     sentiment 
sepa             hedge 
sepala           sepal 
separa 1++       separate (v); distinguish; part (v); separate (adj); 
septa 1          fence; hedge; wall 
Septembra (prefer meno nona) *  September 
septembro (=Septembra, prefer meno nona) X  September 
septi (prefer seti)  seven 
septi-di         week 
sepulkro G       bury 
seqe 1++         follow; consequence; effect (n); following; next; 
                   outcome; result; sequence; sequential; subsequent 
u seqe 1         following; next 
seqe-co 1+       so (therefore); consequently 
seqestra         sequestrate; take into custody 
sera 1+          saw (tool) 
sereni           bright; clear (bright) 
seri 1++         series; course; list; order (series); row (n) 
seria (=seri) 1X  course; order (series); row (n); series 
serici           silk 
seriko (=serici) 1X  silk 
serio (=serioso, prefer gravi) 1X  serious; earnest 
serioso          serious 
sermoni          sermon 
serpenta (=serpenti) X  serpent; snake; twist (wind); wind along; 
                   wind (twist); wriggle 
serpenti 1++     serpent; snake; twist (wind); twisting; wind along; 
                   wind (twist); wriggle 
serpilum         thyme 
serpula (prefer pusi serpenti)  snake (little) 
serum            serum; whey 
servi 1++        serve; service; be useful 
servi-me         server (computer) 
servi-pe 1++     steward; waiter 
service +        service 
servieta 1       napkin 
sesili           sitting 
sesio 1          session 
sesqi            one-and-a-half 
sestro G         sieve 
seta 1+          bristle; bristly 
seti 1++         seven 
seti-mana (=setimana) 1X  week; weekly 
seti-ze 1        seventy 
setimana 1++     week; weekly 
setimana-fini 1++  week-end 
severi 1++       severe; rigorous; stern; strict; stringent 
sex (=sexu) X    sex 
sexu 1++         sex; sexual; sexy 
sfagnum          sphagnum moss 
sfena (=sfeno, prefer kune) 1GX  wedge 
Sfeniskida (=sfenisko) GX   
                  penguin (Jakass penguin with wedge-shaped wing) 
sfenisko G       penguin (Jakass penguin with wedge-shaped wing) 
sfeno 1G         wedge 
sferi 1+G        sphere; ball; marble (ball) 
sfex G           wasp 
sfigmo G         pulse 
sfingi G         bind tightly 
sfinktera G      muscular tap 
sfira G          mallet 
si 1++           if; whether 
si ne ... 1++    unless 
siala            saliva 
sib (=sibi) 1X   brother (or sister); sister (or brother) 
sibi 1++         brother (or sister); sister (or brother) 
sibi an-fili 1   nephew 
sibi fe-fili 1   niece 
sibila 1++       whistle; soothsay 
side 1           chair; seat (n); bank (long seat) 
sideri           iron 
sidero           star 
sifo 1           suck; suck up; siphon 
sifoni (=sifo, prefer sugo) X  siphon; suck up 
sigila 1+        seal; mark 
sigilo (=sigila) X  seal 
signala          signal 
signatura 1++    signature 
signi 1++        sign; mark; signal; token 
signifi 1++      signify; mean (signify); significance; significant 
sik 1            so; thus 
sik uva 1        raisin 
sika 1++         dry; arid; dried 
sika via 1       causeway 
sika-lo 1+       desert (waterless land) 
sika-te 1+       towel (n) 
sika-tem 1       drought 
sikaminus G      mulberry 
sikamorus G      sycamore 
sikne G          thicket 
sikno G          frequent; many 
siko 1G          fig 
sikofanti G      flatter 
silabi 1+G       syllable 
silabus G        syllabus 
silento 1++      silence; silent; hush; noiseless; soundless 
silfa G          air spirit 
sili 1           sand 
silici           flint 
silika           silicon (Si) 
silika-li 1      quartz 
siliqi           husk; pod 
silo             satire (poetic) 
silueta          silhouette 
silva 1++        forest; (growing) wild ; wood (woodland); woodland 
silvestri (=silva) X  woodland 
silvi (=silva) X  forest; wood (woodland) 
sim (=sin, but sine=without so take ko(n)) GX  with; and 
sim- (take ko-) 1X  (prefix:) with; with (prefix) 
simbola (=simboli) GX  symbol 
simboli G        symbol 
simetri G*       symmetry; symmetrical 
simfio G         grow together 
simfoni G        symphony 
simfora G        chance; event 
simi 1           similar; alike; equal; resemblance; similarity 
simia 1++        ape; monkey 
simila (=simi, prefer homo) X  similar; alike; similarity 
simo             snub-nosed 
simpati 1++G     sympathy; compassion; mercy; pity; suffer with; 
                   sympathetic; sympathise 
simpli 1++       simple; simply; plain (simple) 
simpto 1++       symptom; clue; hint; indication 
simptoma 1+G     symptom 
simul 1++        at the same time; together 
simula 1+        simulate 
sin (=sim, but sine=without so take ko(n)) 1GX  with; and 
sin- (take ko-) 1X  (prefix:) with; with (prefix) 
sinagoga G       synagogue; meeting place 
Sinapis 1+       mustard 
sinapsi G        synapse 
sinceri          earnest; sincere 
sindesmo G       ligament 
sindika G        organize 
sindikata G      syndicate; Trade Union 
sine (but sin=with! Prefer "minus") 1  without 
sine- 1          (prefix:) without; without (prefix) 
singu 1++        each 
singulta         hiccup; sob 
sinior (=senior) 1X  Mister; Mr; Mr.; sir 
siniora (=seniora) 1X  madam; Miss (title); mistress; Mistress; Mrs; 
siniorina 1      Miss; young lady 
siniorita (=seniorita) 1X  Miss (title) 
sinistro         sinister; left (hand) 
sinkope G        faint 
sinkroni +G      synchronize; synchronous 
sinod G          assembly 
sinonimo G       synonym 
sinopsi G        synopsis; general view 
sintaxi G        syntax 
sintesi G        put together 
sinu 1           curve (n); bay; breast 
sinuoso          sinuous 
sio 1++          would (conditional tense); 'd (short for would) 
sipa (=disipa) 1X  waste (use without good purpose) 
sirena 1+        sea nymph; siren 
siri             scorcher (the) 
siriasis         sunstroke 
siringa G        lilac 
Siringo (=siringa) GX  lilac 
sirinx G         pipe (n) 
sirma G          sweepings 
sirmaeo G        purge 
siropa 1         syrup 
sirto G          alluvia 
siru G           broom 
sis-zigo (=siszigo) X  united; yoked 
sispasto G       contracted 
sistelo +G       attraction; draw together 
sistema 1++G     system; tidy; arrange; organize; systematic 
sisto            stopper 
sistoli G        contract (narrow); systole 
sistremo G       anything twisted together ; twist together 
siszigo G        united; yoked 
sito 1++G        food; feed; nourish; meal; repast 
sito-avi 1+*     fowl 
sito-bo 1        food shop 
sito-bo-pe 1+    grocer 
sito-fito 1+     vegetable 
sito-ka 1+       pantry 
sito-va 1+       hamper 
situa            situate; situated 
situla           bucket 
six (short form of sixa)  six 
sixa 1++         six 
sixa bi 1        sixty-two 
sixa-ze 1        sixty 
skabelo          footstool 
skabi 1          rasp; scrape; scratch 
skabro           scabby; rough 
skafo G          boat; trough 
skala 1++        stairs; ladder; staircase; stairway 
skala fragma 1+  banister 
skalda 1         scald 
skaleno G        unequal 
skali            hoe 
skali-ru 1+G     hoe 
skalia           scale (body cover) 
skalpa 1+        scalp 
skalpel          scalpel; surgical knife 
skambo G         bowlegged 
skana 1+         scan; scrutinze 
skana-me         scanner (device) 
skandali 1       scandal 
skandaliza       scandalize 
skano (=skana) X  scan 
skapa 1++        shoulder 
skapi            shaft; stem 
skaramuci        skirmish 
skarioso         thin-scaly 
skarleto         scarlet 
skarpa           escarpment; hill-scarp 
skato G          dung; filth 
skatu G          gush out 
skaturiga        bubbling spring 
skeda 1          roll of paper; strip (paper); strap (paper) 
skedane G        scatter 
skele (=skelo) GX  leg 
skelerato        scoundrel 
skeleto 1++G     skeleton; framework; rack; scaffolding 
skeli G          rib; side 
skelo 1G         limb; member; leg 
skema 1++G       scheme; plan; design; draft; layout 
skena (=skeni) 1GX  scene; stage 
skende 1++       climb 
skeni 1++G       scene; stage 
skeno (=skeni) XG  scene; stage 
skepti G         doubt 
skeptika G       sceptical 
skeptro G        staff (rod); sceptre; scepter 
skeu G           tool; vessel 
ski 1++          know; knowledge 
gene ski 1+      learn 
plu ski 1        skis 
ski de 1++       aware 
skia G           shade (shadow); shadow 
skibalo (prefer kopro) G  dung 
skience 1++      science; scientific; knowledge 
skili            squill (herb) 
skilo G          booty 
skinde (prefer seka)  cut; cleave (cut) 
skindula         roof shingle 
skinki           skink; lizard 
skintila         spark 
skion            branch; shoot (plant) 
skiro (prefer sklero) G  hard (not soft) 
skirpus          rush (plant) 
skirto           jump; leap 
skiso (=skizo) X  cut; fissure; schism; split; tear (separate) 
skisora          scissors 
skito G          hide (skin); leather; skin 
skitu            informed 
skitulo          elegant; pretty 
Skiurus 1        squirrel 
skizo 1++G       cut; division; fissure; schism; split; 
                   tear (separate) 
sklero 1++G      hard (not soft) 
sknipo G         stingy 
sko 1++G         instruct; education; instruction; lecture; lesson; 
                   schooling; teaching; training; tuition 
dona sko 1       teach 
gene sko 1+      learn 
sko-do 1++G      school; schoolhouse 
sko-pe 1         scholar; instructor; teacher 
sko-pe (take disci-pe) 1X  pupil (learner) 
skobi            scrapings 
skobina (=skabi, prefer razo) X  rasp (v) 
skola 1          school 
skoleki (prefer vermi) G  worm 
skolex (=skoleki, prefer vermi) GX  worm 
skoli            reef 
skolio G         bent; curved 
skopa G          broom 
skope 1++G       look; aspect; look at; observe; observation; 
                   regard (look); search; view (v); watch 
skope G          range 
skopto G         jest; mock 
skopulo G        projecting rock 
skoria G         dross; refuse (dross) 
Skorpio 1+G      scorpion 
skoto 1++G       dark; darkness; gloom; shade 
skreato          hacking cough 
skri             skree 
skribe 1+        write 
skrotum          scrotum 
skrupulo         scruple 
skruti           examine closely; examine fully; examine thoroughly 
skulpe (=skulptu) 1X  sculpture 
skulptu 1        sculp; sculpture 
skuma (take afro) X  foam; scum 
skuner 1         schooner 
skuta 1++        screen (general); screen (TV, video); 
                   folding screen ; shield (n); shield (v) 
skutela +        bowl (small); dish 
skuter 1         scooter 
sledo            sled; sleigh 
slogan           slogan; war cry 
smaragdo G       emerald 
smi 1            smile 
sminto G         mouse (especially field-mouse); field-mouse 
snaza 1++        sneeze 
snora 1+         snore 
so 1++           so; like this; thus; in this way ; in that way 
sobri            sober 
sobrike          nickname 
socia 1++        companion; fellow; partner 
sociali 1++      social 
socialismo       socialism 
societa 1++G     society; association; company; organization; 
soda 1           soda 
sofa 1           sofa 
sofi 1++G        wise; -sophy; prudent; sage; wisdom; wise 
sofi dice 1      proverb 
sojurna +        sojourn; stay (sojourn) 
soka             stocking 
soko             shoe (light) 
sola 1+          solar; sun 
solanum          nightshade 
soldata 1        soldier 
soldata-line 1   rank 
sole             be accustomed 
solea            sole (foot) 
soleci           speak incorrectly 
solemni 1++      solemn; earnest 
soleno           channel; pipe 
solicita         entreat 
solidi 1++       solid; firm 
soliloqi         speak alone 
solita (prefer solo)  alone; lone; solitary; solitude 
solitu (=solita, prefer solo) X  alone; solitary; solitude 
solo 1++         only; alone; lone; lonely; on one's own (alone); 
                   solely; solo; solitary; solitude 
solo mo 1++      single; singular 
solox            bristly; rough 
solu 1++         ground; soil 
solubili         soluble 
solutio          solution 
solve 1++        solve; dissolution; dissolve; solution 
solve-ma 1       solvent 
soma 1++G        body; somatic 
soma kosina 1++  mattress 
soma-va 1        bath 
somato (=soma) GX  body; somatic 
somni 1++        sleep; asleep; slumber 
somni-ka 1+      bedroom 
son spira 1+     sob 
sonda 1+         sound (test); probe; examine; tempt 
soni 1++         sound (acoustic); aloud; chime; play (music); 
                   pronounce; pronunciation; ring (sound) 
soni kine 1      racket 
soni klude 1     slam 
soni lauda 1+    applaud 
soni verba 1+    pronounce 
soni-karta       sound card (computer) 
soni-me 1        hooter 
sonia 1++        dream 
sono (=soni) X   pronounce; pronunciation 
sopo 1           sleep; asleep; slumber 
sopo-ka 1        dormitory 
sopo-mo 1        bed 
sopo-ve 1        pyjamas 
soprano 1        treble 
sorbe            absorb; suck in 
sordi            dirty 
soredi G         heap (n); pile 
sorex            mouse (especially shrew); shrew-mouse 
sorora (=sorori) 1X  sister 
sorori 1+        sister 
sorori andro 1+  brother-in-law 
sorta +          sort (n); sort (v); species 
sorti            divination 
sorti (French)   go out 
soru 1           accumulate 
sosa (French) 1+  sauce 
sosi             double (of a person) 
soverani         sovereign 
soze G           keep; save 
space (=spaci) 1X  space 
spaci 1++        space 
spaci-navi 1     space ship 
spacia (=spaci) X  space 
spada (=spata) X  spade 
spadix           fleshy spike 
spakelo G        gangrene 
spalier          trellis 
spani G          scarce 
spank 1          spank 
sparakto G       tearer 
sparaso G        tear (to pieces); lacerate; mangle (tear) 
sparge           sprinkle 
sparnia          spare (be merciful); show mercy 
sparse           scatter; sprinkle 
spasm (=spasmo) X  jerk; jolt; spasm 
spasmo 1++G      spasm; jerk; jolt; jounce 
spata 1++        spade; shovel; scoop 
spatilo G        excrement 
spatu (=spata) 1X  shovel; spade; scoop 
spatula 1++      spoon 
spatula-ple 1    spoonful 
spe 1++          hope; expectancy; wish (hope) 
speci 1++        species; brand; class; genus; for example; 
                   kind (sort, species); sort (n) 
speci krati 1    regime 
speciali +       especially; special 
speciali-pe      specialist 
specializa       specialize 
specifi          specify 
specioso         showy 
speka (=speku) 1X  glance 
spekta 1         look; aspect; look at 
spekta-pe 1      spectator 
spektakula 1+    pageant; show (n); sight (n) 
spektra          ghost 
spektra 1        spectrum; rainbow 
spektru (=spektra) X  spectrum; rainbow 
speku 1+         glance; look 
spekula 1++      mirror; speculate 
speleo (prefer kaverno) 1G  cave; cavern 
spend u tem 1    pass the time 
spende 1++       spend; exhaust; expend 
sperge 1         strew; scatter; intersperse 
sperma 1++G      seed; pip 
sperma-tem 1++   autumn; autumnal; fall (autumn) 
sperma-va 1+     pod; seed case 
spika 1+         ear (grain); spike (grain) 
spikula          grain (n) 
spilo G          spot (n) 
spina 1++        spine; pin; thorn 
spinaci 1        spinach 
spinta 1+G       spark 
spinula          pin 
spio             spy 
spira 1++        breath; breathe; respire 
spira-ra 1       lung 
spirali 1        spiral 
spiri G          coil 
spiritis (=spiritu) X  spirit 
spiritu 1++      spirit; soul 
spisa            thicken 
splankno G       entrails 
splasc 1         splash 
splendi 1++      splendid; glitter; gloss (shine); luster; lustre; 
                   shine; splendor; splendour 
spleno           spleen 
spodo G          ash; ashes; embers 
spolia           booty 
sponde           promise 
spondilo G       vertebra 
spongi 1++G      sponge 
sponsa 1++       spouse; bind; engage; promise 
sponso (=sponsa) 1X  promise; bind; engage 
sponta 1+        free; unbidden; weed; willingly 
spontane         spontaneous 
spora 1+G        spore; intersperse; scatter; seed; spread; strew 
sporona          spur on 
sporta 1++       sport; game (especially sport); 
                   play (especially sport); play (game) 
sporta jaketa 1  blazer 
sporta-area 1    pitch 
sporta-do 1      sports centre 
sporta-pe 1      player 
sporta-ra 1++    play-thing; toy 
sposa-matri 1    mother-in-law 
spre (English) 1  spray 
spu 1+           spit 
spude G          exertion; zeal 
spuma 1          foam; froth; suds 
spurio           spurious; false 
spurko G         filthy; foul 
sputa (=spu) X   spit 
sqalidi          dirty 
sqalo 1+         shark 
sqalus           dogfish 
sqama 1          scale (body cover); scale (lose or remove scales) 
sta 1++          stand 
sta bomba 1      mine (bomb) 
stabili 1++      stable; firm; stability; steady 
stabula          stable (n) 
stadio 1         stadium 
staeto G         dough 
stafilo G        bunch of grapes 
stagmo G         drop (n) 
stagna 1++       pond; pool 
staki G          spike (grain) 
stakto G         oozing drops 
stakula          vine (n) 
stalagma (prefer guta) G  dripping 
stalakti (=stalagma, prefer guta) GX  dripping 
staliko G        stake (n) 
stalo 1+         stall 
stamini G        stamen; thread 
stampa 1++       stamp (v) 
-stan (Ind.)     -stan (Ind. country) 
stani 1++        tin (Sn) 
stani-va 1       can (tin); tin can; tin box; tin (box) 
stape            stirrup 
stara (=stare) X  peer (look); stare 
stare            stare; peer (look) 
staro (=stare) X  peer (look); stare 
stasi (=sta) 1X  stand; find oneself (in a place) 
statika (=statiko) 1GX  find oneself (in a place); stand 
statiko 1G       static; statically; stand; find oneself (in a place); 
                   stationary; stationed; not moving 
statio 1++       station; park (v); stationed; stop (station) 
statisti (=statistika) X  statistics 
statistika 1     statistics; statistic 
stato 1+         state (political community or its territory); nation 
stato 1++        state (condition); condition; circumstance; situation; 
stato service 1  civil service 
stato-pe 1       statesman 
statu (=stato) 1X  condition 
statu (=statua) 1X  statue 
statua 1++       statue 
statura 1++      stature; height (body) 
status 1++       status; rank 
statuta          ordain (command) 
stauro 1         cross (n); cross (v); crossing; interbreed 
stauroma G       palisade; stockade 
staxi G          dropping (anim.) 
steato G         fat (suet); suet 
stefano 1G       wreath; corona; crown; garland 
stegno G         closed (tight); constricted 
stego 1++G       roof; ceiling 
stego-ka 1       loft 
stego-traba 1    rafter 
steiligma G      prop; support 
stela (=stele) 1GX  column; pillar 
stela (prefer astro) 1X  star 
stelaria         chickweed 
stele 1+G        column; pillar; stake (n); stanchion 
stelo (=stela, take astro) X  star 
stemono G        penis 
stencila         stencil 
steno 1++G       narrow; strait 
steno G          strong 
steno vali 1+    ravine 
steno via (=steno-via) 1X  alley; corridor; gangway; lane; passage 
steno-fluvi 1+   brook; creek (small river); rivulet; stream (n) 
steno-via 1++    alley; corridor; gangway; lane; passage 
stento G         shout loudly 
stentora G       loud person 
stepe            steppe 
stereo 1G        solid 
sterigma G       prop; support 
sterili          sterile 
steringo (=sterigma) GX  support 
sterko (prefer kopro) G  dung 
sternu G         chest (body part); sternum 
sternuta         sneeze 
steto G          chest (body part) 
steward          steward 
sti 1++G         switch on; cause; put into gear ; set going ; 
                   induce; initiate; make (cause); set in motion ; 
                   prod; prompt; provoke; quick; reason (n); 
                   start (process); stimulate; turn on 
sti akorda 1+    match (v) 
sti ergo 1       drill (training) 
sti fatiga 1+    tedious 
sti flo 1++      launch 
sti fobo 1G      awful; scare; terrible 
sti hedo 1++     cheer 
sti kade 1       fell (cause to fall); tip over; upset (tip over) 
sti koleri 1+G   annoy; irritate; provoke 
sti kredi 1++    convince; persuade 
sti mei 1        reduce 
sti memo 1++     remind 
sti mira 1       amaze 
sti more 1++     accustom 
sti morta 1      fatal 
sti muta 1       affect 
sti obe 1        subdue; subjugate 
sti pato 1++G    infect; infection 
sti pote 1++     enable 
sti puta 1+      impress 
sti retro 1      push back; turn back 
sti simpati 1G   pathetic 
sti ski 1++      announce 
sti sopo 1       fall asleep; lull to sleep 
sti torti 1      buckle (v) 
sti tristi 1     depress (make sad) 
sti tropi 1+     divert 
sti turba 1+     disturb 
sti u lampa 1    switch on the lamp 
sti veni 1       summon 
sti versi 1      call back 
sti vigi 1++     arouse; rouse; wake up 
sti-fobo 1       horrible 
sti-me 1G        trigger 
u sti-me 1       switch 
sti-sudo 1       sweater 
stibado G        bed; mattress 
stibium G        antimony (Sb) 
stibo G          path; way (road) 
stigma 1         mark; stain 
stiko G          line; row (n) 
stikto G         dappled; dotted 
stila 1          drop (n); drop (v); leak (v) 
stilbo G         glitter; shine 
stilo 1++G       pen; ball-point pen ; style 
stimula 1++G     stimulate; excite; goad; inspire; interesting; tempt; 
                   urge on 
stipa            cram; stuff (v) 
stipe            stem; trunk (tree) 
stipendium       pay 
stipto G         crammed; packed 
stipula          stipulate; stipule 
stirpi           stem; stock 
stixi G          puncture 
sto 1++          stop; abandon (give up); abolish; abort; abstain; 
                   cease; end; put an end to ; extinguish; finish; 
                   halt; interfere; obstruct; prevent; quell; 
                   strike (extinguish); suppress; switch off; terminate; 
                   turn off; upset (stop) 
sto dipso 1      quench 
sto ergo 1++     strike (labor) 
sto ki ab 1      detain 
sto piro 1G      quench 
sto spira 1      choke; suffocate; stifle (breathing); throttle 
sto-dic 1        gag (in mouth) 
sto-hema 1       tourniquet 
sto-me 1++       brake (n) 
sto-ra 1+        plug (stopper); stopper 
sto-spira (=sto spira) 1X  stifle (breathing); throttle 
stoa G           porch 
stoiko G         stoical 
stokasma G       target 
stoko +G         aim; shot 
stola            stole (n); garment (long) 
stolidi          stupid; dull (stupid) 
stolo G          branch; runner (branch) 
stoma 1++G       mouth; oral 
stomako 1        stomach 
stono G          groan; sigh 
stop (=sto) X    stop; strike (extinguish) 
stop aero 1      smother 
stora 1++        store; car-boot; supply 
stora-do 1++     storehouse; barn; warehouse 
stora-lo 1       depot 
stori 1+         story; account; rapport; tale 
stra 1+          straw; litter (straw) 
stra-tegu 1      thatch 
strabo G         cross-eyed 
stragulu G       blanket 
strama (=stra) GX  straw; litter (straw) 
stramini (=stra) X  straw 
strangali (take nodi) GX  knot 
strango (take no-rekti, ge-flexi or ge-strepto) X  crooked; twisted 
strangula G      strangle; choke 
stranx           something squeezed out 
strata 1+        street; road; highway 
strategi 1++G    strategy; trick; cleverness; cunning; foxiness; shrewd; 
                   shrewdness; trap (trick) 
stratu           covering; layer 
strema (take ge-strepto) GX  sprained; twisted 
stremato (prefer strepto (twist) or presa (stress)) G  twist; wrench; 
                   stress (caused by torsion) 
strepto 1++G     twist; coil (v); plait; sprain; twisting; 
                   wind (twist) 
stresa 1+        strain; stress 
stria 1++        furrow; groove; line; stripe 
stride           creaking; cry (shrill); grating (sound); harsh (sound); 
                   screech; shrill; squeek 
strido (=stride) 1X  screech 
strigoso         lean (thin); thin 
striktu          drawn together 
stringizo (prefer stride) G  screech 
stringos G       screech owl 
strix (=stringos) GX  screech owl 
strobili G       pine cone 
strobo (prefer strombi) G  cone; top (spinning toy); whirl 
strofi G         turn; turning (n); twisted 
strofo (=strofi) GX  turning (n); twisted 
stroma G         mattress 
strombi G        cone; spiral shell; top (spinning toy); whirl 
strongilo 1G     round; circular; rounded 
stropi G         cripple; maim 
stropo G         strap; thong 
stru 1++         build; construct; pile up 
struktura 1++    structure; conformation 
strumi           goitre swelling 
Strutio 1+G      ostrich 
stude 1++        study; explore 
stude viagia 1   expedition 
stude-pe 1++     student; pupil (academic) 
studenta (=studenti, prefer stude-pe) 1X  scholar 
studenti 1       student; pupil (academic); scholar 
stulta (=stulti) X  fool; foolish 
stulti +         fool; foolish 
stupe 1+         astound; amaze; amazement; astonish; extraordinary; 
stupendo         wonderful 
stupidi 1++      stupid; absurd; dull (stupid); ridiculous; ruffian; 
stupra           ravish 
stupula          stubble 
sturnus          starling 
su (=supra, don't mix with sub) 1X  over (local); upstairs; above; over; 
                   overhead; senior; superior; top (above); upper 
su facia (=su-facia) 1X  surface; top 
su toto 1        above all; especially 
su-facia 1+      surface 
su-tunika 1      shirt; chemise 
suade            persuade 
suavi            sweet 
sub (don't mix with su) 1++  below; under; beneath; lower; 
                   rather (somewhat); somewhat 
sub aqa 1        under water 
sub- 1+          (prefix:) under; under (prefix) 
sub-ge-signi 1   undersigned 
sub-ridi 1++     smile 
sub-tera karcera 1  dungeon 
sub-urba 1       suburb 
suberi 1         cork 
subex            basal layer 
subito 1++       sudden; suddenly; abrupt; surprise 
subito venti 1   gust 
subito volu 1    impulse 
subjekti 1+      subject 
subjuga          subjugate 
sublime 1+       sublime; exalted; uplifted 
sublimi (=sublime) X  sublime; exalted; uplifted 
submarina 1++    submarine 
submerge 1       submerge 
subo (=sub, or take proxi) X  approximately; rather; somewhat 
subsesa          ambush 
subskribe 1+     subscribe 
substantia       substance 
subter-          (prefix:) beneath; beneath (prefix) 
subtera-ka 1     vault 
subtili          subtle 
subula           awl 
sucede 1++       success; accomplish; pass an examination; profit; 
                   succeed; successful 
sucerda          swine dung 
sud 1++          south; southern 
sudi             stake (n) 
sudo 1+          sweat; perspiration; perspire 
sue 1++          sew; sewing; stitch 
sue-me 1+        sewing machine 
sue-pe 1         taylor 
suela 1          ground; floor 
suetu            accustomed 
sufacia (=su-facia) 1X  surface 
sufere (=sufero) X  endure; suffer; undergo 
suferi (=sufero) 1X  endure; suffer; undergo 
sufero 1+        suffer; endure; sufferance; suffering; undergo 
sufici 1++       sufficient; enough; plenty; suffice 
sufla (=fla) X   blow 
sufoka 1+        suffocate; choke; stifle 
suge (=sugo) 1X  suck 
sugesti 1++      suggest; suggestion; nominate; propose 
sugo 1++         suck; suck up 
sui 1++          swine; pig; hog; pork 
sui lipo 1+      lard 
sui poda 1       ham 
sui-cide (=suicide) 1X  suicide 
sui-do 1         sty 
sui-karni 1+     bacon; pork 
suicide          suicide 
sukro 1++        sweet 
sukro krema 1    custard 
sukro-bo 1       tuck (shop) 
sukro-gelatino +  jelly 
sukro-ma 1++     sugar; treacle 
sukro-sito 1     pudding 
suku 1++         succulent; juice; juicy; sap 
sukursa          branch office 
sulfuri 1+       sulphur 
sulka (=sulko, prefer kanali) X  furrow 
sulko 1          furrow 
sulko (try to express somehow with vigi) 1  ship's wake 
suma 1++         sum; add; calculate; score; summing; total 
suma-me +        calculator 
sumari 1+        summarize; summary; abstract 
sumariza (=sumari) X  summarize 
sume 1+          take 
sumita 1         summit; peak; apogee 
sumptu           costly 
sumu             highest (on top); highest place; summit 
supa 1++         soup 
super (prefer supra)  over (local) 
superba          superb; excellent; very good ; splendid 
superbo (=superba) X  superb 
supercilia (=supra-cilia) X  eyebrow 
superficia       surface 
superi           overcome 
superio          higher 
superlativi      superlative; highest (in the upmost degree) 
superna          celestial 
superstitio      superstition 
supine           supine; lying on back 
supli            supply 
suplika          beseech 
suporta          support; help 
suporta-pe       supporter 
suposi           suppose 
supra 1++        above; over; over (local); overhead; senior; superior; 
                   top; upper; upstairs 
supra cilia (=supra-cilia) X  eyebrow 
supra toto 1     above all; especially 
supra- 1+        (prefix:) above; above (prefix) 
supra-cilia 1+   brow (hair); eyebrow 
supra-soni 1     supersonic 
supra-tunika 1+  chemise; shirt 
u supra-ve 1     waistcoat 
supra-visi 1++   supervise 
supra-visi-pe 1  superintendent 
supracilia (=supra-cilia) X  eyebrow 
supraflu 1       overflow; superfluous 
supreme          supreme 
supura           form pus 
sura 1++         sure; assure; certain; confidence; confident; confirm; 
                   of course; positive; undoubtedly 
surdi            deaf 
surfaci (=su-facia) 1X  surface 
surfacia (=su-facia) X  surface; top 
surge 1++        rise (go up); appear; arise; get up; loom (rise); 
                   show up 
surko 1          channel; canal 
surkuli          sucker 
surmonta         overcome 
surprise 1       surprise 
suscita          arouse; stir 
suspekta (prefer suspici or kredi)  suspect 
suspici 1+       suspect; suspicious; believe 
suspira 1+       sigh 
susura 1++       whisper; rustle 
sutura 1+        seam 
svelte           slender 


ta 1+            so much; so very 
taba 1++         board; plank; slab 
tabanus          gadfly 
tabe             waste away 
taberna 1        inn; tavern 
tabla 1+         table (furniture) 
tabla (=tabula) 1X  table (figures) 
tabla publika 1+  desk top publishing; DTP (desk top publishing) 
tabla-te 1       table cloth 
tableta 1+       tablet (slab); tablet (medicament) 
tabula 1+        table (figures) 
tace (=taci) X   silent; be silent 
taci 1+          be quiet ; silent; be silent 
taci puta 1      muse 
taeda            pine torch 
taeni 1          tape 
taenia           tapeworm 
taero G          door-hinge 
tafo 1++G        -taph; tomb 
tafro G          trench 
tagax            thievish 
tagma            (something) arranged ; ordered (in order) 
tago             chief; ruler 
takema G         chair; seat (n) 
tako 1++G        fast; quick; brisk; haste; hasty; hurry; nimble; 
                   prompt; rapid; rapidity; rate; speed; speedy; sprint; 
                   swift (quick); velocity 
tako gluto 1     gulp 
tako grafi 1G    sketch 
tako speka 1     glimpse 
tako tekno 1G    clever; smart (clever) 
tako-kine 1G     nimble 
taktiki G        tactics 
taktile          tactile 
takto 1+         tact; contact 
talamo G         bedroom 
talano G         sad; wretched 
talasi G         sea 
talea            stick (baton); stick (branch) 
talento          talent 
tali 1++         such; such a 
tali (take kalku for heel, pedi-artri for ankle) X  heel; ankle 
talia            cut to shape; waist 
talo (=tali) X   such 
talo (take klema or others) GX  shoot (plant) 
Talpa 1+         mole 
talpo G          heat; warmth 
talu (take kalku) X  heel 
tambo G          astonishment 
tambura (prefer timpani)  drum 
tamburina        tambourine 
tamno G          bush; shrub 
tampo 1          pad 
tamponi          tampon 
tana             tan skins 
tanasi G         death; die 
tanato (=tanasi, prefer morta) GX  death; die 
tange 1+         touch; contact 
tani G           outstretched 
tanka 1+         tank 
tantaliza        torment 
tanto 1+         so much; so many 
tapa             plug (stop up); stop up 
tape 1++G        carpet; mat; rug 
taperi           taper 
tapeta (=tape) X  carpet; mat; rug 
tapi (=tape) 1X  carpet 
tapioka 1        tapioca 
tapiseri 1       tapestry 
tarako G         disturb 
taraxakum        dandelion 
taraxi           confusion 
tardi 1++        late; delay; slow 
tarifa           tariff 
tarqini          haughty; pride; proud 
tarsu 1+         ankle 
tarsus (=tarsu, prefer pedi-artri) X  ankle 
tasa 1++         cup 
tasi             stretching (n) 
taso G           sit idle 
tata             daddy 
tatira (prefer Fasanus) G  pheasant 
tauma 1G         marvel; wonder 
taurus           bull (ox) 
tauto G          same; the same 
taverna 1+       inn; tavern 
taxi 1++         taxi; cab 
taxilus (prefer pedi-artri)  ankle 
taxlis (=Taxus) X  yew 
taxo 1++G        arrange; arrangement; classify; put in order ; 
                   order (arrangement); ordain (arrangement) 
Taxus 1          yew 
te (short form of tende) 1+  aim; deliberate; for (purpose); 
                   in order that; in order to; intend; intended for; 
                   intention; intentional; object (purpose); purpose; 
                   so that; that (final conjunction); tend (intention); 
                   tendency; to (in order to) 
-te (short affix form of textili) 1+  textile; cloth; duster; fabric; 
te-do 1++        tent 
tea 1++          tea 
tea-va 1         tea pot; teapot 
teatra 1++G      theater; theatre; theatrical 
tedio            tedium 
tefra G          ashes 
tego G           sharpen 
tegu 1++         cover; casing; ceiling; deck; eclipse; lid (cover); 
                   shelter; shutter 
tegula 1++       tile 
teka 1++G        box; bin; case (container); chest (box); sheath; teak 
plu teka 1+      baggage; boxes; luggage 
tekni (=tekno) 1GX  skilful 
teknika +G       technique 
tekno 1++G       clever; craft; expert (adj); expertness; know-how; 
                   skilful; skill; skilled; skillful; smart (clever); 
                   technical; techno- 
tekno G          child 
tekno akti 1     feat 
tekno mali (=tekno-mali) 1GX  cunning; wily 
tekno-mali 1++G  cunning; sly; wily 
tekno-pe 1++     engineer; expert (n) 
teknologi +G     technology 
tekti (prefer stego)  roof 
tekto 1+G        build; construct 
tekto ligni 1    timber 
tela 1           canvas; cloth; cobweb; fabric; linen 
tele 1++G        far; afar; distance; distant; farther; further; 
tele bronto 1G   rumble 
telefona (=telefono) GX  telephone 
telefono 1++G    telephone 
telegrama 1      telegram 
telema G         will (legal) 
teleo 1G         perfect; outstanding 
teleskope 1++G   telescope 
telesona (take radio) X  radio 
televida (=televisio) X  television 
televide (prefer televisio)  television 
televisio 1++    television; TV 
telgo G          charm; enchantment 
teli G           nipple; teat 
telis G          female 
telma 1G         water (standing); mire 
telo 1G          end; finish; purpose 
telotero G       further away 
telson G         boundary; end 
teluri G         earthen; of earth 
teluto G         completion 
tem 1++          time (period); as (while); at (time); during; 
                   for (during); in (during); period; season; 
                   while (temporal) 
tem dona (=tem-dona) 1X  lend 
tem gene (=tem-gene) 1X  borrow; hire 
tem habe (=tem-habe) 1  borrow 
tem-co 1+        meanwhile; at that time 
tem-di           date (day) 
tem-don u domi 1  let a house 
tem-dona 1++     lease; lend; loan 
tem-eko 1        lodge (v); occupy 
tem-gene 1++     borrow; hire 
tem-habe 1       borrow; loan (n) 
tem-uti 1++      hire; lease; rent (v) 
tema 1++G        theme; subject; thesis; topic 
temako (take mero) GX  morsel; slice (n) 
temeriti         rash 
temno (prefer seka) G  slice (v); cut; divide 
tempera          moderate 
temperatura 1++  temperature 
tempestu 1++     tempest; storm 
templa           temple 
temporali        of this world 
temporo          temple (head) 
tena 1++         hold; keep; carry (support); clutch; conservation; 
                   contain; grip; have (hold); hold together; maintain; 
                   preserve; restrain; retain; stock (store); support; 
                   sustain; uphold 
tena in boteka 1  stock (store) 
tena poli 1      abound 
tena se 1        restrain oneself 
tena se ab 1     abstain 
tena solita 1    quarantine 
plu tena-fi 1    braces 
tena-mo 1++      cabinet (cupboard); cupboard 
tena-ru 1+       pliers; tongs; vice (tool) 
tenacio          persistent 
tenalia          pincers 
tenari G         palm (hand) 
tende 1++        intention; aim; deliberate; goal; for (purpose); 
                   in order to; in order that; intend; intended for; 
                   intentional; object (purpose); purpose; so that; 
                   tend (intention); tendency; that (final conjunction); 
                   to (in order to) 
tenebri          dark (gloomy) 
tenera           soft; tender 
tenis 1+         tennis 
tensi (=tensio) 1X  tension; span; stretch 
tensi a (=tensio a) 1X  reach 
tensio 1++       tension; stretch; span; strain; stretching (n); stress; 
tensio a 1++     reach 
tensio-sto 1     suspense 
tenta 1++        try; attempt; endeavor; endeavour; trial (try); 
                   tries (form of to try) 
tentakuli        tentacle 
tento            tendon 
tenu 1++         fine (thin); lean (thin); taper; thin 
tenuo            tenuous; thin 
teo 1++G         god; theo- 
Teo 1G           God 
Teo tabla 1      altar 
teo-pe 1         pious 
teori 1++G       theory; theoretical; rule (standard) 
tepido           tepid; lukewarm 
tera 1++         earth (the); soil; terrain 
terapi 1++G      therapy; cure; treat (therapy); treatment 
terato 1+G       monster 
tere             bore (hole); rub away 
terebra          perforate 
teredo           woodworm 
tereno G         soft; tender 
terestri         earthly 
teretro (prefer fora-ru) G  borer; drill (tool) 
terge            clean (v) 
tergu            back (n) 
teri +           terrify; frighten; frightening; frightful; terror 
teri G           animal 
teribilo 1       terrible; dreadful 
teritori 1++     territorial; territory 
terizo G         harvest; mow (v); reap 
termina          boundary 
termite          termite 
termo 1++G       hot; heat; fervor; fervour; warm (temperature); 
termo-tem 1++    summer 
termometri 1G    thermometer 
tero G           summer 
terori 1         fear 
terpsi G         gladden 
tertia 1         third 
tesara (prefer tetra)  four 
tesauru G        thesaurus 
tesela           small square stone 
tesi G           thesis 
tesku            waste place 
testa            fragment; potsherd 
testa 1+         test; trial (try) 
testi 1++        witness (v) 
testi-pe 1++     witness (n) 
testi-ra 1+*     testimony 
testifi 1+       testify; witness 
testikula        testicle 
testimoni        bear witness 
Testudo 1+       tortoise 
tet (short form of tetra for quick counting) 1+  four 
tetano G         rigid; stiff 
tetaro (prefer Fasanus) G  pheasant 
tetiga G         cicada 
tetra 1++G       four; tetra- 
tetra (after noun) 1++G  fourth 
tetra bibli 1    the 4 books 
tetra-gono 1+*G  quadrangle; quadrate; square 
tetra-ze 1       forty 
tetragona (=tetra-gono) 1X  square 
tetragono (=tetra-gono) 1X  quadrate; square 
teuko G          equipment 
texi 1++G        dissolution; weave (textile) 
texi-me 1        loom 
texo 1           weave 
textili 1++      textile; cloth; duster; fabric; rag 
textili-domi     tent 
textu 1+         text 
textu-qadra      text frame 
textura 1        texture; fabric 
tiaso G          street band 
tibia            flute; shin-bone 
tibiale          sock 
tifis G          nightmare 
tiflo G          blind 
tifo G           marsh 
tifoida 1        typhoid 
tifona 1         typhoon 
tifun            whirlwind 
tigi             beam (wooden); log 
tigmo G          touch 
tignari          carpenter 
tigri 1++        tiger 
tik              twitch (medical) 
tika 1           tick 
tiketa 1         ticket; tag 
tiko 1G          chance; destiny; fate; fortune; luck 
tiko G           wall (round city) 
tilia            lime tree 
tilma G          plucked (thing) 
tilo 1G          knob; knot; tie 
tilo G           pluck (pull); tear (v) 
tima G           blow (n) 
timbo G          burial ground 
timbra           stamp (postage); postage stamp 
timi (take timidi (fearful) or fobo (fear)) X  fearful; fear; timid 
timidi           timid; fearful 
timo G           honor; honour 
timpa (=timpani) 1GX  drum 
timpani 1++G     drum 
tinagma G        quake; shake 
tinea            moth larva 
tinge (=tinktu, prefer kroma) X  color; dye; hue (colour); paint; 
tini             ring (sound); ringing; tinkle 
tini-ru          bell 
tinktu (prefer kroma)  color; colour; dye; hue (colour); tinge; tint 
tino G           sand (shore); shore 
tino G           stretch 
tinta 1++        ink; hue (colour); shade (hue); tint 
tintina 1++      ring (sound); tinkle 
tintinabulu      bell 
tintlo G         mud 
tio G            sulphur; thio- 
tipa 1           pat 
tipani (=timpani) 1GX  drum 
tipido G         hammer (n) 
tipika 1++G      typical 
tipikali (=tipika) GX  typical 
tipo 1++G        type (example); type (class); type (letter); 
                   type (write); blow (hit); clash; hit; knock; mark; 
                   print; rap; smack; strike; stroke (hit) 
tipo-me          printer (device) 
tipo-sema 1      punctuation mark 
tipula           cranefly 
tira (French) 1++  drag; pull; tug (pull) 
tira (take janu or porta) 1GX  door 
tira in 1        absorb 
tira-navi 1      tug (boat) 
tira-teka 1++    drawer 
tirani 1+G       despot; tyrant 
tirbasta G       agitator 
tiro G           beginner 
tiro (take kasea) 1GX  cheese 
tisu 1++         tissue; cloth; fabric 
titaso G         tame 
titila 1+        tickle 
titiro G         shepherd's pipe 
tito G           barn-owl 
tito G           small; young 
titra            titrate 
tituba           stagger 
titula 1++       title 
tixi G           touch 
tlaspi G         cress 
tlasto G         bruised; crushed 
tlemo (take tolera) GX  patient (adj) 
tlesi (take tolera) GX  patient (adj) 
tlipsi G         pressure 
tmema G          cutting (plant) 
tneto G          mortal 
to (short form of topo) +  at (punctiform location); 
                   in (in a punctiform place); location (punctiform); 
                   place (punctiform); spot; 
                   where (relative, =at which punctiform place) 
toalia           towel (n) 
toast (=toasta) X  toast 
toasta 1+        toast 
toeko G          house-wall; ship side (wall); wall 
toeno G          banquet; meal 
toga 1+          cape (garment); cloak; overcoat; robe (n) 
toka             touch 
toko 1G          birth; childbirth; offspring 
toleno           swing beam 
tolera 1++       tolerate; patient (adj); abide (endure); bear (endure); 
                   endure; patience; be patient ; tolerance; 
tolma G          courage 
tolo G           dirt; mud 
toma (=tomi, prefer seka) GX  cut 
tomato 1         tomato 
tomi G           tome; volume (tome) 
tomi (prefer seka) G  cut 
-tomi G          cutting out 
tominx G         cord; string 
tomo G           heap; pile 
tone 1           ton 
toni 1+          tone; accent; pitch; sound (acoustic) 
toniko (=tono, take tensio) GX  stretching (n) 
tonitro          thunder 
tono 1G          tension; stretching (n) 
tonsa            oar 
tonsili 1        tonsil 
tonsu            clip (shear); shear 
topika 1++G      theme; topic 
topo (or short form to) 1++G  place (punctiform); 
                   at (punctiform location); in (in a punctiform place); 
                   local; locale; location (punctiform); position; spot; 
                   where (relative, =at which punctiform place) 
topografi G      topography 
toraci 1++G      breast; chest (anat) 
torca            torch 
torenti          torrent 
toreu G          emboss 
toreuma G        embossed work 
tori G           parch 
toribo G         applause; crowd (n) 
toridi           dry; hot (very) 
torina G         stir (v) 
tormenta         torment; torture 
tormo G          hole; socket 
torna 1+         turn; turn (on lathe); your turn 
tornado 1        tornado 
torneo 1         tournament 
torno (=torna) 1X  turn 
toro (=taurus, prefer an-bovi) 1X  bull (ox) 
toro (take zoa-sperma or bovi-sperma) X  semen 
torpedo 1        torpedo 
torpi            be stiff 
torsi 1          sprain 
torso            torso 
torta 1          pie 
torti (take strepto) X  twist 
torti-tira 1     wrench (v) 
tortu 1++        torment; torture; twist (especially if causing pain); 
tortuoso (take serpenti or strepto) X  twisting; winding 
tortura (=tortu) X  torment; torture 
toru             bulge 
torvi            grim; wild 
tosto 1++        early; soon 
totali 1         total 
toto 1           whole; entire; quite 
toxi 1++G        poison; poisonous; toxin; venom 
toxi serpenti 1  viper 
toxi-tumo 1      abscess 
toxiko (=toxi) GX  poison; poisonous; toxin; venom 
toxo G           bow 
toxo (=toxi) 1GX  poison; poisonous; venom 
traba 1++        beam (n); girder; rafter 
trabi (=traba) X  beam (n); girder; rafter 
trabikula        beam (small) 
trace 1          trace; footprint; aftertaste 
traci (=trace) X  trace 
tracia (=trace) 1X  trace; footprint; aftertaste 
traditio 1++     tradition 
traduce 1        translate 
trafika          commerce; trade 
tragedi 1+G      tragedy 
tragema G        sweetmeat 
trago G          he-goat 
trajektori       trajectory 
trakea G         trachea; wind-pipe 
trakelo G        neck 
traki G          rough 
trakta +         treat 
trakto 1++       attract; pull; drag (v); drag (with computer mouse); 
                   draw (pull); tow; tug (pull) 
trakto in 1++    absorb 
trakto-me 1+     tractor 
trama            warp (weave); weft (weave) 
trama 1+         tram 
trance 1+        trance 
trano G          bench; stool 
trano G          clear (distinct); distinct 
tranqili         quiet 
trans 1++        across; traverse; horizontal 
trans fusi 1     transfusion 
trans navi 1     ferry 
trans- 1+        (prefix:) across; across (prefix) 
transistora 1    transistor 
transiti         transit; go across 
transitori       transitory 
translati 1++    translate 
transtru         cross beam 
transversa       traverse; cross-wise 
trapa 1++        snare; trap 
trapezi G        trapezium; table (furniture) 
trasi            bragging 
traulo G         lisp 
trauma 1++G      shock; wound 
trausto G        brittle 
trava (=traba) X  beam (n); girder; rafter 
travalia         labor; labour; toil 
travesti         disguise 
trefo G          feed; nourish 
treko G          run 
trema G          nursling 
trema (take fora) GX  hole 
treme (=tremulo) X  tremble 
tremendo 1+      tremendous 
tremu-foto 1+    glitter 
tremula (=tremulo) X  tremble 
tremulo 1++      flicker; flutter; quiver; shake; shiver; shudder; 
trena 1++        train (railway) 
trena-motori 1   locomotive 
trenca +         cut (trench); ditch; trench 
treno G          dirge 
treo G           sugar 
trepida (=tremulo) X  shake; tremble 
trepo G          turn 
trepsi G         nourishment 
tresa            braid; plait 
tresia G         perforation 
treski G         religion; worship 
tresora 1++      treasure 
tresoria 1       treasury 
tri 1++          three 
tri (after noun) 1++  third 
tri centi 1      three hundred 
tri- 1+          (prefix:) three; three (prefix) 
tri-baci 1       wicket 
tri-parti        divided in three 
tri-ze 1         thirty 
triangula        triangle 
triba (=tribu) X  tribe 
triblio G        bowl; cup 
tribo 1          friction; rub (friction) 
tribu 1++        tribe 
tribula          thresh 
tribuna 1++      court of law; tribunal; platform 
tributi 1+       tax; tribute; payment 
triciklo 1+      tricycle 
trife            delicate 
trifidi          three-cleft 
trifolium        clover 
trigeto (prefer (vini-)karpe) GX  harvest; crop; vintage 
trigma           shriek 
trigo (prefer zima)  winelees; lees; yeast; dregs 
trigono 1+G      three-cornered; triangle; triangular 
trika            trifle (n) 
trika (=triko, prefer kapila) GX  hair 
trikila G        bower (summer house); summer house (bower) 
triko G          worn garment 
triko 1G         hair 
trikota 1+       knit; thights (shirt) 
trima (take fora) GX  hole 
triniti          trinity 
trinko G         eaves 
trio 1           trio 
trio G           rub (friction); wear out 
tripano G        bore (hole); pierce 
tripli           triple 
triplica         triplicate 
tripoda 1+G      tripod 
tripsi G         rubbing; breaking (small) 
triqetro         three-cornered 
trismo G         grind 
trismo G         murmur 
tristi 1++       sad; alas; dismal; grief; lament; melancholy; mourn; 
                   sadness; sorrow 
tristo (=tristi) X  grief; melancholy 
trite            trite; worn 
tritiku (=Tritikum) X  wheat 
Tritikum 1++     wheat 
trito G          third 
triumfa 1+G      triumph 
trivia 1+        trivial 
triviali (=trivia or no-gravi) X  trivial 
tro (French) 1++  too (in a too high degree); excessive; undue 
tro uti 1        wear out 
trofi (=trefo, prefer dona sito a) X  feed; nourish 
troge G          gnaw 
troglo (prefer fora, kaverno or kavita) G  cave; hole 
Troglodite 1     wren 
trokada G        shoe (running) 
troki (=troko, prefer ciklo or rota) G  wheel; anything round 
troklea G        pulley 
troko 1G         wheel; anything round 
tromo (=tremulo) GX  quiver; tremble 
trompa 1++       trunk (animal) 
trompeta 1+      bugle; trumpet 
tropi 1++G       turn; revolve; rotate; go round ; spin 
tropi a 1+       refer 
tropi-ru 1       screwdriver 
tropika 1++G     tropical; tropics; excessive 
trosulu G        cockscomb; fop 
troto G          wounded 
trova 1+         find; locate 
trovi (=trova, prefer detekti) X  find; locate 
troxalis G       grasshopper 
trua (=trula) X  dipper; ladle; skimmer 
trucido          butcher (v) 
trude            thrust 
truka 1+         lorry; truck 
truku            cruel; savage 
trula            dipper; ladle; skimmer; stirring spoon 
trunka +         trunk (tree); truncate; maim 
trunko (=trunka) 1X  trunk (tree) 
trupa            troup 
trust            trust (business); cartel 
truta 1+         trout 
trutina          balance; scales (weighing) 
Tsigano 1+       gipsy; gypsy 
tu 1++           you (singular); your (singular); yours (single); thou 
tualeta 1        toilet 
tuberkula        tubercle 
tuberkulosis 1   tuberculosis 
tubero           bulb; swelling 
tubi 1++         tube; pipe; conduit; hose; pipeline; 
                   the tube (underground) 
tubi-fini 1+     nozzle 
tubi-pe 1+       plumber 
tugurio          hut (rural house); cottage 
tuid 1           tweed 
tulipa 1+        tulip 
tum              then 
tumba            grave (tomb); tomb 
tumo 1++         swell (v); bulge; lump (on body); swelling; swollen; 
                   tumor; tumour 
tumo (take muski) 1X  moss 
tumultu 1+       tumult; uproar 
tumulu           tumulus 
tunela (=tuneli) 1X  burrow; tunnel 
tuneli 1+        tunnel; burrow 
tunika 1++       dress; tunic 
tura (take viagia) X  tour 
tura-pe (take viagia-pe) X  tourist 
turba 1++        disturb; bother; disorder; distress; disturbance; 
                   embarass; irritate; trouble; upset (trouble); vex; 
turba-ra 1       nuisance 
turbana 1        turban 
turbidi          turbid 
turbina 1+       turbine 
turbinato        top-shaped 
turbulento       turbulent; stormy 
Turdus 1+        thrush 
turfa 1          turf 
turgi            swell (v) 
turi 1++         tower; turret 
turio            shoot (plant); sprout 
tusi 1++         cough 
tusilago         colts foot 
tuto             defence; defend; defense; guard 


u (before all consonants but h, else =un) 1++  a; an; the; one; 
                   any (=a(n)) 
u bibli 1        a book 
u-ci ('the here') 1++  this 
u-la ('the there') 1++  that (pronoun); yonder 
u-la kron 1++    then 
u-la-tem 1+      then 
u-mi 1++         mine 
id es u-mi 1     it is mine 
is es u-na 1     it is ours 
u-tu 1++         yours (single) 
u-vi 1++         yours (plural) 
ubera            udder; teat 
ubi              where? 
udae G           on the earth 
udamino G        good for nothing 
udo              shoe (sock); sock (shoe) 
uest 1+          west; occidental; western 
uesta (=uest) 1X  western; occidental 
ueste (=uest) 1X  west 
ulcera           ulcer; sore 
uliginoso        marshy; sodden 
ulio G           baneful; deadly 
Ulmus 1+         elm 
ulo G            gums 
ultima 1++       last (ultimate); ultimate; farthest; final; 
                   latest (last); utmost 
ultra 1++        beyond; ultra 
ultra- 1+        (prefix:) beyond; beyond (prefix); ultra- 
ulula 1+         growl; howl; screech; wail; whine 
ulva             sedge 
um 1             hum 
umbela           sunshade 
umbilikus        navel 
umbo             knob 
umbra 1++        shade; shadow 
umbrela          umbrella 
un (before vowels and h, else =u) 1++  a; an; the; one; any (=a(n)) 
un idio andro 1  the very man 
unci (=unki) X   hook 
uncinato         barbed; hooked 
unda 1++         wave; undulate; billow 
mega unda 1      billow 
pusi unda 1      ripple 
unda longi 1     wavelength 
undu (=unda) 1X  wave; billow; undulate 
undula (prefer pusi unda)  ripple 
undulata (take unda (longi)) X  wave along; undulate 
ungu 1++         nail (finger); hoof; claw; fingernail; talon; ungula 
ungu (=face unktu, or take olea) X  anoint 
ungua (=ungu) 1X  nail (finger); fingernail; hoof 
ungui (=ungu) X  fingernail 
ungula (=ungu) X  nail (finger); claw; fingernail; hoof 
uni (=unio) 1X   unite 
uni (=unita) 1X  unit; unity 
uni (prefer mo)  one; the whole 
uni-ra 1         hyphen 
uniforma 1++     regular; uniform (regular); homogeneous 
uniforma-ve 1    uniform (clothes) 
uniformi (=uniforma) 1X  regular; uniform (regular); homogeneous 
unika 1+         unique 
unio 1++         meet (by appointment); assemblage; assembly; 
                   meeting (by appointment); rendezvous; union; unite 
unio se ko 1+    join (meet) 
unita 1++        unit; unity 
universa 1++     universe; universal 
universita 1++   university 
unka (=unki) X   hook 
unki 1++         hook 
unktu            anointed 
unktu-ma 1+      ointment 
uno(-) 1++       any (any/some); any- (any/some); some; some- 
uno-lo 1++       somewhere 
uno-mode 1++     somehow; someway 
uno-pe 1++       somebody; anybody (somebody); anyone (someone); 
uno-ra 1++       something; 
                   anything (=something, a thing, act or quality undefined or unspecified) 
unus (=uni, prefer mo) X  one; the whole 
upupa            hoope 
ur(-) 1++        original 
ura 1G           tail (n) 
urani 1++G       heaven; sky 
urani flasc 1    lightning 
urani-veli 1     kite 
urba 1+          town; urban; municipal 
urba aqa-va 1    reservoir 
urba via 1       street 
urba-cefa 1++    mayor 
urcei            jar; urn 
ure (=busti, prefer piro) X  burn (v) 
uredo            blast (botanic); blight (botanic) 
urens (prefer piro)  burning; stinging 
uretra           urinary canal 
urge 1++         urge; emergency; press for; press (urge) 
urigo G          lustful heat 
urina 1+         urinate 
urna             urn; ballot box (urn) 
ursu 1++         bear (animal) 
Ursus            bear (animal) 
Urtika 1+        nettle; sting-nettle; stinging-nettle 
usa              wear out 
usti (=busti, prefer piro) X  burn (v); combust 
ustici           scorched color 
ustilago         smut disease 
usto (=busti, prefer piro) X  burn (v); combust 
usu              custom; use 
usuali 1+        usual; usually; everyday; regular 
usufru           usufruct; enjoy the use of 
usura            practice usury 
usurpa           usurp 
uter             either one or other 
uteri 1+         uterus; womb 
utero (=uteri) 1X  womb 
uteru (=uteri) X  uterus; womb 
uterus (=uteri) X  uterus; womb 
uti 1++          use; have at one's disposal ; employ; treatment; 
                   useful; using; utilize 
uti holo 1+      exhaust 
uti u programa   run a programme 
uti-pe 1+        user; end user 
uti-ple 1        useful 
utili (=uti) 1X  useful; use 
utri             leather bag 
uva 1+           grape 
uvido            damp; moist; wet 
uvula            uvula 
uxori            wife 


V-sek (pronounce like "vay-sek") 1  notch 
-va (short affix form of vasa) 1  container; jar; pot (vase); 
                   receptacle; vase; vessel (container) 
va-bovi 1        corned beef 
vacila           vacillate 
vacini           vaccine 
vada (=vade) 1X  wade 
vade             move; wade; rush 
vade (=vadu) X   ford 
vadoso (prefer a description like ple de plu vadu)   
                  full of shoals (shallow places) 
vadu 1+          ford; shallow place; shoal (shallow place) 
vafro +          artful; clever; cunning 
vaga 1++         wander; ramble; roam; rove 
vaga-pe 1        nomad; tramp (vagabond); vagabond 
vagabunda        vagabond; stroll about 
vagi             cry; whimper 
vagina 1+        vagina; sheath; case (container); pod; scabbard 
vagona 1++       car; auto; automobile; carriage; vehicle; wagon 
vagona-do 1++    garage 
vagona-parka 1   car-park 
vaka             cow 
vakina 1         vaccinate 
vaku 1++         empty; blank; vacancy; vacant; vacuous; vacuum 
vakuo (=vaku) 1X  empty; vacuous; vacuum 
vale 1++         farewell; good-bye; goodbye; healthy; be healthy ; 
                   well (adj); be well 
valea (=vali) X  valley 
valetudino       be infirm 
valgo            bowlegged 
vali 1++         valley; vale 
validi +         valid; sound (well); strong 
valisa           travel-bag 
valores          stocks and shares 
valu 1++         value; deserve; esteem; estimate; merit; 
                   reckon (estimate); worth; be worth 
valuta 1++       money; cash; fee; fund 
valuta puni 1    fine (punishment) 
valuta sporta 1  gamble 
valva 1++        valve; tap (valve); faucet; leaf (of door) 
valvula (=valva) X  tap (valve); valve; leaf (of door) 
valza 1          waltz 
vampira          vampire 
vana             winnow 
vandali          vandal 
vanesce 1+       vanish 
vaneske (=vanesce) X  vanish 
vangloria        bragging 
vani 1++         vain; arrogant; empty (vain); 
                   futile (action without result); pointless; useless; 
                   in vain ; vanity; worthless 
vanidiku         liar 
vanila 1+        vanilla 
vaniti (prefer vani)  vanity 
vano (=vani) 1X  futile (action without result); in vain 
vanta            vaunt; boast 
vanu             fan (thing for fresh air) 
vapo             poach egg 
vapo 1++         steam; vapor; vapour; evaporate 
vapo-rota 1      steam-turbine 
vapo-va 1+       kettle 
vapori (=vapo) X  steam; vapor; vapour 
vapula           flog 
vari 1++         vary; change; variance; variation; variety; various; 
varia (=vari) 1X  vary; change; variance; variation; variety; various; 
variegata        varigated 
variola          smallpox 
varix            varicose vein 
(-)vasa (in compounds also -va) 1++  container; jar; pot (vase); 
                   receptacle; tank; vase; vessel (container) 
vaskulu          vascular; vessel (anatomical) 
vaso (=vasa) 1X  container; vase; vessel (container) 
vastu            waste (desert); empty (waste) 
vasu             servant 
vati             soothsayer 
vaticina         prophesy 
-ve (short affix form of vesti) 1++  clothe; clothing; dress; garment 
ve-lava-lo 1+    laundry 
ve-tena-mo 1+    wardrobe 
vegeta 1++       vegetable 
vei (=vekto) X   carry (move) 
veikula          vehicle 
vekti 1          bar; lever 
vekto 1          carry (move) 
vektor           vector; carrier 
vela 1+          veil 
vela (=veli) X   sail 
veli 1++         sail; vane (of windmill) 
veli (=vela) X   veil 
veli-navi 1      yacht 
velia            stay awake 
veloci 1+        fast; velocity; rapid; speed; swift (quick) 
veluta 1+        velvet 
vend a non-ami 1++  betray 
vendo 1++        sell; sale 
vendo-lo 1+      market; market-place 
vendo-pe 1+      dealer; merchant; salesman; salesperson; saleswoman; 
                   seller; trader 
vendo-ra 1       wares 
vendo-tem        sale 
veneni           poison; venom 
venera 1         reverence 
veneri           Venus 
veneri-di        Friday 
venge 1          revenge; take revenge on ; vengeance 
veni 1++         come; arrival; arrive 
veni a 1++       arrive at; come to; catch up with; overtake; reach 
veno 1+          vein 
venomo 1         venom; poison 
venti 1++        wind (air); ventilate 
venti moli 1     windmill 
ventila 1        fan (ventilate); ventilate; ventilation 
ventra           belly 
ventrikulo (=ventra) X  belly 
veranda 1        verandah 
verba 1++        word 
verba-bibli 1++  dictionary 
verba-lista 1++  vocabulary; dictionary 
verbi (=verba) X  word 
verbi-bibli (=verba-bibli) X  dictionary 
verdi 1          green; verdant; verdure 
verdua (=verdi, prefer kloro) X  green; verdant; verdure 
verge            verge (rod); rod 
vergi (=verge) X  verge (rod); rod 
veri 1++         true; truth; correct; genuine; indeed; sincere; truly 
dice veri 1      be right 
verifi 1++       check; check (verify); proof; verify; verify (check) 
vermi 1++        worm; vermin 
verna 1          spring (season) 
vernisa 1        varnish 
versatili        versatile; easily changing 
versi 1++        return; go back; back to begin; back to start; 
                   back (reverse); draw back; replace; restore; 
                   reversal; reverse; revert; turn; turn around; 
versikolora      various colors 
versio           version 
versuto          crafty; sly 
verte 1+         invert; upside down; inside out; invert; overturn; 
                   revert; turn upside down 
vertebra         backbone 
vertex           peak; top 
vertigo 1+       vertigo; dizzy; giddiness 
vertika 1        vertical; erect; upright 
vertiko (=vertika) X  vertical 
vertiko-verte    inside-out; upside-down 
veruka           wart 
verve            animation; zest 
vervex           stupid fellow 
vesa +           insane; mad 
vesiko (=vesikula) X  bladder; blister 
vesikula 1+      bladder; blister 
vesko            eat 
vesku            weak; poor; thin 
vespa 1+         wasp 
vespera 1++      evening 
vespera-vora 1++  supper 
vespertilio      bat (animal) 
vesti 1++        clothe; clothing; dress; garment 
plu vesti 1      raiment 
vesti-fa 1++     suit (clothes); costume; kit (clothes) 
vesti-ka 1       vestry 
vesti-pe 1+      tailor 
vestibula (=vestibulo) 1X  entrance hall; vestibule 
vestibulo 1+     entrance hall; hall; vestibule 
vestigia 1       trace; aftertaste; footprint; track 
veterano         old soldier; veteran 
veto 1++         forbid; prohibit; prohibition; veto 
vetu             old 
vex (=vexa) X    worry; annoy; vex 
vexa 1++         worry; annoy; bother; disturb; molest; nettle (annoy); 
                   rile; vex 
vexa-ra 1++      nuisance 
vexila           flag; standard (flag) 
vi 1++           you (plural); your (plural); yours (plural) 
vi-ci 1          here is; here are 
vi-la 1          here is; here are; there is; there are 
via 1++          way (road); path; road; street; track 
via milita 1     street brawl 
via-ra 1+        buoy 
viagia 1++       voyage; journey; travel; tour; trip (journey) 
viagia-pe 1++    passenger; tourist 
vibex            mark; weal 
vibi             board; plank 
vibra 1++        vibrate; shake; swing; vibration 
vibrisa          whisker (tactile) 
vice 1++         vice (in place of); instead; instead of; behalf; 
                   replace; substitute; your turn 
vice regi 1      regent 
vice-pe 1+       substitute person 
vice-presidenta 1+  vice-president 
vice-principali 1  vice-principal 
vice-ra 1+       substitute 
vice-verba 1+    pronoun 
vicina           neighborhood; vicinity 
vicisi +         on the other hand 
vid (=vide) X    see (look) 
vid-abili        visible 
vide 1++         see (look); look; view; vision 
vide-lo 1+       point of view 
vide-valu        worth seeing; remarkable (worth seeing) 
vide-valu-ra     object of interest; curiosity (worth seeing object); 
                   sights (worth seeing object) 
vidua 1+         widow 
vieto            shrunken; wrinkled 
vigi 1++         awake; wake; alert; wake up; waken 
vigila           vigilant; awake; watching 
viginti          twenty 
vigo 1+          vigour; flourish; grow; prosper; thrive 
viki 1++         village; -wick (village) 
viktima (=viktimi) 1X  victim 
viktimi 1++      victim 
vikto 1++        victory; win (victory); conquer; defeat; prevail; 
vikto-ra 1       trophy 
viktualia +      provisions 
vila             villa 
vilage (French)  village 
vili +           cheap; worthless 
vilo             fur; hair (shaggy); shaggy; tuft (hair) 
viloso (=vilo) X  shaggy 
viluta (=veluta) X  velvet 
vimina           pliant twig 
vina (=vini) X   wine 
vinagra 1+       vinegar 
vindemia         harvest grapes 
vindika          avenge; justify 
vini 1++         wine 
vini-karpe 1*    vintage 
vinia (prefer viti-lo)  vineyard 
vinki            bind 
vinko (=vikto) X  conquer; defeat; prevail; vanquish; victory; win 
vinkulo          binding stuff 
vino (=vini) 1X  wine 
Viola Trikolor 1  pansy 
viole 1++        violate; violent; violence; assault; attack; rape 
violeta 1        violet 
violina 1++      violin 
vipera           viper; adder; snake 
virga 1+         rod; stick (baton); stick (branch); stick (rod); wand 
virgo 1+         virgin 
viri 1+          man; virile; husband; male 
viridi (prefer kloro)  green; verdant; verdure 
virili (=viri) X  virile; male 
virtu 1+         virtue 
viru             danger; poison 
virus +          virus 
vis              force; strength 
visabili 1       visible 
viscera          internal organs 
visio 1+         vision 
visit-pe 1       visitor 
visita 1++       visit 
viski +          sticky; viscous 
vista 1++        vista; view; visible; outlook; perspective; prospect; 
                   scene; scenery; seeing; seen (the); sight; spectacle; 
                   view (n) 
vit 1            vital 
vita 1+          life; lifetime; living 
vitamina 1       vitamin 
viteli           egg yolk; yolk 
viti 1+          vine; grape-vine 
viti-lo 1+       vineyard 
vitia            corrupt 
vitri 1++        glass 
vitri lami 1     pane 
vitri lamina 1   pane 
vitrina          shop window 
vitula           heifer 
vitupera         blame; scold 
vivaci           lively 
vive 1++         live; alive; conscious; lively 
vive-ra 1++      being (n); creature 
vivera           ferret 
vivi 1           vivid; alive; lively; living 
vivido (=vivi) X  vivid 
viviparo         bear living young 
vix +            hardly; scarcely; with difficulty 
vo               want; wish 
voci 1++         shout; bark (dog); bawl; bellow; call; call (shout); 
                   exclaim; proclaim; roar; scream; screech; yell 
voci tristi 1+   wail 
vocifera         shout 
voga +           fashion 
voka 1++         voice; vocal 
vokabulari       vocabulary 
vokali 1++       vowel 
vola 1++         fly (v); flight; make haste ; hurry; be quick ; 
volatili         volatile; evaporating 
volt             volt (electricity) 
volta            jump over; vault (jump) 
volta (=volt) X  volt (electricity) 
voltage 1        voltage 
volu 1++         will; want; desire; be going to ; impulse; intend; 
                   need; require; voluntary; willing; willingness; 
volu akti 1++    mean (intend to do) 
volu dice 1++    mean (intend to say) 
volu dona auxi (Only "volu auxi" would be ambiguous! Also possible: "volu un auxi")   
                  want help 
volu gene auxi (Only "volu auxi" would be ambiguous!)  want to help 
volu-pe 1        volunteer 
volubili         flowing 
volumi 1++       volume (space); capacity; room; space; 
                   volume (amount) 
volunta          will 
voluptuo         delight 
voluta           spiral 
volva            cup-shaped 
volve 1+         roll (turn); rotate; go round ; revolve; 
                   turn (roll) 
vomeri           plough-share 
vomi (=vomita) X  vomit; throw out 
vomita 1+        vomit; throw out 
vora 1++         eat; devour; meal 
vora gra 1       graze 
vora mo 1++      breakfast 
vora-baci 1      chopstick 
vora-do 1++      restaurant 
vora-ka 1        dining room 
vora-kron 1      mealtime 
vora-te 1        napkin 
voracio          voracious; gluttonous 
vorago           abyss; chasm; whirlpool 
vortex (=vortika) X  whirlpool 
vortika          whirlpool 
vota (=voti) X   vote 
voti 1++         vote 
vulga 1++        common; ordinary; vulgar 
vulga lingua 1   vernacular 
vulkani 1+       volcano 
vulne 1++        wound; injure; injury; lesion 
vulne-te 1       lint 
Vulpes 1+        fox 
vulpi (=Vulpes) 1X  fox 
vulsi            pluck (pick) 
vultu            expression; look 
vultura 1+       vulture 
vulturi (=vultura) X  vulture 
vulva            sheath; wrapper 


wiski 1          whisky 


x-radia 1        x-ray 
xanto 1++G       yellow; blond; yolk 
xeno 1++G        foreign; strange; alien; bizarre; novel (strange); 
                   odd (unusual); queer; unusual 
xeno-pe 1++G*    foreigner 
xero 1G          dry 
xesto G          planed; smooth 
xifo G           sword 
xilo 1G          wood (substance); lumber; timber; wooden 
xino G           common 
xisto G          covered colonnade 




ze (prefer long form zero) 1  zero; nil; null 
-ze 1+G          -ty (X ten); zero 
ze-ra 1          nothing 
Zea 1++G         cob; maize 
zea frukti 1G    cob 
zebra 1          zebra 
zefiro G         west wind 
zelo 1++G        zeal; zealous; enthusiastic; ardor; eager; enthusiasm; 
zelo atende 1+   be looking forward to 
zeloso (take kako-zelo) GX  jealous; jealousy 
zema G           decoction 
zemia G          damage; loss 
zenit G          zenith 
zeo G            boil 
zero 1++         zero; naught; nil; no; none; nothing; nought; null 
zete 1G          search; seek 
zeteta G         searcher; seeker 
zeugo G          team 
Zeus G           Zeus (chief Greek god) 
zigazaga 1+      zigzag 
zigo 1++G        join (connection); connect; yoke 
zigoma G         bar (belt); belt 
zigzaga (=zigazaga) X  zigzag 
zil G            mustard plant 
zima 1+G         yeast; dregs; ferment; leaven; lees; winelees 
zimo (=zima) 1X  ferment; leaven; yeast 
zingiber (=zingibera) GX  ginger 
zingibera 1+     ginger 
zink 1+G         zinc 
zinzinulo G      chirp 
-zo (short affix form of zona) 1+G  ring (circular band); belt; girdle; 
                   hoop; zone 
zoa 1++G         animal; beast 
zoa-eko 1++      den 
zoa-iatri 1+     veterinary 
zoa-lo 1+        lair 
zoa-parka 1+     menagerie; zoo 
zoa-sperma 1*    semen 
zoe G            life 
zofo G           dusk; gloom 
zomo G           broth; soup 
zona 1++G        zone; belt; ring (circular band); circumference; 
                   girdle; hoop 
zostero (prefer zona) G  belt; girdle 

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